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That said, the number of deaths still seems to hover at about 35, per year, and traffic accidents usually rank in the top ten causes of death annually. Many people involved in traffic accidents are likely to say, "It wasn't me, it was the other guy!

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  • People have abortions all the time, regardless of what the law says.
  • Criminalising abortion does not stop abortions, it just makes abortion less safe.

So what was the other guy doing? Are you the other guy? Often, operator error is a key factor in a wreck. Here are a few things not to do if you want to keep from becoming the cause of an accident. Most of these are no-brainers. Unfortunately, there's no shortage of seemingly brainless drivers on our streets and highways. NHTSA data paints a clear picture: drunk driving causes accidents. The majority of traffic-related deaths are caused by drunk drivers. It's a well-known fact that alcohol impairs your ability to drive, and more importantly, to react.

So follow common-sense guidelines like taking a taxi or using a designated driver if you're planning a booze-fueled night on the town. Doing so can avoid tragic consequences. As laws governing the use of marijuana become relaxed in some places, it too has the potential to become a bigger part of the traffic accident statistical mix. You may think you're good at driving high, but chances are that you aren't. Law enforcement officers trained to look for signs of impairment will explain this as they lead you to the back seat of their patrol car.

Drowsy driving is every bit as dangerous as drunk driving. When your body needs sleep, it's going to get it, one way or another. People who insist on driving when they should stop for a rest will have slower reaction times and are likely to fall asleep at the wheel. The results usually aren't pretty. Drivers who are sleepy or asleep tend to crash on high-speed roads, and they usually don't do anything to avoid the crash in the moments before impact.

The problem is such that some luxury automakers have introduced driver aids intended to combat drowsy driving. So if you feel yourself nodding off, pull off the road and grab a few Zs someplace safe. You might get home later than planned, but that's a small trade-off for your safety and that of the drivers sharing the road with you.

I haven't been able to find a copy. Roz Rice I'm in Australia and I haven't been able to get a copy anywhere. Have my grand kids looking in every op. They're keen as I've promised them a …more I'm in Australia and I haven't been able to get a copy anywhere. They're keen as I've promised them a huge reward should they find a copy! Roz less. See 1 question about Non-Stop Till Tokyo…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. More filters. Sort order.

May 07, Julio Genao rated it liked it Recommends it for: tokyophiles.

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Recommended to Julio by: MostlyDelores. May 06, Heather K dentist in my spare time rated it it was ok Shelves: not-for-me , thriller , everyone-else-loves-it , m-f , little-to-no-sex-content , crime , poc-mc , suspense , romance. Everyone else loves this book, and I totally get why. It is fast-paced, action-packed, and different from your run of the mill romances.

To boot, the plot is interesting and the story is well written. However, it just wasn't the book for me. To be fair, I'm not a romantic suspense reader. In fact, I actively avoid them because I just don't enjoy those types of books. Charles and her other works, I had to try this one. I really think this is a case of "It's not you, it's me. First of all, I don't love books with large ensemble casts because I get confused as to who is who and why they are there. Those types of books don't appeal to me much. I would much rather read a book with a couple of main players and that is it.

In this story, the friends of Kerry played a huge role, and I found myself getting lost a bit in the shuffle. I also didn't feel much chemistry between Kerry and Chanko. I really liked the idea of them as a couple, but I don't think the passion came through for me. It might be partly because I didn't connect with Kerry much. I found her to be aloof and sort of annoying, which colored my whole reading experience. And the plot I felt like I was getting whiplash going from location to location and having the MCs concoct one scheme after another. That, combined with the length of the book over pages , made it really hard for me to finish.

In fact, I repeatedly put this book down and had to force myself to pick it up again. I don't want to dissuade readers from trying this book- far from it. I think K. I just think this book was wasted on little ol' me. View all 13 comments. Apr 21, Susan rated it it was amazing Shelves: read-favorites. Well damn…that was brilliant! I am a big fan of action movies. Sometimes I finish watching a great action movie, strong plot, amazing effects, killer characters, and I can still feel the adrenaline rush when I leave the theater. And I can still see the afterimages in my head for hours.

And I can still ruminate about the story for days. And I can still rave and recommend it to people for months. Non-Stop Till Tokyo is better, more entertaining, more energetic, and more memorable than any action mo Well damn…that was brilliant! I could NOT get enough. I was hooked. Kerry, our heroine, is special but nothing special. And I love that about her. And I swear to god, despite her bad luck, I want to BE her.

