One Summer in Tuscany

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The two week course includes tuition from author Jeremy Bullen and features sightseeing trips into Rome and Florence as well as the chance to explore the local landscape. For the guests it is a chance to hone their writing skills and to have their writing critiqued by a well-known author however for Patricia, facing the worry of bankruptcy, it is make or break time for her business. If the idea of a writing retreat sounds inviting, the diverse mix of guests and the conflict of personalities could scupper the chance of a relaxing time. Not everybody gets along, alliances are formed, and there are hopes of romantic attachments.

He was once and it was only the once! This is a very easy read and that is meant as a compliment. It is written with a lighter touch however as the story progresses, we learn more about the lives of the characters and their hopes and dreams and there are a few surprises along the way. For my own personal tastes I would have liked to have seen a little more depth to the characters but it was still very enjoyable.

The descriptions of the surrounding landscape and countryside are captivating whilst the food prepared by Aldo the chef will make your mouth water. Over the course of the 2 weeks, the guests spent their time sightseeing, relaxing by the pool, eating and sleeping during the hot afternoons. Some will realise that their dream of publication is just that, a dream, whilst others will have had a life changing experience. One Summer in Tuscany would make for a perfect summery read, with a glass of something chilled at hand!

View all 3 comments. Jul 13, Trish at Between My Lines rated it really liked it Shelves: chick-lit , contemporary , reviews-done. Loved it. Jan 25, Kate Yates rated it really liked it. I shall read more of her books when I need something lighter - this was a great anti-dote to Dorian Gray which I didn't bother to finish! Jun 29, Linda Hill rated it really liked it.

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With the threat of bankruptcy over her head, Patricia really needs an injection of cash. Maybe one of her summer school guests can provide the answer? Oh my goodness I enjoyed One Summer in Tuscany. What I really loved was the whole writing conceit. I enjoyed the pieces coming from the participants in the course that enabled me to see more of their characters and the whole idea of a writing retreat which transported me to the beautiful Italian countryside. I could so easily picture myself there as one of the less talented writers! And speaking of Aldo — what a wonderful creation.

I thoroughly enjoyed One Summer in Tuscany. Oct 07, Kacey Kells rated it liked it. Tuscany and its enrapturing beauty, the strange and sensual atmosphere of an old castle situated in the countryside, nearby Siena, and bright idea!! The idea that led to this book is quite original, and I found it really interesting to read this story, to follow the aspir Tuscany and its enrapturing beauty, the strange and sensual atmosphere of an old castle situated in the countryside, nearby Siena, and bright idea!!

The idea that led to this book is quite original, and I found it really interesting to read this story, to follow the aspiring authors, to discover their failings, their somewhat naive enthusiasm, their fears… Yes, I really enjoyed the first chapters.

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  • Sadly, however, the story ends in a nonsensical way, as if the author felt rushed. Dec 30, Andrea Osborn-Evans added it. Found this book quite by chance and found it to be a great evocation of this most beautiful region of Italy. It reminded me of my Tuscany days. One day I will surprise my sister and pay her a much overdue visit View 1 comment. Jul 14, Sophie rated it really liked it. One Summer in Tuscany is perfect by-the-pool reading.

    It might not be a cheap retreat to get onto, but Patricia is still struggling to keep it afloat, as all the costs are racking up and the interest in the course is running low. She likes to keeps the number of One Summer in Tuscany is perfect by-the-pool reading.

    One Summer in Tuscany : Domenica De Rosa :

    She likes to keeps the number of writers small, so the writing is more productive, and the mentor can give them one-to-one sessions, but still, the writing retreat is under threat. When I started reading this book, I was thinking there were quite a lot of characters to keep up with and sometimes, in other books, I struggle to keep up with a lot of characters and find myself losing track of the story.

    One thing that I loved about the amount of characters in One Summer in Tuscany was that the author cleverly kept the reader engaged and in-the-know about each character and their personal lives. Then then were the postcards sent, and the snippets of their WIPs that we read. There are so many things the author does to keep the reader engaged with her characters, and not at any point did I feel there were too many, or that the book would have been better off without one of them.

    One Summer in Tuscany

    Each character is different and there were no cookie cutter characters. Though I liked most of them, my favourite was Mary. I felt like she was underestimated by the group. She loves to swim, but people write that off too because of her age. They expect her to be less interested, less talented, and yet she could have shown them all a thing or two. I felt like she got pushed aside quite a bit by other people in this book and would have loved to stand up for her as she had so much to give. I also loved the writing retreat format to One Summer in Tuscany. Though of course, like any good writing retreat, there is a beautiful location and plenty of food and alcohol to distract from the stresses of writing.


