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Mr Graham and Mr Zook trawled the geoweb for references to 18 words in several languages. Much of the content embedded in digital maps is still patchy. Driving directions are sometimes eccentric; suggestions for public transport can be unreliable; trying to learn about the Massachusetts State House in Boston when your phone insists you are across the river in Cambridge is plain annoying. But the systems are improving fast. And a digital map, especially one in three dimensions, is great fun to explore.

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A good one can also be extremely useful. People want the best maps to guide them when they drive or when they are looking for things to do or buy. And the more people that use the maps, the more valuable they get as millions of bits of data are gathered and fed back in. One is wholesale supply, where Nokia is the leader. Recently the company concluded a deal with Amazon for the Kindle Fire tablet. And four out of five cars with in-vehicle navigation systems use its maps. In the other three areas Google is top dog. In China and Russia, Yandex and Baidu, the biggest search companies in those countries, rule the roost.

Google has also dominated the maps used on mobile devices.

And the least feminist nation in the world is... Denmark?

The huge costs of creating a good map are a big barrier to entry. Google, which entered the fray only eight years ago, was bold enough to surmount it. Apple hopes to do the same. This year Apple, which has bought three mapping companies since , decided to go its own way. The company has licensed data from TomTom, a Dutch navigation-systems firm.

Yelp has, by and large, many more and more up-to-date reviews than Google, although outside the United States its coverage is much thinner than at home.

Tell me the truth.

Not only were they much less detailed, but they contained a number of errors—such as marking an Irish farm called Airfield as an airport and depositing Leknes, a Norwegian town, about a mile out to sea. Some cities could be viewed in 3D, but certain structures were distorted though some, such as the Brooklyn Bridge, were soon fixed. In effect, in breaking with Google and giving iPhone users worse maps than before, Apple has gambled on three things.

Second, that it will be able to improve fast. After all, people do not buy smartphones for the maps alone, and queues for the iPhone 5 were every bit as long as for previous incarnations of the revered device. But Apple has more catching-up to do than it expected. In a market where brands can rise and fall fast, it may also have less time than it thought. Join them. Subscribe to The Economist today. Media Audio edition Economist Films Podcasts. New to The Economist?

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Economist Films. The Economist apps. More up icon. Special report: A sense of place Maps The world in your pocket Mapmakers are competing for your smartphone. Hopefully these reads give you perspective, inspiration, and something good to put in your Pocket. Posted in Sunday Reading Ritual. We believe that stories can bring us power, insight, perspective—and can be a source of inspiration. Here are four stories that celebrate and reflect on the progress that women are making in America.

Three Michelin Stars! Coretta Scott King was more than the wife of legendary Dr. Martin Luther King. This story reminds the world that Mrs. King had her own beautiful and independent story and made a deep contribution to U. In the mids, a new form of comedy was introduced thanks to a woman who thought outside the box.

Learn about the fascinating roots of improv comedy and a woman named Viola Spolin, the founder of modern improv.

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Before she became a hero to feminists, Ruth Bader Ginsburg had to overcome their distrust. Learn more about the path of the second female U. Supreme Court Justice. We hope you save these stories and share them with others this month. If you are someone who likes to keep a permanent archive of stories like these, get Pocket Premium and never lose an article—even if a link moves goes offline in the future.

A good trip can be transformative, shifting the way we think about the world and our place in it and making us more open to new people and experiences. It can also be restorative, breaking up the routine of day-to-day life and giving us a chance to relax and recharge. Sometimes how we get there is just as important as where we go. So whether your idea of paradise is sailing off to a sun-soaked beach, taking a long journey by rail, or jetting off to a bustling foreign capital, here are a few great reads to get you thinking about your next getaway.

The perks that frequent fliers get from achieving airline elite status are real: special airport entrances, roomier seats, free drinks. But the lengths travelers go to to maintain their status are sometimes completely out of proportion to the benefits. Right on track Margarita Gokun Silver, Aeon. In our fast-paced world, when the other side of the world is just a plane ride away, there remains something thrilling about traveling by train.

The dizzying story of Symphony of the Seas, the largest and most ambitious cruise ship ever built Oliver Franklin-Wallis, Wired. Cruises used to have a reputation for bad food, cramped rooms, and retirees playing shuffleboard. No longer. And the entertainment arms-race is just getting started. One thing Liam Heneghan noticed over the years of bringing his students to Ireland for the first time is that they pay rapt attention to the little things.

This heightened and delighted attention to the ordinary, which manifests in someone new to a place, does not seem to have a name. So he created one. One of the wonderful things about Pocket is we are able to go with you anywhere, anytime. Tweet to us and tell us, if you could go anywhere in the world to read your Pocket, where would it be? Who remembers heading to the local video store to pick up a new-release video and grabbing a pizza on the way home?

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How about crowding into a theater for opening night? Netflix is a notoriously data-driven company. Save this list to Pocket so you can track down and watch all of these fantastic movies. A good movie soundtrack pulls you in and never lets you forget. In honor of the Oscars and all things movies and entertainment, Pitchfork has compiled a guide to the best movie soundtracks. Plus, learn about music supervisors, the masterminds behind the tunes that define modern filmmaking.

If you need to get your beauty rest for an Oscar Party tonight, save every one of these articles to Pocket. But just where do memes come from and what do they tell us about how we communicate online today? Why have they morphed far beyond their goofy origins to become a tool of both protest and political disinformation? This Sunday, dive into these three smart reads on the impact of memes on our modern online lives. Meet Maggie Goldenberger, who helplessly watched an Internet meme spawn from her awkward adolescent photo.

What happens when you unknowingly go viral — and how do you continue to own your story, in real life? A group of anonymous keyboard commandos swarmed the internet for Donald Trump in the run-up to the election, helping memes from obscure message boards cross over into the mainstream. Their success could change how political campaigns target and influence voters.

You can also recommend great reads to those who follow you on Pocket. Have you made progress on a resolution or goal for ? Behavior change can be hard. But fear not: This Sunday, Pocket is here to support you. Jumpstart your progress with three great reads that reveal the underpinnings of procrastination, provide new ways of thinking that can propel you forward, and help you look at a challenge in an entirely new way. Sound refreshing?

Put these articles in your Pocket and charge into February with a whole new perspective. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit. See if the steps and approaches he offers work for you. We can look and feel busy, while artfully avoiding the tasks that really matter. We may be programmed to procrastinate, but rest assured, there are solutions. Mental models are thinking tools that can help us make decisions and solve problems.

James Clear shows how you can use a mental model called inversion to upend your normal patterns of thought in order to see a situation from a whole new angle, and possibly take a different action as a result. At Pocket, we aim to reveal and share great writing and thinking from across the web, so that you can benefit from it too.

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For the next 2, years, no one had a good answer. Deep sleep is the most regenerative stage of sleep, which might help us consolidate our memories and form our personalities.