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Als er niet snel meer duidelijkheid komt over de verschillen tussen de Europese zeehavens bestaat de kans dat de Nederlandse zeehavens onnodig worden benadeeld. Zijn de uitkomsten en bevindingen van de questionnaire aan de lidstaten inmiddels bekend? Wanneer is de Commissie van plan om over de uitkomsten van de questionnaire te rapporteren? De Commissie heeft van alle lidstaten antwoorden ontvangen op de vragenlijst. Twee lidstaten hebben echter niet geantwoord op het gedeelte over het functioneren van havens.

De vragenlijst kwam er op eigen initiatief van de Commissie en was bedoeld om informatie te verzamelen over de ontwikkeling en handhaving van staatssteunregels in de havensector. De uitkomsten van de vragenlijst geven aanzienlijke verschillen tussen lidstaten te zien wat betreft eigendom van havens, organisatiestructuur, maar ook wat betreft financiering. Aangezien deze exercitie geen publieke consultatie was, is de Commissie niet voornemens om de uitkomsten te publiceren. Uit de antwoorden op de vragenlijst is voorts gebleken dat EU-havens over een uiteenlopende reeks inkomstenbronnen beschikken, die fiscaal verschillend worden behandeld, naargelang de lidstaat.

Deze antwoorden leverden een aantal mogelijke probleempunten op, die nader moeten worden onderzocht om te bepalen of daarmee staatssteun gemoeid is. Aan de betrokken lidstaten zijn vervolgverzoeken om informatie gezonden, om een en ander verder op te helderen. The European Commission wishes to abolish the general exemption from corporation tax for Dutch public sector companies, including the port authorities. So far, the answers to the questionnaire and the conclusions that the European Commission has drawn from these answers have not yet been published.

The European Commission announced that it will not issue criteria for ports and airports to receive state support until , while the plans for abolishing the general exemption for Dutch port authorities are simply going ahead. If there is not more clarity soon about the differences between the European seaports, there is a risk that the Dutch seaports will be placed at an unnecessary disadvantage. Are the results and findings of the questionnaire sent to the Member States now known?

If so, can these results be published? When does the Commission plan to issue a report on the results of the questionnaire? The Commission has received replies to the questionnaire from all Member States; however, two Member States have not replied to the part on the functioning of ports. The questionnaire was prepared at the Commission's own initiative and was intended to be a fact-finding exercise to seek information for the development and enforcement of state aid rules to the ports sector.

The results of the questionnaire show that there are substantial differences among EU countries in relation to ownership of ports, organisational structures and also in terms of financing. Since the exercise did not take the form of a public consultation, the Commission does not intend to publish the results. The replies to the questionnaire also show that EU ports have a variety of revenue sources, which are subject to diverse tax treatments depending on the Member State. Certain possible issues have been identified that require further examination in order to find out whether state aid is involved or not.

Follow-up requests for information have been sent to the Member States concerned in order to seek further clarification. Last June, with the aim of reducing the dramatic youth unemployment figures, the European Council approved a global plan for combating youth unemployment, which is intended to speed up the application of the Youth Employment Initiative and the Youth Guarantee and to increase the mobility of young people and the involvement of social partners. However, virtually all of this money has to be paid in advance by Member States, which means that the States which have been hardest hit by the economic crisis, such as Spain, have to find a solution to prevent the money that is paid in advance to fund the plan from being recorded as a deficit.

Otherwise, in the worst case scenario, this could lead to an imbalance that could cause the suspension of regional funds in compliance with the new macroeconomic conditionality provisions. When will the Commission give the final approval to the Spanish plan that was submitted in December? What kind of aid is the Commission providing for those young people aged between 25 and 30 who cannot benefit from the Youth Guarantee? Final assessment of all the YGIP received will be presented together with the country-specific recommendations. Member States are free to use resources allocated to them from the ESF and YEI also to support employment of people aged between 25 and 29, and in the case of the ESF of any other age group as well.

This amounts to approximately one third of traditional Tamil land. Are there any plans at international level to give the land in question back to its lawful owners? The EU considers that international cooperation and dialogue provide, at this stage, a more effective leverage than trade-related actions. There are however many claims and cases filed in courts that indicate that these are private lands and that the benefit to the public and development objectives are not clear.

