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The ship was built almost 50 years ago to carry livestock a website tracking maritime movements said. The nationality of the migrants was not yet known a coastguard spokesman said but there are women and children on board. It is the third such migrant ship in the past two weeks as smugglers turn to abandoning old ships in a shift in tactics.

On Wednesday about migrants mostly Syrian refugees arrived in Italy after they were apparently abandoned by their ship's crew and set on a crash course for the Italian coast. The coastguard also boarded that vessel and took over navigation. Civil war in Syria and anarchy in Libya swelled the number of people crossing the Mediterranean last year.

The United Nations refugee agency says seaborne migrants arrived in Italy by November and a further in Greece. Thousands more have died attempting the journey. Smugglers have changed tactics because Italy has ended its Mare Nostrum maritime search and rescue mission which makes a crossing in a small boat more risky and due to increased fighting in Libya Carlotta Sami a spokeswoman for the UN refugee agency told Reuters. Smugglers set autopilot course in international waters and jump onto a smaller vessel to escape she said.

Human rights groups warned that closing the mission would endanger more lives. The Ezadeen sailing under the flag of Sierra Leone has no crew on board and has lost power in rough seas off the southeast of Italy. The Italian coast guard says a merchant ship with at least migrants on board is heading for the Italian coast. The Icelandic coast guard confirmed to the BBC that one of its vessels was assisting in efforts to board the ship. The Icelandic coast guard vessel Tyr is patrolling off the Italian coast as part of the EU Frontex border control mission.

Almost migrants were rescued from another ship found abandoned without any crew earlier in the week. The Icelandic coast guard told the BBC that high seas and bad weather were making it difficult to board the 73metre Ezadeen which is 65km off the southeastern tip of Italy. The Ezadeen was built nearly 50 years ago and is a livestock carrier. The alarm was raised in a distress call from one of the migrants who managed to operate the maritime radio on board the Ezadeen according to the Italian coast guard: "We're without crew we're heading toward the Italian coast and we have noone to steer.

Photo: Reuters Pope Francis urged people of all religions and cultures yesterday to unite to fight modern slavery and human trafficking saying in his first Mass of that everyone had a Godgiven right to be free. All of us are called by God to be free all are called to be sons and daughters and each according to his or her own responsibilities is called to combat modern forms of enslavement. From every people culture and religion let us join our forces he said. Last month Pope Francis appealed to consumers to shun lowcost goods that may be the product of forced labour or other forms of exploitation.

The Argentine Pope has made defence of migrants and workers a central issue of his papacy. All of us are called by God to be free each is called to combat modern forms of enslavement The second global slavery index released in November by the Walk Free Foundation an Australianbased human rights group estimated that almost 36 million people were living as slaves trafficked into brothels forced into manual labour victims of debt bondage or born into servitude. Peace is always possible but we have to seek it. Let us pray for peace he told the crowd of people carrying balloons and banners with peace slogans.

He denounced situations where the poor were made to feel like criminals and forced to behave like mafiosi to defend themselves. The Italian media have dubbed the investigation which is continuing Mafia Capital. Investigators said funds were pocketed by corrupt city administrators and their criminal cohorts instead of being used to improve squalid conditions. Pope Francis is also the bishop of Rome. Pope Francis said: We have to defend the poor not defend ourselves from the poor. We have to serve the weak not use the weak. In the current scandal prosecution documents include transcripts of phone wiretaps that showed how those who won contracts often profited from serious social problems.

Have you got any idea how much you can make out of immigrants? Drug trafficking brings in less. Italian firefighters and investigators have boarded the charred Norman Atlantic ferry as they try to find out what caused the deadly blaze and search for more possible bodies. The badly damaged ferry was towed across the choppy Adriatic Sea for 17 hours before it docked at the southern Italian port of Brindisi. Despite the fact that a slow combustion fire was still burning on the ferry officials deemed it safe enough for investigators to go aboard wearing gas masks against the smoke. Brindisi Fire Commander Michele Angiuli told reporters it was too soon to know if investigators would find more bodies.

The fire that broke out on Sunday as the ferry travelled from Greece to Italy killed at least 11 people.

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Italy says passengers and crew were rescued most by helicopters that plucked them off in galeforce winds and carried them to nearby boats. Greece says 19 people are still unaccounted for and disputes Italian claims of a much higher number of missing. Both fear the car deck where the fire started could contain more bodies possibly those of unregistered migrants trying to slip into Italy. Investigators began their work by taking photos and video of the smoky interior.

