Hey, Teenager! Do You Want a Happy Life? Read On!

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And my trusty Nokia can manage that. One of the most peculiar effects of the smartphone is, in my opinion, the new-found obsession with maps and navigation systems. Is there anything more boring than knowing exactly where you are all of the time?! And if you are reliant on online maps, what happens to those great places you find just by chance?

Do you have a smartphone? Can you persuade Jennifer to change her mind about them? Do you ever feel pressurised to be up-to-date with the latest technology? I don't have smartphone but I can use my sister's one. I don't like to use it too much because you will be addicted to it if you don't know how to stop.

As I say , smartphone maybe convenient to us : they can playing games , alarm , surfing the Internet , etc. But you have to know that : more modern the smartphone is , more energy it uses. You will have to recharge it everyday if you use it all the time. Your eyes will be hurt if you use it in the wrong place like in the dark, in the bed ,etc. Use it too much make you don't have time to study and do exercise. You will getting fat or studying worse. In short , smartphone is not always good for us.

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I don't have a smartphone and I thought that I didn't need one, but after reading this I'm sure that I've made a great decision. I had a smartphone once. I must mention I wasn't having any advantage of it, because I was young and didn't know how to use it properly. Then I lost it: it fell down from my pocket. I use it to communicate with my friends and family by calls and texts and to listen songs. I have a camera, but it's way too bad to take a selfie with her but why take a selfie that I can't post to Instagram?

I'm happy and pleased with my non-smartphone too. I must mention that I liked this article a lot. Well done Jennifer! I think everyone should read it so it can open their eyes. I love my smartphone because I find it useful and convenient. I don't have a smartphone and I don't even have a phone. No, I won't persuade her mind because I don't think it really matters.

I have a smartphone but i'm not addicted to.

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I think smartphones are the future. They contain very useful apps. I don't have a smartphone too and i don't miss it : All my friends have smartphones and they are always playing on that thing.

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I agree your blog. But if you work in an important work , you have to search on the internet , for looking information of science ,technology Hi Jennifer,I so agree with everything you've said. Infact I'm always trying to make my mod-friends see these very facts!!

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And the biggest coincidence? I have the same phone -Nokia :P and it's serving me pretty well! Hi, upsjackson: I'm glad we share the same opinion about mobiles, I have the similar phone as yours, but I think I'll have to change it soon, because I'm having it for 5 years. One question-Do people in India,your country, speak English very often? I've heard that they do, and that English is the second language, after Hindi, of course.

I think that people from India speak English fluently in general. Am I right? So, I'm looking forward to your answer. I dont like a smartphone i like just a phone to talk with my family and my friend thats important for me I don't have a smartphone. Since last five years, I am having Vodafone and I am really content with its' functions. I hate all that new technology and the people obsessed with mobiles. All friends of mine have the best mobiles, but I don't need one. I can afford it, but I find better going abroad for a weekend instead of buying such mobile.

My modest Vodafone can provide sending SMS and receiving phone calls, than Internet, but no youtube, 'cause it has small memory, and camera. But camera on my phone is the worst of all cameras in the world. I don't care, I like my modest pink mobile and I wouldn't change it for nothing in this world. Bad camera is the only disadvantage, but I really don't use mobiles often, only for SMS and calls, so all that facilities aren't necessary for me.

Viva la Vodaphone! This article is great They use their smartphone to play games I totally agree with the author and I think that the best phone in the world is the one who make it job right!!! I have an smartphone but i am not always connected to the internet and even though i have an smartphone but at the first place i always try to find the place my self but if i am lost i use Google maps to search the place. Smart phone are all in one so it makes the life much easier but i agree with some of the points above about not having a smart phone.

After all, life become much easier after having a smartphone and smartphone are very important nowadays. Smartphones are the least technology. But the phone don't make the intelligence and participation in the technology This depends on the economy because you can't afford a expensive phone so you can use one more easy So don't have your mind how you look with the up-date phone in my country we don' t have the same problems Smartphones are very important nowadays.

They help us in our life. We can't live now with the same old inventions.

