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In psychology, the study of brainwashing, often referred to as thought reform , falls into the sphere of "social influence. It's the collection of ways in which people can change other people's attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.

The brainwashing myth

For instance, the compliance method aims to produce a change in a person's behavior and is not concerned with his attitudes or beliefs. It's the "Just do it" approach. Because brainwashing is such an invasive form of influence, it requires the complete isolation and dependency of the subject, which is why you mostly hear of brainwashing occurring in prison camps or totalist cults.

The agent the brainwasher must have complete control over the target the brainwashee so that sleep patterns, eating, using the bathroom and the fulfillment of other basic human needs depend on the will of the agent. Manchester bomb mum to fight terror brainwashing; Son's killer was 'radicalised'.


Those who support the SNP have not been brainwashed , they are not blind to our imperfections - instead, they are weighing them against our strengths and achievements, and against the other parties, and deciding that the SNP is the party they most closely identify with, the people they trust most to stand up for Scotland.

Sturgeon: SNP voters not brainwashed. We've been brainwashed into believing that unless we get on board the "Hyper" bus we must be bonkers.

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Their dad Omar has returned to Morocco vowing never to forgive Abdelhamid and devastated his youngest son has been brainwashed. Hunt for Paris warlord's brother as he plots revenge. Sheikh Abdullah said: "The brutality of these organisations has recently intensified in the region and includes destructive tactics aimed at controlling targeted groups, especially youth, who are brainwashed and incited through social media and remotely directed to perpetrate terrorist attacks, proving that the threat of these terrorist organisations transcends geographical boundaries and is a risk not only for our region but for all states and communities.

UAE Foreign Minister warns of terror recruitment tactics. How and why learning a new language messes with your old one.

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Examples of “brainwash”

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Italian police uncover gang that 'brainwashed kids and sold them to foster parents'

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