East to the Grotto on the River Gave

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Phong Nha Cave

Unauthorised returns will not be accepted. A 1 m high concrete wall around the inside perimeter of the floor of the Pond on the north and east side may have been built as a dam to stop water flowing out of the lava flow and into the excavations.

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In a aerial photograph of the property, the drain can be seen. The concrete wall can be seen in the photograph, along the northeast to the centre of the eastern part of the depression. This plastered concrete block wall remains. There are a number of letters on the site file between council and the owner at the time Hans Heilbron.

East to the Grotto on the River Gave by Kathleen Morelock (English) Paperback Bo

There were a number of buildings on the site at No A house can be clearly seen in aerial photographs from and A permit was lodged in to erect an army hut on the site and the previous year alterations and additions were permitted for the house. The valuation notes that this was a villa constructed c A demolition permit was granted in September to demolish the house and out buildings. The site is generally one of geological and ecological value.

But there are some built features that are of some value.

Swallow Grotto (Yanzikou) Trail-Taroko National Park

Along the street frontage and side boundaries there remains a random rubble stone wall constructed from local basalt or scoria stone. The survey plan notes that the wall was then at least 20 years old. There are concrete gate posts marking the entry to the villa that use to be on the property. Remnants of the house foundations, walls and steps constructed from concrete blocks and poured concrete are located at what would have been the rear of the villa. A low plastered concrete wall runs along the eastern and northern side of the depression.


This is about 1 meter high with small buttresses at regular intervals. Why this wall was built is not clear, but it has been suggested Dr B Hayward that this may have been associated with the extraction of diatomite. The site has the potential to provide archaeological evidence of prior human activity and occupation. Auteur: Kathleen Morelock.

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Uitgever: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform. Samenvatting There is a time portal north of Santiago, Spain, guarded by a young angel. Sometimes she opens this time portal and wanders through the rolling hills of Galicia and down into the city of Santiago de Compostela. In the 10th century, Spain is pushing the Moors back to Africa or killing them in their beds.

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One Moor escapes death by falling through the open time portal. In the 27th century, Tucson, Arizona, is burning up.

He too finds his way to the portal and plunges through to save his life. In the 18th century, a handsome sociopath charms the young angel into letting him use the time portal to escape criminal detection. In 21st century Puerto Rico, an old retired cop agrees to walk the Camino de Santiago with his granddaughter.

In the same century, a child from Minnesota, traumatized by the death of her younger sister, agrees to walk the Camino as therapy for the tragedy in her life.