    Each chapter deploys a day on the writing retreat, and so the timeline is easy to follow. The book begins slowly in that we are getting to know the characters at the same time other people on the retreat are getting to know them but the characters do all blossom and their feelings develop and they face challenges which may or may not change the course of their lives forever. There was a lot to enjoy about this book. I found One Summer in Tuscany to be utterly fascinating, and from the very first chapter I was hooked and had no intention of putting it down.

    Obvious given the title I know, but it really is a brilliant book to read over the summer. It will have you dreaming of your own sun-kissed holiday, new adventures, new friendships and it will have you unable to resist the urge to check out some travel brochures looking for your next escape.

    Jul 01, Grass monster rated it really liked it. The Blurb : Love, rivalry, and writing in a Tuscan paradise. But, while the splendour of their surroundings never fails to wow the guests, huge maintenance bills and bad news from the bank The Blurb : Love, rivalry, and writing in a Tuscan paradise. My Thoughts : I have to start with saying about the front cover, its beautiful amd with a title of spending a summer in Tuscany, it will tempt anyone to pick it up and have a read. I enjoyed the concept around this story that seven inspiring writers go on a retreat in Tuscany, all different ages and all different personalities.

    As they get to know one another and delve into the charactors we are treated to a fortnight of sightseeing the Tuscan countryside, lazy days by the pool, lots of eating by Aldo the chef, who cooks up a storm of mouthwatering foods and just a general feel of being in a whole different world from their everyday lives.

    A summer spent poolside with a retired countess

    This is a lovely easy read that will transport you a million miles away. My only gripe with this was, I felt there was a lot of charactors to keep track of and at times I was confused as to who I was reading about and had to flip back a few pages. Here would of been a case of less is more.

    Bestselling Series

    But overall a great read. Jun 18, Catsbooksandcoffee rated it liked it. Domenica de Rosa har skrevet den perfekte sommerbog! Der var mange interessante karakterer, og i starten virkede de lige en grad for karikerede F Domenica de Rosa har skrevet den perfekte sommerbog! Der var mange interessante karakterer, og i starten virkede de lige en grad for karikerede Fabio? Kunne hun virkeligt ikke finde et andet navn? Nogen, der vil med til Toscana? Jul 11, Sally Coles rated it it was amazing.

    Patricia owns and 18th century home in the Tuscan hills but in order to make it pay she has to let rooms and run courses. This summer she is running a writing course for would be authors and has Jeremy, who once had a bestselling book, running it. Opening up her home is not easy for her as she struggles to make small talk and join in but she has good staff - especially Aldo the chef who's dishes will make your mouth water - and so she can keep in the background as much as possible.

    The course att Patricia owns and 18th century home in the Tuscan hills but in order to make it pay she has to let rooms and run courses. The course attendees are a very mixed bag - I loved Mary who is in her seventies and has spent 30 years writing a crime novel that she doesn't expect to publish but is happy to join in with everything The course also includes trips to Rome and Florence and a local vineyard and so you really get the true local flavour. A lovely book - great summer read - interesting set of characters and how they react to each other and definitely takes me back to some summer holidays in Tuscany!

    Jun 22, Tara rated it really liked it. A visit to Tuscany would be amazing in itself but heading to that region of Italy to attend a creative writing course? Well, that would be the dream. It reminded me of being on a rollercoaster where it builds and builds towards a dramatic and actually rather thrilling finish. The story is skilfully told and not only offers great insight into Italian life but also the creative writing process. Of course, the setting plays a hugely important role in the book and the vivid descriptions of not just the castello but the places they visit on different excursions really helped to bring the story to life.

    All the characters are well developed. There were some I liked more than others but the one I loved the most was Mary. Without spoiling anything it was fantastic to see a more mature character come into her own. One Summer in Tuscany has all of the ingredients of a great book: a good plot with enough mystery, interesting, well-written characters and good observations. Add in Italy and the food and this book is a winner.

    The perfect holiday read. Rivalries and romance in a Tuscan paradise. If only! Each of her seven aspiring authors arrives with the inevitable baggage alongside their unpublished manuscripts. As temperatures rise, the writers gossip, flirt and gently polish their prose by the pool. Powered by WordPress and the Graphene Theme. Spread the love. Follow Frost on Facebook. Return to top.