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If you have a question, call Display advertising rates available upon request. Sunday meet the Kratt Brothers, 11 a. Forrest, and others. At 1 pan. Ten minutes later, he was still talking — and explaining and cajoling. More impressive are the performances he has extracted from the large, talented cast. One minus is the pre-recorded music that inevitably saps some of the vitality from the proceedings.

The drama comes in the backstab- bing machinations of the music industry, which also have romantic fallout for the principals. The sunny ending is the only element of the musical that strains credibility. Noble captures a similar raw intensity. Menlo Park, CA www. Jack is a chillingly convincing psychopath. Do they know where the filthy lucre has Former Mr. America Marco Rossi been? If not, it was the only intimate trick of anatomy we did not witness at the Peeps. Porn star J. Live on 16th St. Commercial real estate interests are eager to get their hands on the building, which has been on the market for years, a market now heating up.

Then there are the independent souls who work there. As far as Out There could determine, no tenant has a longterm lease that runs past next summer. There is a noble struggle in the stretch, and it amply pays off. An earlier tour collapsed under the weight of its elaborate set and a misguided no-star policy , so the Sunset on view at the Curran is now more street than boulevard. The bad news is that almost everything else is recycled drivel, filler, or lumbering dirges.

Unless, of course, they can accept naked porn stars sitting in their laps as part of their jobs as reviewers. Peep Show offers a slice-of-life look into the lives of a group of peep-show entertainers as well as several of their regular customers. COITl webmaster castroonline. This multi- media production is an Andersonian spectacle of epic proportions. She was at her job, you see, as a kindergarten teacher in Atlanta. Judith Light in Wit Light earned strong notices when she took over the role. Light has her own connections to AIDS issues. The London musical, based on the book by J.

Priestly, has a score by Andre Previn and Johnny Mercer. Dear World, set in the cafes and sewers of Paris, will open at the Eureka on Sept. With songs by Jerry Herman and a book adapted from The Madwoman of Chaillot, the musical was a famous disappointment from the creators of Marne. Reviewed in briefs Are You Gay? He is in a convenience store planning to take hostages when he meets a frantic woman Stacy Sanders with similar plans. Menage cl Briefs will run through Nov. Club Fugazi, the home of Beach Blanket Babylon, is the venue.

For tickets, call Tickets are available through BASS The tenants of the Redstone Building at Mission and Capp streets are beginning to feel the heat of gentrification, and will host a performance of alternative artists to benefit efforts to save their home. The Oct. Yes, Karajan and Callas shaped the music in their own arrogant, brilliant image. Bonynge is more modest; he prefers to let the composer speak. No kidding; why do you think they were cut for so many years?

Even Karajan, who might have animated them, omitted both in his famous performances. The choices in a desperate situation like that are either to let the inexperienced cover sing, or to try to find a replacement among high-powered, international divas. At least the latter meant that Dahl had a nodding acquaintance with her Lucia lover. What a concept! Marf ef Street. Peirce spent five years on research and interviews, and that immersion pays off handsomely in finely nuanced performances and an unerringly real sense of the horrors that lie hidden in the heartland.

The latter film was all about reconstructing a life that not only went mostly unrecorded and unobserved, but was problematic from the gate, since Brandon was branded by herself and others with a dizzying array of names and identities — faggot, dyke, boy, girl, hermaphrodite. Hilary Swank late of Beverly Hills brilliantly embodies this character as an unsettling pastiche of the all-American boy. Acting credits are first-rate throughout, with Peter Sarsgaard and Brendan Sexton almost too credible as the killers, alternately scary and seductive.

Brandon needed to be finished off. He was close enough to feel her breath as he pushed the knife toward her, making sure Brandon was dead. Peirce, who co-wrote the screenplay vyith Andy Bienen as her graduate thesis, is trying to take all the clamor in stride. I was more interested in an identity story. First of all, there was the intensity of her desire to transform herself into her fantasy of a guy.

Jekyll and Mr. The transformation. So you have to back up. My aim was to make sense of him. How could I do justice to this person who such injustice had been done to? Finding out it was true, I thought, one, this was a very important story to show the world. Two, it was the most challenging role for an actor. She could have been a lesbian. She was never able to say, because she died at I learned a lot about humanity. My husband — we just had our 2nd wedding anniversary — was my only anchor. My only place where I could be myself. Be Hilary. I strapped it on and slept with it to see what it felt like to just have something between my legs at all times.

These girls like men a little older than themselves. But you know, I did okay. Girls mostly wanted to be my friend. And yes, I did get picked up by gay men, which is really interesting. I can fool them. The problems started early. What did they object to? There are guys together. There are women who work here!

