Caught with My Pants Down

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As well, it can simply mean that someone is unprepared to act and this lack of preparation is bad for their reputation, career, etc.

Florida car burglar caught with his pants down - BBC News

This is the figurative origin of this expression. As for more historical origins, there are a few proposed. The most popular one involves the death of Caracalla, a. While on an important trip he took a break to urinate on the side of the road.

Caught With Your Pants Down

His bodyguards went off a little distance or turned their backs, etc. While the deed was being done, and the armed guards were not watching, a guy named Julius Martailis took advantage of the situation, rushed in and stabbed the emperor in the back, killing him. References in periodicals archive? You can be caught with your pants down very quickly, but at the same time you can be Cock of the North quite easily as well if you get four or five wins.

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But if you do then at least have the courage, when you're caught with your pants down , to man up, own up and say sorry. Love rats must have courage to say sorry. There's being caught with your pants down , and then there's being caught with no pants. Naked man charged with attack.

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Even when caught with your pants down , in mid-thrust in your partner's best friend's bed, with Marvin Gave on the mp3 and a plate of half-eaten oysters on the floor, you deny everything. Can you trust a Pisces? Very often, you get caught with your pants down - ours last night was from a corner kick, it was bad defending. Travelers' Tales.


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In the unlikely event of a situation like I described above, you wouldn't want to be caught with your pants down. Who performs heat stress surveys? There's a lot of good sides in it and you can get caught with your pants down.

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