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Were these anti-communist social democrats really so naive as to believe that all the Congresses at luxury villas and five star hotels in Lake Como, Paris and Rome, all the expensive art exhibits and glossy magazines were simple acts of voluntary philanthropy? But even the most naive must have been aware that in all the Congresses and journals the target of criticism was "Soviet imperialism" and "Communist tyranny" and "leftist apologists of dictatorship" -- despite the fact that it was an open secret that the U.

The "indignation" and claims of "innocence" by many anti-communist left intellectuals after their membership in CIA cultural fronts was revealed must be taken with a large amount of cynical skepticism. One prominent journalist, Andrew Kopkind, wrote of a deep sense of moral disillusionment with the private foundation-funded CIA cultural fronts. Kopkind wrote. Everyone who went abroad for an American organization was, in one way or another, a witness to the theory that the world was torn between communism and democracy and anything in between was treason.

The illusion of dissent was maintained: the CIA supported socialist cold warriors, fascist cold warriors, black and white cold warriors. The catholicity and flexibility of the CIA operations were major advantages. But it was a sham pluralism and it was utterly corrupting" Ibid , pp. When a U. In the field of painting and theater the CIA worked with the FF to promote abstract expressionism against any artistic expression with a social content, providing funds and contacts for highly publicized exhibits in Europe and favorable reviews by "sponsored" journalists. The interlocking directorate between the CIA, the Ford Foundation and the New York Museum of Modern Art lead to a lavish promotion of "individualistic" art remote from the people -- and a vicious attack on European painters, writers and playwrights writing from a critical realist perspective.

The remaining issue is whether that relationship continues into the new Millenium after the exposures of the s? The FF made some superficial changes. They are more flexible in providing small grants to human rights groups and academic researchers who occasionally dissent from U. They are not as likely to recruit CIA operatives to head the organization. More significantly they are likely to collaborate more openly with the U. The FF has in some ways refined their style of collaboration with Washington's attempt to produce world cultural domination, but retained the substance of that policy.

In June , the URL of the site was included in the blacklist of spam of Spanish Wikipedia , what produced an intense internal debate in the encyclopedia. The fact was collected by some media [14] [15] [16] and debated in Wikimania after Richard Stallman said he didn't agree with the domain inclusion in that blacklist. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 3 December Retrieved 20 June Agencia EFE. Periodismo y crimen.

El caso Venezuela Archived from the original on Retrieved In the USA, at least 25 cities will participate in actions focusing upon the message to tell the truth, including species funerals, die-ins and street theatre involving giant puppets. We are in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, but the government has been pouring billions of dollars into fossil fuel infrastructure — more gas hubs, ports, coal mines and roads, while sadly neglecting and degrading the natural world.

In the UK — where Extinction Rebellion was born just five months ago before going global — people will be blocking around the clock four iconic strategic locations in central London, creating a festival atmosphere that focuses on the emergency and a vision for the future, as well as escalating the creative disruption across the capital day by day. Protests will highlight the links between our food system, land use, climate chaos and the ecological crisis.

Peasants contribute least to climate change and the ecological crisis, yet are at the frontline of its impacts while also holding many of the solutions, leading the struggle for food sovereignty, food security and agroecology.

Joe Arroyo - La Rebelion (Englis Lyrics/spanish translation)

People in Ghana will plant fruit and nut trees in public spaces in solidarity, while in central London one of the blockades will be dedicated to food security, with speakers from the Landworkers Alliance. Already, countless people and species are dying and it has only just begun.

We are heading for an apocalypse and unimaginable horrors the like of which have never been seen. They seem utterly divorced from the reality which the scientists warn is bearing down upon us and preoccupied with furthering the same aims and pursuits which have brought us to this head. If we are to save ourselves, then it is up to ordinary people to force them to change their ways. This our last best shot at survival. The success or failure of this Rebellion determines whether we all live or die. Even if the odds are stacked against us, we still have to try.

It is time to take a stand. As this is an emergency and decentralised movement we are aware there are other events and protests happening around the world that we do not yet know about! See you on the streets x. Beginning from the International Rebellion week we will start to make non-violent protests and activities. We will start by reading the declaration in the city centre, afterwards we will divide into groups and go to the Anatolian side of Istanbul. There, we will go to the sea side and hand out flyers and Halva — a Turkish dessert which is traditionally given to the people after funeral ceremonies.

With the theme of this demonstration being mourning, we will have a chance to chat with people about climate change and Extinction Rebellion. Also, we will paint the streets, put stickers and hang flags. The actions listed below are media focused events. Contact: Shere Khan on or sherkhansilver gmail. Contact: Rachael Andrews on RachaelAndrews protonmail. In Australia, we are in the midst of a national election campaign. We will be calling on election candidates to declare a climate and ecological emergency. To underline our determination to achieve a declaration from the incoming government, we will be supporting rebels in London by risking arrest to blockade a major road during the morning peak.

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  • Rebelion de la Granja (Spanish Edition)?

The road is a massive traffic sewer funneling cars into the city from suburbs with poor public transport options. At the site of our blockade there is a major bike path. We will be opening a path across the traffic to allow cyclists a faster than usual trip into town. This event is not advertised on Facebook as only rebels who have undertaken Non-Violent Direct Action training are invited.

