Beiträge Zur Geschichte der Schmetterlinge (German Edition)

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Revision of the genus Istrianis Meyrick, Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae with special regard to the Palaearctic region. Review of the genus Tricerophora Janse, Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae with description of six new species. Review of the genus Aphanostola Meyrick, Lepidoptera, Gelechiidae, Anomologinae with description of 19 new species from the Afrotropical region.

Bigger M. The giant looper caterpillar Ascotis selenaria reciprocaria. Giant looper — It's up to you. Pest profiles II — Leaf miners. Giant looper Ascotis selenaria reciprocaria Walk. An investigation by Fourier analysis into the interaction between coffee leaf-miners and their larval parasites. A geographical distribution list of insects and mites associated with coffee derived from literature published before Prediction of outbreaks of coffee leaf-miners on Kilimanjaro. Bigot L. Les Pterophoridae de Madagascar. Les Pterophoridae de l'Iran.

Fascicule 1. Billberg G. Enumeratio Insectorum in Museo Gust. Bippus M. Notes on Lepidoptera from the Seychelles. Corrections and Additons on Lepidoptera from the Seychelles and the Mascarenes. Lyonetia hygrophilella Viette, , comb. On some Geometridae Lepidoptera collected in Madagascar and the Mascarene islands. Birket-Smith J. A revision of the West African Eilemic moths, based on the male genitalia Lep.

Crocosia, Eilema, Lithosia, Pelosia, Phryganopsis a. Bischof A. Agrochola kindermanni sicula ssp. Bishara I. The cotton worm, Prodenia litura F. Blachier Ch. Blanchard A. In: d'Orbigny C. Atlas Zoologie, II. Atlas 2 : 1—22, pls 1— In: Gay C. Blanchard E. Savy, Paris. Bland K. Nigerian Gracillariidae. Bleszynski S. Materialien zur Kenntnis der Crambinae.

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Studies on the Crambidae. Part XIX. Notes on some Japanese species of the generic group Crambus F. A new genus Classeya for some species of the genera Argyria Hbn. Studies on the Crambidae Lepidoptera. New species of the generic group Crambus F. Part XXIV. On the synonymy of some species of the generic group Crambus F. Part On several species of the generic group Crambus F. Preliminary report on the genus Eoreuma Ely.

Revision of the World species of the family Crambidae Lepidoptera. Part I Genus Calamotropha Zeller. Teil XXXI. Part XXVI. Preliminary study on the genus Euchromius Gn. On some species of the genus Chilo Zincken. Changes in the nomenclatory [sic] of some Crambidae with the descriptions of new genera and species.

Miscellaneous notes. On some Ethiopian Crambidae with descriptions of four new species. On some tropical Crambidae with descriptions of new genera and species. Teil XV. Lepidoptera: Crambidae. Revision of the world species of the family Crambidae Lepidoptera. Part 2. Genera: Pseudocatharylla Blesz.

OCKERGELB - Definition and synonyms of ockergelb in the German dictionary

Reisser Eds. Studies on the Crambinae. The Crambinae from Sudan collected by R. Remane in Studies on the Crambinae Lepidoptera. Further taxonomic notes on some tropical species. Taxonomy of sugar cane Crambinae. Studies on the Crambinae, Part Et al. Pests of sugar cane. Neun neue tropische Arten aus der Gattung Pediasia Hbn. Lepidoptera, Pyralidae Crambinae Studien, Teil New genera and species of tropical Crambiinae Studies on the Crambinae, Lepidoptera, Pyralidae, part A short catalogue of the world species of the family Crambidae Lepidoptera.

Blom C. Blomefield T. Economic importance of the false codling moth, Cryptophlebia leucotreta, and codling moth, Cydia pomonella, on peaches, nectarines and plums. Bionomics, behaviour and control of the codling moth, Cydia pomonella L. Lepidoptera: Tortricidae , in pome fruit orchards in South Africa. Thesis, University of Stellenbosch. First record of the oriental fruit moth, Cydia molesta Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Olethreutinae , a serious pest of peaches, in South Africa.

