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The president came to the Capitol as a victorious commander, staking claims to large swathes of American political territory. But the public did not hand him complete victory. A majority of states have Republican governors, and partly through gerrymandering and partly through more organic quirks of electoral geography , Republicans have a lock on the House of Representatives.

It was a powerful speech, but how this ends well, I struggle to see. Photo credit: AFP. That kind of skill would be handy for Mr. Monti, who after years as a professor and a European Commissioner is making his debut as a campaigner. But the real interesting thing about Mr. Axelrod is that he is known as a street fighter. Well, Mr. Monti, who usually speaks about the balance of payments and the machinery of the European Union, ripped into Angelino Alfano, the putative candidate for premier for the People of Freedom party headed by Silvio Berlusconi , using atypically aggressive sarcasm.

That kind of pivot looks inevitable given that polls show that Mr. Berlusconi is clambering back from near oblivion while Mr. The risk is he goes too far. For a while, that was the game plan — in fact, Mr. Monti needed Mr. Bersani in need of a new coalition partner. Monti recruited aboard will not be enough to form a stable government. ROME — At the tender age of 12, Pier Luigi Bersani led his fellow altar boys in a strike against their parish priest to win back tips from Easter services. Beppe Grillo is a controversial Italian comedian shaking up Italian politics. Here's his backstory.

With a bigger borrowing burden than any of its neighbors save near-bankrupt Greece, Italy remains one of the biggest wild cards in the long-term viability of the euro. While serving in left-leaning cabinets in the s and s, the cigar-chomping year-old surfaced as a powerful advocate of reforms considered key to modernizing the business climate in long-stagnate Italy. He has nevertheless raised eyebrows with investors by striking a coalition deal with more strident leftists as well as for openly suggesting he would move to fine-tune, if not overhaul, at least some of the budget-cutting measures pushed through last year.

Such changes, he has said, would include higher taxes on the rich to lessen the burden on the poor. In an extensive interview this month with The Washington Post, he additionally suggested that, if elected, he would push to renegotiate strict European limits on budget deficits and debt in a bid to simulate growth. Yet Berlusconi, who represents the center-right, has proven a far more outspoken critic of new taxes and spending cuts than Bersani. Even interim Prime Minister Monti — the fiscally tough technocrat chosen by Parliament to replace Berlusconi who is seeking a full term — has recently said some of his own measures went too far while others did not go far enough, suggesting any winner here would tinker with the formula that allowed Italy to escape financial collapse last year.

Jan 12th from the print edition. By Lucy Hughes-Hallett. Buy from Amazon. Lucy Hughes-Hallett, a British biographer and critic, in a deeply evocative new biography, suggests probably not. There is too much blood on his hands both from the first world war and from the 15 bizarre months in when he was the charismatic duce of a rogue state in the Adriatic port of Fiume now Rijeka in Croatia. And yet there is greatness in the man.

During the great war, on which he had so influentially preached to his countrymen, he was capable of acts of heroism and even chivalry, as the author herself admits. So wherein lies the problem? His life, his dress, his lovemaking, his going to war—everything was so minutely stage-managed with an eye to how it would appear in the press or in the histories.

Although Ms Hughes-Hallett valiantly but ultimately without conviction teases out a few timorous examples to the contrary, it is almost impossible to believe in any spontaneous act of humility or empathy in the man. There are acts of beauty, but these are often sinister and his story serves largely to show the moral emptiness of pure aestheticism. At first, the audience applauded him act after act; but by the end it tired of the posturing.

Ms Hughes-Hallett evokes the edgy relationship between these two unaccommodating egos with particular adroitness. He was a writer, after all; a turbine of extraordinary creativity, an intense observer of the nuances of light, of faces, landscape, flowers, the gore of war and of every conceivable inflection of the sexual act. He exhausted himself with the sheer expenditure of energy, and then recharged his depleted resources with the thrill of his most remarkable passion: aviation. For him it was both sublime and superhuman. Flying theatrically, far above the unseemly mess of footsoldiery in the trenches, he could once again be the heroic protagonist.