On the other hand, the L. Still, release has been selective, to put it kindly. Deadly results Shot in Los Angeles in 33 days, Hard is creepy from the gate. In the opening scene, a handsome blonde drifter type picks up a young hitchhiker in the desert outside LA. The story shifts to detective Raymond Vates Noel Palomaria , a naive rookie cop who also happens to be a closet case.

He and his partner Tom Ellis Charles Lanyer are assigned a new case — a gay serial killer, who happens to be Jack. When his badge is found stuffed down the throat of a dead queer, he becomes a prime suspect in the killings. While we never learn the details of what made him the monster he is, he does make us believe he could exist. And there, more than one viewer will dreaming of making a love child with Palomaria. Sloan and Brad Phillips are the other peep-show performers, and Gino Colbert turns up as Rossis manager.

In the end, sleaze wins out. It sounds like a maid you have to fuck. One of the things that makes his music timeless and alive is that he could never resist toying with his own artistry, mocking it, even as a younger player. Those who have dismissed Smith based on her recorded music only have half the story; the other half can be seen in clips of her performing. Still, there were other sides to Prima. He was the child of a tight-knit immigrant family who came from Italy through Argentina, finally ending up in New Orleans. Each kit comes with a costume and sex toys—batteries included.

I lam-8pm Fri. Many have dipped their toes in unfamiliar waters. The missing ingredients were passion and real sympathy. Pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim, who succeeded Solti as music director of the Chicago Symphony in , is a big name in the classical music world and one of the best Mozart players around. Jazz diva Dianne Reeves and star clarinetist-composer Don Byron and five Chicago jazz artists complete the mix. Like all good arrangements, they reveal the music. Not valid with other discounts.

Dianne Reeves continues the classical tradition established by Ella Fitzgerald by letting the tiniest gesture speak volumes. Barenboim sounds truly inspired, as does everyone else. Info: SFJF. But Fred Hersch, the most openly gay man in jazz, has never made much of it — and is enjoying as much of a career surge as Barber. I really hate it. Writing music requires a lot of lying around, dreaming, reading and taking walks.

That is why I do not talk about meanings. Immediately, the fourth wall is shattered — there is no longer a division between those on stage and off. While these fragments can at first seem arbitrary, by the time the performance is over, Bausch has woven them into the entire tapestry, never leaving a single thread dangling. Pina Bausch is a brilliant artist who succeeds in making us feel.

In other words, a dynamite program is in store for us. Or just eat it. Is nothing sacred in the waning days of the 20th century? Eddy St. Open daily 10 a. We are always two things at once. Denied the ideal self, they favored death. Even the gay men Mendelsohn knows who are in stable, longterm relationships seek sex outside the primary link.

In the end, the book is a kind of reflecting pool in which we can see ourselves in all our conflicted glory — queer, straight, bi and everything in-between. A nthologies of gay fiction have become something of a cottage industry in recent years. These books seem to come in two varieties. They prefer to let the stories and the authors speak for themselves. But he is also in love with Andy, a school counselor who is nine years older than he and resolved to become a father. Green has an older brother and both loving parents, who are descendants of Eastern European immigrant Jews, and has evolved a career as a sophisticated writer of journalism and fiction.

His urban gay life is centered in Greenwich Village. Erez is the name they choose for the adopted infant boy. While there are problems, Green feels and acts in a fatherly way. Erez is hardly emergent from infancy into childhood when the probability of a second adopted son passes from dreamy desires into action. The result is Lucas, of the same parentage and brought into the family in much the same legalistic and loving way.

Drake and Wolverton, like most anthology editors these days, seem to take care to make sure their collection is culturally diverse. It features stories with Black, Asian and even Turkish characters. Costumes encouraged. Local band Solarcane The Serfs on Oct. Tix: No longer do artists working in electronic media attempt to convey clarity; rather, they endeavor to enlighten through confusion and distortion. In this exhibit, even still images seem time warped, as though sliced thinly and put under a microscope, static pieces of moving pictures.

In this disorienting exhibit, you walk into a room, and its walls disappear, replaced by dreamscapes into which you project your own fears, desires, and understanding of reality. He lies clothed, submerged in a bathtub; she bends over him, repeatedly blowing air into his mouth and lungs, sustaining him beneath the water. He, dependent on her for life, remains passive, utterly calm. She is his life, his breath, his savior.

