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Sansa will very much be Lady Stark and will side with the Northern lords, not the Danny faction. Or, maybe Arya will be the one. Gwidhiel : Jay Targ ,. I dunno. Would Jon himself accept that without question? Honestly cannot see Sansa and Tyrion getting together, there is some respect between the two but no chance of love or political will to marry the two houses.

I doubt we will see any of the Starks marry in the remainder of the show but if they did Gendry would be the obvious groom. Ten Bears : Gwidhiel: Does this count as 1x? Ten Bears : Much of her identity is wrapped up in that entitlement-by-name. Yeah, she is not going to be receptive at all — at least not at first.

That news just made Aerys even more paranoid and incensed than he already was. Firannion : I think the show could make a convincing case for Sansa and Tyrion getting back together. My view is certainly informed by my impression of characters based on their book versions; Tyrion is a much better person on the show than he is in the books, but even so that outcome just feels, to me, like an unsavory prospect for Sansa.

Just my intuition though and I could certainly be wrong about it. Strangely enough I still like Tyrion, even in the books, although obviously I have lots of misgivings about him. Would he be able to see those things though? Clob : Would he be able to see those things though? He knew Daenerys had set sail for Westeros. Book Tyrion engages in some pretty bad behavior during his post-escape-from-Death-Row slump.

An aristocratic lady in her society would be expected to try to make heirs, regardless of prior trauma, and that will be difficult for someone with her upbringing to reject altogether. Even better would be a scenario in which she eventually finds healing in the company of a man or woman who treats her with full respect, gentleness and consideration. I thought Sansa has abandoned her daydreams of marrying a prince and having his babies.

Well, the whole family — especially Sansa — is going to have to have a reckoning about their Aunt Lyanna. And when all is said and done, Jon is still half Stark. Ten Bears : Gwidhiel ,. In fact, Sansa can point out that her connection to the Knights of the Vale is through her Tully side — that maternal lineage is widely recognized and respected in Westeros.

But Jon is half Stark and grew up in Winterfell, I cannot believe he will suddenly be hated by the Northerners. That said, turning up with a foreign invader will not be very popular I am sure. I am guessing the drama between Jon and Dany is also what Emilia was talking about when she expressed concern how her character will be percieved after the end. I think Sansa would make the most narrative sense. It will come to a head with the showdown with Cersei. BeardedOnion : she was raised to be of the mindset that Jon was a bastard and not a full Stark.

Do we know if Meera will be appearing in season 8 or not? Bran and Sam will reveal the truth to Jon, and Jon will tell both to keep his true lineage a secret. Varys would eventually learn this information and work behind the scenes to get Jon the iron throne. Unfortunately, I can see Jon dying before this unfolds probably in episode 5 at that massive KL battle. ETA: The differences between Aragorn and Daenerys are many, but the most important one may be that Aragorn was very well-taught and trained to his duties.

He had excellent role models and he certainly had a stable home throughout his childhood. Daenerys has had none of those advantages. Also that Cersei kidnaps Jon rumor might be true, I can see Cersei doing something like that, with Jaime probably dead in episode 3, in that white walker battle. Cersei might send someone, a Lannister soldier masquerading as Stark to kidnap Jon. Daenerys in his vision, is what Aragorn should have been or how his rule would have looked like if it played out fully in the books.

They burnt all the fields [in Meereen]. I find this stuff interesting. And fortunately, enough of my readers who love the books do as well. Jon also fits the Aragorn arc very well, but his overall arc is very much like Frodo, off to strange lands to fight something mystical, accompanied by his buddy Sam.

River : Daenerys in his vision, is what Aragorn should have been or how his rule would have looked like if it played out fully in the books. Jon and Bran keeping quiet also makes zero sense given Bran said at the end of S7 Jon must be told. Jon being kidnapped was a fan rumour but there is nothing to support it and neither is it logical in my eyes. I think this was all based upon the fact that we know minor spoiler from filming articles Jon will be in Kings Landing and is also involved in a battle there. In these books, magic is always dangerous and difficult, and has a price and risks. The whole point of the scene in A Game of Thrones where Daenerys hatches the dragons is that she makes the magic up as she goes along; she is someone who really might do anything.

