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Isaiah Matthew John Romans Philippians Revelation Notes He leadeth me, O blessed thought , p. FlexScores are available in the Media section below. You have access to this FlexScore. Download: Are parts of this score outside of your desired range? Try transposing this FlexScore. General Settings. Text size Text size:. Music size Music size:.

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Capo Capo:. Contacting server This is a preview of your FlexScore. Page Scans. View Page. Tune Title : [He leadeth me, O blessed thought! Gilmore Scripture : Psalm Date : African American Heritage Hymnal O blessed thought! Ambassador Hymnal Display Title : He Leadeth Me! Baptist Hymnal O blessed tho't! Gilmore Meter : 8.

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Celebrating Grace Hymnal Chalice Hymnal First Line : He leadeth me: O blessed thought! Gilmore Meter : LM w. Church Hymnal, Mennonite Gilmore Meter : L.

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Scripture : Genesis Date : Hymnal Gilmore Date : Source : Watchman and Reflector, , alt. Hymns for a Pilgrim People Hymns of Faith Hymns of the Saints Lift Up Your Hearts Moravian Book of Worship Our Songs and Hymns Gilmore Date : Subject : Guidance and Care.

He Leadeth Me - God's Leading in Good Times and Bad

Psalter Hymnal Gray Walter under the suspicion that he was a Vatican spy. He was held in captivity for many years and underwent very harsh interrogations. Throughout these difficulties, Fr. Walter discusses his interior struggle to trust God and accept everything as coming from him. He wanted to serve the people of Russia, but first God had to purify his soul through various trials and afflictions. After being completely broken of his pride, Fr. Walter learned to trust completely in God and not on his own abilities.

This would help him have a successful apostolate in the labor camps. His chapter on work, describing the labor camps in Siberia is truly a gem. In an area where men struggled to stay alive and did the minimum to survive, he offers these thoughts:. By the way I went about my work, every day, every hour, to the best of my ability and the last ounce of my strength, I had to try to demonstrate again in the wind and snow and wilderness of Siberia what Christ had demonstrated through twenty years of carpentry at Nazareth: that work is not a curse but a gift of God, the very same gift he gave to the first man, Adam.

While in the labor camp, Fr.

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Ciszek did have the opportunity to say Mass and hear the confessions of his fellow workers. He learned to cherish the beauty of the Mass, since the prisoners had to undergo great difficulties to sneak away to participate in it. With strength from above, he endured the labor camps and after many years was released but relegated to live in the outskirts of Russia.

I will leave the reader the opportunity to discover how Fr.

An Extraordinary Testament of Faith

Ciszek was eventually freed from Russia and returned to the United States. Through his suffering and agony, God stripped Fr. Ciszek of dependence on self and opened him up to the greatest joy and peace that a person can have. The more we conform our lives to Christ and seek to do his will, the more joy we will have.

It is found in the present moment, not in some mysterious plan that we have to reach for on our own. So whether you are looking for answers to why God allows suffering, struggle with meaning in your day-to-day job, or just want to be inspired by a story of true courage, He Leadeth Me will help you learn how to draw closer to God and accept whatever he sends to you, no matter what the circumstance. Gilmore learned that his words had been set to music by William Bradbury. Going into their chapel… I picked up a hymnal to see what they were singing, and opened it at my own hymn, He Leadeth Me.

As a lifelong member of the Army, she has loved these familiar - and some less familiar - songs for many years, and enjoys researching and writing about their origins. She is a wife, mother, grandmother and retired elementary school teacher who likes trying her hand at watercolour painting and poetry writing, as well as volunteering at a local school. Click To Tweet He leadeth me! You might also like About Us As a Bible believing Christian Church, we are called by God to connect people to Jesus Christ and to each other through worship, fellowship and service in our community.