Effect of temperature on the oviposition, longevity and mating of codling moth, Cydia pomonella L. Lepidoptera: Tortricidae. Fecundity and mortality of codling moth, Cydia pomonella L. Lepidoptera: Tortricidae , under field conditions in South Africa. Boddie J. Insect Physiology—II. Bodenheimer F. Problems of animal distribution in Arabia. Bogner F. CO2 sensitive receptors on labial palps of Rhodogastria moths Lepidoptera: Arctiidae : physiology, fine structure and central projection.

Bohatsch O. Nachtrag zur Lepidopteren-Fauna Syriens. Beitrag zur Lepidopterenfauna Transcaucasiens. Neue palaearktische Macrolepidopteren. Bohlen E. Crop pests of Tanzania and their control. Boisduval J. Europaeorum Lepidopterorum Index Methodicus. Pars 1. Faune entomologique de Madagascar, Bourbon et Maurice. Avec des notes sur les moeurs, par M. Histoire naturelle des Insectes. Genera et Index Methodicus Europaerorum Lepidopterorum. Bojer W. Report of the Committee on the "Cane Borer".

Plaideau, Govt. Printer, Port Louis, Mauritius. Bolle G. La tignola della farinae la sua distruzione. Bolotov I. The male of Sauris moulinei Legrand, comb. The current flow of migrants and its contribution to butterfly faunas Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera on marine islands with young allochthonous biota.

Boname P. Rapport annuel de la Station agronomqiue de l'Ile Maurice Rapport annuel de la Station Agronomique de l'Ile Maurice pour Le nouveau moutouc. Boorman J. Notes on the Hawkmoths Lepidoptera: Sphingidae of Nigeria. The hawkmoths of Nigeria I. The hawkmoths of Nigeria II. The emperor moths of Nigeria. Adult Lepidoptera 'feeding' at withered Heliotropium plants Boraginaceae in East africa. A synonymy in the genus Rhodogastria Lep. Redefining 'pharmacophagy'.

Insects pharmacophagously utilizing secondary plant substances pyrrolizidine alkaloids. Lepidoptera and pyrrozidine alkaloids: exemplification of complexity in chemical ecology. The diverse chemoecology of pyrrolizidine alkaloids: facts, fiction, and prospects. Bordage E. Borg P. The Lepidoptera of the Maltese Islands.

Aarvik L., 1999.

Borkhausen M. Theil: der Phalaenen zweite Horde: Eulen. Borth R. Cossidae of the Socotra Archipelago Yemen. Bose B. Life histories of some Indian Thyrididae. Mexico, D. Distribution and species composition of lepidopterous maize borers in southern Nigeria. Effect of the stem borer Eldana saccharina Lepidoptera: Pyralidae on the yield of maize.

Survey for parasites of Sesamia calamistis Lep. Boudinot J. Bourgogne J. Lepidoptera: Psychidae. Deux psychides nouvelles de l'Afrique occidentale Lepidoptera Psychidae.

Une psychide nouvelle de l'Afrique orientale Lep. Une psychide d'Afrique peu connue, Acanthopsyche sierricola White. Une psychide nouvelle du Tanganyika Lep. Un Acanthopsyche nouveau d'Afrique Lep. Deux Psychidae nouveaux vivant sur cacaoyer Lep. Un Psychidae nouveau du Nigeria Lep. Un Psychidae nouveau de Madagascar Lep. Un psychidae nouveau d'Afrique.

Un Eumeta nouveau d'Afrique occidentale Lep. Un Eumeta nouveau de l'Angola Psychidae. Le genre Dichromopsyche Clench Lep. Walker Lep. Un Acanthopsyche nouveau de l'Angola Lep. Observations sur l'epiphyse tibiale. Faune de Madagascar Insectes. Un Psychidae sud-africain nouveau: Bambalina africa sp. Deux Acanthopsyche africains nouveaux Lepidoptera, Psychidae. Un Acanthopsyche nouveau d'Afrique orientale Psychidae. Un Psychidae nouveau de l'Arabie Saoudite. Psychidae from Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Un genre nouveau pour le Wattle Bagworm Lep. Bibliographie des Macropsychides afrotropicales Lepidoptera, Psychidae, Oiketicinae. Boursin Ch. Lepidoptera 1. Un nouveau Metopoceras de Syrie. Zwei neue Athetis aus dem Libanon. Osthelder und E. Nouvelles Athetis Caradrina auct. Note sur Athetis proxima Rbr. Eine neue Heterographa aus Russisch-Turkestan. Caradrina auctorum. Rhyacia palaestinensis Kalchb. Une nouvelle Stilbia du maroc. Zwei neue Cryphia Hb. Bryophila Arten aus dem vorderasiatisch-mediterranen Faunenkreis. Zwei neue Agrochola Hb. Phalaenidae Noctuinae.