Wenn ja, was hat sie bisher unternommen, um dieses Problem anzugehen? It is obvious that the Tamil population is being controlled by structural genocide, not only by means of rape and sexual abuse but also, for example, through the forced use of birth control progestogen-only subdermal implants as a form of coercive population control. Some of what has been reported, such as the forced use of birth control in the North, is indeed very worrying. EU's approach has been consistent throughout by using multitude of methods both to uplift women's rights and in particular to combat discrimination, including gender-based violence.

Besides using the political means at our disposal, we also ensure that all our programmes further the realisation of the right of individuals as laid down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. We also work towards attaining a greater degree of complementarity with EU Member States and other international donors. Currently, a vast majority of EU development activities are implemented predominantly in the conflict affected areas of the North and East including the bordering districts.

In the context of women empowerment, participation in public and private life, and elimination of violence, numerous activities are undertaken in collaboration with the UN and other key stakeholders such as capacity building particularly aimed at the law enforcement agencies and civil society. Could the Commission inform me when it expects its proposals to come into force, and whether it will monitor their implementation to ensure that an effective and accurate equine database is established in each Member State?

An operational central database for domestic equidae would assist competent authorities in Member States to enforce the animal health and welfare and the public health conditions pertaining to the keeping and movement of equidae in the Union more effectively. The Commission is therefore finalising an appropriate legal text in view of its possible presentation to Member States in the Standing Committee on the Food Chain and Animal Health. Is de Commissie het ermee eens dat door dergelijke technieken alle metagegevens inzake telecommunicatie onbetrouwbaar worden voor politieonderzoek en als bewijs in rechtszaken?

Is de Commissie het ermee eens dat het nut van gegevensbewaring hierdoor nog verder afneemt? Is de Commissie het ermee eens dat, wanneer metagegevens niet betrouwbaar zijn, alle programma's die zijn ontworpen voor het op grote schaal verzamelen en bewaren van metagegevens per definitie niet noodzakelijk en evenredig zijn, zoals vereist krachtens de wet? Is de Commissie het ermee eens dat dit betekent dat dergelijke programma's niet in overeenstemming met de wet zijn? De Commissie zal deze kwestie op EU-niveau blijven volgen.

Does the Commission agree that such techniques render all telecom metadata unreliable, both for police investigations and as evidence in court? Would the Commission agree that this reduces even further the usefulness of data retention? Would the Commission agree that if metadata are not reliable, all programmes designed for the bulk collection and storage of metadata are by definition not necessary and proportionate, as required by law?

Would the Commission agree that this means such programmes are not in conformity with the law? If not, can the Commission explain how the mass processing of unreliable data contributes to our security? Spoofing is a technique known to law enforcement authorities, which have various means to verify whether spoofing has been used.

In response to questions by several Dutch Members of Parliament, the Minister stated that verification of telephone numbers forms an important part of criminal investigations, including whether spoofing took place. The Commission will keep monitoring this issue, at EU-wide level. Betreft: De bankenunie: een reus op lemen voeten. De ECB voert momenteel een uitgebreide beoordeling van de banksystemen uit voornamelijk bestaande uit een activakwaliteitstoets en een stresstest in samenwerking met de EBA , voorafgaande aan de start van haar taak als toezichthouder in november Het gebruik van geharmoniseerde definities bijvoorbeeld gebaseerd op de definities van niet-renderende blootstellingen die zijn ontwikkeld door de EBA zal een consistente aanpak verzekeren.

De activakwaliteitstoets is goed op schema en de Commissie is ervan overtuigd dat de uitgebreide beoordeling op tijd zal worden voltooid. The use of harmonised definitions e. The asset quality review is well on track and the Commission is confident that the comprehensive assessment will be completed on time.

The financial crisis revealed diverging national interpretations of the regulatory framework as well as different national supervisory practices, including on the accounting treatment of non-performing exposures. The regulation serves to remove some sources of national divergences and thus contribute to a more effective functioning of the internal market.

The establishment of the European Banking Authority EBA and of a single supervisor further contribute to develop the single rule book and to ensure supervisory consistency as well as appropriate cooperation among competent authorities. In your speech to Parliament last week, you stressed the importance of the agreement on the normalisation of relations between Serbia and Kosovo and of its continued application. In this context, it is important that other agreements encouraging good neighbourly cooperation are also respected. Good neighbourly relations are an important element of the conditions of the Stabilisation and Association Process SAP and the Commission closely monitors progress in this field.