His time on Earth is hers. Info: or surf www. Thru Nov. The two-day program will look at the art, architecture, and applied arts during Elizabeth's reign. Tix: City Box Office, Evening attire and masks encouraged. Info: , ext. Co-sponsored by A Different Light Bookstore. Info: Featuring Don Lucas. Artists' Television Access, Valencia St. Buy works directly from the artists. Good site for viewing lots of art in a relaxed afternoon.

Prizes for the most original, sexiest, and scariest costumes. Finger food and drinks served. Join them for a candlelit performance of "Love Notes" romance from around the world. Includes the debut of works by June Bonascich and Kirke Mechem. Tix: or from Ticketmaster. Featuring performances and panel discussions. With DJs Eduardo and Flores. Ride to Crane Park, St.

Helena, Napa Valley for food, recreation and prizes. Meet at 9am. Featuring an international cast of 11 actors, directed by John Wilk. Gender bending abounds.


Also plays 8pm Fri. Lunch on Wildcat Beach. It's a moderately strenuous 11 mile hike with a 1, ft. Club info: or www. She's the girl next door, the brazen hussy, the quick-witted pundit. Fine Arts Bldg. Venue 9 Encore performance: 10 Poets Plus a Mic, a collective of East Bay spoken word expressionists, create a unique fusion of poetry, theater and live jazz. Entertainment by Paula West. Live auction. Bring your floggers.

Inspired by two young activists, Julia Butterfly, who has maintained an month vigil in a redwood tree, and David Chain, a young Earth Firster who was slain by a felled tree. In opting to focus more on their relationship and its shaky foundation, Lisicky abandons the many opportunities that arise for embellishing gratuitous sex scenes.

From a night out on the town in drag to a discussion of his unrequited passion for Peter, Evan comes into his own guided by the Rock Your Boat. Friendly, hot men. Clean, comfortable. Great location. Narrative crutches like the panic of AIDS and the familial strife set off by gay offspring are overused. The death of a lover from AIDS triggers a gay man into a series of reflections on love, desolation and mortality. Fragmented structurally but overflowing with sensual details and erudite allusions, Notes quotes from Levi-Strauss, Schopenhauer, Fellini, and Ozu, and even exercises psychoanalysis on a Michael Jackson album cover.

The pleasure is purely intellectual here. See what she thinks about Goethe! Each word is elaborated to bring out the fullest beauty and nuance of the language. Notes of a Desolate Man will undoubtedly astonish readers with its beauty, even through translation. The Dreams then go on to hit the top of charts with their calculatedly softened sound.

A subplot follows a similar musical sanding of the rough edges of an exuberant soul singer inspired by James Brown. Dreamgirls is not a musical that turns up much, so kudos to this small suburban theater housed in a shopping mall for taking it on — and pulling it off. Just take three mg capsules together once daily, with or without food; high fat meals should be avoided.

It reduces the amount of virus in your blood and increases the number of CD4 cells. SUSTIVA can even be used in young children, 3 years of age or older This is based on results from controlled clinical trials at 24 weeks. Most side effects are mild to moderate and can be managed. These usually subside within the first two to four weeks of treatment. In a small number of patients, rash may be serious.

Barrier contraception should always be used in combination with other methods of contraception. Your doctor may change your medicines or change their dose. You should discuss your prior medical conditions such as mental illness, substance abuse, hepatitis, etc. We know that coping with HIV is difficult enough.

Read it again each time you refill your prescription, in case there is any new information. You should not change or stop treatment without first talking to your doctor. Because of this, it is very important that you remain under the care of your doctor. Continue to practice safe sex, and do not use or share dirty needles. If you do miss a dose, do not double the next dose. Carry on with your regular dosing schedule. If you need help in planning the best times to take your medicine, ask your doctor or pharmacist. Never change the dose on your own.

Do not stop this medicine unless your doctor tells you to stop. This is very important because the amount of virus in your blood may increase if the medicine is stopped for even a short time. Rash may be a serious problem in some children. What other medical problems or conditions should I discuss with my doctor? They also tend to go away after you've taken the medicine for a few weeks. Rarely, patients have more serious side effects that may affect mood or ability to think clearly.

These side effects occur more often in patients with a history of mental illness or substance abuse. Tell your doctor promptly if any of these side effects continue or if they bother you. You should avoid driving or operating machinery if you are having these side effects. One of the most common side effects is rash. These rashes usually go away without any change in treatment. If you develop a rash, call your doctor promptly. Other common side effects include tiredness, upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea. Do not rely on this leaflet alone for information about side effects.

Your doctor can discuss a more complete list of side effects with you. What about birth control, pregnancy, or breast-feeding? It is not known whether this could happen in humans. Inform your doctor immediately if you are pregnant. If you want to become pregnant, talk to your doctor. Talk to your doctor if you are breast-feeding your baby.