It is not easy to make sense of the life of a man who was a silk-swathed aesthete, prophetic versifier, manic aviator and martial demagogue all in one. But in telling the story of his life, Ms Hughes-Hallett deftly unpicks the strands that compose and ultimately resolve these incongruities. Her style is rich, ironic and pugnacious; she jousts willingly with him and the reader becomes a spectator of this subtle and fascinating contest.

Jan 8th , by D. Yet this will change if a new way of assessing income, called redditometro, is a success.

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The system, which became law on January 4 th , aims to winkle out many of the large number of Italians who cheat on their annual income tax returns. The redditometro , which will first be used in March to examine income tax returns for , is best described as big government meets big data meaning large data bases and huge computing power.

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The approach is based on the sensible idea that in order to spend one needs an equivalent income. So if tax authorities can calculate how much a person has spent, they can tell how honest he was on his tax return. All residents have a unique tax number that they have to provide for a wide range of transactions, such as utilities contracts, home mortgages and insurance policies. It has divided Italy into five geographical areas and calculate the budget for eleven different family types, from a single under 35 years to a couple over 65 years.

Those who fail the test will be asked to justify their returns. Those who are unable to do so will be given the chance to cut a deal, meaning they will have to pay the evaded tax and a reduced penalty. Predictably, the redditometro has already proven controversial. Economists worry that it may have a dampening effect on Italy's already depressed economy. Others take issue with the fact that the system will look at tax returns that were filed three years ago. Yet others object to the use of national statistics and question the accuracy of average spending patterns.

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Most honest Italians, however, welcome the new weapon in the fight against tax evasion. But few are betting that tax authorities will advance smoothly to victory. Many expect the unhappy recipients of the authorities' attention to be impoverished pensioners and harassed housewives, rather than habitual tax dodgers. Jan 5th from the print edition. THE advantage of living to a very great age is that you tend to have the last word.

Rita Levi-Montalcini saw her scientific discoveries sniffed at throughout the s and s, only to win the Nobel prize for physiology in She conducted her early experiments in hiding, but rose to the pinnacle of Italian public life. Both were a matter of precision, of flair, and of insisting—sometimes loudly, sometimes in silence—on what she wanted. The battles raged right from the beginning, at the heart of her wealthy Jewish family in Turin. Quite against his wishes, she enrolled in medical school. On her graduation in she became an assistant to Giuseppe Levi, a histologist who taught her the technique of silver-staining nerve cells so that they could be seen more clearly under a microscope.

The fascists, however, had other plans for her, and in barred her from academia. Levi, barred too, now came to work for her in secret, their roles reversed. First there, and later in a safer house in the countryside where she would cycle round from farm to farm, collecting the necessary eggs , the pair worked on the problem she made her own: how nerves growing out from an embryonic spinal cord find the particular developing limbs they will innervate. In Viktor Hamburger, an embryologist at Washington University in St Louis, Missouri, had suggested that limb buds produce an attractive chemical signal.

Her own experiments, using scalpels made out of sewing needles, persuaded her that what the buds actually produce is a substance that stimulates nerve growth. Once the war was over, Hamburger noticed the clarity of her work; he invited her to St Louis to continue her experiments, and there she stayed, on and off, until her retirement in though she never really retired, snapping that it led to decay of the brain.

Eventually, in , she and Cohen shared the Nobel for their discoveries. She later showed that NGF is important in the immune system, launching a line of research that has since grown exponentially. From she began to divide her time between St Louis and Rome too much missed where she set up a laboratory. In both places, she worked ferociously. Five hours of sleep a night was quite enough. One meal a day, at lunchtime—soup, an orange—suited her fine.

Work kept her going. Her roller-coaster life had given her a high sense of drama, and she could tell a good story—too good, sometimes, for the plain-words world of science. When one neuroscientist toned down her description of their findings in a joint paper, she accused him of turning her beautiful prose into boiled spinach. He called her a cross between Marie Curie and Maria Callas. The dark side of the brain. With a mother and twin sister who were both painters, she, too, often thought like an artist.

She made intuitive, imaginative leaps which she then tested by experiment, rather than edging towards the truth in pigeon steps. Many of her papers she illustrated herself delighting to draw the haloes of nerve fibres growing out in orderly confidence from the ganglia of chicks ; she made her own clothes and designed her own jewellery.

