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Even though he wished to continue the fight, his father, Hierarch Martialsky told him to surrender. At first, Long Tianming tried to disqualify Nie Li from competing for being late, but the Hierarchs refused. Then he claimed that Nie Li was cheating by bringing out a hundred Sky Origin Divine Clan members, when that didn't work either he accused Nie Li of being backed by the demon clans. When Long Tianming still refused to accepts his loss, Hierarch Linglong revoked his positions and status then sentenced him to ten months house arrest.

He also sealed the gates to the sect and rooted out enemy spies. Now that Nie Li had been chosen by his father, Situ Beiyan decided to completely supported Nie Li as the new sect master and was one of his elite followers. He was there when Nie Li announced that the sect would be closed for five years as everyone focused on raising their cultivation. Only attacking the Demon God Sect after they had built up overwhelming power. Because of his status as the son of the previous sect master he had a good chance at the position, however he was suddenly assassinated by Long Tianming before he got the chance.

Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Categories :. Divine Feathers Sect Disciple. Spiritualist Rank. Dao of Dragon. Celestial Blood Dragon. Make Me take place immediately following the events of Fang Me. Val must hide her loss of powers to rogue vampires, or it could be death sentence. Val is also still stuck in a contract with the New Blood Movement vampires and Alejandro, their area leader.

Alejand The Demon Underground series has been a consecutive series of events since the beginning. Alejandro wants Val to go to Austin to find out what is going on with the government and the delay in announcing the existence of the supernaturals.

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When in Austin, Val discovers the delay is caused by attacks that are believed to be done by a mythical creature the chupacabra. Fast, easy and entertaining. I really enjoy this series but I do find there is disconnect at times with the characters becoming, in my best terms, shallow. That being said, I wanted to jump right into Dare me to find out what happens next.

In the end, Make Me was between a like and really like for me. This is my honest and voluntary review. Make Me published April 20, Reviewed for Oct 15, Jessie Ageless Pages Reviews rated it it was ok Shelves: reviews , reviewed , supernatural-fiction , netgalley-arc , sequel-syndrome-strikes-again , what-up-anthropomorphization , arc , reads , ya-fiction , series-completed.

My overall enjoyment with this series has severely decreased with each subsequent volume, and Make Me is no exception. Many of the previously mostly enjoyable characters change drastically for no or a supremely stupid reason Val, Shade, especially, come to mind , the pacing is off very noticeable and distracting in the first and last segments , the uneven POV shifts from first person to third person omniscient, certain elements feel shoe-horned in and pretty deux-ex-machina-y view spoiler [the Super Succubus thing hide spoiler ] , and I was bored. A lot. Initially a charming if somewhat formulaic series about a teenage vampire Slayer, the Demon Underground series has grown bloated and boring.

This is one of the novels I've gone back and forth on rating - from a 2 to a 1, finally meeting in the middle at 1. There was literally nothing about this fourth foray into Val Shapiro's life that I enjoyed. I hate not loving books I expect to enjoy. The first three Bite Me , Try Me , Fang Me were never the most original or innovative of the young-adult paranormal genre, but they were snarky and often funny, with a strong and decisive protagonist.

The reads of the the first three sped be on the strength of Val, her inner monologue and Fang, the talking mind-reading hellhound. Now, that previously strong girl has morphed into a whiny, annoying and often harebrained version of the girl who used to be Val Shapiro. A love triangle and stupid assumptions mar a lot of what good Val does bring to the table; I won't deny I still like reading about can-do girls who can defend themselves, but I wish so much time hadn't been spent on melodrama and boy troubles. I had issues with the style and presentation of the novel and its plot from the beginning.

Ones I don't recall having with the previous three, which either means this seriees is somewhat forgettable true or that something has changed, or I've just outgrown these particular books entirely possible. For one thing, I hate hate hate when authors jump between first and third POVs for character narration. It's weird to be in the head of Val and then in the next chapter, be jerked to distantly viewing Micah and his subplot.

It just doesn't work; it causes a problem in my reading and in also how I relate to and invest in the characters involved. I don't care what one the author chooses, but it should be one and it should be used for the entirety of the novel. Sure there are some authors and characters that could pull off the dichotomy, but Val and Parker Blue are not among them.