Your doctor may change your medicines or change their doses. This includes those you buy over-the-counter and herbal or natural remedies. Bring all your medicines when you see a doctor, or make a list of their names, how much you take, and how often you take them. This will give your doctor a complete picture of the medicines you use.

Then he or she can decide the best approach for your situation. This medicine was prescribed for your particular condition. Do not use it for any other condition or give it to anybody else. If you suspect that more than the prescribed dose of this medicine has been taken, contact your local poison control center or emergency room immediately. Kate grew, changed, evolved, and you were right there with her. When she was shot oh God, that was terrifying on the second page of Apparition Alley Berkley Prime Crime , you felt as if a good friend were being rushed to the hospital. You know Kate Delafield.

That she managed to do so while creating fascinating plots with enough twists, turns, and switchbacks to keep us guessing right through to the end, ought to make clear that Katherine Forrest is a writerly force with whom to be reckoned. A murder at the famous La Brea Tar Pits is just the kind of sticky situation that Kate is normally able to unstick with relative ease.

Poor Kate. Forrest creates extraordinary characters in Sleeping Bones. Each tempts Kate to stray from her normally — some might say, rigidly — straight and narrow path. Forrest explores with sensitivity and care the events that cause a woman to question deeply held beliefs. People living with AIDS played a seminal role in developing these expanded programs. Advocacy was another area that the gay community and the AIDS organizations galvanized into action out of necessity.

Andriote sees the, political maturation of the gay community struggle still need to be addressed: sexual responsibility and promis- - cuity, as well as race, class, and gender biases. In looking back at the first two decades of this ongoing epidemic, Andriote blends individual stories with organizational histories and community politics.

Yet it is the personal narratives that are the most heartfelt. Unless someone comes out of the woodwork, only three men will be vying for the title, which is in its second year. River Business , and Mike Keller Mr. Triple R. Neither the recalcitrant Rainbow Cattle Co. Leather in May. Leather 98 Tony Mills will co-emcee with Donna Sachet. Comedienne Shann Carr and disco diva Linda Imperial will entertain during the proceedings.

Good luck to all the contestants and thanks to John Rochat, Mr. Meanwhile, back home Then came a bus trip to Guerneville, to help Bob Brunson celebrate his 39th birthday. Brunson was nursing a very huge hangover on Sunday morning. Now that Mr. Those who sign up could be snatched out of their everyday life for 48 hours.

The two selected will not know when, where or how they will be kidnapped. It benefits Coming Home Hospice. Weekend, October llth Annual Mr. Oklahoma Leather contest in Tulsa. Bring cash for gas, food, tolls. For more information, call or email: Pegasus- M0C rocketmail.

In Chicago? You know the rules, location. Guests must arrive with you. For more info, call San Francisco Leather Werner and Mr. You know the rules. No cologne! Call HEAD. Call for info. Thursday, October 28 Halloween at Daddy's. Contest is at Get there early. If you've got it flaunt It; if you ain't got It, flaunt it anyway!

I think once the sex drive kicks in, people just lose their mind. The flip side of that, of course, is that you can end up in a really bad situation.

Autres travaux

In prepping his role, Palomaria spent a week with LA homicide detectives. This is good. Live it up. After the 48 hours, winners will be returned to the location from which they were snatched. And the winners may cancel their involvement at any time with a pre-arranged safe word. To receive a registration form, email: modkidnap linuxmail. Deadline is Monday, November Call , or send an email message to: info bosf.

In mourning Our community is enduring the loss of two very productive members: In Atlanta, David Armstrong, a leather activist who was Mr. First there was the odious Happy, Texas, in which two heterosexual criminals impersonate gay men — har de har har. You left at Civic Center. Ultimate Gay Gay Stables 3 4. Rent An Ass Gay Stables 4 5. World Class Spread Gay Stables 5 6. Butts Up Gay Stables 6 7. Magician's Ass Friend Gay Stables 7 8. Ass Classic Gay Stables 9 Ass Passion Gay Stables 10 Going Gay Gay Stables 11 Read more Read less. Learn more.

Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Not Enabled. Customers who bought this item also bought. Four Ever. No customer reviews. Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. ALL will face death in the courts once the Prosecutors, Judges and levied gunmen for the domestic enemies, have been dealt with. The Blessings of Liberty War will not be lost by free peoples. Thomas D. It won't be so easy to start a third war in the middle east, you goddamned chickenhawk.