Eine neue Pseudopseustis Hps. Eine neue Agrochola Hb. Eine neue Allophyes Tams aus Mittelchina. Lithophane lapidea Hb. Description d'une Lithophane nouvelle de l'Alai et de nouvelles races de Lithophane lapidea Hb. Eine neue Euxoa Hb. Eine neue Cryphia Hb. Bryophila auct. Lithophane semibrunnea Haw.

Eine vorderasiatisch-mediterrane Art mit Beschreibung einer neuen Subspecies. Eine neue Cardepia aus Turkestan. Un nouveau Mythimna O. Vartian en Perse et en Afghanistan et de deux genres nouveaux Lep. Les Noctuidae Trifinae de France et de Belgique. Eine neue Conisania Hps.

Neue Funde von interessanten Noctuidae-Arten in Europa. Description de nouveaux Leucania d'Afrique tropicale et de races marocaines de ceux-ci Lep. Phalaenidae Agrotidae Hadeninae. Bouton L. Anniversary meeting. Tuesday 25th November Report of the Committee appointed by the Royal Society of Arts and Sciences of Mauritius, to procure information on the subject of silk produce.

Bouvier E. Notes sur les Nudaurelia. Les saturniens du genre Aurivillius. Sur les saturniens du genre Decachorda. Sur les saturniens d'Afrique. Observations sur la structure et le classement des saturniens de l'Afrique. Sur Nudaurelia kafubuensis, sp. Sur une collection de saturnides du Congo belge. Etudes de saturnioides normaux, etc. Etudes des saturnioides normaux. Bouwer M. Identification of the sex pheromone of the tree infesting cossid moth Coryphodema tristis Lepidoptera: Cossidae.

Bouyer Th. Maltagorea n.

Tethea ocularis

Description d'un nouveau Saturniide africain, Orthogonioptilum occidentalis n. Lepidoptera Saturniidae. Catalogue of African Saturniidae. Description d'un nouveau Saturniidae africain du genre Aurivillius Packard, Lepidoptera. Description de nouveaux Saturniidae d'Afrique orientale Lepidoptera. Corrections dans le genre Tagoropsis Felder, Lepidoptera, Saturniidae.

Description de nouveaux Dactyloceras Mell, Brahmaeidae, Lepidoptera. Description d'un nouveau Pseudobunaea Bouvier, Lepidoptera, Saturniidae. Description de nouveaux Dactyloceras Mell, et notes sur le genre Lepidoptera, Brahmaeidae. Nouveaux Saturniidae de Madagascar et de Tanzanie Lepidoptera. Nouveaux Saturniidae africains Lepidoptera. Description de nouveaux Saturniidae africains Lepidoptera. Description de nouveaux Saturniidae africains II Lepidoptera. Description de nouveaux genres de Bombycidae africains Lepidoptera.

Le genre Leucopteryx Packard, Lepidoptera, Saturniidae. Description de nouveaux Goodia Holland, Lepidoptera, Saturniidae. Barcodes et nouveaux Saturniidae africains du genre Lobobunaea Packard, Lepidoptera. Description de nouveaux Eupterotidae africains Lepidoptera. Description d'un nouveau genre de Saturniidae africain Dogoia n. Lepidoptera, Saturniidae, Saturniinae. The life history of Pseudantheraea discrepans Butler, , with an ecological comparison with P.

Bowden J. The stem-borer problem in tropical cereal crops. New species of African stem-boring Agrotidae Lepidoptera. Bowers M. Aposematic caterpillars: life-styles of the warningly coloured and unpalatable. Caterpillars, ecological and evolutionary constraints on foraging. Bowler J. The ecology and conservation of Aride island, Seychelles. Bowring J. Westwood Esq. Box H. Brabant E.