I'm not even going to go into the myriad other problems I had with this book because I'm underwhelmed, disappointed and frustrated. I'm done. All I can really say is that I won't be reading the inevitable fifth addition to this series. May 03, Susan Angela Wallace rated it it was amazing.

Make me by Parker Blue. Val Shapiro is a succubas lust demon. She has lost her strength and speed. She is desperate to keep this a secret. Fantastic read with brilliant characters. Loved val and fang. Love this series. Can't wait for next part. Netgalley and belle bridge books. Jul 13, Shelley rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley-arc , releases. In fact, the entire series so far has been told over a period of a few months. Valentine Val Shapiro has lost her slayer powers. Val is part Succubus which she tends to call Lola.

Lola is the only thing standing in the way of Val being killed outright. Val remains under contract to the New Blood Movement and Alejandro until they come out into the open and announce that they exist. This crew includes Austin, who has been trying to teach Val how to fight off vampires. Val is also the current Keeper of the Encyclopedia Magicka. What Val does know from Jack, is that she needs to be careful using the books or she could permanently lose her Succubus powers as well. While in Austin, Val and crew discover that someone is creating rogue demon vampires.

Overall, while I still enjoy Val, she came across like a teenager with major angst in her life. With the surprise ending to this book, one can only hope that there will be a book 5 in this series to tie up several of the storylines once and for-all. Expected publication: April 30 by Bell Bridge Books Oct 09, Ferdy rated it liked it. Val was more or less likeable bar her tendency to let people walk all over her.

It's irritating that she gets pushed in to doing things she doesn't want, she rarely has control over her own life — which makes for very frustrating reading. This time around, Alejandro and his vampires force her into going to Austin with them to investigate a bunc 2. This time around, Alejandro and his vampires force her into going to Austin with them to investigate a bunch of missing vampires. She then later gets cornered in to finding out what happened to a bunch of missing demons. Val for some reason doesn't protest putting her life in danger and taking on everyone else's BS - what she should have done was tell everyone to fuck off, especially her boyfriend, Shade.

Shade turned in to a right bastard, he blamed Val for everything that happened to him when it was all his own fault. And stupid Val felt guilty even though it was Shade that was in the wrong. If he hadn't demanded to go with Val to Austin then he would never have been controlled by the bad guy, Dina - but because he was irrationally jealous of her spending time with Austin the vampire he forced her to let him go. And because of his ego, he later made the decision to stay with Dina the succubus, knowing that Dina could end up controlling him. Val begged him not to stay with Dina yet he still turned around and said it was Val's fault that he ended up being controlled by crazy Dina.

Shade was also pissed that Val didn't save him when she didn't even know he needed saving and then he went and got pissed when she did save him because it made him feel less of a man… what a fucker. He was so pathetic and unmanly blaming Val when he was at fault.

Should Reliabilists Be Worried About Demon Worlds?

I thought her last love interest, Dan, was awful but Shade was ten times worse. I'll be pissed if Val takes responsibility for Shade's mistakes and begs him for another chance when it should be the other way around. I hate that Val is such a doormat and always feels responsible for everyone. She really needs to get a backbone and stop letting people treat her like shit. Her family are vile - throwing her out, treating her like dirt - but does she have a go at them? No, she thinks she deserved all the shit they threw at her - Val needs to tell them and Shade to piss off.

Val's interactions with Austin were pretty great, he's a far better love interest than Shade. A quick, easy and somewhat entertaining read. It would have been more enjoyable if Val found her spine and didn't let everyone control her all the time. The side characters - Fang, Austin, Jack and Gwen were all decent enough. Apr 18, Suzanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: vampires , demons , favourites Spoilers for previous books. Absolutely amazing. I am in love with this series. I think they are getting better every book. Gwen and Micah get kidnapped by a mage demon.

And the ransom he requires, is the Encyclopedia Magicka. A book that is kind of like a witches book of shadows but this one is written by witches and is extremely dangerous in the wrong hands, mainly, the hands of a mage demon. So Val needs to find a way to free Gwen and Micah without handing over the books.


