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It had been bitterness. It had been the knowledge that girlish dreams never came true no matter how desperately she fought to bring them to fruition. They died. And he had done no more than contribute to the cold that filled her gaze now, the disillusionment. Tariq had been watching him too closely of late whenever they were in Virginia, especially whenever Paige was present.

As though he were searching for something, some affirmation of a suspicion. Now that his pleasure had been attained? His cock was still as hard as it had been the moment he stepped off the fucking plane. He had never imagined she was a virgin. Never imagined it, and now, had no idea how he could force himself to forget it. His brothers, Ayid and Aman. Younger half-brothers. Twins who shared a rabid rage and intellectual cruelty that never ceased to amaze him. And Azir, his father. How had he ever believed his father could have the smallest iota of kindness inside his blackened soul?

Now, six months after the death of the wife Azir had forced him to marry, and the child she had carried, Abram found it almost impossible to keep from killing the old bastard. Especially after he learned exactly how involved his father had been in ensuring there were no heirs other than Abram before he turned thirty-six. The sons who shared his warped vision of the future of the world. It had seen to the death of his second wife, and his unborn child, two years later.

And it would destroy any other woman Abram ever allowed himself to care for. Just as Ayid and Aman would see to the death of any woman Khalid could love, other than his sister, Paige. They were cursed. The eldest sons of Azir bore the hatred and the fruits of malice that sprang from not just Azir, but also his youngest sons. I have a feeling, Abram, Miss Galbraithe will return sooner than you think. There, on his shoulder, just as Tariq had stated, a love bite that marred his flesh deeper than he would have imagined she could have given without his knowledge.

He forced himself to forget those few, precious moments when his lips had caressed the softest flesh he had ever known, when his tongue had tasted pure, fiery ecstasy. When he had seen her in that simple sundress on the sunny Greek island where she and her family lived part of the year. With the tops of her breasts rising above the bodice of the dress, the tiny straps stretching over slender, graceful shoulders, and the red gold of her hair hanging to the middle of her back. Her face had flushed beneath the soft hint of the Mediterranean-bronzed flesh.

When combined with the silken flames of her hair, the combination was enough to daze a lesser man.

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It was that day he had seen the woman she was. Designed and Built with by Priceless Design Studio. Follow Lora:. Dangerous Pleasure Bound Hearts Book Abram shared his lovers. And he did it so well. If she were with Abram. If she was the one causing that look of intense and utter pleasure. Paige would do anything. She would give whatever he asked to see that look on his face for her.

Or at least, the second Abram found his. Paige was tempted to use the toy she had been given by one of her best friends. For Abram.

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She cupped the mound and let her thumb stroke against the sensitive tip. She was aching.

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So desperate for his touch. She closed her eyes as a moan whispered past her lips.

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He would control her body. She needed more. She wanted it. His fingers tightened, released, tightened again. Paige flinched, her breath catching. He knew exactly what she was asking. Just as he knew exactly why she had asked it. Her body still hummed with pleasure. Abram gave a quick shake of his head. His gaze jerked to his shoulder before he moved to the mirror atop the dresser next to him. It marked him far deeper than flesh alone.

He forced himself to turn away. He forced himself to leave her bedroom. A taste that would linger in his senses forever.

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And a regret he knew he would never outrun. He almost grinned at that thought.

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Because, he knew the fate that would await her. Any additional comments? This was a great listen for me. I do wish Audiable would release books in order and just not random books from a series. Dangerous Pleasure and Forbidden Pleasure are in this series but I did not see any others. Each are great listens. Caution each contains mature themes. Thank goodness these people are wealthy and sex is free. I liked the story line, but there was so much sex being had or daydreamed about that i felt a little dirty.

If you need a turn-me-on book this is a good one. Would have been a five star if it didn't make me feel like a sex addict. What would have made Only Pleasure better? Well, after hearing Only Pleasure for the 50th time in the first 2 hrs on rapid speed, I just had to stop. Yes, L. Burned once too often. She is awful for me.

I thought I could tolerate her one more time as I wanted to listen to this book, however, she is over the top for me. I had to speed up the listen as she is just too slow and breathy for me. By default, it sorts by the number, or alphabetically if there is no number.

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