I wanted magic to be something barely under control and half instinctive. The author himself keeps comparing Dany to Aragorn both in ruling and magical abilities. Jon Snowed : Jon being kidnapped was a fan rumour but there is nothing to support it and neither is it logical in my eyes. I think this was all based upon the fact that we know minor spoiler from filming articles.

If not Jon then it might be Sansa. Cersei is cunning and with Jaime gone, she might pull off something like that. Cersei will meet her end, probably in that map room of hers, with Drogon surprising her from above. I do agree she is going to die before the end though. I can see her striking after the episode 3 fight, while everyone is still distracted. She might send 3 to 4 men, Lannister men masquerading as Stark men to kidnap whoever is vulnerable and brought to KL.

She is the big bad, the white walkers are scary and all but they got nothing on Cersei. She is creative as hell, I expect her to pull off something like that. Firannion : But…but…her chain-mails! Now would be the moment for the glimmer of hope for the future. The problem as you point out is the dearth of viable candidates to provide that glimmer. The pickings could be even slimmer once the Night King is finished. Pinky : I think so, Brain. Brain : Why do I even bother asking?

Pinky : I dunno, Brain. Especially relative to other options. She freed the Unsullied, who then CHOSE to fight for her…everyone in her army chose to fight for her because they believe in her, not because she forced them. Maybe she does need to better communicate her intentions to the people of Westeros. I love Tyrion and Varys, but maybe instead of talking to each other they ought to do a better job of advising their queen as to how things work in Westeros, how best to convey her whole platform to the people, etc.

You have to effectively communicate your innovative new vision. Guess almost anything could happen though…8. I have my own thoughts on the matter, but I dare not get into that. Although I suppose the death sentence was a bit alienating. Shelle : I love Tyrion and Varys, but maybe instead of talking to each other they ought to do a better job of advising their queen as to how things work in Westeros, how best to convey her whole platform to the people.

The plans made for her by some of those same characters have been poor to begin with and in execution turned out to be devastating. That was the type of overpowering offensive assault that is necessary to win, without killing civilians. Would it have been any worse to do a direct attack on the Red Keep itself through the air or with just soldiers through the various tunnels we saw Arya and Tyrion exit? That is if she ditched the demanding posture they made her have. I agree; but I think the invasion plans were what they were not merely because of poor writing, but because the person advising Daenerys has been focused on getting to Cersei, rather than on a wider charge of getting Daenerys well-situated in Westeros.

And I think the biggest problem would be selling it to an audience already so heavily invested in the most obvious coupling, for whom the potential groundwork you speak of has likely completely passed them by. Although that would obviously be entirely in keeping with all the major dramatic turns of events on this show. In truth I think their relationship, much like his with Arya too, was simply meant to aid in both their character developments. Not on the show anyway.

Gwidhiel : the person advising Daenerys has been focused on getting to Cersei. All of the focus has become entirely about dethroning Cersei, as it concerns the war of the living. Daenerys did what she did in Essos initially to build an army but eventually it became equally as important to help the people and stop slavery. She was fighting for the people as opposed to having a desire to take a throne. Her goal was never to rule over those people, just stop the oppression. Her actions helped earn support and build her army, some of it with very little force.

Tyrion and everyone else advising her needed to do more to remind her that the people are what she is or should be fighting for, not defeating one person for a chair. Viserys was not, and and Jon has already shown that fire causes him pain when he protected Jeor Mormont from the first wight. He grabbed the lantern Jeor was holding and audibly yells out before he throws it at the wight. A blitzkrieg would also not give Cersei all kinds of time to scheme and come up with better defenses. A prolonged siege will starve the commoners out and force them to loot and riot to fend for themselves, not to mention the disease a prolonged siege would create.

