My Father, Daniel Boone: The Draper Interviews with Nathan Boone

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Nathan Boone — was a veteran of the War of , a delegate to the Missouri constitutional convention in , and a captain in the 1st United States Regiment of Dragoons at the time of its founding, eventually rising to the rank of lieutenant colonel. Nathan was the youngest son of Daniel Boone. In , he and his brother Daniel first worked the Salt licks in what became known as the Booneslick Country.

Boone took part in the War of as captain of a company of United States Rangers which scouted in the country between the Mississippi and Illinois. He also took part in an expedition led by Henry Dodge to relieve settlers who had been raided by Miami Indians. He and Dodge saved Miamis from massacre by members of their own militia.

The Miamis had agreed to surrender as prisoners of war, and certain members of the militia became angered when they found contraband belonging to a settler who had been killed in the original raid, but Dodge and Boone literally stood in the line of fire and forced the nearly mutinous troops to back down. After he was mustered out Boone retired to his farm in St. Charles County, Missouri.

Digitalized in the Nova Scotia Archives. Destitute Indian, black, and white American loyalists are welcomed to England.

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American loyalists were terrorized into exile. Although the victorious rebels demanded return of escaped slaves, the British kept most of their pledges to free African-Americans who fought with them, and evacuated thousands of them. Combahee River, near the site of John Laurens' death. The Combahee River, S. John Laurens fulfilled his death wish on Aug. Laurens and a small band he was with attacked or was ambushed by a much larger British force. The British were on a foraging mission because rebel Gen.

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Nathanael Greene refused to participate in a cease fire. The relationship between Laurens and his fellow Washington aide, Alexander Hamilton, was so close that historians have speculated as to whether they had a physical relationship.

Author photo, The Revolution's last battle…India. This map shows the field on June 13, just before an earlier British attack on French positions. The Indian Ocean "Mer" is at the bottom. Catharine G. Welch and William C.

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  4. Reynolds refer to the marksmanship and other assistance rendered by Negro servants in skirmishes with the Indians. The volume contains two original documents: an undated receipt and memorandum concerning a land survey and his surveyor's fee, written and signed by Daniel Boone; and a letter written by Alexander Welch to William Morris, Sr.

    H ome S earch B rowse B ookbag H elp. Summary Information. Wisconsin Historical Society Map. See the catalog entry for information on possible additional materials and shelf locations. Collection of original Daniel Boone manuscripts and correspondence and notes of Lyman C. Included is an original manuscript genealogy written in by James Boone and copies of Quaker meeting records in Pennsylvania relating to Boone family members and to the relationship between the Boone and Lincoln families.

    Among the papers are three original manuscripts: a letter written by Thomas Bullitt to Evan Shelby , a promissory note by John Boone to Myer Josephson , and an undated eighteenth-century petition concerning a proposed division of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, signed by members of the Boone family and more than thirty other residents. Series : Daniel Boone papers : 3 C Scope and Content Note : Draper correspondence and notes concerning an assortment of eighteenth-century men, events, and places known to Boone.

    However, there are numerous incidental references to other sites and tree inscriptions associated with Boone, to Revolutionary battles-Black's Fort , King's Mountain , Guilford Court House , James Estill's defeat , and Blue Licks -and to members of the Patton, Preston, and Shelby families. Series : Daniel Boone papers : 4 C Scope and Content Note : Draper notes and correspondence pertaining primarily to early travel and settlement in Kentucky by Boone and others between and , but also containing information on several Kentucky pioneers and their families: John, Russell, and William Bean; Hannah Boone , her first husband John Stewart Stuart , and her descendants in the Lewis, Pennington, and Stewart Stuart families; and John Snoddy.

    Letters from members of the Bryan family discuss not only Bryan genealogy but also Boone's life in Missouri. Several original manuscripts include: Boone's account book listing receipts and expenditures for military service in and personal business transactions, October-November, , with Nathaniel Hart, Richard Henderson, Michael Stoner, and other Kentuckians; a letter dated September 7, written by Boone to William Preston; and a letter dated July 31, , sent by Arthur Campbell to William Fleming, enclosing contemporary copies of statements by Boone and Richard Callaway attesting to the threat of Indian attack at Boonesborough.