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A man that grunts and has temper issues. Not your typical leading man. I want a Chanko…pleeeeease! Some may struggle with the bloodshed and unapologetic brutality…especially to women. I can see that some may find all the Japanese words, descriptors, settings to be a bit confusing. I did. Read it! Jan 13, K. This book is dear to me. I loved living in Japan, I loved writing a balls-to-the-wall violent fast-paced thriller, and I had huge fun with Kerry's voice, Chanko's frankly difficult personality, and their utterly disgraceful friends and accomplices.

I'll say now: there's insults and racial slurs because this book contains bad people and also rude people , serious violence and off-page sexual abuse. Please heed the warnings. Otherwise, enjoy! Apr 21, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: action-adventure , contemporary. This was a damn cool book. I loved the premise, the over the top violence had me covering my eyes and Kerry is definitely one of my favourite heroines this year. I did feel a little short changed on the Chanko sex.

Dude was hot and I wanted to read more about that bad. Prurient tastes maybe, but fade to black was a bit stink. Loved the setting however and I wish there were more books like this. Fresh, different and a heroine who doesn't exactly fit the mould. Oh, and maybe a book about the Korea This was a damn cool book. Oh, and maybe a book about the Korean mob boss? He was oodles of interesting. But maybe I've just read too much Finder by Ayano Yamane!

View all 7 comments. Dec 09, Lilia Ford rated it liked it Shelves: review-posted-amazon , mystery-thriller-contemporary , kindle-lendable , people-who-kill-for-a-living. No regrets. Basically, it's a solid thriller, with the added plus of a lot of fascinating, very authentic-feeling details about life in Japan. That was definitely what I liked most. I liked but didn't love the heroine, which made me less invested than I wanted to be.

People have abortions all the time, regardless of what the law says

Luckily I loved the non-traditional hero, as well as how the climax depended on the combined efforts of the ensemble. I did not like that there was no sex, but what can you do. I think it will mostly appeal to fans of international thrillers, especially Yakuza stories. It's definitely worth reading for the portrait of Japan. View 2 comments. I am lost on how much I want to put this book in everyone's hands, email it to them drop it through carrier pigeon, Guhghhh Do whatever it takes to have more people read and discover the beauty that is Kerry and my beautiful sweet Chanko.

Charles has opened my eyes to sumo wrestles as sex symbols.. Who the eff knew.. I am sooooo limited that I never knew this was a thing. This book is an action, adventure caper like the best of Ocean's 11 or the Sting but ratched up to There are some dark p I am lost on how much I want to put this book in everyone's hands, email it to them drop it through carrier pigeon, Guhghhh Do whatever it takes to have more people read and discover the beauty that is Kerry and my beautiful sweet Chanko.

There are some dark parts and the hero's wear grey hats they have not always done the right thing but you still fall in love with them and brush off the past because they are trying to do right and if not they will make them pay View all 4 comments.

Jan 19, Heather C rated it really liked it Shelves: mystery , ebook , romantic-suspense , lots-of-tension , cloud , the-blogger-girls. A non-stop action thriller with a side-dish of romance.

Kerry Ekdahl is like a chameleon. She can change her entire appearance with only a few tweaks to her wardrobe and learn any language within a few weeks. She uses her unique skills working as a bar hostess…interpreting and mingling and flirting with wealthy businessmen…including powerful yakuza members. When Kerry is framed for the murder of a yakuza boss, she flees the city of Tokyo hoping the whole misunderstanding will straighten itself ou A non-stop action thriller with a side-dish of romance.

When Kerry is framed for the murder of a yakuza boss, she flees the city of Tokyo hoping the whole misunderstanding will straighten itself out. Setting: This was very Japanese. This was very Japanese! From the language to the mannerisms to the hierarchy of social structures, not to mention the geography. Pace: The initial feel of the story was this overwhelming sense of urgency: Kerry trying to get on the train and out of Tokyo before the yakuza guys notice her, but the tempo tended to get bogged down occasionally with the frequent details and descriptions and explanations and interpretations of the Japanese culture.

Yes, I found all that fascinating but, for me, it made for slower reading during certain scenes because I had to take it all in and digest it before I could comprehend what was really going on…or what it meant. That is not a complaint, because I feel that in order to keep the story legitimate and accurate to the culture, those details needed to be there.

And for someone like me who is a bit slow, needed those interpretations. Mystery: Oh man, I was so into the complexity of who did what and how Kerry was going to get out of the bad situation. It had a little bit of who done it, what are we going to do about it, where did they go, why did they do it, how did they do it??????