This is not a more humane way to conquer Westeros. It just makes you indirectly responsible for deaths rather than being directly responsible. Mr Derp : This is not a more humane way to conquer Westeros. So true. So why would he think that a siege would force Cersei to surrender? Ramsay's 20th Good Man : Gwidhiel ,.

Ramsay's 20th Good Man ,. I give up. Who or what are you suggesting, if not the chivalrous knight in the guise of a half-burned ham? Viz : Clob ,. Viserys was not, and and Jon has already shown that fire causes him pain when he protected Jeor Mormont from the first wight…. That lantern scene was the reason why I mentioned the resurrection since not everyone read my description of this fireproof-Jon scenario I proposed several months ago.

Most people are going to point to that instance of Jon burning himself to disprove the possibility. In my scenario Jon himself would believe himself to not be from that experience at least. It is true that Viserys did not have the trait. Fire cannot kill a dragon. Some viewers may enjoy that more than others as well. Gwidhiel : Ten Bears ,. Just one look at him and Sansa will probably clutch her nipples and shudder. Mr Derp : Seriously, I assumed the references were about Gendry too. My doubts hinge on my read of Sansa in S7 as not being romantically interested at all in anyone.

Can they find time for that with all the ground they have to cover? Can they do that, too? But it seems possible. Mr Derp : Sansa will probably clutch her nipples and shudder. If I was forced to make a choice for pairing Sansa, for the show version of the characters I would choose Tyrion. I think Tyrion would absolutely be a good pairing, at least, someone who would treat Sansa right.

Hmmm…GoT erotica? For all that I love Sansa, no. Just no. I think she was joking about Brienne and Sansa. I was the one who was jokingly pairing them together to start with. Mr Derp : Clob ,. Part of it was Tyrion underestimating Cersei and in effect overestimating Dany. As long as Drogon and Rhaegal are still alive at the end of the WW battle in episode 3, she could take Cersei out easily.

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That could change though if Rhaegal has bonded with Jon as his rider, and if Dany and Jon are on the outs. Goes to show that she could have both, attacking KL does not necessarily mean obliterating it. At this point, it seems that the writers decision to wait till the final season to show us that is to add more drama. If Cersei had been dealt with at the end of S7, then S8 would be less exciting to watch, it would only be the WW battle and some forced drama between Jon and Dany.

The betrayal would have to come from other people either Varys or Tyrion though I hope not. There is when Littlefinger is missed, he is despicable but a great player of the game. But then what would they have done for dramatic suspense in the North last season? And most of the audience lapped it right up. Getting there would be a hell of an internal struggle! In this world of House alliances and inherited rule marriage is so important but there is only one I actually want to see — Tarth and Lannister!!!

Imagine their children. Excellent logic, but I would be astonished if Dany graciously yielded to Jon. I just re-watched S7e3 and wow was she full of herself. The speech she gave to Jon about why she believes in herself was amazing in its hubris. She has suffered, a lot.

She has accomplished incredible things! But neither of those things, in and of themselves, are the makings of a good ruler. In her early interactions with Jon she seems to think that he should just be bowled over by her magnificence and automatically bend the knee. And you know what, now that I think of it, that scene was yet another instance of Tyrion dropping the ball. When the idea of inviting Jon Snow to Dragonstone was first raised, Daenerys was very clear that she expected him to bend the knee.

Tyrion conveniently left that out of his missive to Jon. She was such a jerk in her first meeting with Jon! Unnecessarily so — and some of that was, I think, because she was caught off guard. Might be something to work up to — let him meet you first and then see where things go. Northstar : In this world of House alliances and inherited rule marriage is so important but there is only one I actually want to see — Tarth and Lannister!!! Mr Derp : whateverdgaf ,.