In the spirit of good neighbourly relations, open bilateral issues need to be addressed by the parties concerned as early as possible and should not hold up the accession process. The Commission also emphasised that issues related to past conflicts, including war crimes and refugee return, as well as the treatment of minorities and ensuring equal rights for all citizens remain key challenges to stability in the western Balkans and need to be fully addressed.

It took good note of the renewed mutual desire of Serbia and Croatia to work together to address such issues and is hopeful that the bilateral working groups set up in will bring about progress in the near future. It is well known that the most vulnerable groups as far as employment is concerned are women and young people. Since women claim that their work should be valued equally, unequal pay for men for the same work constitutes a violation of human rights, and such discrimination is placing a burden on the European economy.

Can the Commission explain how these two programmes are specifically helping to resolve the issue of women's inferior position where pay and employment are concerned? Analytical activities, such as the collection of disaggregated employment data and statistics and female employment related studies and analyses;.

Training activities, such as workshops and seminars directly focusing on employment and equal pay issues;. Mutual learning, cooperation and awareness-raising activities, such as exchanges on good practices on a vast array of gender equality issues. Activities related to the organisation of National and European Equal Pay Days will be pursued during the coming years;. Different calls for proposals will be launched. The EU programme for Employment and Social Innovation will support when relevant the mainstreaming of equality between women and men in the activities launched in the fields of employment, social protection, social exclusion, poverty and working conditions.

Equal economic independence and equal pay for equal work are the first two priority areas of the strategy. I moti di piazza in Ucraina, scatenati dalla decisione del governo di abbandonare la prospettiva dell'associazione con l'UE in favore dell'unione doganale con la Federazione Russa, continuano a inasprirsi.

Some people have so far been injured in the clashes, with over half being hospitalised. The EU has been actively engaged in facilitating a peaceful and sustainable solution to the political crisis in Ukraine, including in deescalating violence. They issued several statements in reaction to events and following their meetings in Kyiv.

These regrettable developments came at a time of political crisis and did not contribute to building confidence and finding a political solution which can only happen through an inclusive dialogue with all stakeholders. High Representative called on the President of Ukraine to ensure that these decisions are revised and brought in line with Ukraine's international commitments. This, in turn, could result in some businesses closing down. Warmia i Mazury, Podlasie and Pomorze are areas of Poland which for centuries have produced healthy food using traditional methods.

It is these areas that attract tourists with their culture and tradition, of which food products, such as smoked meat and fish, are undoubtedly a part. Furthermore, the regions of northern Poland make use of EU funds to promote this heritage. How does the Commission intend to solve the problem of producers of certified smoked meats made according to old recipes who cannot change the production technology because this is the basis on which the product has been classed as a traditional product?

Would it be possible to leave in place, or apply a smaller reduction in, the maximum permitted levels of tarry substances in products which are smoked using traditional methods and sold on the local market? Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAHs are genotoxic carcinogens and their presence in food is of health concern. Maximum levels have therefore to be established at a level as low as reasonably achievable.

The draft Regulation received a favourable opinion from the Committee, all Member States, including Poland, voting in favour, with only Latvia and Estonia abstaining. No concerns as regards the smoking of meat and meat products were raised. By applying good smoking practices, also with traditional wood-smoking, the lower maximum levels for PAH in smoked meat and smoked meat products are achievable.

The Commission is considering providing assistance, if requested by the competent authority, for the application of the good smoking practices. The Polish authorities have undertaken a large survey of traditionally smoked meat and meat products whereby for each sample a tracing to the smoking method will be carried out. Also other Member States have committed to perform analysis and to provide data to the Commission.

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Agora, corre o risco de se afastar mais ainda dessas metas. There is today, in Portugal, a national rallying of members of the scientific community protesting against the recent cuts in research funding and, in general, in the budget for science and research. The lives of thousands of candidates and the development and continuation of thousands of research projects are thus now seriously compromised. Many research centres will be stripped of the enormous critical mass and workforce potential which, in many cases, guarantee the functioning of these centres, constituting essential elements in the national scientific system.

For many of these research workers, emigration will be the only option. Others will move to a different area. In either of these events we would be wasting all the investment which the country made in training them. It is very probable that the country will end up losing a large percentage of the research workers which it trained and funded over several years. This situation would be in direct conflict with all the talk of a supposed backing of science and innovation in the period As we are already aware, Portugal has not yet reached the targets established long ago in respect of the level of investment in science and in those who work in the scientific field.