On top of this, Val al Spoilers for previous books. On top of this, Val also has to help the vampires find the chupacabras goat suckers who are killing animals all over the city of Austin before the vampires of the New Blood Movement can make themselves known to the public and Val can be released from her contract with them. And to top it all, she had to leave her boyfriend Shade in the hands of another succubus, Dina, the leader of the Demon Underground in Austin, who wants him, a lot. Again, this was a fantastic story filled with action and suspense.

It is fast paced and flows along really well. Another one that I just couldn't put out of my hands for very long without the lure of it calling me back. Val is her usual awesome self, but this time she's accompanied by Austin, a sexy cowboy vampire, who helps to protect her since she's lost her kick ass powers by cashing in her "v" card. Jack, the previous keeper of the Encyclopedia Magicka is along for the ride too to try to help her, as the new keeper, to use the books and get her powers back from them.

Dan also returns to the fray in this book to help rescue his sister, Gwen. We also meet a couple of new characters who help out along the way, David, another incubus and Pia, a siren. Again, I cannot recommend this series enough. If it sounds like something you think you might be interested in, you need to read it now and wallow in the awesomeness that is the Demon Underground series. So by now if you've read the series we all know what's going on with Val and the gang, so there is really no need for a recap.

If you're reading this and have never read the series, I highly recommend you reading it, it's very good, and captivating. Parker Blue has a made a fantastic world, that just sucks you right in, and with each book you just want more. In this book, Val and a few of the gang travel to Austin to help out with a situation out there. While out there, Val meets another succubus So by now if you've read the series we all know what's going on with Val and the gang, so there is really no need for a recap.

While out there, Val meets another succubus. Instantly she dislikes this succubus for a good reason, she has entralled Shade. And with her being neurotic as she is, she can't handle that. But she has to maintain herself because she has a duty to the Demon Underground, and to the Movement. During this book she also gets close to the charming, arrogant vampire Austin, haha no pun on the location either.

It's a great book, my only complain on this book and the one following this one, is that Val gets a little whiny about and over Shade. It gets a little unnerving and something I would expect from a character 16 years old and younger not someone who is years old. But other than that another phenomenal book. Apr 20, Vicci rated it it was amazing. I just finished the fourth book by Parker Blue. Make Me a preview from Netgalley. First I must say i love this series and I could not put Make Me down.


I really really great read. I have to say it is the best so far. I do not want to give away anything but you will laugh, scream and cry by the time you finsih this book. Best one Yet! I don't know how I will do waiting for the next book. Need it NOW! Please read this book! May 28, Aly rated it really liked it Shelves: netgalley. I was really excited to try this series and I have not tried this author yet. I was not disappointed! This series seems like a series I should read from the beginning just because the book was very good.

I think I may have to start from book one! I enjoyed the story line and the characters. Being my first book and starting in the middle of the series, the author helped fill me in and I didn't as lost as I thought I would. I think this series is definitely worth I read. Jul 21, Nicole rated it liked it. Pretty good, but I liked the first three books better. I guess that's what happens in life too, but it still stinks when people you think you know turn into a-holes all of a sudden.

I still like the series though because the books are fun, quick reads. Jun 24, Katie rated it it was amazing. It was awesome book, it was really hard to put it down. There was alot going on through out the book. Apr 30, Stephanie rated it really liked it. To enter complete the form below. US postal addresses only, 18 or older. No remuneration was exchanged and except as noted, all opinions are my own. But the encyclopediaexacts a price for every spell, making the job of guardian a tricky proposition.

The vampires and demons were hard to keep track of. In MAKE ME Val's word and her honor, has stuck between vampires and demons, nether group is all bad or all good, all right or all wrong. A desire for power is perhaps more corrupting than having it apparently. And, as per genre-norms all magick has its price and sacrifice. Even though Val is pretty young, she regularly deals with adults and ancient vampires on an equal footing, and she was even part of the police force.

Having lost her virginity, or her V-Card, Val's fighting and healing powers are drastically reduced. Her only real weapon now is her succubus' ability to ensnare men. She does have a set of magic books which will teach her what she needs to know in a magical situation: the right spell for the job. But for each one her succubus nature is reduced. And, she doesn't have an opportunity to hook up with her Shadow Demon boyfriend. At one point she has to feed of a vampire male-friend, Austin and in doing so reminds me of a young Anita Blake, it is the sexiest thing that happens in the book.