Beiträge zur geschichte der Schmetterlinge

Bradley J. Two new species of Meharia Lep. Some important species of the genus Cryptophlebia Walsingham, , with descriptions of three new species Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae. A new species of Harmaclona Busck from Natal Lep. On Harmoclona Busck, Lep. A new clearwing moth from West Africa predaceous on scale-insects Lep. Microlepidoptera from Rennell and Bellona islands. In: Wolff T. Volume 2 Invertebrates, pars. Microlepidoptera collected by the Gough Island Scientific Survey — A new species of Xyloryctid moth bred from coffee in East Africa.

Ruwenzori Expedition Descriptions of two new genera and species of Phycitinae associated with Hypsipyla robusta Moore on Meliaceae in Nigeria Lepidoptera, Pyralidae. Two new species of clearwing moths Lepidoptera: Sesiidae associated with sweet potato Ipomoea batatas in East Africa. Two new species of Lepidoptera reared from galls on Guiera senegalensis in Northern Nigeria.

A new species of Stathmopoda H. British Tortricoid Moths. Cochylidae and Tortricidae: Tortricinae. Tortricidae: Olethreutinae. Brain C. Insect pests and their control in South Africa. Brancsik K. Trencsiner Kom. Brandt W. Beitrag zur Lepidopterenfauna von Iran. Neue Gattungen, Arten, und Formen. Beitrag zur Lepidopteren-Fauna von Iran 3.

Beitrag zur Lepidopterenfauna von Iran 3. Beitrag zur Lepidopterenfauna von Iran 4. Notes on some Harmodia species Lep. Brants, A. Mededeeling te doen van eene, zeer belangrijke waarneming van den Phytpathologischen Dienst. Braun A. New genera and species of Tineina. Two weeks collecting in Glacier National Park. Microlepidoptera of Northern Utah. Bredo H. Brehm G. Bremer O.

Radde, R. Maack und P. Sesamia calamistis Hmps. The principle insect pests of rice in West Africa and their control. Catalogue des insectes nuisibles aux cultures malgaches. Bretherton R. Brithys pancratii Cry. The moths and butterflies of Great Britain and Ireland. Hargreaves, London.

Breyer H. Notes on expedition to Gazaland, along the Limpopo river, 29th June to 12th August, Bridges C. Catalogue of the family-group, genus-group and species-group names of the Sphingidae of the world. Bridges, Urbana, Ill. Brosch U. Notes on the African genus Dactyloceras Lepidoptera: Brahmaeidae. Brou V. An overlooked sibling of the fruit-piercing moth Eudocima phalonia Linnaeus, from Africa Lepidoptera, Erebidae, Calpinae.

Brown E. Control of the African armyworm, Spodoptera exempta Walk. Armyworm control on rangeland a further application of aerial drift spraying. Brown J. Tortricidae Lepidoptera. World Catalogue of Insects, Volume 5. Scientific names of pest species in Tortricidae Lepidoptera freauently cited erroneously in the entomological literature. A new species of Cryptaspasma Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Olethreutinae from Central America, the Carribean, and southeastern United States, with a catalog of the world fauna of Microcorsini. Systematics of the Chrysoxena group of genera Lepidoptera: Tortricidae: Euliini.

Host records for fruit-feeding Afrotropical Tortricidae Lepidoptera. Food plant database of the leafrollers of the world Lepidoptera: Tortricidae Version 1. Brown K. The insects of Heard Island.

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  • Order Lepidoptera. Forest insects of Uganda: an anotated list. Brun L. Bryk F. Eine neue Noctuide aus Kamerun. Zimmermann was a legation councillor and a very prolific historian of European and German colonialism Zimmermann, , What is impressive about this work is its detached perspective of European colonialism. It reviews the colonial history of Europe, engages in the debate on the advantages and disadvantages of colonialism and does not hesitate to provide a comprehensive list of its main disadvantages — economical drawbacks, less population, expensive wars, ethics of slavery — but above all the book strives to contextualise the anti-colonial idea.