Good question. She is certainly capable of great affection. But her world revolves around her. ARYA: are you all right? In his own horrible way I think he loved me. Ned certainly, but also Littlefinger, Margaery. Olenna, and Cersei. Remember the scene with the doll and how after he was gone and she felt so alone the doll meant something to her. I think the only hope she has to give love AND respect is Tyrion.

He treated her kindly in difficult circumstances and he can give her power and position. She will show great personal development if she gets over his appearance. We also have widespread love for Arya AND her strong bond with Gendry, their ideological compatibility, etc to consider. Clionha pointed out a while back that Gendry had three verbal echoes last season of lines Arya spoke about him in Season 3.

Between book and show foreshadowing, personal affection, and those lines seasons later, those two are already tied together. Sansa will get someone else or stay single. Is there anyone who thinks Sansa would end up with Gendry? Certainly not me. And the negative view of her that you and many other thoughtful, reasonable show viewers have is why I think pairing Sansa with her cousin Jon will be a very tough sell for the show in Season 8.

ARYA:are you all right? I think the only hope she hasto give love ANDrespect is Tyrion. I feel like you sell Sansa short, everyone you said she looks down on has fucked her over in some way or the other, including her father by basically selling her an entire lie on what life is really like. She basically gave unconditional love to people like Cersei and Joffrey simply because she was taught to do so and it badly screwed her.

Then she had false friends like the Tyrells and Dontos, not to mention LF. But despite everything, she;s still shown deep, undying love for her father as seen in the S7 finale. I actually thought they have been foreshadowing this exact scenario pretty heavily in the books. Utterly baseless. Learning to understand nuance is the whole point of her character development.

None of that means she looked down on her loved ones. I think Sansa and Tyrion marrying makes perfect sense in this story. It joins houses Stark York and Lannister Lancaster. It reunites Sansa with Tyrion, the man who has been good to her as opposed to Joffrey, Littlefinger, Ramsey. It makes Sansa the younger more beautiful queen who casts down Cersei if Tyrion ends up as king which I think will happen. Judge Sandor not on his words but his actions.

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At great risk to himself, he braved the mob and saved Sansa from gang rape and certain death when nobody else would. He offered to take her home. They may have to sit in judgement of them. I always wonder how Ned would view his daughters now? The Sansa they showed us in Season 1 was a modern trope of an entitled teenage mean girl. They made her relationship with Arya much more adversarial than it is in the books. Sansa is how the show chose to depict her, especially in Season 1. She is more horrible by the standards of children of course to Arya in book 1 than S1, she compares her to Hodor, calls her horse faced, reminds Jon of his heritage to Arya and tells Cersei of their plans, none of this show Sansa did.

I feel she was more sympathetic in S1 than Book 1. BeardedOnion : She is more horrible by the standards of children of course to Arya in book 1 than S1, she compares her to Hodor, calls her horse faced. BeardedOnion : I always wonder how Ned would view his daughters now? Not really. Maisie is also attractive of course. In fact I thought that Sansa was not especially tall. Gwidhiel : Really? Book Sansa is tall, both in her own description and as described by others. Some of the fan estimates based on book details, the known heights of other characters, etc.

I remember the scene in S4 when she was standing next to LF. She made him look like a pre-schooler. Ten Bears : BeardedOnion ,. I think Sophie is a few inches under 6ft, she just surrounds herself with little people like Arya, LF, Jon, Tyrion sorry! The main exceptions have been Rory and Gwen, who were both specifically cast to be tall. Ten Bears : Grail King ,. That doll is everything to her as needle is to Arya.

Sheer artistry. Sliced through his carotid artery so fast her dagger was back in its sheath before his arterial spray hit the floor. He liked to hit me and punch me in the stomach. Five minutes before I exsanguinated his ass. Or armor. Only a stick. He was beating up little girls in Braavos to get his rocks off.

So I gouged out his eyes with a pocket knife and turned his chest into Swiss cheese.

