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Carole Wilkinson is an award-winning and much loved author of books for children. She has a long-standing fascination with dragons and is interested in the history of everything.


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Though Carole has written over 30 books, she did not write her first book until she was nearly Before that she had worked as a laboratory assistant and as a film and television writer and editor. Legal Policies - Contact Us. Delivery date notice: You may notice that pledge levels for miniatures are limited. We can produce around gargantuan miniatures to ship on December From there, we can produce additional miniatures every 6 months.

This affects in two ways:. In this Kickstarter, we want you to be part of a premium experience and as the campaign's funding progresses we will improve what you get in exchange for your support. Some stretch goals are freebies while others will allow us to cover modelling and fixed costs to enable add-ons.

Dragon Moon Sailor

This head will come as an extra in your resin kit it is also included in the. Nixis will be available for any 'Shipping wave 2' pledge level. The 'x4 dragons' reward tier will go live on Wednesday March 20th at 10am Pacific daylight time in case you are all-in for these great wyrms. This bust is included in the digital.

Scenic bases will be unique to each dragon in both style and size to fit the very unique dragons. The prices for each base is explained in the add-ons section below. Epic Encounters are designed as awesome fights where the dragons lore, attributes and unique abilities really come into play. Baastherox The Mightiest, a Wyrm of incredible strength and size, has now been added as a dragon reward, we are still waiting for his art, which we will update as soon as it is ready. More epic encounters, this time featuring Nixis and Baaserthox, these two wyrms are going to get epic battles where they get to show their true might against any weary adventurers.

All dragons have lairs, big or small. But the great Wyrms from the Red Moon have often huge cities as their Lairs, they claim whole regions and make them their own and have some minions to build their lairs to their liking. We will now be able to make art for every unlocked dragon's Lair and include it in the ever-growing PDF.

We were already going to make the stats, but having them ready and printed for your convenience will be great! Breath Weapons, cast in translucent resin one unique for each dragon. Similar to the Scenic base they all have individual prices listed below in the add-on section. Rawraxxa, the Insatiable Predator has been added as a Dragon Reward! This is the sixth dragon in total. Battle scares include the head and one body part will vary by dragon with damage and battle scars.

So if you want them make sure to add that to your pledge. A premium collectors item only for our KS backers, and a great place to store all the printed content, and maybe even the dice after you build your dragon. Every dragon will come in a separate premium box, with the Dragons of the Red moon logo and a scale finish. Dehrilya the forge queen has been unleashed! The last bust, and this SG also includes epic encounters for both Dehrilya and Rawraxxa, their lairs and battlemaps and everything else.

With this SG we have unlocked every detail and every extra for the dragons, but we still have more to achieve. There is a song, known and intoned by dragons all over the Red Moon. For the longest of times, there never was a record of it, for it only was learned and repeated in the tongue of the dragons. The following transcription can be found engraved in a stone, a painstaking recreation of that song, most likely made by an unfortunate dralorian, dragged there many redmoons ago.

Based on the choice of letters to represent the complex sounds produced by dragons, the unfortunate transcriber was of Ysvalian or Tyverian origin. Herein you can find the text, as it was transcribed then, a key to understand the tongue of the Dragons. Join other Dragonbonded backers to translate the song. Once you achieve it, we will consult with the backers involved in this activity to determine an extra digital reward that they would enjoy RPG based, content, art, etc and that reward will be sent to all backers in the campaign.

One month after the campaign ends, you will receive a survey where you will let us know the details of any items you included as add-ons as well as your mailing address for your physical rewards. Along the project updates you will learn more about the setting, the dragons and their interactions. Join to our community forums to discuss everything about it. The dragons were masterfully drawn by Tom Babbey, with his expertise and knowledge of wildlife and anatomy of real animals, he manages to create fantastic creatures such as dragons that look as if they could be real.

This incredible skill coupled with the complex lore and personalities thought for the creatures, resulted in unique and amazing dragons which are the beginning of a bigger and very rich universe. The drawings are then brought to life by interpreting the detail and emotion from the image and translating it into a 3d model, keeping as much detail in both, proportions and pose, to stay true to the original concept. The 3d model is then printed in a jewelry quality resin printer, the model is split into pieces to optimize number of parts while keeping the most detail and achieving the best result while casting the pieces.

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The final result is a model truly incredible to behold. As a center piece, the final challenge for the players, a statue on a shelf, a painted entry to a contest, or anything you want it to be.

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Our aim is to make the best dragons out there, and with your help this is the first step to becoming known for that small, yet incredibly fantastic feat. Our resin is of the highest quality, vacuumed and pressure cast to release and avoid most imperfections.

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We have the highest standards and discard any large imperfections that do not meet what we know people expect to see when they receive their miniatures. We have been producing miniatures for over a year now and we have increased our output and quality exponentially. With these dragons we will deliver our best quality yet, and what we know every collector, painter, gamer, and dragon lover is hoping for.

You can read more about or workshop and trajectory in this project update. The miniatures will be produced in high quality resin, they will come unassembled and will need washing with warm water and soap to remove the de-molding agent used in production. The pieces will be keyed for better assembly and small pieces will be stored in plastic bags so they don't get lost in transit or inside the box.

All miniatures will arrive in a premium draconic box which we are still designing and inside you will find the unassembled parts ready to prime, glue and paint. If we unlock stretch goals with alternate heads or parts, you will be able to customize your own dragons. We are proud to partner again with Backerkit to manage your pledge and get everything right before fulfillment.

After this Kickstarter campaign ends, you will receive an e-mail with a personal link to your Backerkit survey where you will be able to include extra items, or let us know how to allocate the funds pledged during the campaign, and which dragons you want to include, whether you want one of each or multiple copies for any of them. You will be required to introduce the mailing address where you would like us to send your digital rewards. In addition, we will ship from Mexico as well offering Mexico-Friendly shipping for our Mexican backers.

This campaign has friendly shipping for North-America and Europe. Orders for the rest of the world will be fulfilled from USA or Germany.

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Dice shipping: No extra cost if you pledged for at least 1 dragon. Miniatures shipping: Please note that each of these huge dragons weight around 1kg including packaging. We need to ship the product from our country to the hubs first and then cover domestic shipping.

It is a good idea to order multiple dragons to have them share shipping costs. Select your Warclan Roster. Download the Apps. Get Accessories. The Dragon Moon Starter Set. Escape the Wandering Forest! The set includes the adventure guide, a gorgeous battlemap, the unique app, plus: Everything you need to know about Dwarf, Elf, Guild, Norn, Orc, and Paladin war clans, their skills, artifacts, gear, stories—and of course—details on the WitchBorn.