Dangerous Love Affair

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The Masque was apart of celebrations for the marriage talks between the King and the Emperor of Spain for the six-year-old Princess Mary Tudor. The marriage between Anne and James never came to pass and Anne found herself head-over-heels in love with another striking, and very welathy nobleman: Lord Henry Percy, who was the son and heir to the Duke of Norththumberland.

Henry himself, although 6-years-engaged to Lady Mary Talbot, was smitten with Anne. The two played a game of courtly love that ended in a secret bethroal service and Anne being sent to her family home in Kent to think about what she had done. She dressed in the latest French fashion, could sing beautifully and dance with much elegance. She held herself as if she were princess-born, excuting tremendous amounts of sex-appeal driving half the young male coutiers mad with lust.

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When she spoke it shone with confidence, intelligence, charm and sedution all in a pretty, French accent that the Boleyn girl had picked up from her days in the French court. She enchanted half the court and eventually drew the King of England to her and played him like she would a lute.


She returned his gifts, and refused his advances, causing the King to become quite angry. He than set off on a seven-year-mission that changed England forever and shook it to its very core. It took the couple seven years to get what they wanted, or so they thought they wanted. Shortly before they departed for Calais in the winter of the King bestowed Marquess of Pembroke on his future wife, befitting her with an aproiate title, before they left to meet the French King, Francis I and his sister. It is rumored that they married directly upon returning to Dover.

June 1st, Anne recieved her reward for her wait and was crowned Queen consort of England, with King Edwards crown. The birth of Elizabeth was a disappointment to both, even though Henry claimed he loved the girl anyways. Anne than suffered in the same way Katherine had, she miscarried and Henry started courting one of her own Maid of Honors, Jane Seymour.

Dangerous Love Affair

It is never been established what Anne felt for Henry, or if the King held more than simple lust for the beautiful Boleyn girl. Weather or not they loved each other, which I will forever believed that they did. Their relationship, though passion driven and ending in death produced one of the greatest monarchs to ever rule England: Elizabeth I. I liked the description of her at her coronation actually her hair was said to have reached her knees, she must have looked blooming in her white and gold gown with the crown on her head, pity there are no paintings of her, I wonder if she put on weight when she was pregnant, I should imagine being so slender it rather suited her.

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Why not rejoice with peaceful vigils? Read more below. A year later on July 4, Captain Thomas Thomson, whose house still stands on Pleasant Street, invited guests to celebrate with dinner aboard a Continental frigate.

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There were plenty of fireworks, of course. But gunpowder is dangerous even in peacetime.

Seven soldiers at Fort Constitution in New Castle were blown to kingdom come on July 4, while preparing for a holiday salute. Someone apparently left 17 damp cartridges out to dry in the summer sun. A spark driven by the wind set off the explosion. Peletiah McDaniels was thrown over the ramparts to the base of the lighthouse. Body parts rained on a nearby home. A history of the Fourth shows attempts all across the country to ban dangerous ammunition and explosive toys from use.

Fireworks often sent carriage horses into a rampage. And who among us hasn't got a fireworks horror story from grade school to share? I remember a kid in fourth grade who swore he could hold a lit "lady finger" while it exploded. He did it with an open palm and we were amazed. Then one day he closed his fist at the critical moment.