Follow You, Follow Me: Why Social Networking is Essential to Ministry

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5 Reasons Why Your Church Must Prioritize Social Media

Think about that for a second. With a thoughtful church strategy for social engagement and some regular money devoted to advertising, you can create an awareness of your ministry and send people to your website where they can learn more. Through the likes and shares of your updates from people who already attend your church, your content is pushed into the feed of their friends and family.


When you explain to your congregation that their interaction with your Facebook page is a form of outreach, you can build a strategy around sharing your culture with people who might be open to learning more. There are some great software solutions out there for churches to use to facilitate digital community. Using Facebook groups for ministries or studies is an incredibly easy and free way to keep everyone together and on the same page. You can create groups for prayer, home groups, Bible studies, classes, or lifestyle groups for people that like to do things like hike or garden.

You can make them as private as you want, and you can invite people outside the church, too.

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This gives people another level of exposure and interaction with your church. Facebook events are another stellar way to raise awareness for an event. You can invite everyone in the church, and they can invite others, too. All updates and important information can be communicated in the event group.

And you can even experiment with ads to promote your event. Community is in transition. Social advertising generally falls into two categories: paying for amplification of specific posts and using social networks as media outlets in a broader advertising campaign. Is the goal of your social marketing trying to overcome declines in reach and engagement, reach new audiences or drive social commerce?

Regardless of objective, make sure measurement tools are in place before launching a social advertising campaign.

A basic digital outreach strategy starts with these three components:

Remember that market research is required to measure lifts in awareness or consideration. For retailers, measuring improved conversion will require tying together online and offline data, and becomes more complex for consumer packaged goods brands whose sales are intermediated by retailers. Siloing social advertising initiatives and teams from broader advertising efforts puts efficiency, consistency and the brand at risk, said Mr.

Instead, integrate social marketing management platforms with ad tech platforms to gain the speed necessary for social advertising success.

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Social marketers often find immediate benefit through enhanced targeting because social advertising accelerates their existing strategy. Targeting reaches very specific audiences across devices, based on affinities and other social data points.

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Dynamic product ads further create relevance by using cookie data to inform content delivery. Nearly half of organizations in a Gartner survey claimed they can track the financial benefits of CX projects, while Gartner's marketing Know more how to define the functional requirements of a digital marketing hub and understand build, buy or partner, find the right path. February 16,