    It provides an extensive philosophical-historical background, encompassing the works and words of Montesquieu, Voltaire, Rousseau, Condorcet, Diderot, Mirabeau, Locke and J. Mill, against which the contemporary anti- colonial debate takes on new dimensions cf. It is an all-embracing handbook on German foreign policy that not only discusses the adverse international political environment that the Weimar Republic was facing at the time but also provides clear directions for future German diplomacy.

    And even though the author explicitly asserts that a fascist regime is not suitable or desirable for the country, it must nevertheless be added that many of the political and diplomatic guidelines suggested in the book were indeed implemented by Nazi Germany at least until the beginning of the World War II. But with the loss of its colonial territories after Versailles, the situation had drastically changed for Germany. That is to say, he is much more attracted to the issue of how Germany might reclaim its former colonies or at least some of them within the contemporary legal international framework.

    Two of the initial paragraphs of the chapter on colonial policy are worth quoting Anonymous, 66; emphasis in the original :. The objections to any colonial activity, also in Africa, are in many ways definitely justified; but they are outweighed by the advantages. If Germany does not colonise other countries will. On the one hand, the book is definitely the product of an internationalist Marxist ideology. On the other hand, it manages to persuasively combine anti-authoritarian and anti-racist arguments, which were particularly important for a post-war public opinion that was still trying to cope with the catastrophic dimensions of World War II and that had just adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by the United Nations Assembly in This last aspect is not completely irrelevant, above all when one takes into account that anti-colonial discourse was deeply inscribed, though not always in a persistent and consistent manner, in German public opinion from the late eighteenth century onwards.

    ASMR Schmetterling . German Whispers & Tracing . Tingle Quick Fix #18

    From to , there seem to be two basic strands of opinion in the German public space regarding colonialism in general cf. Verber, and Portuguese colonialism in particular. One might be tempted to say that these two strands of opinion correspond roughly to the two German states. There is a clearly conservative view that supports in words and deeds the Portuguese regime and Portuguese colonialism; this kind of view is apparently more frequent in the FRG and its roots can be traced back to the European fascist period, as the foundation of the German-Portuguese Society in , or the paths taken by Jacob and Seligo after clearly show.

    And there is also an anti-colonial front inspired by Marxist ideology that produces an internationalist discourse which is primarily, though not exclusively, voiced in the GDR. Interestingly, Demetz had already made a similar observation in his review. Anti-authoritarian, anti-colonial, and anti-racist discourses are not exactly absent from the FRG either. Young, It was very flexible, and easily adaptable to political change and to international or more local interests, thus, though motivated by different political goals and rooted in distinct cultural traditions, anti-colonial discourse pervaded the public spaces of both the FRG and the GDR.

    Perhaps unexpectedly, and yet not completely surprisingly, if one takes into account the history of racial prejudice in twentieth-century Germany, when East Germany engaged in the development of cooperation programmes with Angola and above all Mozambique, after the independence of the Portuguese colonies, many of the typical characteristics of a coloniser-colonised relationship became suddenly apparent cf.

    Croan, , It is a story that has only begun to be told see e. Berlin: Magistratsdruckerei. Accessed on Diktatur im Umbau. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press. Anonymous , Der Kampf um die deutsche Aussenpolitik. Leipzig: P. Serie D. Berman, Russell A. Frankfurt am Main: Suhrkamp. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Carey, Daniel; Festa, Lynn M. Bonn: Deutsche Afrika-Stiftung. Flikschuh, Katrin; Ypi, Lea eds. Oxford: Oxford University Press. London: Bloomsbury Academic.

    Heywood, Robert W. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Jacob, Ernst Gerhard , Die deutsche Koloniallehre. Leipzig: Dieterich. Hamburg: Paul Hartung. Jacob, Ernst Gerhard c , Die deutschen Kolonien einst und jetzt. Leipzig: Reclam. Ein Volkslesebuch. Bayreuth: Gauverlag Bayerische Ostmark. Jacob, Ernst Gerhard , Das portugiesische Kolonialreich. Leipzig: Wilhelm Goldmann. Convegno internazionale di studi colombiani , vol 3. Genova: Civico Ist. Colombiano,