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In Time for You (Knights in Time , #4) by Chris Karlsen (2 star ratings)

Karlsen delivers another action packed thriller rich with description of Turkey. The romance between Charolette and Atakan continue to enthrall as an old enemy closes in determined to finish them off for good. Intense and vivid character portrayals of the villain Tischenko as well as the main characters and terrorists.

Karlsen keeps you in suspense wondering what will happen next and how it will all end.

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Highly recommended. Throw in their nemesis Maksym Tischenko, buried treasure, brilliant Mediterranean scenery , dashes of history and you have the great combination of suspense, steamy romance, and humor. Highly recommend!

This Terrifying Worm Snatches Fish from the Ocean Floor

Stephen woke from the dreamless sleep groggy. Bits and pieces of events faded in and out of memory. Then, he was floating and had the sense of angels lifting him. The delicious scent brought him awake. All he knew was the food smelled like fine fare and his stomach felt stuck to his backbone, he was so hungry. Those last weeks before the battle the army had run short of provisions. The knights had foraged for food along with their horses.

Soup indeed.

Byzantine Gold

Nothing but a handful of dandelion greens thrown into a kettle of boiling water. He attempted to rise but tethers kept him prone. His wrists and ankles were tied to the bed with padded cuffs instead of chains. A small but curious kindness. Smell alone will not get it to my stomach.

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The man put the tray of food on his lap and set cloth wrapped utensils into his palm. You know—for sticking your food with and bringing pieces to your mouth. Seems silly. Why bother with cutting then sticking your food with the fork before bringing it to your mouth, an eating dagger is faster, more sensible? Stab and eat.

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The aroma of meat and bread filled his nose and he put the fork aside. His head low to the tray, he shoveled the vegetables into his mouth with the spoon.

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A juicy, plump chicken breast nestled next to the vegetables. He tore the meat from the bone with his fingers, licking the buttery drippings from the tips as he devoured it.

When the spoon no longer scooped vegetables, he used his bread to wipe up any remaining morsels on the plate. The captors brought two more plates and he finished those before he was finally full. Stephen sensed someone enter the room as the man left with the last tray. The pass of his hand over his hair told him somebody had washed it. No dried blood was caked anywhere. He sniffed his forearms. They smelled of soap and had also been cleaned. He had no need of a bath.

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With him — the flower of the English knighthood. Among them — Sir Arthur, the Baron of Pitchfork, an ideal of all chivalric virtues — his uncle, Sir Ralph, a veteran soldier with a taste for women and bitter humour — and his cousin, Sir Robert, a young and romantic would-be scholar who will have his first taste of war, sieges, duels, betrayal and intrigue but also love and practical philosophy.

Byzantine Empire

Together they ride as secret envoys of their King to meet Burgundian emissaries. Kamil Gruca is a Polish writer born in in Warsaw. He is a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy at the Warsaw University. Kamil is also an active knight who confirmed his battle prowess by winning the Polish National Knights League in under the alias of Sir Robert Neville. He has studied medieval swordsmanship for over 15 years hence his novels are full of dynamic and realistic swordplay. Being an avid re-enactor and a passionate history geek Kamil moved to France for two years to study documents unavailable in other countries that would add to the feel and realism of the book on multiple levels.