It now runs the risk of being even further away from achieving these targets. What information does the Commission have on this negative development in respect of the awarding of research funding? Is the Commission aware of other countries in which the progress in awarding funding has followed a path similar to that in Portugal?

In relation to the previous Multiannual Financial Framework, what has been the evolution of the allowances designated for the higher level training of human resources in the current MFF ? In its Annual Growth Survey , the Commission stresses that the fiscal and financial situation enables Member States to better design fiscal consolidation programmes, focusing on growth. Furthermore, the Survey calls on Member States to accelerate the modernisation of national research systems in line with the objectives of the European Research Area. However, all decisions regarding fiscal consolidation and achieving the Europe targets are the responsibility of the Portuguese Government.

In the context of the European Semester, the Commission will continue to monitor the efforts of Member States as regards research and innovation investments and reforms. However, the Commission considers that the MSCA will remain a highly attractive funding scheme, as the Marie Curie Actions have been confronted with continuously increasing interest despite the living allowance rates remaining unchanged since Que programas e medidas poderiam apoiar o projeto?

SINAGA — an iconic Azores company which has been producing sugar for more than a hundred years, employs more than a hundred people and on which some beet producers depend — finds itself in a grave economic and financial position. The lack of investment, over a number of years — in equipment, infrastructure, machinery and professional training — has led to the decline of a company which had the potential to become an important centre of production, a company invigorating the regional economy. It must be borne in mind that this is the only non-dairy agricultural industry in the Region.

Despite the planning of the construction of a new plant, financed by POSEI in , the project never progressed. Is the Commission aware of the reasons why this project did not go ahead? Does the Commission think it is possible to include this project within the Multiannual Financial Framework ? Which programmes and measures could support the project? What are the conditions for co-financing?

This regulation foresees EU support for investment in processing and marketing as well as for training. For the implementation of this regulation, Member States are preparing the Rural Development Programmes for which should be submitted to the Commission for approval in the following months. The management, including the selection, contracting and payment of projects, is a competence of the Programme Managing Authority. Pedro da Cova and concerning the rehabilitation of the environmental liabilities of S.

Initiation of the implementation of the programme was, however, suspended due to legal proceedings relating to appeals and counter-appeals concerning the result of the public call for tenders and the filing of a provisional injunction by one of the tenderers. Has it been informed by the Portuguese Government of the current position of this action? What measures has the Commission taken or will it take? Within what period can the allocation in question be implemented? Pedro da Cova has been challenged. A Portuguese Court has accepted the interim measures requested by one of the competitors.

Consequently, the public tender has been suspended until a final decision by the Court. The managing authority of the programme recently informed the Commission that in legal terms there would be no further obstacles, currently, preventing the start of works. At the beginning of January, a tornado that passed through the town of Paredes, in northern Portugal, left a trail of destruction and dozens of people homeless, many of them families who were already in financial difficulty.

The tornado damaged about a hundred and fifty buildings and dozens of vehicles, with the local civil defence services estimating total damage in excess of 5. The event has already led the local authorities in Paredes to ask the Portuguese Government to declare a state of emergency in the area, given the extent of the damage. For a smaller disaster, the Fund could only be mobilised very exceptionally if the majority of the population in the region is affected and if there are serious and lasting repercussions on living conditions and the economic stability of the region.

The proposal amending the Solidarity Fund Regulation is currently in the negotiation phase with Parliament and the Council. Key elements are the introduction of the possibility to make rapid advance payments and to replace the current criteria for regional disaster with a single, simple and objective condition, i. What has been the content of the reports submitted by the Portuguese authorities from then to now?

Does the Commission consider that greater profitability has led to higher risks? Does the Commission consider it appropriate to maintain this state aid? And if so, for how long? Why did the Commission not pursue the complaint made by Portuguese citizens about the illegitimacy and even illegality of the CMEC system? The Commission has not found any indication of misuse of aid, and no indication of excessive profits being generated as a result of implementation of the approved measure.

The periodical adjustment in compensation requested in the decision takes account of the difference between the estimated electricity price used for the purpose of computing the maximum amount of compensation and the actual electricity price. The Commission approved the aid measure until , when the longest Power Purchase Agreement will end. Furthermore, Portugal is obliged to implement the measure in line with the authorisation by the Commission, including by adapting the amount of compensation in line with electricity price evolutions, so as to avoid any overcompensation.