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I punctured his liver, then his kidney, and sliced his throat from ear to ear. Wonder what your kill count is up to now? The Princess and I have work to do. Run along now. I stand corrected then. In cast photos Sophie towers over everyone except for Gwendoline and Rory. Grail King : Gwidhiel ,. If pairing Sansa with Jon is not their endgame, then the unflattering modifications to her character in the show matter less for the most part. Gwidhiel : it was book-only character Jeyne Poole. Sorry I disagree, they have zero romantic interest and I cannot imagine for a moment that who ever ends up ruling most likely Jon but could be Dany would push for a political marriage between those two houses.

I also think that in the war to come, Arya is going to be a warrior, solely dedicated to Jon and eventually Dany. I know this is not a popular theory, but if something were to happen to Jaime, if he is killed off, I can definitely see Brienne being consoled by The Hound. I agree with everything but the parenthetical. I think Arya will be very impressed by the dragons, but not so much with their mother.

Yes — that scene is show-only. When we first met her she was an abused child thrown into a culture that respects raw physical strength above all else but affords some respect to the wife of a ruler. Once she became a ruling Khaleesi and the Targaryen aspirant to the Iron Throne, she had to continue to assert herself via her titles to gain the attention of people who could help her.

She has needed to use her titles at various times in order to survive and to succeed. But … whew, they can be tiresome. That would go something like:. It would be quite Aryalike to argue the case that the life of any commoner without even a surname has as much value as that of a multi-titled scion of some Great House. On the other hand, if ASNAWP does show romantic interest and Sansa does as well, even if Gendry does the same toward Sansa, that is going to raise the level of Sansa hate in the fandom immensely.

Clob : On the other hand, if ASNAWP does show romantic interest and Sansa does as well, even if Gendry does the same toward Sansa, that is going to raise the level of Sansa hate in the fandom immensely. Firannion : It would be quite Aryalike to argue the case that the life of any commoner without even a surname has as much value as that of a multi-titled scion of some Great House. We may have heard our last formal Daenerys introduction anyway. I thought that would be cool and a surprise to Jon, Sansa, etc. Clob : We may have heard our last formal Daenerys introduction anyway.

Oh please let it be so. I have to restrain my husband from fast-forwarding through that because he finds it so irritating. I see zero setup for a pairing of Sansa with Gendry. And I think Sansa is done with those. Neither Jon nor Arya would push such a thing on her. It has been established onscreen that they have a grudging respect for one another, are both better models of true knighthood than those who can claim the title of knight officially, and are both outcasts, shamed all their lives for their unorthodox looks.

Sandor has heard Tormund kvelling about how hot she is.

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There is additional foreshadowing in the books, arguably, in the fact that Brienne has had half her face chewed off by Biter and is now as disfigured as Sandor. Biggest argument against this happening: the unlikelihood of both surviving the War for the Dawn. Sandor seems set up for self-sacrifice.

Good stuff! On the show at least, we can add to that list:. I swear, S7 Gendry reminded me of a tweaked out meth head. Sansa and Arya vying for the affections of the same boy? Jon and Sansa vs. In his own horrible way, I believe he loved me. You passed the sentence. So I had to be something else. I never could have survived what you survived. Look after one another. You know our words. But now winter is truly coming.

And in the winter, we must protect ourselves, look after one another. So cool! Enharmony : Ten Bears ,. And of course he talked about one of the best scenes ever! Firannion : I see zero setup for a pairing of Sansa with Gendry. Like others have pointed out as well, the last thing we need to see in season 8 is a sister-on-sister boy feud. Enharmony : I think we can assume that eventually she will find someone good to marry.

Yes, I think at first Arya will resent Dany. A lot. But if Jon loves Dany, Arya will find a way to accept it. It will definitely have a negative effect on their relationship short term, but I believe they will overcome it. He wears his title lightly as it is. As for Brienne, if Sandor is killed, and Jaime is killed, I hope Tormund will finally get his shot at happiness. I look for symmetry like that.

