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Recent General Congregations have highlighted the importance of community as mission.

Recalling the experience of the first Jesuits, for whom life and mission were rooted in a discerning community, General Congregation 36 in declared thus:. The Jesuit community is a concrete space in which we live as friends in the Lord. This life together is always at the service of mission, but because these fraternal bonds proclaim the Gospel, it is itself a mission.

GC36, D. Our mission is not limited to our works.

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Our personal and community relationship with the Lord, our relationship to one another as friends in the Lord, our solidarity with the poor and marginalised, and a life style responsible to creation are all important aspects of our lives as Jesuits. They authenticate what we proclaim and what we do in fulfilling our mission. The privileged place of this collective witness is our life in community, Thus, Jesuit community is not just for mission: it is itself mission.

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GC35, D. Becoming a Jesuit The Society of Jesus is a community of priests and brothers dedicated to the service of God and the Church for the betterment of the world around us. Availability for Mission Our special vow of obedience to the Pope means we are available for mission wherever the Holy Father wishes to send us and wherever the need is greatest.

But there are certainly a whole bunch of ways.

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Here are some favorites:. This takes me right there to the garden and reminds me that Mary Magdalene was the first to hear the good news. The intimacy of the relationships Jesus shares with his friends and wants to share with us is at the heart of the Easter story.

Executed unjustly. Resurrected victoriously. Sins forgiven. When I wonder where someone like Sr.

Helen Prejean finds all of her energy in the fight against capital punishment in the United States, I remember unjust execution is a central moment in the Easter story. He is risen as he said! We think often about how God wants us to be faithful, but God himself is perfect faithfulness — faithful to the promises he made us.

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We encounter the Risen Christ when we break bread together as companions, especially around the Eucharistic table. Colten is quoting 1 Corinthians 15 here, St. And here is a possible answer to St. This one makes me think of Peter denying, Thomas doubting, the apostles hiding, the sadness of the disciples on the road to Emmaus and how the love of God overcomes all of that. Lots packed in to these six simple words!

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And I just learned about risus paschalis :. However, a beautiful Baroque tradition insists that you tell one during your Easter sermon. The laughter of the people was called the "risus paschalis" Easter laughter. Empty tomb And there will be cases, such as the use of equivocator in the Porter scene in Macbeth 2.

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I find it intriguing that oaths form the largest category by far. Items that relate exclusively to a single religion or denomination also form a very small proportion of the religious vocabulary as a whole. There are several speeches where we could read in Catholic, Protestant or Puritan meanings to the words.


Whether we are Catholic or Protestant, theist or atheist, we all seem to find a point of connection with what he is talking about. Shakespeare never speaks in his own voice.

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