As the event unfolds updates will be available from:. Our aim? To confront our government and demand emergency action on climate change. Our earth is dying. We will not stand by and let this unfold. We invite all who value an inhabitable planet to collaborate with us in this peaceful, but distinctly disruptive and visible action.

Our intention is to create an atmosphere of heartfelt and festive defiance, replete with music and art spaces, skill-sharing and symbolic seed-planting for the future we hope to safeguard. Families are welcome. We will migrate to the nearby Treasury Gardens if our numbers require more space. Designated conscientious protectors will be keeping vigil in shifts throughout the night. We will provide a briefing for all participants upon arrival and provide you with a wristband to signify your participation and help keep us safe as a group. Banner parade slowing traffic in the centre of town.

Rebels will slowly parade with large and colourful banners, temporarily blocking traffic at major intersections. From there we will walk through the city with our banners, heading to the intersection of Adelaide St and Edward St. There we will spread awareness of the existential threat of climate change with flyers and the like. Further actions will follow in the Week of Rebellion.

All are invited. Conflict is not expected but all coming are asked to adhere to non violent behavior at the destination. Rebels will bring noisemakers drums, sound systems, guitars, megaphones and wear colourful clothing. Action for Future Generations. This action will focus on telling the truth about climate change and how it will affect future generations if we do not take emergency level action now.

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Participants with gather at They will meet other rebels, participate in a briefing and rehearsal, and then set off to speak our truth at Rundle Mall at 2pm. Rebels, of every age and stage, will prepare a few short sentences about their love and concerns for future generations. Between the 19th April — 19th May, grassroots groups, artists, musicians and skill sharers from across the continent are converging on Central Queensland for a month of direct action, training, workshops and secret shows from some big name musicians in opposition to the dangerous Adani Carmichael coal mine.

Join us at BlockadeAdani, to take action against the fossil fuel barons whose corrupting political influence is driving us deeper into a climate emergency. We must keep all Galilee Basin thermal coal in the ground and rapidly phase out domestic use and export of fossil fuels. Come and be a part of the fight for survival.

Rebelion en la granja (Spanish Edition)

Likely hundreds will march to the CBC and Chronicle Herald to follow up on our demand that their editorial boards treat the climate crisis as an existential emergency. Meteor deniers would get no voice. They must start covering the climate crisis as a real existential threat. They also plan to spend hundreds of millions to extend coal plants into the s. The IPCC report has been out for months, but they have yet to acknowledge the crisis and change course.

Rebelion Tricontinental: Voces de los condenados de la tierra de Asia, Africa y America Latina

Extinction Rebellion Quebec will kick off its rebellion week by inviting the premier, Mr. Francois Legault, to a school of life. Conveniently, the school of life will be hosted right in front of his Montreal office, on McGill College and Sherbrooke. Climate action is now a matter of life and death. Yet, on the dawn of the 6th mass extinction, Mr. Legault wants to hear nothing of it. Since he will neither educate himself on the matter, nor alert the Quebec population, we have decided to do it for him. Over the course of the week, we will evaluate his performance at the school of life and communicate his result, loudly.

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Details to come…. Reclaim the CBC Vancouver! An action at the CBC offices to demand among other things.. Details: Planning a Climate Camp inspired by the German climate movement. Art making party Press-preparation. Community cooked meal! Camp fire? Details: We are Extinction Rebellion, and we declare that when our children call us to action, we will answer! Join us on April 15th to rise up for a living future.

We will not gather to beg our leaders to care. We will gather to declare that change is coming, whether our governments like it or not. So come out on April 15th as we raise our voices, our trumpets and cookware, bike bells, and boomboxes with the truth on our lips! Come dressed as a zombie or an extinct animal. Details: Come by the upcoming City Council Meeting to make some comments on why climate change, mass extinction and ecological emergency concern you and should concern and move them too.

Our government needs to tell the whole truth about what is happening. We invite you to bring signs, your spirits and your resilience for a rally close to the Capitol. Look for more details in the coming days of our exact meeting location. In solidarity, Extinction Rebellion Sacramento.

Details: Join us for the 31st annual instalment of The Climate Games! Will the forces of Greed and Capitalism maintain their 30 year winning streak? Or will underdog Team Earth finally claim victory? Their headquarters might even shut down to help celebrate the event! All attendees will have an opportunity to join Team Earth or Team Greed. Take a half day off work, call in sick, do whatever you need to do to be there. The Climate Games are part of the International Week of Rebellion taking place in more than 33 countries around the globe, and dozens of cities in the United States.

La Montaña: espacio de rebelión, fe y conquista

Humanity is now confronting the climate crisis like never before. Atlanta, TBA. Details: At we will be meeting outside the Denver City and County Building before attending the monthly general public comment session and declaring our rebellion! Note that anyone can sign up to be a speaker at this event. See the link below where you can register on Friday noon for a speaking slot during the comment session. If you do grab a slot, fb messenger or email xrDenver protonmail.

Besides declaring our rebellion, we will have a disruption… Hope to see you there! Wednesday April 17 : Funeral for the Earth.