Therefore, the Commission does not see any reason to deviate from its previous assessment. The complaint received by the Commission in , registered under case SA. The Commission has looked carefully at the information provided both by the complainants and by Portugal, in particular in the annual reports. Have there, to date, been any discussions with the Swiss government? What measures is the Commission taking or intending to take? This will have to be assessed at the time of adoption of the planned mesures and in view of the detailed provisions of the legislative acts.

The Commission is in regular contact on the issue of the free movement of persons and the so-called flanking measures with the Swiss authorities in the context of meetings of the Joint Committee for the management of the EU-Swiss agreement on the free movement of persons and through its Delegation in Bern. It will monitor the developments closely and examine the draft legislation once proposed. Quais os procedimentos e metodologias seguidas? How are these products going to be monitored?

What procedures and methods are going to be used? A number of reports prepared by a variety of departments within the regional government have given an unfavourable opinion on the construction of the waste water treatment plant at this location and on the impact it will have on the marine environment, given the proximity to the sea.

euronews I talk - Acta, come difendere proprietà intellettuale e libertà d'espressione?

This is an extremely sensitive area, as there is a sandbank which runs parallel to the coast, where there is no water renewal, and fishing and shellfish-gathering activities will be considerably affected. In case there was any room for doubt, the Department of Fishing of the Galician Government issued a notoriously unfavourable report in which it stated that the location of the treatment plant poses a high risk of worsening the microbiological quality of the water, which will have a negative impact on bathing areas and mollusc production areas, since the discharging of municipal waste water into the Betanzos river will have a permanent negative effect, altering the water quality by increasing faecal contamination and increasing direct discharges due to malfunctioning of the treatment plant.

In view of the fact that Spain has an open infringement procedure for failure to comply with a number of directives relating to waste water sanitation and treatment, and in view of the need for water treatment, it is time for the Commission to remember that the cohesion funds intended for this purpose must be used for worthwhile projects, in appropriate locations and with all the proper environmental safeguards. Is the Commission aware of this project? Will the Commission advise the Galician Government to seek an alternative to this dangerous location, which would be counter to European recommendations with regard to water sanitation and treatment?

The Commission will seek clarifications from the Spanish authorities and decide accordingly on the appropriate course of action. The report contains shocking data showing how the crisis is being used as an excuse by certain economic elites to multiply their wealth. In some of the countries covered by the report the majority of the population is suffering serious cuts in their public sectors, leading automatically to a rise in inequality.

The paper also contains a specific section dealing with the notorious effects of the austerity policies currently being implemented in the European Union. The report sets out the considerable amount of economic data now available in relation to the impact of the crisis on inequality levels, as well as interviews carried out in various countries, including Spain and the United Kingdom, resulting in significant coverage in the media. It ends by offering some hope on the situation of inequality in Latin America, where the general worldwide trend is being reversed and progress is being made towards more equitable societies.

What is its opinion on the information contained in the report concerning Member States of the European Union? What measures is the Commission preparing to adopt to ensure that economic growth in European countries is distributed more fairly, so as to prevent social exclusion? Is the Commission considering seeking inspiration from the initiatives developed in Latin America, in countries such as Venezuela or Bolivia, with a view to applying policies here to stop the dramatic rise of inequality in Europe?

For the third year running, the Commission has issued country specific recommendations related to the adequacy and sustainability of social protection systems and the need to combat poverty and social exclusion in line with the social investment approach. The Commission has also taken steps aiming to reduce inequality from the top, such as by proposing to limit bonuses in the financial sector. The Commission takes into account relevant initiatives from all countries when developing policy orientations.

Wenn ja, wie gedenkt die Kommission vorzugehen? Wenn ja, wie? Die erste Sitzung fand vom Due to specific location factors these airlines are also able to offer their flights far cheaper than their European competitors. Not only do abundant petroleum resources play a major role, but also numerous other social and environmental factors: Differences in aviation taxes, taxes on earnings, income taxes and aviation security fees as well as in laws such as noise protection and banning night flights, and moreover agreements such as the common EU Emissions Trading System — criteria that cannot be influenced by the European airlines and in part create unfair competitive advantages for the Emirates.