See a Problem?

The cover reflects this "return to innocence" with a Harry Potter vibe. But it's hard to have a story about a succubus without some mention of sexy so if you are totally dead set against it for your self or a young adult then, well, while this is extremely innocuous in this regard the subject does come up. There is the death of someone close to Val and I felt it was brushed over in an "it's sad but let's get back to business" way.

Of course if they don't more people will die. Most situations are resolved at the end. This is a fine continuation of the story and leaves room for the series to progress in several directions. Aug 11, Maghon Thomas rated it it was amazing Shelves: fantasy , young-adult , netgalley. You ever hear the saying, "some things are too good to be true"? Seriously, I really am a cr You ever hear the saying, "some things are too good to be true"?

Seriously, I really am a crazed over-zealous fan LOL : This will be my first "real, official, big" review, now that I have a blog and can talk all I want!!! This is book 4, so you may see some references to the first 3 books, but I will try NOT to put anything too bad in the spoiler part : The first few sentences of the first book had me screaming-seriously, as Val is kicked out by her STUPID mother on her 18th birthday. Her step dad and sister love her, but they are stuck in the middle, so they say nothing.

Val's luck continues to go to hell-pun intended : She finds out the truths about her "demon" heritage, and even finds out that there's a demon underground meant to help demons fit into the human population. She meets Micah who then becomes like a mentor to her. She also gets a job with the police on a special branch of supernatural watchers. Fang becomes her true side-kick, as he is a hellhound-terrier mix : I giggle at his image in my head! And along the way, she meets Shade-Shade is very, very swoonworthy!!

Ok, now that we've got the past established, let's get to this book, which is basically a all out mess for Val. She sacrificed the most important thing in her life to Shade only to have it continuously bit her in the Hot damn, I told you Val has terrible luck. But in this installment, pretty much everything you could think would happen, did, all for the worse.

She goes to Austin with the Vampires-as she is stuck in that damn contract- and ends up trying to help the vamps, the demons, AND the humans, as an Apocalypse would kill them too LOL I think all the truths she learns from this book will hurt the most, but will help her the most in the long run.

I really don't want to give away too much. The writing is like no other! I'm not sure just why I have grown attached to this series, or these characters, quite like I have, but I can tell you part of it is due directly to great writing! It's still considered a YA, although no actual sex, there are some slight undertones, so maybe the older teens. Get them all! I am now sad again that I have to wait for the next book to come out I shall have to re-read this a few times LOL!


Shelves: ebook , galley-for-review , net-galley. But the encyclopedia exacts a price for every spell, making the job of guardian a tricky proposit Book Info : Genre : Urban Fantasy Reading Level : Young Adult Disclosure : I received an eGalley of this title from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. Thank goodness - I just checked parkerblue.

Does that give you an idea of how much I love these books? An interesting note on the series as a whole — the entire series has taken place, so far, over the course of just a few months. The first book, Bite Me , started at her birthday, which was a bit before Samhain, and this latest book ends right after midnight on Christmas of the same year. Also, hellhound puppies on the way — yay! I highly recommend all these books to the folks who enjoy urban fantasy and paranormal fiction of all kinds.

Jul 02, Marsha rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: 18 years and older. This installment finds our heroine, Val Shapiro being forced to go to Austin, Texas with the vampire congregation led by Alejandro but not before she discovers that some of the demons have not been as protected from negative people in society and they want a change. She is reeling over her new duty as Keeper of the Magicka Encylopedia and hasn't even had a chance to begin her training when this trip comes up.

There is no way her boyfriend, Slade will allow her to go without following her. So, he follows but is told that he cannot stay with Val since she is on official business.

After arriving in Austin, it is discovered that the Vampires led by Lisette have three of their members missing and rumor is going around the city that there is a chupracabra goat sucker on the loose. Since one of the missing vamps is a man Austin sired he requests Val's assistance in locating him. She renegotiates her deal with the vamps to state that once she takes care of the chupacabra situation she is free from her contract. When Shade arrives in Austin, he decides to seek out the demon underground there.

