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Enter very quietly Hush , a low-budget home-invasion thriller about a deaf and mute woman Kate Siegel being terrorized by a masked home invader The Newsroom 's John Gallagher Jr. This is the type of movie that can exhaust its premise in 20 minutes if the script doesn't deliver -- how long can two characters face off in a swanky cabin for, really?

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As Lily discovers the truth about the writer's fiction and home, the lines between the physical realm and the afterlife blur. The movie's slow pacing and muted escalation might frustrate viewers craving showy jump-scares, but writer-director Oz Perkins is worth keeping tabs on. He brings a beautiful eeriness to every scene, and his story will captivate patient streamers. The film's first half-hour, which finds Quarry 's Logan Marshall-Green arriving at his ex-wife's house to meet her new husband, plays like a Sundance dramedy about something yuppies and their relationship woes.

We won't spoil what happens, but let's just say this is a party you'll be telling your friends about. The horror documentary interviews eight people coping with sleep paralysis, an unexplained phenomenon that immobilizes victims and, occasionally, causes them to hallucinate shadowy invaders. The twist: All of director Rodney Ascher's subjects all describe similar visions. Is it the result of crossed wires in the brain or Whatever the case, The Nightmare will make you paranoid about your own sleep paralysis vulnerability.

The Perfection , Netflix's self-consciously sleazy genre provocation starring Allison Williams as a former child cello prodigy out for revenge, is like a cinematic endurance test. Grossed out by the creepy bug effects and horrifying depictions of self-mutilation? Keep streaming. This Steven Spielberg-penned, Tobe Hooper-directed The Texas Chainsaw Massacre paranormal flick is a certified cult classic and one of the best horror films of all time , coming from a simple premise about a couple whose home is infested with spirits obsessed with reclaiming the space and kidnapping their daughter.

Poltergeist made rearranged furniture freaky, and you may remember a particularly iconic scene with a fuzzed out vintage television set. Four old friends travel into a foreboding forest and You've heard this one before. So has everyone.

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Only this time, it's interesting. Suffice to say that these guys stumble across a freaky shack, unwisely opt to sleep in said shack, and then find themselves hopelessly lost. Also there may or may not be a mythologically inspired monster from Norse lore on their trail. Horror master Wes Craven subverts and parodies his own slasher filmography in this meta-whodunnit from The Vampire Diaries creator Kevin Williamson. While the opening scene -- Ghostface dialing up Drew Barrymore to ask, "Do you like scary movies? It's about nothing more than a father and his young daughter who board a train from Seoul to Busan just as a very expeditious zombie virus has hit the area.

Onboard the train, you'll find a colorful collection of amusing disaster movie archetypes, from a gruff bully and his pregnant wife to a teenage girl with a crush on a hunky baseball player, and Yeon Sang-Ho, in his debut, does a very nice job of ramping up the zombie insanity at frequent and regular intervals. Watch Psychokinesis , Yeon's action movie with a heart, next.

Not only is she haunted by what feels like an entirely new home life, but she also sees visions of her dead mother yearning for her to uncover the truth of her death. Gotta love a horror film that'll do everything it can to remind you of why playing around with an Ouija board is probably not the best idea. Her goal is to contact her dead father, but as it normally goes in films of the paranormal variety, that doesn't happen. Veronica instead ends up waking up some truly sinister forces and, well, you probably already know how this will end.

Or not. In a village somewhere in rural Pennsylvania, an entire community lives in fear of what lurks in the woods just beyond their borders. The horror flick comes from genre director M. It's like someone threw Stephen King, H. Lovecraft, and John Carpenter into a blender, then splattered the results all over the hallways of a creepy, deserted hospital.

Inside is maximally disturbing, blood soaked, and truly hard to watch. Expecting moms and everybody else : proceed with high caution. Widowed mothers are a good setup for a pregnancy-horror film. The twist in Grace is that new mom Madeline carries her child to term after being advised against it to protect her life, and ends up giving birth to … an undead infant. Hungry Hearts distinguishes itself from the rest of the list by becoming a horror movie almost by accident. The psychological thriller stars Adam Driver and Alba Rohrwacher as Jude and Mina, a young couple who hastily marry after she gets pregnant.

There are no violent gimmicks here — just the horror of becoming a new parent. When Sam gets pregnant, the two are eager to start a family together, but everything takes a turn for the terrible when a group of mysterious strangers start stalking the house, and disturbing things start happening with the baby. A gruesome genre needs some levity, and this body-horror entry from writer, director, and star Alice Lowe is a black-comedy horror movie about a woman at the whims of her fetus.

In this graphic horror novel, Rodriguez places us in the midst of the Napoleonic Wars when, after an unsuccessful attempt to defeat the Russian army, his own military is forced to retreat.

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One unit is attacked by Cossacks during their journey homeward, but two survivors are able to elude the military warriors by fleeing toward an abandoned Slavic town—a place the Cossacks are unwilling to approach. But why? These men eventually come face to face with the Czernobog, a Slavic demon who proves to be a much more formidable opponent than the bloodthirsty warriors they only just barely escaped. What difference would a bit of adult content make? What you may not know is that the book is based upon the true story of an actual exorcism.

Once upon a time the early- to mids , a Spanish serial killer known as the Wolfman killed several women and children so he could extract their body fat and use it to make soap.

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