Does the Commission see a need for action to make these unfair conditions of competition fairer again for the European airlines? If so, how does the Commission intend to proceed? How does the Commission view the social and environmental framework conditions in the Emirates? Does the Commission intend to exert pressure on the Emirates so that their standards move closer to the European ones? If so, how? Would the Commission consider, for example, tariffs or similar conditions for airlines from the Emirates when entering the territory of the Union?

A key objective of EU external aviation policy is to ensure fair competition in international air transport. Work on an impact assessment is currently ongoing. Together with Member States, the Commission also will take the opportunity to raise the issue at the level of the International Civil Aviation Organisation ICAO when it will discuss ICAO actions in the area of economic regulation of international air transport, including fair competition. The Commisison considers this Dialogue as a comprehensive framework for discussing all issues and concerns in relation to fair competition and is hopeful that it will bring tangible results.

Juli beschlossen. How will these planned measures be harmonised with the common agricultural policy of the EU? To what extent and for which areas does the Commission envisage reducing subsidies for agricultural exports or even eliminating them? Specifically with regard to the African poultry industry: To what extent is the Commission also considering limiting or completely ending subsidies for exports by the poultry industry in order to give this weak African industry the chance to regenerate and grow?

Does the Commission agree with the idea of using the saved export aid for sustainable agricultural reform within the EU? The export refund measure is retained under the reformed common agriculture policy, but restricted to use in times of crisis and within limits resulting from the Union's international agreements. The Commission is prepared to exclude sub-Saharan African destinations for export refunds in the framework of deepening agricultural policy cooperation under the Economic Partnership Agreements EPAs currently under negotiation, and has secured such a provision in the negotiations recently concluded with West Africa.

Tieleman, il figlio d' Europa

Given the marginal share of export refunds within the overall CAP budget over the recent years, the savings made from setting refunds to zero cannot make any significant contribution to alternative support measures under the CAP. However, it may be noted that the historical decline of export refunds has coincided with an increasing emphasis on rural development measures, including those linked to improving the sustainability of EU agriculture.

These measures go far beyond the estimated 0. Zur Abgeltung dieser Mehrkosten aufgrund des Aufenthaltes in einem anderen Staat sind in den meisten Rechtsordnungen Taggelder als pauschalierter Aufwandersatz vorgesehen. The pressure on lorry drivers and hauliers, particularly in EU countries with high wage levels, is increasing all the time.

Hauliers from the more recent EU countries can offer their transport services significantly cheaper owing to the considerable lower wage level, which negatively affects the wages of their employees. However, the minimum wages to be paid by the hauliers are only regulated nationally and are attuned to the cost of living in the respective home country.

To pay for these additional costs arising from staying in another country, in most legal systems per diem allowances are designated as consolidated reimbursement of expenses. Here there are great differences between the Member States. What steps will the Commission undertake to get a grip on the predominant problem of wage and social dumping on the streets of Europe? To what extent is the Commission considering a unification of per diem and overnight allowances throughout the European Union?

On the proposal of the Commission, the Council and European Parliament adopted EU social legislation for the road transport sector in order to protect the health and safety of workers, while guaranteeing undistorted competition between companies and improving road safety.

In addition, EU cross-sector legislation exists to protect workers operating outside the Member State of employment. The Commission would point out that the monitoring and enforcement of working and employment conditions and the actual remuneration of workers are the competence of the Member States.

To improve enforcement and compliance in the road transport sector, the Commission is drafting an initiative under the REFIT agenda to simplify and improve the enforcement of the provisions on access to the occupation of road transport operator and international road haulage market, including cabotage. The Commission therefore cannot put forward a proposal to harmonise per diem or overnight allowances. The deed was signed two weeks ago and, according to reports from the occupied area, the company will most likely build a hotel.

The European Commission is aware of the developments raised by the Honourable Member from media reports. It is for the leaders of the two communities to find an agreement on a fair, comprehensive and viable settlement of the Cyprus issue under the auspices of the United Nations. Turkey's commitment in concrete terms to such a comprehensive settlement is crucial. The issue raised by the Honourable Member emphasises once again the urgency of reaching a comprehensive settlement of the Cyprus problem.