Back to what are we going to do about it? And the way it all worked out in the end…loved every bit of that! In fact, it would make an awesome movie. Characters: So many complex characters running around here. All well developed and true to their character. I would love to see an image of who inspired his character, because I was totally crushing on Chanko! He was like a big block of ice in the beginning and I loved the early scenes with him and Kerry and all the insults and banter flying back and forth. Then we get to know the warm cuddly, teddy bear that can turn into a charging giant at any moment.

While I wanted to strangle him throughout most of the book, I was still afraid something bad would happen to him and Kerry would never forgive herself. I was feeling all the sexual energy between Kerry and Chanko anyway: every word, every look, every touch… And when they finally gave in to the attraction, GAH! I know, I know. I said this was a thriller and a thriller always has to end with a BIG showdown.

Jul 07, Meep rated it liked it Shelves: dnf , lost-the-plot , m-f , cloud-sort , culled , thriller. Told mostly through dialogue even when self-preservation screams 'loose the phone'. Most of the action is relayed in conversation rather than witnessed or felt and I didn't get much of an impression of where they were, how far the characters had travelled or of how much time had passed. Charles' knowledge and affection for the country however is obvious and the book reads like a love letter to Japan.

I found that aspect interesting and nicely delivered, the culture really comes across. Major LOVE for the hero being a large in every sense ex-sumo. Chanko does his side-to-side jog and explodes off the page - take that Mr Air-brushed perfection! It's the reason I bought the book and I can't express how much I heartily approve. It's a heavy sprinkle of magic. I wanted some smexy Chanko action! Unfortunately the heroine and narrator Kerry makes less of an impression. Despite the story being in first person she keeps her secrets and doesn't share her emotions.

The distance stopped me fully connecting to the story though the fast pace carried me through. She shares a little family history past the half-way point but the effect is still too enigmatic a narrator. Also her emotions rarely go beyond confessed nausea and tears view spoiler [She gets punched in the breast and it's - I had no idea how much that would hurt. It jarred me, as though it was an experience she set out to discover! The action as I've said all happens away from the narrator which causes problems for the first person narration that I personally think was unwise here.

There's suddenly a scene without the narrators presence referencing another woman's pov and it didn't work. But also some character stupidity and the fact it highlighted to me how little I was connected to Kerry. Warning Spoiler- view spoiler [ They're negotiating with the big scary Yakuza family and yet despite the family naming people involved and showing they've a good idea who makes up the little team, everyone rushes off to do their part leaving Kerry and another woman alone undefended in the house. A house the family could and do easily check. There's suddenly a large network of 'favours' being called in which negates the reason for every other character being directly involved and putting themselves in line of sight.

It's Kerry's capture that had me loose interest. It seemed pointless and the fact I was thinking her short-sighted when she faced torture made me suddenly realise just how little I'd connected to her when until then the fast pace had kept me turning pages. Found I very suddenly didn't care enough to read on for the big showdown finale.

The best way I can describe it is a stylish fast paced action movie. It would work really well on the big screen but in book form I needed more from the characters. Some of the harmful ways that people deal with negative emotions: Denial Denial is when a person refuses to accept that anything is wrong or that help may be needed. Bullying Bullying is when a person uses force, threats, or ridicule to show power over others. Step 3: Think. Step 4: Help. If you are having trouble thinking of ways to help yourself, try one or a few from this list: Mood Boosters Read the story of someone you admire Watch a funny YouTube video Play with an animal Watch a movie you loved when you were younger Reorganize your room Make a list of places you want to travel Address Your Basic Needs Eat a healthy snack.

Drink a glass of water. Take a shower or bath. Take a nap. Make a gratitude list. Punch a pillow. Let yourself cry. Rip paper into small pieces. Problem Solving Make a list of solutions to problems — it can help to brainstorm with a friend of family member. Make a list of your strengths.

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There are plenty of things about you that are awesome, no matter how down you are feeling at the moment. If a person has upset you, talk with them directly. Next time can you please save me a seat? Help a stranger. Volunteer your time. Create - try a craft project, color, paint, or draw. Invite a friend to join you for added fun. Write — you could write a story, a poem, or an entry in a journal. Get active — dancing, running, or playing a sport are some good ways to get moving.

Play a video game. Get a plant and start a garden. Relaxation Exercises Practice belly breathing —put one hand on your stomach and start to inhale slowly. As you breathe in, imagine a balloon in your stomach filling up and continue to inhale until the balloon is very full. Put your other hand on your heart, feel your heartbeat, and hold your breath for 5 seconds. Now let your breath out slowly for 10 seconds — feel your belly flatten like a deflating balloon.