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  7. Tiny and bird-like, with a beautiful coif of white or rinsed hair in old age, she wore high heels with her lab coat, and wielded her minute spatulas with exquisitely manicured hands. An ardent champion of scientific training for women she set up a foundation for it , she never married or had children. It was a girlhood decision she never regretted; she simply refused to play second fiddle, as her mother had. Nor did she care to stop. She actively supported the centre-left governments of Romano Prodi and enjoyed hobbling those of Silvio Berlusconi, especially when they proposed laws unhelpful to research.

    One of her great wishes was to bequeath to Italy a world-class institute for scientific research. EBRI later suffered from lack of money, and she was accused of acting like an autocrat over it; but she was swiftly forgiven, in Italy at least.


    In a Dance of the Seven Veils, Mr Monti, who has headed a non-party government since November , teasingly revealed his intentions. First, he announced he was ready to serve again as prime minister after the general election, which is likely to be held on February 28th. Then he launched a policy agenda. Finally he held talks with a cluster of like-minded centre-right groups.

    It was decided that they should form an alliance for the election to the Senate, but run independently—with as many as four sets of candidates—for the Chamber of Deputies. Adding to the potential for confusion in the minds of voters, Mr Monti ruled himself out of the election, but not the campaign. His name will feature on the logo of the parties that support his agenda, but he himself will not be a parliamentary candidate ostensibly because, as a life senator, he is already a member. It was not the most propitious start, especially since two of his best-known supporters decided to pull out of the race.

    Luca Cordero di Montezemolo, who heads NTV, a high-speed train operator, and Ferrari, a sports-car maker, feared charges of conflicts of interest. The party leading the polls is the centre-left Democratic Party PD , which has attracted scant attention since a primary election in December that saw its leader, Pier Luigi Bersani, chosen as its prime ministerial contender. On December 29th and 30th, the PD held another primary to select parliamentary candidates.

    The PD put the turnout at over 1m, a respectable tally for a vote limited to party members held just after Christmas. That would be enough to give the left a working majority in both houses of parliament. A clear-cut victory, even for the centre-left, should be welcome to the markets. Romano Prodi, who headed a centre-left government in , implemented an austerity programme that was largely responsible for winning Italy admission to the euro. The minister in charge of deregulation was Mr Bersani. Mr Bersani, a former Communist and lifelong politician, is further to the left.

    And it looks as if his party in parliament will also be tilted more in that direction. To secure the prime ministerial candidacy, Mr Bersani had to fight off a challenge from the moderate wing of the PD in the person of Matteo Renzi, the young mayor of Florence.

    But the results also furthered a much-needed rejuvenation of the PD that should help to erode its internal divisions. A year-old will top the list of its candidates in Lombardy, the region around Milan. Her counterpart in Palermo, also a woman, is aged Mr Berlusconi is in growing difficulties. His best hope of exerting influence after the election is in the Senate. For that he needs an alliance with the Northern League, which can deliver him seats in Lombardy and Veneto.

    Mr Monti poses an altogether more serious challenge to Mr Bersani. What scant polling evidence there is suggests he can rob votes from the PD. Paradoxically, it is the reassuring Mr Monti who is most likely to cause an unstable result in the form of a hung Senate. That, however, would enable Mr Monti to offer his services to Mr Bersani as a coalition partner and, just as importantly, a counter weight to the radical left.

    Comentarios 6. El dimisionario primer ministro italiano ha asegurado no entender a Berlusconi. El objetivo es llevar acabo "reformas" que creen "puestos de trabajo" , dijo. Angelique Chrisafis in Paris. The Guardian , Tuesday 1 January But it is uncertain when a new version of the tax will be introduced and whether it will be watered down. He added that the exceptional tax on France's wealthy would be "adjusted without changing its objective" but did not provide details of any new proposal.

    The president, who is at record unpopularity levels in the polls as he faces a grim year of further economic gloom in France, suffered a major personal blow over the weekend when France's highest court threw out his tax proposal. The temporary tax, which Hollande had described as an act of "morality" and "patriotism" by the wealthy, now faces a delay of at least a year, if not a mortal blow.

