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Jack Of Heart. Corneilous Phillips. Sakiko Osawa. Jason Burruss. Jarrod Moore. Osa Uveine. Erik Hansen. Dom Honey. Sten Scholz. David Quintana. Neptune Merrick. Antonio Patino. Purchasable with gift card.

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Sold Out. Gatefold Soft Pack Compact Disc. Mastered by Matt Colton at Alchemy. Limited edition white vinyl double album in deluxe foil print cover. Overture Shoreline Your Heart Changes Let Me Go Holding On Body Close Empty Walls Midnight Sun Harbour Above The Clouds bandcamp exclusive Having forged his career in the dubstep era, with nearly 40 releases to his name, Synkro AKA Joe McBride has always resisted easy classification - his music winds together such diverse influences as Boards Of Canada, dBridge, Burial and Oneohtrix Point Never, whilst still remaining utterly unique.

Tags electronic idm ambient electronica Manchester. Joe Synkro Synkro recommends:.

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Synkro go to album. This theme addresses the many journeys in language, sound, gesture, and image that shape our understanding of jazz, including spontaneous writing, creative writing from the Harlem Renaissance, and Beat literature. We welcome papers that experiment with how to get from A to B, that sound out new ways of speaking of and thinking about jazz, and envision new practices and processes of writing about, and performing with, the music.

Please submit proposals max. The deadline for proposals is 15 September ; outcomes will be communicated to authors by 15 October Download Call for Papers. What do you think?

BLACK SABBATH • Changes • 1972

Be the first to have your say here. Click on thumbnail for high-res version. The intersections of jazz and popular music are myriad.

The Rhythm Changes team is hugely looking forward to welcoming all delegates from all academic areas interested in jazz studies, as well as the music and creative sectors, to the latest in our international conferences on jazz, which opens at the Conservatory of Amsterdam on 31 August. We are continuing to redevelop the Rhythm Changes website as a jazz research portal for European jazz researchers.

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Please bear with us as we populate the site, and sign up or visit us again to see how we are getting on. If you have some material or feature you think we should be including, do get in touch.

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Rhythm Changes Conference Graz Jun 11 Keynote Speakers Prof. Jason Stanyek University of Oxford Prof. Alan Stanbridge University of Toronto We invite paper submissions for Jazz Journeys , a four-day multidisciplinary conference bringing together leading researchers across the arts and humanities. Journeys — Mobility and Travels This theme addresses hemispheric or global cultural movements in jazz, from the legacies of transatlantic slavery to the emergence of jazz communities throughout the world.


Journeys — Journal — Diary: History, Narrative, Auto biography This theme explores the ways in which the experience of music is captured and the story of jazz told, from dominant narratives to auto biographies, popular tales to hidden histories. Journeys — Journalism, Media and Technologies This theme investigates the role of writing, mediatisation and technological change in the production, dissemination, and experience of jazz.

Journeys — Time s and Temporalities This theme explores concepts of time and temporality in jazz, from the uses of multiple tempos and time signatures to theories and practices of repetition and revision. Journeys — The Seductions of Alliteration This theme addresses the many journeys in language, sound, gesture, and image that shape our understanding of jazz, including spontaneous writing, creative writing from the Harlem Renaissance, and Beat literature.

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