A Godly Letter of Warning

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Depending on the immediacy and the severity of the performance issue, the letter of reprimand might start the performance discussion, but this is unusual. Following are two examples of formal letters of reprimand.

Scriptures Warning Christians of Eternal Peril | Christian Faith

Use them as you develop your own reprimand letters. This is an example of a letter of reprimand. Download the letter of reprimand template compatible with Google Docs and Word Online or see below for more examples. This is a formal letter of reprimand to notify you that your performance is not meeting expected levels of contribution.

In your job as a technical expert for customer support, the job expectations were developed by the entire group of technical support experts and their manager. This means that they are the accepted standard for each technical support expert's performance. As you can see, in the three most important performance measurements for your job, you are not succeeding. Your supervisor has spoken with you numerous times and you received additional training. Consequently, we believe that you are not willing to perform.

An Earnest Warning about Lukewarmness

This is adversely affecting the workload of the rest of the tech staff. We need to see an immediate improvement in all three areas of performance or additional disciplinary action up to and including employment termination will occur. We have faith that you have the capability to improve. We need to see immediate improvement. The purpose of this letter of reprimand is to put you on notice formally that your attendance is adversely affecting your ability to complete your job.

While salaried, exempt employees are not required to work specific hours, a forty hour work week is standard and expected. You have failed to show up for work at least one day a week since starting your new job and are working only thirty-two hours a week. Your manager has informed you of the availability of FMLA time off for personal or family medical issues. He has also asked you if you need an accommodation so that you can effectively perform your job. He has suggested that you visit the Human Resources department to discuss these issues and your attendance.

You have refused all three opportunities that we offered to help you improve this poor performance.

The reality is that you cannot perform your job in less than forty hours. The only reward he will be able to enjoy will be in this life since he will certainly be condemned in death. He may earn praise today, but he will receive only retribution at the judgment. Hypocrisy brings no comfort in death. People who have only painted over their depravity with a thin veneer of counterfeit holiness will find themselves without hope and without comfort upon their deathbed. Little holiness leads to little happiness.

Hypocrisy is an ugly sin and one that God despises.

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Those who turn to Christ in repentance and faith will be cleansed of every sin, including this one. And then they will be indwelled by the Holy Spirit so they can clean off that thin veneer of holiness and, instead, become truly holy.

You can find all the information you need right here. Please read sections In lieu of a comments section, I accept and encourage letters to the editor. If you would like to write a letter to the editor, you can do so here. He was in no quiet study dictating to some secretary, but in prison where the prospect was either execution or release. Yet he was a cheerful prisoner. He had no worries for himself. If he was to be put to death, then he would be with Christ.

Epistle of James

If he was to be released, then he would be free to continue his evangelical work with the church of Philippi. He tells us all this, and more, at the beginning of his letter He forgets what lies behind and strains forward to what lies ahead, the heavenly call of God in Jesus Christ Meanwhile, as he writes at the end of the letter, whether he had plenty or was in need, whether well-fed or going hungry, he was content This sort of language resembles that of the Stoic philosophers of his time, but the difference between Paul and the Stoics was Christ.

The Stoics depended on their own resources. As long as this Christ continued to be proclaimed, then he would rejoice, and he would continue to rejoice The reader of the letter soon realises how much Christ means to Paul by noting how frequently the word occurs, three times for example in the first two verses and twice in the last three ; The people to whom he was writing inhabited a city in the north of modern Greece.

Many of those who lived there enjoyed the privileges of Roman citizenship, and it was a place where former soldiers of the Roman legions settled. It is probably no accident that Paul emphasised the Roman circumstances of his imprisonment. Many think his prison was in Rome itself.

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However, the distance between Philippi and Rome was surely too great to permit the easy communication implied in this letter, so it is more likely that he was writing from Caesarea, the Palestinian city where the Roman governor had his headquarters. We know from the Acts of the Apostles that Paul was imprisoned there Acts Other experts prefer Ephesus as the scene of his imprisonment, although the evidence for this is weaker. Paul spoke in generous terms of the Philippian Christians. They were people whom he loved and longed for, his joy and his crown He wanted this love to overflow more and more with knowledge and full insight, so that in the day of the Lord they might be pure and blameless So why did Paul write this letter?

In general terms, he wrote for the same reason that he wrote his other letters: to build up the faith of his converts, to remind them of his ways in Christ Jesus 1 Corinthians A letter was a substitute for a personal visit, or for the visit of one of his assistants like Timothy or Titus.