Brindisi port Captain Mario Valente said they would be looking for data recorders as well. One side of the ferry was blackened by smoke and an acrid smell was noticeable dockside. The firefighters will not start searching for bodies until the blaze is fully extinguished. Meanwhile four more people were put under investigation by the prosecutor's office in Bari.

In addition to the ship's captain and the head of the company that built the ferry both Italians two other crew members and two representatives of the Greek ferry line Anek which rented the Norman Atlantic are under investigation the Italian news agency Ansa reported. Italian newspapers reportedly quoting from transcripts of the captain's questioning said Captain Argilio Giacomazzi told prosecutors that crews did not properly follow his orders in lowering the lifeboats and that the car deck had too many vehicles.

Italian TV reports said passengers claimed five crewmen were in the only lifeboat launched in apparent violation of rules that say only three crew members should go with the evacuated passengers. Italy says it rescued or discovered migrants and asylum seekers at sea last year as they tried to slip into Europe. Frontex says that migrant smugglers have learned to time the departure of ships so that they cross the paths of merchant ships who would then be obliged to rescue the migrants as per international maritime law Smugglers are frequently making use of old freighters and cargo vessels to transport larger numbers of migrants to Europe EU agency Frontex warned while adding that most of these ships are obtained in southeastern Turkey.

Italian authorities this week rescued around migrants from the Moldovanflagged Blue Sky M cargo ship after its crew believed to be human traffickers had abandoned it and left it heading towards Italy on autopilot. Italian authorities also said that a second merchant ship carrying at least migrants is heading towards the Italian coast. In a rapid adaptation of strategy that has become their hallmark the smugglers have started using much larger boats Frontex said in a statement. These are typically decommissioned freighters up to 75 meters long procured in the ports of southeastern Turkey notably Mersin: a departure point still connected by ferry to the Syrian port of Latakia making it reachable for the tens of thousands of Syrians still fleeing the conflict in their country.

The freighters repaired and manned by crews sometimes hired from as far away as Russia are piloted via Cyprus and Crete towards Italy which remains the EU destination of choice for refugees from the Middle East. Frontex also warned that smugglers have learned to time the departure of migrant boats so that they cross the paths of merchant ships heading for Europe.

When the migrants issue a distress call the nearby merchant ships would be obliged by international maritime law to rescue them and disembark them at the nearest port of call. Travelling from Turkey not only circumvents the considerable danger of capsizing in a small boat in rough seas but it also avoids having to go to Libya Frontex said.

This increasingly lawless North African nation appears to have become too dangerous an operating environment even for the criminal gangs. However Frontex warned that the engines of the old ships used by smugglers operating on the Turkey route are often highly unreliable. In the last six weeks alone one freighter has been found drifting near Cyprus; another was rescued 30 miles off Crete; still others off the Italian coast Frontex said.

The effect is to make the boat electronically invisible to the Italian search and rescue authorities — a stratagem that buys time for the smuggling crew to escape by fast launch and thus avoid arrest. Since the launch of the Frontexcoordinated Operation Triton in the central Mediterranean on 1 November around migrants have been rescued around of them in situations classified as distressed in 77 separate searchandrescue operations. Although significantly smaller than the number recorded during the August peak — when some migrants were detected on this route — this level of traffic is still unprecedented for wintertime Frontex said.

Sierra Leoneflagged Ezadeen carrying hundreds of migrants being towed by the Italian coastguard vessel Tyr in rough seas yesterday. It had been put on a collision course for the Italian coast before running out of fuel he said. Two weeks ago the Italian navy went to the aid of an abandoned cargo ship carrying migrants disembarking them at a port in Sicily. We have seen increasing use of old cargo ships ready to be dismantled [to smuggle migrants] over the past two months she said.

The cargo ships are usually carrying mostly Syrian refugees she said but also others including some fleeing fighting in Iraq. Smugglers set autopilot course in international waters and jump on to a smaller vessel to escape she said. Firefighters standing on a ladder to inspect the Norman Atlantic multideck carandtruck ferry docked at Brindisi harbour yesterday. Photo: Reuters Tug boats hauled the burntout hulk of the ferry that caught fire on Sunday off the coast of Greece into a southern Italian port yesterday opening the way for an investigation into the cause of the blaze that killed at least 11 people.

Listing visibly to starboard the Norman Atlantic multideck carandtruck ferry docked in the port of Brindisi in the early afternoon still smouldering. The fire broke out on one of the lower garage levels and left the vessel drifting without power in stormy seas. It took Greek and Italian rescue teams 36 hours to evacuate passengers and crew from the ship amid strong winds. Reports of the number of missing have varied widely. The Greek coastguard said on Thursday that 18 are still unaccounted for while Volpe has said the number may be as high as But rescued passengers have criticised the handling of the emergency.