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Fan-service, perhaps, but we can dream…. ARYA: Are you all right? The dialogue quote does not prove it, but does illustrate it. Even after knowing what this monster had done to her family. What about Joffrey? Her tattling to Cersei in the books proves that. You;re spoiling everything! She understandably wanted Ramsay dead. That all gives some idea of what I was alluding to. She did indeed have uncritical admiration of Southrons of higher status or accomplishment than her.

She wanted to be queen and felt entitled to it. As I said, she puts herself first. Most people do. But who has she deeply loved, without question, thought, or whinging? Unquestionably accurate, but a wee bit judgmental and superior. Gendry too, actually. Her perceived cockiness is glaring in that meet-up because of Jon. Jon on the other hand, grew up believing that he has no birthright, and while he did come back to life. I think that is all Melisandre. Arya and Sansa probably feels the same way. Dany is good but as Jon Snow has shown, she could be better if she truly wants to break that freaking wheel, she needs to.

That would be the worst ending for Brienne. It is one of the longest running love stories on the show and as of yet, has not reached a conclusion.


Not Sandor, who she at least respects , and certainly not Tormund who for the last two seasons has been a thorn in her side. Whatever her endgame is, it is Jaime who is going to have a major impact. It would be terrible writing and Brienne deserves far better. Never mind how utterly wrong for her Tormund is. Or is jsut an idiot. Either way, not right for Brienne. Sure, the earned titles would impress Arya more than the inherited ones. Trying to pair Brienne with Sandor is bad enough, but at least there is some genuine and mutuallrespect between the two.

But pairing Brienne with Tormund would be an insult. He had two seasons to talk to her about something othet than the time he had sex with a bear. I would somewhat agree. Mr Derp : Gwidhiel ,. Not trying to turn either the show or this discussion into a MeToo moment, but well I suppose the point of that movement is that examples abound.

And also, why should Brienne have to be paired with anyone if Jaime dies? To insist that they should have one just feels to me like a violation of their agency, and their worth as people in their own right. I could see Brienne beginning to warm up to Tormund after seeing him in action somehow, rather than gawking at her.

I wish them both happiness and survival nonetheless. No, certainly not everyone needs romantic love to be happy. As for Mordane, Sansa was rude, but Mordane was needling her about her fashion choices, so she pretty much invited that. Unquestionably loving somebody is not the same thing as being blind to mistakes they made.

She deeply loved both Ned and Robb. Every time someone brings it up she points out that Brienne has shown no interest in Tormund and is quick to assert its status as a mere joke. Some Braime shippers might be primarily interested in her as a mate for Jaime, Idk. I certainly do not misunderstand her.

Tormund sees Brienne as nothing but a lust object. He thinks of her in no other terms than as a lust object. He thinks of her as such because of her skills as a fighter. He is sexualising her because she is a warrior and the fans are cheering him on. Two seasons have past since they first met and he is still incapable or unwilling of treating her in a way that does not cause her discomfort. Either way he shows a distinct lack of care towards her as anything other than a lust object. When fan thinks that his behaviour towards her is somehow sweet or something that can be encouraged, they brush aside her discomfort and dislike for him.

Her rejection is treated as insignificant and something that she needs to just get over. And it would be utterly out of character for loyal and devoted Brienne to suddenly get over Jaime and hook up with another man in one season, let alone another man who is utterly wrong for her. She fell for Renly because he treated her with respect and acknowledged her as both a woman and a warrior. She intially disliked Jaime and his crude behaviour only made it worse, but she opened her heart to him because he revealed a deeper, more intimate side.

He too has come to see her as a lady and a warrior. Tormund is crude and vulgar and for him to ever get together with Brienne he would have to change himself completely. If he did, he would have seen that his behaviour is reprehensible and discomforting to her and would have changed accordingly.