You don't have a clue what you are doing. Se is wreckless, cruel, vile, liar, criminal and has betrayed the security of this country. She has never earned one job she has had handed to her and has failed in every job she has ever had. She is following Obama in destroying this country through importationof muslim radical terrorist.

She will not take a stand on any issue; only says what she thinks will get her votes. He needs to be removed from Office. Play dumb for the common folks that put you where you are currently! Step out from Boehners shadow And Bush? And White Privilege? And micro aggressions? And trigger words? And shaming? And lack of ""safe spaces"" on their campuses? Once all of these aforementioned issues are addressed everyone will obviously get along and ISIS will forgive us for our horrible past transgressions.

You're a deplorable human being, Randy. A man who has worked tirelessly for American ideals and the progressive policies that your party used to stand for deserves far more respect than you have shown him today. You have shown your true self today and it is lacking in character. When you do come up for re-election, know that I will be donating money to your opponent. Back to the pulpit for you where you can continue to spew your nonsense. About a year ago a US instigated coup by Obama appointee Victoria Nuland and friends overthrew a democratically elected government, resulting in the mess that is there now.

Surprised that the ethnic Russians in the east of Ukraine were upset? Kind of reckless, don't ya think? We have no interests in that area of the world. Let the Europeans talk and solve their own problems. He's gotten away with everything his little evil heart has desired because the wimpy Republicans have failed to get a backbone and fulfill your oaths to us!! The establishment has created this monster called Trump!!

And that's a FACT!!! Bream, speaking unscripted, wondered how police would be able to identify 'bad guys' if they had ski masks and couldn't 'even know what color,' what 'the tone of their skin was? My dad is in need of Medical assistance and got squat But if hecwasvan illegal he would get everything",1. Virtually noone, very few, can just go and purchase an assault weapon, and in only a handful of states.

Football ass poking funny moments ● New HD

The rest have laws, process, and checks, not to mention outright bans on fully automatic assault rifles. For you to lead partisan politics based upon your lies and propaganda is reprehensible. The President is doing his job, too bad you cannot say the same. We have sat back and let Obama get away with one offense after another and now Clinton is doing the same thing an getting away with. Why can't we as taxpayers at least stop Clinton and Obama from flying around the country in Air Force 1 at our expense?

I don't see a single one of you offering a better deal, that because none of us know the facts You are so full of shit But hey the 4 million you'd save by cutting off Boehner would go a long way to paying us taxpayers back the 4. We like drinking dirty, contaminated water. Good thing we have Big Brother protecting us from destroying everything we touch. Oh how can we be so stupid? Please set us straight! We need action NOW! We are more likely to be killed by a cop here than a terrorist, but hey, at least you can try to shut the government down.

My ancestors served their state and Governor Deal treats them like dirt. I think we should leave Nathan Deal and Obama and all the liberal communist loons to fend for themselves. When we answer the call they treat us like dirt, maybe if we didn't they would see how valuable Southerners are. We make up most of the US military for a reason. Screw all the people who treat living and dead veterans and soldiers like shit.

How anti-semetic can someone be that is pro Israeli and even has a branch of breitbart in Jerusalem? The Senate already defeated the bill, with Democrats joining Republicans. Anything you do now is mute, you can't reverse the vote. Hell you can't even get everyone in your whole party to side with you on this issue. As one of your colleagues said earlier""look the gun violence in Chicago"", let's look at it.

Well that worked out well. I'll go talk to my guns again, the last time I did they didn't respond, nor have they loaded themselves. You see you moron Bad people with guns kill people, not the guns themselves. But you vote to kill babies so that's a mute point.

Talk about respecting authority like, law enforcement, teachers. Family values, having a father figure, no not the guy that's incarcerated, the woman with 6 kids with 3 different fathers living off government subsidies is the problem. Work on those issues. Not trustworthy, loyal, or respectable. If your constituents say no, don't do it, then you refrain. You are their voice and you don't defy their wishes.

Sorry son of a bitch! Nobody is taking away guns and fear mongering is stupid. Why not tell the truth? This comes from a Congressman in one of the least productive Congress in history! I don't support Democrats or Republicans. I support the truth! Congressman, instead of hearing you complain about it, I say it's put up or shut up time! What are you going to do? You have no proposal to change things. Come up with a plan then you can complain.

If you aren't going to come up with a solution then stop the BS! You are trying to stir up the public with half truths. That is called fear mongering. Is this all you have? Get back to work and come up with a solution. Anything at all. They didn't. To say that congress won't send a bill he sill sign so he makes it up is utter nonsense. She doesn't have the moral character to serve as president. Demographic destruction is irrevesible. First of all we want it defunded. There is no justice in our tax money supporting such outrageous practices.