Leonidas Constantinidis a Greek lorry driver with a bandaged arm and apparent burn marks on his face told Reuters he had jumped overboard to save himself and was picked up by a nearby merchant ship. Where I was I did not hear any siren any alarm. Nothing seemed to work the fire sprinklers the fire extinguishers nothing was working Constantinidis said.

They let the ferry go up in flames with all the people still onboard. We tried to do everything possible the captain Giacomazzi told television reporters outside his home on Thursday. I wanted to bring them all home. A clash between about migrants trying to get to Britain from the northern French port city of Calais has left seven injured.

Police union official Gilles Debove said the clash near a tent camp between migrants from Afghanistan and Eritrea left one with a broken leg. Others suffered superficial wounds. Calais is the destination of choice for migrants trying to sneak by truck or ferry across the Channel. Many reached Europe via Italy. The clash grew out of a dispute that erupted during a daily meal serving after someone cut the food line today. Christian Salome of the Auberge des Migrants association which distributes meals said tensions were high because of tough winter living conditions and slow lorry traffic that diminished chances to get to Britain.

Amid Frontex's warning of new migrant smuggling strategies EU commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos calls on new EUwide action against human traffickers. Just days after more than migrants were saved by Italian authorities from two derelict vessels abandoned by smugglers in rough seas EU commissioner for migration Dimitris Avramopoulos has said that the EU is planning a new noholdsbarred migration plan intent on fighting human trafficking.

These events underscore the need for decisive and coordinated EUwide action. Smugglers are finding new routes to Europe and are employing new methods in order to exploit desperate people who are trying to escape conflict and war. We need to take action against these ruthless criminal organisations Avramopoulos said. On Friday a ship carrying asylumseekers — mostly Syrians was rescued by Italian authorities after it was abandoned by its crew in rough seas forcing the Italian authorities to prevent a humanitarian disaster. The Sierra Leoneflagged Ezadeen had been drifting without power 40 power nautical miles off the coast after it had been put on a collision course in what was described as a new strategy by human traffickers.

We will move forward with commitment and resolve the EU commissioner for migration underlined. Four men believed to be the skipper and the crew of the Moldovanflagged vessel after they were caught trying to mingle with the migrants in an attempt to deceive Italian authorities. Traveling from Turkey would in turn enable smugglers to circumvent the considerable danger of boarding a ship from Libya.

Frontex deputy executive director says numbers for nearly doubled the previous record of registered in The number of illegal immigrants seeking entry to European Union soared in to an alltime record of with Italy and Greece as their preferred destinations according to the EU border agency Frontex. According to a summary of the interview with Efe by Migrants at Sea Frontex Deputy Executive Director Gil Arias Fernandez said the numbers for nearly doubled the previous record of that was registered in and attributed to spillovers from the Arab Spring.

After Italy and Greece immigrants are most determined to settle in Bulgaria Hungary and Spain Fernandez said and attributed the rise to instability in their countries of origin and lack of control in transit countries such as Turkey and Libya. There is some control in Turkey but the large numbers arriving from the Mediterranean coast are coming from Libya said Fernandez.

He noted that the number of immigrants fleeing their countries seeking international protection has increased. A few years ago immigration for economic reasons was estimated at 50 percent and the same percentage for political refugees while in about 80 percent of immigrants to the EU will be asylum seekers he said. Although Frontex will not reveal specific details until midJanuary Fernandez said the total figure will likely exceed people as about migrants were recorded till November.

Fernandez voiced pessimism regarding future immigration flows saying that the figures for will be maintained if the EU and member states do not take joint action to devise a solution. Two ships the Blue Sky M a cargo vessel and the Ezadeen a livestock vessel were abandoned by their crews within days of each other leaving about migrants stranded at sea. Senior United Nations officials today stressed the need for urgent action to protect migrants at sea following recent incidents in the Mediterranean involving hundreds of people stranded while attempting to reach Europe. Vincent Cochetel Europe Bureau Director for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees said in a statement that two ships abandoned off the Italian coast are part of an ongoing and worrying situation that European Governments can no longer ignore.