It is headed up by a succubus, Dina and she seems to have a stranger that usual hold on the men. She demands that Val leave both the encyclopedia and Shade with her. She refuses to do both but Shade steps in and agrees to stay with Dina. Although she is not happy about it, Val leaves Shade and goes on the hunt.

Soon they discover two mentally wacked out vamps who turn out to be Austin's missing friend and one other of Lisette's men. They find the ashes of the third. The demons also seem to be missing two men as well. It is discovered that it was the wacked out vamps who were responsible for the animal deaths in the city but they cannot figure out why they were doing it. They are placed in the hospital to heal.

Meanwhile, there is a rogue demon named Amodaeus who kidnaps Val's roommate Gwen, Micah and Princess the pregnant hellhound. They are being held hostage for the books. Unfortunately, Val does not discover this until it is too late and it will have dire consequences for Gwen. This book really brought a lot of information to light.

The Demon Underground is not all it seems, Val's opinion of the vampires will need to undergo a change and her relationship with Shade will become at risk. Amidst all of this craziness, there is still the snarky humor with the hellhounds but my heart truly ached for all of the pain and responsibilities thrown upon the shoulders of Val.

This series just gets better and better. I do not know how long we will have to wait for the next book in the series; but, I can tell you I am at a loss to know what will happen next. Hopefully, we will get another installment before the end of the year. Oct 11, Kate McMurry rated it it was amazing Shelves: ya-fantasy , ya-thriller , young-adult-fantasy , ya-paranormal , young-adult-paranormal , vampire , magic , ya-urban-fantasy , young-adult-urban-fantasy , young-adult-thriller.

Book 4 in an exciting "New Adult" urban fantasy series with a "kick-ass" heroine In this fourth book in the Demon Underground, New Adult, urban fantasy series, "kick-ass" heroine, year-old Val Shapiro, is hiding a dangerous secret. After losing her virginity to her handsome, demon boyfriend, Shade, her slayer powers vanished. She had hoped that as the latest guardian of the Encyclopedia Magicka, these enormously powerful books would offer her new magical abilities to replace those she'd surren Book 4 in an exciting "New Adult" urban fantasy series with a "kick-ass" heroine In this fourth book in the Demon Underground, New Adult, urban fantasy series, "kick-ass" heroine, year-old Val Shapiro, is hiding a dangerous secret.

She had hoped that as the latest guardian of the Encyclopedia Magicka, these enormously powerful books would offer her new magical abilities to replace those she'd surrendered for love, but so far, that has not happened. These books take away more than they give, because there is a price to pay for using any spell they offer. While Val is still floundering without any magical resources to protect herself or anyone else, her roommate Gwen and her mentor Micah, the incubus leader of the San Antonio Demon Underground, are kidnapped by a rogue demon, who commands Val to surrender the Encyclopedia Magicka to him as the price for her friends' lives.

As Val contemplates the nightmare such an exchange would produce, the gorgeous, succubus leader of the Austin Demon Underground arrives, insisting that the deadly books be destroyed to prevent their falling into the wrong hands. She also employs her succubus powers to bind Shade to her, and a devastated Val can do nothing to prevent it.

Meanwhile, demons and vampires begin disappearing in San Antonio, and Val is torn between the needs of the vampire and demon communities. The vampires of the New Blood Movement demand that Val uphold her oath to work for them as they search for the perpetrator of these threats, but there is dangerous turmoil in the Demon Underground without Micah in charge. As if all that weren't enough, Val's best friend and sidekick, Fang the talking hellhound, chooses this moment to unaccountably betray her.

Val, as always, is a valiant, determined, very active protagonist, and she has plenty of exciting, scary problems to deal with in this latest action-filled installment of the Demon Underground series. Val inhabits a compelling, magical world, and I thoroughly enjoy reading about that world and experiencing the many intriguing subcharacters inhabiting it. Poor Val can't ever seem to catch a break in the romance department, but since this is not a series that focuses a great deal of attention on romance as an end in and of itself, I won't downgrade my score for this novel for not delivering a strong paranormal-romance subplot.

