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Once, there was a remarkable person who led with love. Her company succeeded where its competitors struggled.

Its customers were loyal, its employees loved to work there, and it was profitable year after year, for decades. This loving leader began her career as an executive secretary, yet the company's founder chose her to succeed him as president. When asked why, he said, "Because she knows how to love people to success. Drawing on personal experience, Barrett and Blanchard reveal why leading with love is the most powerful way to lead and how it can help you achieve truly amazing levels of performance. Ridge introduces WD's performance review system, explaining its goals, its features, and the cultural changes it required.

Next, Ridge shares his "leadership point of view": what he expects of people, what they can expect of him, and where his beliefs about leadership and motivation came from.

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Having that safety net made the decision to quit my corporate job and start out here on my own that much easier. Certainty is a highly-underrated asset, in my view. Take the difficult jobs no one else wants. I honestly think we all know of these points, yet we just forget to exercise them. There are a few I have taken for granted which would be geting back to people… Thanks for the share!

Yes, knowing everyone is a great strategy for becoming the go-to person in your community! Back to the Blog Overview. Blog Career Growth. Their answers: Always get back with people Always get back with someone whether it was through the phone or email. Ashley says: November 14, at pm. Raghav Khanna says: November 15, at pm.

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