    Series : Daniel Boone papers : 5 C Scope and Content Note : Draper correspondence and notes on early western explorations from the sixteenth to late eighteenth centuries, with emphasis on the journeys of Dr. Thomas Walker and the men known as the Long Hunters.

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    Of particular note are extracts from Walker's journal for the years and annotated by Draper and a long letter by Zachary Taylor, dated October 30, , giving biographical information about his father and uncle, Richard and Hancock Taylor, and Abraham Hempingstall, with an account of their travels in the Ohio and Mississippi valleys in and of Richard Taylor's later settlement in Kentucky.

    The volume includes copies of a few letters, , written by Arthur Campbell, William Christian, Lord Dunmore, William Preston, William Russell, and Daniel Smith; reminiscences and letters on the settlement of western Virginia by descendants of William Russell; and letters on the massacre of Mrs. Fannie Napper and her children near Fort Blackmore in From Mrs. Tabitha Moore, Draper obtained a portion of a poem or ballad about the battle of Point Pleasant in which Mrs. Moore's father, William Bowen, had participated. Subjects considered include: Boone's route through the Blue Ridge Mountains and other related physical features; camp sites and settlements associated with him, primarily in Watauga and Wilkes counties; and biographical information or references about numerous Boone relatives and companions-Jesse Boone, Benjamin Cutbirth, Susan Dula, Christopher Gist, Lewis Green, Benjamin Greer, Loudon a Negro , Mrs.

    Series : Daniel Boone papers : 10 C Scope and Content Note Draper correspondence mainly on two topics: the origin and significance of the Yadkin River in North Carolina and possible routes through the mountains used by Daniel Boone in and later. Includes a document in Yadkin Catawba language p. Series : Daniel Boone papers : 11 C Scope and Content Note Draper correspondence, interviews, and other notes relating to Boone's activities, , with emphasis on the capture of Boone and his group of salt makers by the Shawnee in February, , his subsequent escape, and the siege of Boonesborough in the following September.

    Series : Daniel Boone papers : 12 C Scope and Content Note Mainly interview notes taken by Draper during visits with Kentucky pioneers and their descendants, particularly in , but interspersed are letters to Draper, bibliographical and biographical notes by him, and notes on an interview of James Ray by Mann Butler in Series : Daniel Boone papers : 13 C Scope and Content Note Draper's notes on Boone, , accompanied by extensive correspondence, the bulk of which is centered about Indian-white confrontations in Kentucky in Estill's defeat, the siege of Bryan's Station, the battle of Blue Licks, and the attack on Kincheloe's Station.

    Series : Daniel Boone papers : 14 C Scope and Content Note Draper notes and correspondence concerning frontier events, , with emphasis on Boone's career: his business problems as surveyor, land holder, and trader in ginseng; his militia service; his move to western Virginia; and his term in the Virginia assembly as a representative from Kanawha County in Series : Daniel Boone papers : 16 C Scope and Content Note : Draper correspondence and newspaper clippings, relating primarily to Boone's life in Missouri and his death in Included are reminiscences by persons who had met or associated with him during the last decade of his life and letters from several Boone descendants.

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    Series : Daniel Boone papers : 17 C - 18 C Scope and Content Note : Draper's correspondence, , concerning inscriptions on trees and rocks reputed to have been carved by Daniel Boone during his journeys in Tennessee and Kentucky. Some letters allude to other events or traditions associated with Boone. A few photographs of tree carvings are filed in Volume 17 C.

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    Series : Daniel Boone papers : 19 C Scope and Content Note : Draper's annotated correspondence and interviews principally concerning the lives of Daniel Boone's brothers George and Squire and their nephew Jesse circa circa , son of their brother Israel. From the many descendants of these men Draper obtained the bulk of the material in this volume. One of the letters by N.

    Clarke not only contains Jesse Boone data but also briefly describes Clarke's experience as a student of Peter S. Houston's reminiscent account of Boone, copied for Draper by the author's grandson, is among the letters.