Secondo quanto riportato recentemente da diverse fonti giornalistiche, in Corea del Nord continuerebbero le repressioni a danno dei cristiani. Le ultime indiscrezioni proverrebbero dalla testimonianza di un esule che sarebbe riuscito a fuggire dal paese, il quale avrebbe confermato le persecuzioni a danno dei cristiani. Sarebbero almeno Inoltre, ci sarebbero L'Unione ha condannato esplicitamente questa drammatica situazione ed esprime la sua profonda preoccupazione in modo costante e coerente sia ai rappresentanti della RPDC che ai suoi partner all'interno e all'esterno della regione.

Per contribuire ad affrontare questa grave situazione, nel marzo l'UE ha promosso, insieme al Giappone, presso il Consiglio per i diritti umani dell'ONU una risoluzione che istituiva una commissione incaricata di indagare sulle violazioni dei diritti umani nella RPDC. According to recent reports from a variety of news sources, Christians are still being repressed in North Korea, with the latest revelations made by a refugee who was able to flee the country appearing to confirm the levels of persecution faced by those Christians who remain.

North Korea is the most oppressive country in the world if you are a Christian, according to the annual report on the persecution of Christians worldwide that has been published by the international organisation Open Doors. The report also claims that faiths other than the cult of personality of Kim Il-sung are denied any religious freedom in the country.

What actions does she intend to take against the North Korean authorities in order to improve living conditions for the Christian minority? The EU has been clear in its condemnation of this appalling situation and expresses its deep concerns constantly and consistently with DPRK representatives as well as its partners in the region and beyond.

The EU will work with the UN to ensure the appropriate follow-up to this report. The EU takes a comprehensive approach to its efforts to facilitate reform and change in the DPRK in terms of human rights as well as denuclearisation, reduction of tensions in the peninsula and economic development. It will keep monitoring the situation and exploring ways to make an effective contribution to the improvement of human rights in the DPRK. Uno studio della Commissione europea ha evidenziato la vasta diffusione di dispositivi e reti Wi-Fi.

A European Commission study has revealed the huge proliferation of Wi-Fi devices and networks. Commission representatives maintain that the Commission will be supporting the spread of Wi-Fi with faster regulation and a broader spectrum. Che vuol dire? Mi aiutate? Se lo apro con Adobe d. Help, grazie. Grazie a Gianni84, con il programma che hai indicato nel link si riescono a decriptare gli scuolabook. Grazie ancora. In pratica chi usava la 1. Calibre, avendo un plugin antiDRM obsoleto, ha fallito la conversione riuscita a meraviglia pochi giorni prima su altri miei due libri comprati e scaricati quando ancora la 1.

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Potete confermare o smentire? Magari nessun negozio italiano mette informazioni nascoste. Adesso posso stamparmi le pagine del libro che ho acquistato e leggerlo anche con un lettore pdf qualsiesi. Temo che Amazon abbia potenziato la protezione o che i plugin siano obsoleti. A te funziona ancora? Potresti indicarmi un nuovo link per i file della Zanichelli?

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Praticamente sono riusciti a fare un clone di Scuolabook ancora peggiore. Avete qualche idea? Ottimo articolo! Ma si possono togliere i DMR anche da un libro preso in prestito di una libreria online???? Se proviene da archive. No da openlibrary… ma ho appena scoperto la versione trial di epubor : Se mi ho una copia del file ancora cryptata la libreria non si accorge di niente giusto? Chiedo un aiuto in quanto ho acquistato, malauguratamente, 2 ebook su feltrinelli. Ho un modo diverso per aggirare il problema? Parto dal presupposto chei libri sono acquistati ed ho il diritto di salvarli sul mio pc per leggerli quando mi fa comodo e non aver pagato per poi chiedere il permesso a qualcuno che deve metterli a disposizione.

Tuttavia sono riuscito a vederli tramite kobo desktop. Articolo interessante. Io ho scaricato Adobe digital editions e creato un account Adobe dopo di che I drm si sbloccano aprendo gli ebook con Adobe digital editions. Io nn possiedo un kindle ma un kobo e legge tutti I formati. In casi di pdf o altri formati converto con calibre. In base a come preferite. Capisco perfettamente che la mia richiesta sia alquanto noiosa e seccante, ma spero che qualcuno possa aiutarmi in qualche modo.

Grazie per la tempestiva risposta alla mia domanda, Il Duca di Baionette! Se da quei dispositivi uso il file. Io di solito pulisco i file che ho comprato usando Calibre: avendo i plugin antiDRM sempre attivi, devo solo archiviare nella libreria il file e… fatto, si pulisce in automatico. Ho comprato un e-book non su Amazon o Kindle, ma presso una casa editrice. Vorrei decriptare il link, come faccio?