    The measure was rejected as unconstitutional on the basis of a technical issue, leaving France surprised that the government could have overlooked the fine detail of its flagship measure. The embarrassed government was attacked for amateurism by political opponents to the right and left of Hollande. But it had become a crucial political marker for Hollande in terms of his support on the left. Dropping the measure altogether would be seen as very damaging to his political credibility.

    Hollande also used his new year's address, a setpiece in French politics, to reiterate what he has called his "great battle for employment". He has promised to stem France's constant rise in joblessness and ensure the numbers start to drop by the end of This task now looks extremely difficult after France saw its 19th month of rising unemployment. The new year could soon see France breaking its own record of 3.

    Hollande said he did not underestimate the "serious difficulties" facing the government, admitting "this march forward has not been without bumps or setbacks" but insisting his reforms would get France "out of this crisis faster and stronger". Italy mourns loss of Jewish scientist who worked undercover under the fascists and won the Nobel prize for medicine in Associated Press in Rome.

    The Guardian , Sunday 30 December Rita Levi-Montalcini, a biologist who conducted underground research in defiance of fascist persecution and won a Nobel prize for helping to unlock the mysteries of the cell, has died at her home in Rome. She was The mayor of Rome, Gianni Alemanno, said her death was a great loss "for all of humanity", adding she represented "civic conscience, culture and the spirit of research of our time".

    Italy 's so-called Lady of the Cells was a Jew who lived through anti-Semitic discrimination and the Nazi invasion and became one of her country's leading scientists. She shared the Nobel prize for medicine in with US biochemist Stanley Cohen for groundbreaking research. In Italy made her a senator for life. Levi-Montalcini kept up an intensive work schedule well into old age.

    Her niece, Piera Levi-Montalcini, who is a city councillor in Turin, said: "A beacon of life is extinguished. At the age of 20 she overcame her father's objections to women studying and obtained a degree in medicine and surgery from Turin University in She studied under top anatomist Giuseppe Levi, whom she often credited for her own success.

    After graduating, she began working as a research assistant in neurobiology but lost her job in when Italy's Fascist regime passed laws barring Jews from universities and major professions. Her family decided to stay in Italy and, as the second world war neared, she set up a makeshift lab in her bedroom where she began studying the development of chicken embryos , which would later lead to her major discovery of mechanisms that regulate cell and organ growth. As eggs became scarce during the war, she cycled around the countryside to buy them from farmers.

    She was soon joined in her secret research by Levi, her university mentor, who was also Jewish and became her assistant. The German invasion of Italy in forced the family to flee to Florence and live underground. After the the city was liberated, Levi-Montalcini worked as a doctor at a refugee centre, and in she was invited to the US, where she remained for more than 20 years.

    During her research at Washington University in St Louis she discovered nerve growth factor, the first substance known to regulate cell growth. She showed that when tumours from mice were transplanted into chicken embryos they induced rapid growth of the embryonic nervous system.

    She concluded that the tumour released a factor promoting nerve growth that affected certain cell types. Her research increased the understanding of many conditions, including tumours, developmental malformations and senile dementia. It also led to the discovery by Stanley Cohen of another substance, epidermal growth factor, which stimulates the proliferation of epithelial cells.

    Levi-Montalcini returned to Italy to become the director of the laboratory of cell biology at the National Council of Scientific Research in Rome in After retiring in the late s, she continued to work as a guest professor and wrote several books to popularise science.

    She created the Levi-Montalcini Foundation to grant scholarships and promote education programmes worldwide, particularly for women in Africa. She had no children and never married, fearing such ties would undercut her independence. I have never felt lonely. Il Professore, sin embargo, sigue teniendo un gran problema. Updated November 13, , a. The voting rules haven't been decided. Several parties don't have a candidate or platform. Yet the campaign got into full gear on Monday night with a U. Chiara Albanese.

    Rosario Crocetta says he is married to the people, but he is in a unique position to raise awareness in a conservative region. Sicilian, devoted Catholic and homosexual. This unlikely collection of words defines Rosario Crocetta , the newly elected governor of Sicily.