Even those who supported abortion are outraged that the greed of Planned Parenthood would allow for this barbaric action. Lets end it NOW. We got screwed by the ACA and you Dems. Be honest for once! Funny how the Supreme Court can do no wrong when they vote for the Republican view. All you do is hide behind the party line and hope that if you down load pictures, make videos or tell veteran ""thank you for your service"" will be enough.

But it's not. But never did anything. So our veteran are asking that you and your felloew congressmen and women give veterans the increase you say they are owed. And the veteran are asking that this be done before the Chistmas recess. And the veteran are asking anyone who read this post to call this there congress person to voice their support.

This isn't Mexico it's America. Mexico has proven that it can't produce a successful prosperous nation. Only a corrupt, drug and crime ridden society. You all are traitors to this great American for refusing to secure our boarders. Trump was never my first choice but I'll damn sure never vote for a disgusting illegal loving baby killing vote buying democrat. You must support the deal. You are failing to realize this deal was about nuclear weapons and only nuclear weapons.

You are repeating the same wrong rhetoric of Republicans, same unaccepted things only bullies demand int he courtyard. As an American you would not stand up for an Iranian to inspect our nuclear facilities why should they? I know you are saying oh we are not Iran, and that is true. We have dropped nuclear bomb on others, Iran has not. We have invaded countries around Iran and destabilized the region, Iran has not. We have gone to Iran and have killed Iranians and Iran has not. Our negotiators, our diplomats, and our secretary negotiated the best possible deal, given we are trying not to be the bullies of the world anymore.

You think we could drag Iranians to the table with terrorism, human rights, Israel, nuclear, etc. Good luck and good night man. Small minded people cannot image bigger things! You are a wolf in sheeps clothing. If you had any character and backbone, you would step down immediately.

“Lowest Difficulty Setting” Follow-Up – Whatever

You are a disgrace and hopefully the voters of Kentucky will show their dismay with your performance and vote you out of office. And by the way, take Boehner with you. You were elected to represent the people, not the corporations. This is one of the worst bills to come through the Senate. We have had it with your corporatist votes. You are only interested in money and your own career which will go down the toilet if not this election, definitely next. What the hell have you done lately? You have failed your constituents. Brad Sherman is insane. We're all screwed so we better get used to it.

Heller and Sen. Reid will be meeting with us! Hope you can change your plans! This is just another one of the labels he uses to attack when he has nothing else to offer. I hope you meet an angry grizzly sometime in the near future. This tells the people a lot and next election you'll find out what this meant to the people. Mark Isaacs,,,Email; markisaacs97 yahoo. Why don't we vote to really cut their pay and see how they like it? Either way, you are a coward! Come and try to take guns and you'll soon lose your power. As an infantryman, I will not sit and let my oath be attacked or asked to do any confiscation on weapons.

Hillary has not been cleared moron. Please resign. Those are the cowards of whom I speak. Well Maryland- time to vote this turkey out and get a real Democrat. If a foreign country killed thousands every single year, many of them children, people would want to wage war. No one is taking your guns, but if one must have a license to drive and be registered to vote, etc. Here that piece of obama in our White House is saying he was not born in Hawaii.

He was not born in America. He's from Kenya! This ball of Earth has checks and balances that take care of anything we could think to do. Seeing and hearing Planned Parenthood talk nonchalantly about selling baby parts from aborted fetuses with utter disregard for human life is reminiscent of Joseph Mengele and the Nazi concentration camps!

The failure of congress to bring cgarfes against her or throw her out thats what! So when they next use a suicide vest, this worthless representative will outlaw what? What a shallow thinking individual to think he can curtail evil by legislating away inanimate items. This clown should be run out of town on a rail! He hasn't followed it as long as he has boon in office. How could a man like Palazzo get elected to anything?

I'm not surprised you like him. I've wasted my last two votes on you I'm a slow learner; but, you are such great teacher that I won't forget next time. After voting for the speaker, illegals, and Obamacare your first three votes out of the box. I'll vote for a Democrat over you every time I see your name. Better to vote for people who are honest about hating me than someone who pretends to be on my side. Just forget it, there's no intent to screw the public, is there? Do Americans a Favor, resign What is he thinking! Time for him to go, workers don't like him anyway. Next time hire from within.

Doesn't he know some people work late night weekends, what are they to do?!?!? I wouldn't either if I were you. I will never again vote for you, even in the general election. Never voting for this hack again",1. Gutless, unAmerican, doorslaming, xenophobic, grandstanding, phoney patriotic, cowardly, kneejerk, vote. SHAME on you. You should be ashamed of yourself - you are part of the problem, not part of the solution.