Italian authorities rescued the migrants who hailed mainly from Syria. The use of ships of such size marked a new trend Cochetel noted while underlining the need for urgent and concerted European action in the Mediterranean Sea along with more efforts to rescue people at sea and steppedup efforts to provide legal alternatives to dangerous voyages. UN Deputy SecretaryGeneral Jan Eliasson also commented on the new appalling trend of traffickers abandoning larger cargo ships laden with migrants in the Mediterranean.

He commended the ongoing rescue efforts in particular by the Italian Navy and Coast Guard and emphasized the responsibility held by countries of destination transit and origin to ensure the protection and human rights of migrants. Cochetel emphasized his concerns about the ending of that operation despite the absence of a similar European searchandrescue operation to replace it. People traffickers especially criminal organisations in Turkey are making use of old freighters and cargo vessels to transport large numbers of migrants to Europe and crewabandoned ships carrying hundreds of Syrian asylum seekers have recently been intercepted by Italian authorities.

The scenes were reminiscent of the exodus of Albanian asylum seekers who tried to reach Italy and Malta aboard ships in and indicative of the new methods being used by people smugglers. With millions of Syrians fleeing the fouryear civil war which has so far claimed some lives people smugglers are targeting welloff Syrians who are prepared to pay more to reach Europe than the subSaharan migrants we have become accustomed to can afford.

According to the UNHCR some refugees died trying to cross the Mediterranean in while another were rescued. In hundreds of Syrian and subSaharan asylum seekers died in their attempts to reach Europe aboard rickety boats which departed from Libya. However now it seems that smugglers have turned their attention to Syrian migrants and are using safer routes and considerably bulkier vessels. And they have also taken to new ways to advertise these trips with Facebook pages such as Taharib taiaran airborne smuggling and Tahrib bialbar sea smuggling targeting Syrians who want to flee their wartorn country.

They also offer discounted prices for group bookings.

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The posts on the Facebook pages all in Arabic include amatuer videos promoting the provision documents passports and work permits. We provide everything you need. Just ask one of the posts says. According to reports in the Italian daily La Repubblica traffickers also offer the possibility of providing fake passports ID cards and international driving licences.

Moreover a Syrian man who was aboard a second cargo ship which was also intercepted last week revealed how he piloted the Moldovanregistered Blue Sky M which carried some Syrian asylum seekers. Sarkas Rani a 36yearold Syrian told Italian authorities how he was contacted in Turkey by smugglers who had posted notices on Facebook offering a passage to Europe. Italian naval officers boarded the ship eight kilometres off the coast just in time before it ran aground in what could have been a human catastrophe. Rani a former ship captain was offered the opportunity to pilot the ship by an acquaintance who met him in Istanbul.

He then travelled to Mersin from where the ship departed. Last week EU agency Frontex warned that in a rapid adaptation of strategy smugglers have started using much larger boats. These are typically decommissioned freighters up to 75 metres long procured in the ports of southeastern Turkey notably Mersin: a departure point still connected by ferry to the Syrian port of Latakia making it reachable for the tens of thousands of Syrians still fleeing the conflict in their country Frontex said.

The cargo ships repaired and manned by crews sometimes hired from as far away as Russia are piloted via Cyprus and Crete towards Italy Frontex said adding that smugglers have learned to time the departure of migrant boats so that they cross the paths of merchant ships heading for Europe. The European Union urged Turkish authorities to clarify how traffickers managed to take cargo ships carrying hundreds of migrants out of country The European Union wants Turkey to explain how human traffickers could have taken two cargo ships filled with migrants out of the country and towards the EU without the authorities noticing.

Natasha Bertaud spokeswoman for the European commission said on Tuesday Given what has happened in recent days with the two ships we wanted to clarify things with the Turkish authorities. The cargo ships were picked up in the Mediterranean last week with more than migrants aboard many of them fleeing Syria. The smugglers had locked up the migrants and set the ships on a course to the Italian coast before abandoning the vessels. Bertaud said contacts with Turkey are happening at a political and technical level. Spokeswoman Izabella Cooper said There is no evidence of these networks being connected.

This might just be a new business opportunity that someone has picked up in Turkey. Cooper said Islamic extremists in Libya are making life dangerous for smugglers and migrants alike. New visa requirements in Algeria for Syrians could also be forcing those fleeing the conflict there to look for escape routes closer to home.

But while Merkel is sympathetic to cracking down on any welfare abuse by migrants one of her allies made clear she would not yield on the right of EU workers to seek employment wherever they want in the 28nation union. When Merkel visited London last year there was also the expectation that she would meet the demands of the British prime minister on changes to the EU treaty. Cameron has made controlling the flow of EU citizens to Britain a central part of his renegotiation effort. UKIP and some Conservatives say Britons fear that workers from poorer member states in central and eastern Europe are depressing wages while others may be coming to collect more generous welfare entitlements than back home.