    But his election, which has come at the expense of Silvio Berlusconi's rightwing People of Freedom party, is not a victory for Italy's gay rights movement. He is one of only two openly gay men to be elected governor in Italy, but Crocetta has never used his sexual orientation to raise awareness of gay rights, or to commit to change Italy's unique status as a western country that does not recognise any kind of same-sex union.

    On the contrary, Crocetta has been quoted as saying that if he won he would refrain from sex. The Union of Christian and Centre Democrats, a centrist party close to the Catholic church, which joined the leftwing Democratic party to form the coalition Crocetta leads, is also likely to limit pro-gay political initiatives in the region. Crocetta's inability to act on social rights will be compounded by the lack of power given to governors under Italian legislation.

    Isolated initiatives approved in Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany and Umbria central and northern Italy have not positively affected daily lives of gays and lesbians, who still face social and legislative discrimination," says gay activist Stefano Bucaioni. Crocetta has often rejected the common perception that southern Italy has a more homophobic attitude than central and northern regions.

    After leaving prison in England, Oscar Wilde took refuge in Palermo. Seen like this, there is lot people have to learn about the south," he said recently. Yet the latest data from Italy's national institute of statistics, Istat, seems to contradict him. Young gay people who come out in southern Italy are more likely to be the victim of acts of aggression more directed at men than women or of discrimination in the workplace and are more likely to take their own lives. Since the beginning of his political career in , when he was elected mayor of his hometown of Gela, Crocetta has been able to offset the potential disadvantage of his sexual orientation by not emphasising it in public.

    The new governor is mostly known to the public for his anti-mafia initiatives and his strong religious beliefs. After he voted on Sunday, Crocetta headed back to Gela for prayers. The Catholic church, of course, still strongly opposes the introduction of gay marriage in Italy. Crocetta shares his religious affiliation with Nichi Vendola, governor of the southern region of Apulia since , and Italy's only other openly gay governor. But unlike Crocetta, Vendola has put gay rights at the top of his political agenda, saying that he would like to marry his partner and adopt children with him, positively impacting on social attitudes towards gay people in the region and nationally.

    The hope is now that, having succeeded in something that would have been unbelievable only a few weeks ago, Crocetta will channel his political power to encourage greater respect for gay people, and he will use his personal story to demonstrate that a successful Italian politician can be gay and Catholic at the same time. Catholic church mouthpiece devotes five articles to film Skyfall, praising 'beautiful Bond girls' and 'essential vodka martinis'. Tom Kington in Rome.

    Feuiletton 361 — Hotel Mumbai, American Hotels owned by Indians

    He is known for the violent retribution he administers to his enemies, thinking nothing of shooting, stabbing or electrocuting them as he hands out justice on behalf of Queen and country, before uttering a dry quip over their corpses. So you might imagine that James Bond 's approach to forgiveness does not have much in common with the Catholic Church. But the Vatican 's daily newspaper has overlooked such niceties and given delirious coverage to Skyfall , the latest Bond film, claiming it shows a new, introspective side of the British agent while thankfully cramming in the usual dose of exotic locations and "extremely beautiful Bond girls".

    L'Osservatore Romano has tried recently to move with the times, praising cult films such as the Blues Brothers, lauding Bob Dylan and publishing a women's supplement, ever since the editor, Gian Maria Vian, was told by the pope in to liven up the year-old daily. But its Skyfall review takes things to new limits for the newspaper, which ran it in Wednesday's edition alongside coverage of the th anniversary of the Sistine Chapel, the appointment of new bishops in Peru and the Philippines, and the welcome news that catholic numbers are rising in Ireland.

    The 23rd Bond film is one of the best in the longest cinematic story of all time," it states, adding the film "does not lack any of the classic ingredients which have made James Bond a legend — the title credits song, adrenalin pumping action, amazing hyper-realistic chases, exotic locations, extremely beautiful Bond girls, the usual super villain and the essential vodka martini.