Oboma and.

Lord have mercy. Deliver us from this Evil. Lets hope she changes her stand on this or vote her out. No one cared that those dirt bags in Baltimore desecrated the American flag. Let these liberal idiots fight the next war themselves. This nation has truly lost its way. More focus is on entertainment rather than on family, working hard and helping others.

At this point, every other nation has agreed to it. You can suckle on your fingers but as it is, Iran and the rest of the world have agreed. You can score cheap political points by ranting on Facebook but you just look like an idiot. Anyone who does not stand up for our right to healthy food does not deserve to be in government as they are not protecting people.

Did you sell out or are you just not informed? We already have a piece of garbage we have to claim GORE now you all.. How do you live with yourself? You support the cause where students who wear T-Shirts with the American flag on it are called racist.. Once again, you could careless about working middle class Americans. Amodei voted to keep Mr. Boehner as Speaker. The vote from America was clear. We want conservative change.

Retaining Boehmer is counter productive toward real conservative reform. Very disappointed. Sickening what they are doing. They eat anything that can't get away from them. I'm finished paying into a racketeering organization. You clowns need to find someone else to rob. Anybody that believes that our government, both democrats and republicans, are not funding terrorism is an idiot.

Paying cash money to a terrorist nation in the middle of the night on an unmarked cargo plan was enough for me to wash my hands of this.


All of you are criminals and need to be removed from office by the people of the US. All of you are corrupt! You do not represent my views. I grew up in California and have always held a special place in my heart for her. But I am shocked to see you on the list of Democrats who want to make it virtually impossible for refugees from Syria and Iraq to enter the United States.

I believe that this exact behavior is what is wrong with part of the Democratic party today. The inability to stand up for what is right, to courageously do what is right in the face of fear and and prejudice. I strongly encourage you to reconsider your position. People kill people with guns cars axes knives et al.

I will end by just saying you are stuck on stupid. Obama is shredding the Constitution and Bill of Rights and Gus and Friends look the other way and fail to charge him with Treason. Gus you are part of the problem and either you stand or you will be voted out next go round. My entire family and extended family are in agreement that either you and the Republicans start doing what the landslide told you to do or we will vote democrat next election and I've never done it in my life.

I promise I will vote against you if you continue to do nothing to stop this Tyrant. America is of, by, and for the people and to wish any of them to die is to wish America to die. Shame on you. You are a fowl hypocrite who has no place pretending to represent the American people, especially the ones you condemned to death.

There are no words for the evil that lies inside you. Hold up as many ppl, including the innocent to make a dollar is just wrong. Do YOUR job. Represent the people. What an insufferable hypocrite. Our right to own guns is in direct relation to a tyrannical govt. All other aspects of gun ownership are second to that! Jaime, quit lying to us assuming we won't read the facts for ourselves. Why do you always walk the party line rather than support an improved environment for your constituents? Will this ""affect property owners in every corner of this country""?

Yes, I hope so. Pollution isn't limited to large corporations or municipalities, even individual land owners need to toe the line to prevent pollution of our waterways and aquifers. How in the world did you ever get elected to office in Washington when you have no consideration for the locals and the wonderful environment of Washington state but always walk the national party line instead? I'm embarrassed of and for you Congress needs some guts to impeach the idiot in the WH",1. In addition to doing nothing constructuve the past 6 years, You are wasting our money.

Did you ever hear ""an honest day of work for an honest day of pay!! Wolf I thought the Republicans are running things now. So how is the Democrats fault? Both parties are terrible. Independent of both is the best way these days. Are you kidding me? He said in front of God, and the entire world that he would support the repub candidate and to this day he has not And why can he, a politician, not support Trump, oh yes I know, because Trump said something about his wife or Trump talks mean to people Tell Teddy Boy to tell the truth.

Trump is for America and so the One World Order crowd just cannot support him. This is exactly why Cruz and the other repub politicians will not support Trump. Tell the truth, Cruz, you good for nothing jackass. Arrest that pos! Si no sale pronto tendremos los castros asesinos y al podrido aca. O lean",1. The president has been so secretive that should be the only red flag you need to know the this will be poison for the United States!

His lack of knowledge on every day situation is mind boggling. How did he even get in the position he's in is beyond me. For over 50 years I have been an interested participant in my world. I have traveled the world proud of my country although I had nothing to do with being born in America.

Knowing that, I found it an humbling reality I was born in America, raised in America and have spent my years primarily located in America. From squatter camps in South Africa to barrios in Brazil, I have seen first hand what awaits many children, parents, and families as they attempt to eek a living, build a house, keep the family secure and well against huge odds.