He did not. It also plays a major part in her character developement and arc. And most of all, it is something she wants. Their relationship is built on mutal respect and affection and that is why it is important to Brienne and her arc. Brienne does not want a romance for the sake of a romance.

And hooking her up with Tormund at the last minute would be exactly that. Stark Raven' Rad : She did indeed have uncritical admiration of Southrons of higher status or accomplishment than her. Everything Sansa did in S1 and B1 was normal tween stuff, all of it. The Queen orders the wolf killed Ned did it himself, at years old that would be a betrayal to Sansa, and a major hurt, we know why Ned did it, but Sansa would not. Sansa being rude to septa is an extension of the Ned episode, not saying right or wrong but quite accurate for her age.

Eventually, anyhow. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Previous post Mark Gatiss will not appear in season eight! But will the Iron Bank still play a role? Next post Game of Thrones Emmy-nominated visual effects team on the challenges of Season 7. Show spoilers! Hide spoilers. I like how Sophie Turner just admitted she enjoys trolling peoole who read too much into things.

A few things of note. I suspect this will be the Varys story that was heavily foreshadowed last season. Nick20 , Totally agree! Nick20 , Big deaths were dropped on us and we had all of two seconds to process before moving on to the next plot point. So is the ground she landed on with her face. We watched that scene a couple of weeks ago and it was tremendously satisfying. Sophie Turner talks about blah blah blah blah blah….. Pigeon , I love Gwen and Nicolai together. Ten Bears , You lost me at Ann Landers…. Very sage advice.

Tyrion switching sides confirmed! Gwidhiel , I agree that Varys betraying Dany in some way is quite likely given what was set up in season 7, and would be a pretty ironic and fitting as you put it end for him given how he has devoted himself to restoring a Targaryen to the throne only to betray and be killed by Dany. Gwidhiel , I agree. Ten Bears : 2. Love Letters from a Duke , by Elizabeth Boyle.

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Jack Fletcher aboard her airship, and he is astonished to find himself in a parallel universe as the always-inventive MacAlister fashions a highly entertaining steampunk fantasy romance. Straight from the Hip , by Susan Mallery. This Heart of Mine , by Brenda Novak. In this second-chance contemporary romance, Novak sensitively explores redemption, forgiveness, and the healing power of love. Clair, who thinks Thorn could use some serious sprucing up, too. Through Waters Deep , by Sarah Sundin. The Ugly Duchess , by Eloisa James.

James expertly infuses her latest fairy-tale love story with humor and sensuality as wealthy Theodora Saxby, certain that with her looks only a fortune hunter will marry her, is forced to reconsider her best friend, the Earl of Islay. The Ultimatum , by Karen Robards. Nonstop excitement and a believable romance give this broad appeal. Buy extra copies. An Unlikely Suitor , by Nancy Moser.

A Wedding in Springtime , by Amanda Forester. What a Duke Dares , by Anna Campbell. Campbell continues her Sons of Sin series in this lusciously sensual, scintillatingly witty Regency romance about a fraught encounter between highly desirable Camden Rothermere, Marquess of Pembridge, and Penelope Thorne, the woman who turned him down years ago.

What We Find , by Robyn Carr. When the Duke Returns , by Eloisa James. Eleven years after their wedding by proxy, Lady Isidore finally meets her husband as James puts a clever spin on a classic romantic plot in the latest scintillating installment in her superb Georgian-era Desperate Duchesses series.

When Tides Turn, by Sarah Sundin. Naval Reserve. The Wicked Wyckerly , by Patricia Rice. Wild Jinx , by Sandra Hill. No Julia Quinn books at all? Her original Bridgerton series wrapped up more than ten years ago, but some of the titles in the Bevelstoke series are just as good, if not better. I expected to see Diana Palmer on the list. I agree with Gail Wire. It was a nice list but several others are missing. Name required. Email required; will not be published. WordPress Theme by Solostream.

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