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Started by dom , Oct 29 PM. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next. Posted 29 October - PM so i was looking at grid of the perfect sugar cane farm and thought that would be really nice for spot mining minerals only.

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I need to have the turtle mine straight down based off the grid i provided. Please any help would be great. Posted 29 October - PM I believe something like may work, but that only supports 1 rim.

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Posted 29 October - PM edit: I was wrong I counted wrong. My solution, only worked for the 1st two rows, I didn't see the pattern right. Then pass that to a function that pop 2 off the back, and pastes them in the front.

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Then run it in reverse Then pop 2 off the back, and put them in front. Crazy, but that is the right pattern. I'd rather do it without passing an array, but the pattern is obnoxous. Posted 29 October - PM Ok i put my best foot forward.

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Posted 29 October - PM how would i get the turtle to get back to complete the action? Machine only runs 1 shift and not every day. Had coolant leaks everywhere that needed silicone when first used. Spindle motor went bad a while back. Front bearings were getting too hot so spindle needed replaced.

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We ran the spindle warm up every morning. The oil line came into the rear bearing and then was routed to the front bearing from there. Replacement spindle has oil lines feeding both bearings direct now. Bad original design in my opinion but Haas claims it was just an improvement.


Alas, there are no new findings on how not to look bored. The quick development of nerve cells in the hippocampus — the part of the brain that tucks our new memories away into the long-term file — may be what causes what researchers refer to as "infantile amnesia," the reason you probably can't remember anything from age 3 or younger.

Paul Frankland, a senior scientist at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto and co-author of the study, theorizes that the memories are actually in there somewhere, but not stored in the proper order, thanks to the overload of brain development and activity during those first three years. He tested out his theory on baby mice, teaching them how to navigate a maze and then slowing down the hippocampus growth in half of them, which ended up being the group to more successfully navigate the maze again.