    For the bishops, priests and cardinals itching to catch Skyfall, the paper gives a breathless breakdown of the plot, admiring the generational clash that "is the key to the film". Daniel Craig, who claimed in Casino Royale that he preferred having sex with married women, is deemed to be "ever more convincing", in his latest appearance, while Judy Dench is "perfect" as M. Javier Bardem, is described as terrific, "up there with Goldfinger, Dr No and Rosa Klebb", although no mention is given to the homoerotic feel he gives his character.

    Summing up, the paper declares: "Nothing will ever be the same again on the big screen for James Bond. A background piece on Ian Fleming follows, with L'Osservatore Romano's extensive coverage wrapping up with a focus on Bond soundtracks, heaping praise on Monty Norman's Bond theme. And in a eulogy eloquent enough to make any priest sob into his bible, it praises the "two minutes of music played during the legendary gun-barrel sequence which evokes a world of impeccable dinner jackets, cocktails, casinos, luxury villas, femme fatales and powerful cars.

    Mais pourquoi pas? Il n'y a pas de sujet tabou. Lire : 39 heures : le "pourquoi pas" de M. Ayrault, un "couac" pour la droite. Euro-Kris e. Michael Day. Wednesday 24 October The head of the Major Risks Commission has resigned in protest at the conviction of seven colleagues found guilty of failing to give adequate warning of the L'Aquila earthquake.

    Ein irischer Abgeordneter sieht durch den Mechanismus das Haftungsverbot verletzt. Ein Entscheidung der Luxemburger Richter wird in den kommenden Monaten erwartet. Claudio Eva says ruling against him and five others for falsely reassuring statements over quake was 'eye for an eye'. An Italian physicist handed a six-year jail sentence for giving falsely reassuring statements over an earthquake has condemned as "medieval" the court that convicted him. Claudio Eva, who was sentenced on Monday along with five other scientists and a government official over the earthquake in that killed more than people and levelled the city of L'Aquila, said the verdict was an "eye for an eye".

    The ruling by a court in the shattered city, which defied the commonly held view that earthquakes cannot be predicted, has prompted outrage from the world's scientific community October 5, , am. Instead, Mr. Obama — and the economy — received some unexpected good news. Economists will spend the rest of the day parsing the numbers and arguing over exactly the best way to describe the report, but there is little question about its overall thrust: positive. Speaking to 1, supporters at George Mason University a few hours after the numbers were released, Mr.

    More Americans entered the work force; more people are getting jobs. The rate dropped sharply , to 7. The survey of businesses showed a smaller gain, but it also showed that hiring gains in July and August were larger than expected. Obama conceded that too many Americans were still out of work.

    But he turned the good economic news into a rallying cry against his opponent, Mitt Romney , lashing him to the policies of the George W. Bush administration. But Mitt Romney sought to deny Mr. Campaigning in Abingdon, Va. Romney said the unemployment rate has declined because people have given up looking for work, and are no longer counted in the rate. So it looks like unemployment is getting better, but the truth is, if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today as on the day the president got elected, our unemployment rate would be around 11 percent.

    At this point in the presidential race, any single unemployment report is unlikely to have a major effect on the campaign. The recovery from the financial crisis continues, but it will take a long time before the economy feels healthy. For Mr. Obama, however, a fundamental change in the contours of the race is not the goal.

    Polls have consistently shown him with a small lead. The worry among his campaign advisers is that Mr. That concern no doubt remains, but it would have been all the stronger if the jobs report had been weaker. Obama, in an interview shortly after his election, said that if unemployment remained above 8 percent, he was unlikely to win a second term.

    And a standard component of Mr. Obama, on the campaign trail and in his advertising, is the fact that the unemployment rate had remained above 8 percent. Obama took office.

    The Breitmann Ballads

    The report covers the middle of each month, before a new president is inaugurated on Jan. For all the numbers in the report, the simple summary is that more people had jobs last month than economists expected. That gain was the main reason for the sharp drop in the unemployment rate. Of the gain, , of the jobs came among part-time workers who wanted to be working full time. The monthly survey of businesses showed a gain of only , jobs, which in the broad range of the number needed merely to keep up with population growth. But each monthly jobs report also updates the numbers from the previous two months, as the Labor Department economists receive more detailed information.