Having said all that, I must say I am sad, embarrassed, and profoundly disappointed in the behavior of citizens in this country during the presidential primary election cycle. As a Christian, I believe deeply that we are sinners without hope and without excuse before God. I do not believe that ""people are basically good. We have learned sometimes to excess how to accommodate and welcome the immigrant, because except for the Native Americans, everyone else is an immigrant from somewhere. Some of our most noble behaviors have been our compassion, generosity, and our help when natural catastrophes and war induced tragedies Having said that, it deeply troubles me that Donald Trump has touched and resonated with the demons of our lower nature.

By word and example, he has portrayed for all an unbelievable arrogance, narcissism in the extreme, and incivility to everyone who gets in his way. Working in the prison system brought me face to face with offenders who were full of hate and unable to control their emotions, impulses, or their behaviors. That was largely why they were in prison. However, this man packs out venues and as he spills his vile ""campaign speeches"" Trumpites applaud his diatribes and insults. And then he twitters more after the rally. I am even more disappointed in the Republican Congressional leadership and the Republican representatives and senators who have endorsed this campaign and the campaigner because he is the ""official presumptive candidate.

As they endorse, I can only believe they are also endorsing his reprehensible behavior, insults, and spats with media and other leaders of our country. That means they endorse his derogatory comments about women, Hispanics, immigrants, Muslims, Middle Easterners, and several of the Western Leaders with which the US must work closely with. What we have among Republican leadership is a profound lack of moral courage to stand up to this bully. Republicans beat the drum for more interventions around the world, always willing to send some one else's child in harms way. They are willing to attempt to stare down the President.

They are willing to tolerate voter frustration with their refusal to hold hearing on a new Supreme Court Justice, but when it comes to standing up to Donald Trump, refusing to support his candidacy because of everything he has said, done, and says he will do if elected. These days are to me one of the saddest periods of American history, because we have few Republican leaders with the moral courage to say, ""No, I will not be a part of allowing the United States to be the laughing stock of the world. Like right here on all your comments, like he the worse person ever on anything he does.

All because of couple things he did that you didnt like. All this Diane bitch about him being control by Koch brother. She think all Republican is. And than everybody believed that and you spread that shit around. When in reality there good and there bad in both party's. There good in Walker and there bad in Walker. Same with that Obama guy. With him there more worst, he prove that and everybody, yous and I know that. Than there this Diane who think Obama is king, god. And also how about not giving a free ride to people just because of their skin color College and Universities are cash cows that have grown out of control with they way they spend money and also they way in which they make money.

We want our kids to have a quality education He's a vindictive piece of crap! Get a grip, get a clue, get a life The President may change, but the asshats in these agencies stays the same. We need a new President who cleans house of all the lifelong federal employees who push the liberal agenda on us. Your services are no longer required. We don't need fools who are too stupid or too depressed and suicidal to care about the future to keep collecting the kinds of exorbitant salaries you are all collecting to screw the rest of us.

Go serve your masters in some other way. So, what are you planning to replace it with, pre-tell? Just a BIG goose-egg? You idiots are amazing. Obama is an idiot and spending this nation into bankruptcy! You are a blatant fraud! You voted as a coward out of fear. Stop claiming you speak for all Arkansans because you most certainly do not. It's the mentality that dooms them. You people in the District of Corruption are so out of touch with the American people. What good did it do to take the house and Senate only to have you spineless people give Obama everything he wanted? You have let Obama make congress irrelevant.

And you wonder why people are turning to the outsiders in the race. It's because you won't do your jobs. I don't ever remember being as furious as I am right now. Whoever thought that clown Toomey would be the better Senator? Jeeeeez is this State in a bad way Kerry and Obama, do not speak for me and I would venture a guess, don't speak for most Americans..

We will never have a great nation until our employees obey their bosses.. Are you not for all people, just your own kind. Get out of politics you loser Stop wasting our time and money. Also, it isn't ""amnesty,"" liar. She won't be missed!! Be careful if you side with her you wont be missed either!!! And totally unnecessary if the screening process is as thorough as you admit it is? And it IS. I am More than disapointed in you.

I am Heartsick. She likes to play a dummy when it's serious. Honestly, I really think this woman is some sort of sociopath A sociopath can be defined as a person who has Antisocial Personality Disorder. This disorder is characterized by a disregard for the feelings of others, a lack of remorse or shame, manipulative behavior, unchecked egocentricity, and the ability to lie in order to achieve one's goals.