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Se qualcuno ha un link con istruzioni valide, lo segnali. Patfumetto on 21 Aprile at Grazie Duca. Moroboshi on 21 Aprile at Se salvi gli script con estensione. Alex on 22 Aprile at Scusate, ma a questo punto mi sorge una domanda. Welte on 22 Aprile at In primis grazie per questa guida. Davide on 29 Aprile at Io avrei un consiglio ancora migliore, non comprare gli ebook provvisti di DRM Adobe. Gli utenti mac si attaccano, temo.

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Sai indicarmi dove scuolabook scarica i pdf? Ho scaricati sul mio imac, e ora li devo passare a mio figlio che usa un netbook e un fisso con windows e ubuntu… Premetto che non uso programmi di sharing tipo icloud. Come posso rimuovere i drm dai due pdf? Sprotector on 27 Settembre at Credo di avere scoperto come eliminare il DRM di scuolabook…. Risposta di Paul Durrant. Replica di Angelo. Replica di Paul Durrant. Simone on 9 Ottobre at Niente da fare. Purtroppo non sono riuscito a trovare niente per decomprimere i pdf scaricati da loro… Qualcuno ha qualche idea?

Alberello on 10 Ottobre at I commenti di Angelo sul blog di Alf sono misteriosamente scomparsi. Attendo risposta. Simone on 15 Ottobre at Nessuna news? Simone on 21 Ottobre at Alberello, Alf ti ha fatto sapere qualcosa? Thank you for attention, hope in an answer. Mark Littletree. Che avrebbe dovuto significare una cosa tipo: Caro Alf, Sono un ragazzo italiano che rappresenta lo spirito degli studenti del nostro paese.

Marco Alberello. Il Duca di Baionette on 25 Ottobre at Author Direi che non ci resta che mangiare come suggerito qui:. Alberello on 25 Ottobre at La stessa risposta che ha inviato a me via mail. Erano persone che avevano lottato contro Mussolini, contro il nazi fascismo, gente di valore. Ma sulla questione coloniale, una volta saliti al potere, si comportavano proprio come il duce.

Anche i miei fiumi sono stati derubati. E anche le montagne. E il mio mare? I pesci nuotano sul fondo, sperando di salvarsi. Sono degli illusi? Non so. Non hanno ferito me. Non hanno colpito il mio volto. Lo schiavo, il colonizzato, il bambino. Io non sono loro.

In quella sofferenza io divento loro. Sento quella stretta atroce. Era affascinato dai genitali della donna. Erano considerate oneste, fragili, nate in un clima fresco, posate. Scrivere per I. Per descrivere questo scontro la scrittura di I. Nel racconto Dismatria 39 I.

Eravamo in continua attesa di un ritorno alla madrepatria che probabilmente non ci sarebbe mai stato. Il nostro incubo si chiamava dismatria. Scuotevamo la testa, un sogghigno amaro, e ribadivamo il dismatria appena pronunciato. Eravamo dei dismatriati, qualcuno — forse per sempre — aveva tagliato il cordone ombelicale che ci legava alla nostra matria , alla Somalia. Il prefisso dis esprime il distacco come divisione e dispersione piuttosto che come origine, uscita, assenza, espresso invece dal prefisso es di espatrio.

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La diaspora di I. Queste due immagini propongono visioni diverse della diaspora. Nel secondo caso la diaspora viene vista da chi resta in Somalia, come un fenomeno dilagante, rispetto al quale non esistono soluzioni e che assume piuttosto i toni della tragedia. Il termine somalo gudnisho , introdotto senza alcuna forma di traduzione, sottolinea il fatto che la scrittrice in questo caso si sta rivolgendo prioritariamente al lettore e alla lettrice somala, utilizzando un segno linguistico di tipo mimetico, immediatamente comprensibile, che riproduce la lingua della diaspora senza mediazioni.

Invece quando la scrittrice si rivolge anche al lettore italiano gli xenismi somali vengono tradotti in italiano direttamente nel corpo del testo. La questione delle seconde generazioni e la riflessione su cosa significhi essere italiani, emergono con forza nella scrittura di I. Scego, a immagine della sua stessa condizione diasporica. Scego e testimonianza della lingua contaminata delle seconde generazioni. Le parole sono tutte attorcigliate.