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Ews Nsj.

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Ews Nsj there i sat, Network23 This is a beautiful long form piece with no rhythmic elements, just a series of slowly circulating drones moving around each other in a mesmerising way. Mr Roach is the master of this style of ambient music and this is an excellent example. A great start to John Kalauz.

John Kalauz Always a good day to have a new longform piece to read to, get to sleep to until you wake up refreshed to. Medium volume.

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Michael Medlin. Michael Medlin My current favorite of Steve's long-form sound worlds. Enveloping blankets of pure sonic bliss. Alan Mellerick. Michael A.

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Crowley, M. Steve Lake. Michael Green. Robert Mann.

Visage - Fade To Grey (Vinyl, 12", 45 RPM, Single) | Discogs

Wham Charles. Bo Stern. David Gibson. Mark Jones. Jared Lanning. Tigran Haas. Thako Davidson. Tim Medcalf.

David Kellett. Jan Tack. Robert Crosby.

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Steven Marhesic. Mundo Aseptico. Siddhartha Barnhoorn. Emil Karlsson. Chris Fox. Neil W. Zach Brown.

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Gary Andrews. Christopher Glansdorp. Rusty Hodge [SomaFM]. Max Kaehn. Jeremy Kerner.

The Hunting Project - Fade To Gray

Guy Newlan. Purchasable with gift card. Fade To Gray A dark ambient magma flow of ultra deep harmonic immersion. This is the next chapter in the evolution of Steve's rapturous long-form zone-worlds.

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In , a blue -ribbon panel from the National Academy of Sciences charged with charting the future of space-based astronomy gave the mission the highest priority for the next decade. In a statement accompanying the budget, Robert M. Lightfoot Jr. The proposed cancellation drew an outcry from astronomers , who warned that stepping back from the mission would be stepping back from the kind of science that made America great and would endanger future projects that, like this one, require international help.

It drew comparisons to the cancellation of the Superconducting Supercollider that ended American supremacy in particle physics. Astronomers have hungered for a space mission to investigate dark energy ever since , when observations of the exploding stars known as supernovae indicated that the expansion of the universe was speeding up, the distant galaxies were shooting away faster and faster from us as cosmic time went on.

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  8. It is as if, when you dropped your car keys, they shot up to the ceiling. The discovery won three American astronomers the Nobel Prize. The fate of the universe, as well as the nature of physics, scientists say, depends on the nature of this dark energy. Physicists have one ready-made explanation for this behavior, but it is a cure that many of them think is worse than the disease: a fudge factor invented by Einstein in called the cosmological constant. He suggested, and quantum theory has subsequently confirmed, that empty space could exert a repulsive force, an anti-gravity, blowing things apart.

    If so, as the universe grows, it will expand faster and faster and run away from itself. The universe would become dark and cold. If on the other hand, some previously unsuspected force field is tinkering with the galaxies and space-time, the effect could shut off or even reverse over the eons. The astronomers who made this discovery were using the exploding stars known as Type 1a supernovae as cosmic distance markers to track the expansion rate of the universe. Since then, other tools have emerged by which astronomers can also gauge dark energy by how it retards the growth of galaxies and other structures in the universe.

    But NASA and the Energy Department found it hard to collaborate and a working group of dark-energy scientists could not come up with a design that would fit in the budget. In , a committee of the National Academy of Sciences cobbled together several competing proposals that would do the trick.