    This month, that information showed that the economy gained 86, more jobs in July and August than previously thought, ameliorating earlier worries about a slowdown in August hiring. Combining the revisions with the September numbers, the new jobs report effectively shows a gain of , jobs in the business survey. In both the household survey and business survey, that is, the overall gain in full-time jobs was stronger than expected.

    In the last 12 months, the economy has gained an average of , jobs a month. It gained an average of 85, in , and in , it lost an average of , At the current pace of hiring, the economy remains years away from an unemployment rate that economists consider healthy. Obama has emphasized that the economy is moving in the right direction after a severe financial crisis, while Mr. Romney has emphasized that it has improved more slowly than many voters hoped or than Mr.

    Obama predicted. The surprisingly strong report led to suggestions from some Republicans on Friday morning that Labor Department economists were manipulating the numbers for Mr. Many economists of both parties believe such accusations are false. The Labor Department economists who compile the jobs report are not political appointees. Michael Barbaro and Ashley Parker contributed reporting. EZB-Chef im Bundestag. Abgeordnete laden Draghi ein.

    Eine Rede vor dem gesamten Parlament wird vor allem von der Union kritisch gesehen. Ein Termin stehe aber noch nicht fest. What did you discuss? I suggested to President Van Rompuy that it would be good if he organized an informal brainstorming of the 27 heads of state of the European Union to reflect on whether the attitude of people vis-a-vis European integration is satisfactory or whether, as I tend to believe, the euro-zone crisis is creating resentments between the various countries of Europe. It would be very unfortunate if the single currency, which is the most ambitious part of the long process of integration, were to become the seed for.

    There is a big debate in Europe: Is the euro crisis leading to a deeper European Union or is the euro zone breaking apart? How do you see it? Both things are true. The euro zone is not falling apart. Precisely because of the euro-zone crisis, European integration in the sense of more common policymaking is making progress. Like on previous occasions, crisis brings progress in European integration.

    Except this time, the use of money by some countries to support other countries is creating some acrimony. There has been a clear manifestation of this, in particular with regard to the Germans and Greeks. I welcome very much the decision by the ECB. It will feel free to buy on the secondary market government securities of the countries which are characterized by unduly high interest rates. How would you characterize what you have accomplished so far? We reformed the labor market in a way that will contain wages in the future.

    We reduced the deficit through austerity measures to the extent that it will be in balance next year. Also, we introduced a reform of the pension system, raising the retirement age and linking it for the future to the life expectancy of the population. We introduced many liberalization measures — new shopping hours, that is one. We introduced many measures in the area of competition, like preventing interlocking directorates — namely a director being at the same time on the board of two banks which compete.

    We unbundled the gas production from the gas distribution, so as to allow greater competition among the gas producers. Do you believe that austerity is enough? Or do you need to focus on growth?

    Wiktionary:Frequency lists/German subtitles - Wiktionary

    Austerity is certainly not enough. We need to have growth. Growth in any individual European country has to be the result of policies for growth pursued in that country consistent with budgetary discipline. But [there must] also [be] growth policies conducted at the level of the E. We are pursuing growth policies domestically through these liberalization measures, and we have been very active in promoting a series of measures that the European Council in June adopted to foster.

    Do you see any way for Greece to exit the euro zone and not to harm the other countries? No, I believe there is no way for Greece to exit the euro zone and not to harm other countries. It is also in the overwhelming interest of all other countries that Greece should stay in the euro zone but, of course, continue the deep process of fiscal discipline and structural reforms that it has embarked upon. What the Greeks are achieving is falling short of the requirements of the E.

    Normally, it takes a generation to have a change in culture and policies of the sort that we want Greece to achieve in three or four years. That they deliver fully is unrealistic. That they deliver to a sufficiently high degree is realistic — painful but needed. Under those conditions, and this will be the position of Italy, we should support Greece and its continued membership in the E.

    That is one of the reasons why it is in the general interest that Greece stays. What about your own future? Reportedly, a coalition could be formed in the next election that would ask you to stay on as prime minister. Would you be agreeable to staying on? I really have not at all reflected on this topic. I have been so committed to running the country in these difficult months. Do you want to become president? What are your future ambitions? My political future on which I concentrate ends in the spring of next year with the elections.

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