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Smarthones are the present and the future of human life. Depression brings fuzzy thinking, low energy and difficulty concentrating. All of this can make studying, listening and learning more difficult. The clue that this is happening will be a change in grades. Depression is more than sadness. This is confusing and frightening for anyone to feel, and as a way to find relief from that, or to distract themselves from their pain, teens might turn to all sorts of risky or addictive behaviour. They might be driven to do more of what has felt good before, or anything that helps them to feel — something.

This might look like drinking, drugs , skipping school, gaming excessively, eating excessively or self-harm. All of us can only push down big feelings for a certain amount of time before they start to push for attention. Physical pain and emotional pain share the same pathways in the brain. When emotional pain feels too big or when it stops making sense, self-harming can be a way to find short but needed relief from the heaviness that comes with depression.

They do it to make the pain go away. A doctor or mental health professional can help with this. Having the support of a loving adult will be important for any teen who is trying to find their way through depression.

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  5. If that supportive and loving adult is you, here are some things you can do to help your teen strengthen and heal:. Healthy friendships can be comfort and protection against the messy times that can come with adolescence. The problem can be finding these friends. In fact, sometimes school friendships can be a huge source of sadness, fear and hurt.

    There will be people out there who would love to know your teen. Their tribe is out there, but sometimes they might have to look beyond the school ground to find them. Encourage your teen to try activities or join groups to expose themselves to people who share a more similar view of the world than the people at school. Some ways to do this are through sport, drama, music, part-time jobs, art classes, cooking classes. This might not be easy — depression drains energy for everything. Meditation and exercise. Encourage your teen to try anything that will get his or her heart pumping.

    For the meditation part, the Smiling Mind app is a free app that has guided meditations for teens. Keep it real. Help them to expand this, and to nurture a healthy body image by pointing out the many different versions of body beautiful that you see. This important for teen boys too. Teens, particularly girls, will connect listening with caring. True, it might feel easier to catch a falling star in a glass jar, but anything you do can make a difference. Research has found that teens who spend more than four hours a day gaming can be vulnerable to depression, but there is a way to turn that risk around — let them game with friends.

    Boys who spend time gaming with friends, or those who are connected to friends either online or in real life appear to be protected from the depressive effects of heavy gaming. Girls who spend a lot of time gaming and who are socially active online are less lonely and less socially anxious, but they also show lower self-esteem. Researchers suggest that if it seems to be an attempt to ward of loneliness or to cope with the world, it might be time to step in to reduce the time spent at the console. As little people, children turn to their parents for comfort and protection when they scrape against the hard edges of the world.

    As teens though, they are driven by the very important developmental goal of separating from parents and family.

    How to Raise Happy Kids: 10 Steps Backed by Science | Time

    There can often be pressure from inside of themselves or outside , to deal with things on their own, or at the very least without their parents. This can be tough for everyone. Let your teen know they can talk to you about anything at all. All feelings are valid and they are all okay to be there.

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    When they cut themselves off from bad feelings, it becomes easier to also cut themselves off from the good ones. There are so many different versions of normal. Do you feel as though you are? Trust your intuition and continue to be gently curious. Instead, listen with an open heart and an open mind and without judgement. Create opportunities for your teen, but express them incidentally and without expectation.

    Adolescence is a time of massive change, which can be confusing for teens and the people who love them. Changes in sleep and eating patterns, moodiness, pulling away from family, irritability — these can all be a very normal part of adolescence, or they can be symptoms of depression.

    Karen, Thank you. Lots that resonates and constructive strategies for supporting my daughter and how to connect with her.

    Why I'm happy without a smartphone

    I was googling any article about teenage depression and found this. Good article. My son 17 yrs old started showing a few symptoms last year. He stopped swimming was in the swim team for 10 yrs and triathlon. I never thought more about depression until last year it got worse. Recently refused to go to school. Was on therapy for 1 yr, no help. Changed him to different therapist and signed him up for group therapy.

    The new therapist recommended me to take him to psychiatrist — thinking my son falls in the category of depression. Psychiatrist presribed him for Prozac 10mg. So far okay with med.

    They raise the world's happiest children - so is it time you went Dutch?

    I also started giving him melatonin. My husband does not believe all of the symptoms. He thinks my son is manipulating us. I, myself so confused. My son does not look like sad, more like unfriendly and no interest in having conversation with family. He plays game on iPad literally for hours and hours.