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Food industry jobs generally have a lot of turnover. With that in mind, make sure you trust the person handling the money each night in order to make sure funds are not being misspent. Keep an eye on inventory and know your busy days. This will be tough at first as a business starts and client patterns aren't set. You and your staff will have to be prepped for rushes of customers that may not come. Be prepared to lose money early on because you will be throwing out ingredients at the end of the night.

It will get better over time. Train your staff to do more than one thing. If your pizza place's biggest seller is the old family recipe that only you know, what happens when you take a day off? Will first-time customers still like the pizza made by the kid whose main job is to clean the toilets?

Rise Up: How to be Successful in the Pizza Industry [Podcast]

Make sure that staff know their schedules and have an easy format to call in if they can't make it. Also, make sure staff have your contact numbers in an emergency. Never have something on the menu that you can't serve. If you promise yellow peppers, then there better be a stock of them in the back or a quick way to get more if needed.

Know your customers. If you are a manager or the owner, make sure to check with customers to see how they are doing. While some may feel bothered, most will enjoy being talked to while they wait for their order. Make sure your wait staff knows that the customer is important as well. Keep your staff happy. Making sure they have sufficient breaks and feel important to the business is vital.

Happy workers make happy customers. If you have a lot of students for employees, make sure they have time to study. Also, look for ways to help them break up the monotony of day-to-day work such as contests. Think ahead.

Which are the differences between a home-made pizza and a restaurant pizza?

Companies such as Little Caesars and Papa John's didn't grow by accident. Their owners planned to expand. Make sure condiments and napkins are refilled at tables before each shift. Don't overlook small things such as dusting and cleaning light fixtures and decor. Dust can scare off customers.

Be prepared for hard work. There will be many long nights of toil in the kitchen in order to make a profit. This story appears in the May issue of. Back in , Dave Gilewski began having strange encounters with breadsticks. But little did he know the cheese-covered carbs were pointing him toward his future. It happened first at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. After a late-night party, a friend ordered Toppers. It was just Topperstix," Gilewski says. They seemed like addicts.

Two years later, during an Oktoberfest celebration in La Crosse, Wis. His goal?

To get a box of Topperstix. And while visiting his younger brother at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, Gilewski learned that his brother's roommate ordered a box of Toppers Tacostix every night for dinner.

My Good Food

While working a job as a yellow pages ad salesman, Gilewski discovered that Toppers had begun selling franchises. He asked for information, mainly to learn more about the craze. And the more he learned, the more impressed he was. In , Gilewski opened his first Toppers location in Franklin, Wis. Later this year, he will open a second location in South Milwaukee. We talked with him about opening-day hiccups, speedy service and creating a culture of quality. We heard you had some trouble on opening day. The night before we opened, the landscapers cut our power and phone lines. It was probably the worst-case scenario.

We got a generator to run the cooler and we had our phone lines rerouted to my cell phone. Somehow, we begged the utility company to come out on a Saturday.

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We got power at 10 a. Tell us about your famous delivery time.

Pizza Marketing Ideas

Our pizza makers are always looking over the shoulder of the person taking the phone call. Sometimes the food is in the oven before they even hang up. In those cases, we can get pizzas to people in 15 minutes.

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I motivated managers to increase our speed out the door. We've heard all about the breadsticks. How's the pizza? Customers might not be aware why our food is so good, but we make fresh dough every day and chop all the veggies. Our ingredients don't have preservatives, and that makes a big difference. We have 19 house pizzas, and some of them are pretty wild.

I think the Hangover Helper [Canadian bacon, onions, green peppers, potatoes, bacon bits, mozzarella and cheddar] has the best name.

Key Success Factors in a Pizza Business |

How do you describe your culture? It's hard to explain--we just live it. The majority of my workers are 18 to 35 years old, and the big thing is, we work hard and have a great time. There's always an upbeat atmosphere and we try to be fun and irreverent.

How To Be Successful In The Pizza Industry

There are occasions when an employee makes the dough, cuts the vegetables, grates the cheese, stretches the dough, takes the call, cooks the pizza and delivers it. They take pride in something like that. But our culture is not rocket science. We serve great food and we try to be nice about it. Entrepreneur Media, Inc.

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