Instead, I am giving it a high score for a great deal of success in its main focus: relentless warrior, Val, giving her all to the goal of defeating scary villains against impossible odds. Disclosure: I received a review copy of this book through Net Galley. I started reading the Demon Underground series two years ago and fell in love Val, a kick-ass vampire slayer. No,Val is not another Buffy. Make Me is the fourth book in this series and I have to say this one broke my heart for Val and Shade's relationship, but I'll get more into that later in my review.

The heroine, Valentine Shapiro Val , who is one-eigh I started reading the Demon Underground series two years ago and fell in love Val, a kick-ass vampire slayer. The heroine, Valentine Shapiro Val , who is one-eighth succubus, has a lust demon counterpart who she calls Lola.

Parker Blue has also created an incredibly amazing world with demons, vampires, humans and magic. Val's character is absolutely fantastic. She's a tough girl with a sarcastic attitude who works with the good demons, vampires and humans to take out the rogue demons and vampires. Val feels like she's in over her head this time, trying to help save the San Antonio demon underground, and the vampire leader Alejendro, from the mege demon named Asmodeus, who's after The Encyclopedia Magicka books of spells.

Val thought she had enough on her plate with all this going on, until Dina, the leader of the Austin demon underground who's also a succubus who wants more than her fair share of power, sets her lusty eyes on Shade. Val just has no luck in romance. Dan, who she had feelings for in the first book Bite Me, dumped her. But this was okay with me, because with Dan being human, it was clear he was the wrong guy, but I still thought he was a jerk for the way he did it. When Shade declared his feelings for Val, I was like, Yes, yes!

And when Val and Shade finally got together, I was swoon happy for these two. Parker Blue proved me wrong with my happily ever after for Val and Shade, but I didn't think Blue would rip my heart out and make me want to seriously dislike Shade for the way he treats Val.

Yep, Blue turned my gorgeous, sweet guy Shade into a big jerk, because I can't see how all this falls on Val to take the blame. Make Me is a big turning point with a lot of changes in Val's life, and her responsibly to the underground and her romance with Shade.

Parker Blue has won my heart for the Underground series. I can't wait to see if she wins my heart back for Shade. Though there's still Austin, the vampire who I also have a soft spot in my heart for hint, hint. I recommend Make Me and the Demon Underground series as a fantastic read with a strong heroine that you will love. Do I look like a blond cheerleader with questionable taste in men?

May 16, Stina rated it it was amazing Shelves: urban-paranormal , urban-fantasy , vamp-were , angels-demons. While it took me a little longer to get into this book than the others, I felt like it was one of the best ones in the series overall. The change to switching between Val and Micah's view points was interesting, necessary at times, and very well done.

I always enjoy hearing more from Micah. Before Val can even focus on the holidays, she is kidnapped with the assistance of fang, by demons who have a bone to pick with Micah and want to use her as a catalyst and leverage. After getting out of the situ While it took me a little longer to get into this book than the others, I felt like it was one of the best ones in the series overall. After getting out of the situation, Val immediately has to run off to Austin with Alejandro and crew.

Val has to figure out how to use the encyclopedia magicka, protect kidnapped friends, and find the culprit responsible for the rash of chupacabra attacks that are responsible to multiple animal, vamp, and demon deaths around the city of Austin. Alejandro wisks Val off to Austin to met the local New Movement Head there to discuss the legislation that should assist the vamps in coming out of the coffin.

What they find when they get there is a series of attacks that keep the politicians backing them from wanting any of the negative attention drawn on them of the vamps. Val agrees to try to discover what the chupacabra is and find the missing vamps in exchange for Alejandro releasing her from her contract upon completion. Multiple relationships and people around Val change drastically due to the events that take place in Austin. I mean Shade insisted on going when he wasn't invited, and insisted on staying at the Austin DU with Dina even though Val protested.

For him to shove her away because she left him is partially understandable, but mostly ridiculous. It was his choice, his fault, stop blaming everyone else. Also where did his "We help each other, its what the DU is for" attitude go? Val saved him multiple times and suddenly helping each other isn't cool. Also I loved Jack and now Poor Gwen. Although Micah seems to like her That would be cute!

Even if she doesn't want the job.