But Krichbaum a member of her Christian Democrat party said the British leader should stand up to the Eurosceptics. Cameron is in a very difficult situation and is under a lot of pressure within his party. But he got himself into this situation. He is trying to match the demands of UKIP he said. Merkel also faces a Eurosceptic challenge at home with the antiEU Alternative for Germany AfD soaring from nowhere to around seven per cent in national opinion polls in less than two years. However she has chosen to ignore rather than directly challenge the AfD in the hope that it would burn itself out.

A senior German official underlined this policy. There is a feeling that too many concessions are being made to the Eurosceptics. We have had experience in Germany with parties like Ukip and the view is that if you try to give them something you only dig yourself in deeper said the official speaking on condition of anonymity. Cameron who favours staying in a reformed EU but has warned he will rule nothing out if he cannot get the changes he wants has said his plans will require changes to EU treaties. However he has stopped short of proposing quotas on numbers of EU migrants or the right to demand a temporary halt to arrivals.

You have seen there is a significant debate in a good number of EU capitals around issues to do with the labour market welfare reform links to immigration he said. Cameron seems to have misunderstood Merkel on changing EU rules. If Merkel gives in a lot of other states will come running with demands.

While the EU has made it clear it would like Britain to remain a member and will listen to its concerns it is not ready to go to any lengths to prevent Britain leaving. It would be a very hard blow for the EU if Britain left but it would be a worse blow for Britain said the German official.

Ahead of her visit Merkel and Cameron released a joint statement saying more needed to be done to make the EU more stable and competitive and they hoped to seal a free trade deal between the EU and the United States this year. A person holding an umbrella as others brave heavy rain holding placards reading Je suis Charlie I am Charlie to pay tribute to Paris victims during a vigil in Frankfurt. But that looks likely to be little more than a momentary ceasefire in a country gripped by economic malaise and high unemployment.

The publishing event of the new year is a novel by controversial author Michel Houellebecq that imagines a Muslim president winning power in and enforcing religious schooling and polygamy in France and banning women from working. That intellectual ferment has mingled with public anxiety over the radicalisation of hundreds of French Muslims who have gone to join Islamic State fighters in Syria and Iraq and who security officials fear may return to cause carnage in France. The farright National Front lost no time in linking the most deadly act of political violence for decades to immigration and calling for a referendum to restore the death penalty even though a leading French Imam Hassen Chalghoumi said the right way to counter Charlie Hebdo was not through bloodshed or hate.

While she was careful to draw a distinction between Muslim citizens who share French values and those who kill in the name of Islam her father National Front founder JeanMarie Le Pen and her deputy Florian Philippot were less cautious. Anyone who says Islamist radicalism has nothing to do with immigration is living on another planet Philippot told RTL radio. Imams intoned prayers outside the offices of Charlie Hebdo on Thursday and Islamic leaders urged their faithful to join in national mourning for the victims whose cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad had drawn the wrath of many Muslims in the past.

In what justice officials said looked like revenge attacks shots were fired overnight at a mosque in the western city of Le Mans and a blast destroyed a kebab shop next to a mosque in the central town of VillefranchesurSaone. His conservative predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy attempting a political comeback has demanded much tighter European border controls to curb illegal migration. Marine Le Pen has attacked visible symbols of Islam in French life such as Muslims praying in the street hallal food being served in schools and women wearing headscarves.

Many leftwing secularists share those concerns in a country where the separation of Church and State took decades of struggle. Two pencils left with a note to pay tribute to the victims of the shooting outside the French embassy in London. Although France collects no ethnic or religious statistics a reliable estimate published by the Pew Research Centre put the Muslim population at about 7. That is well ahead of six per cent in the Netherlands 5. A grassroots movement called Pegida or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West warns Germany is being overrun by Muslims and has staged weekly rallies of up to people in Dresden.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and other political leaders have urged Germans to shun the protests which Merkel said were organised by people with hate in their hearts. Pegida whose rise mirrors electoral gains by the rightwing Eurosceptic Alternative for Germany AfD party was quick to claim the Paris attack vindicated its views. The Islamists against whom Pegida has been warning over the last 12 weeks showed in France Our political leaders want us to believe the opposite is true the group said.

Does a tragedy like this first have to happen in Germany? A poll taken in November well before the Paris attack found 57 per cent of nonMuslim Germans feel threatened by Islam. In the Netherlands traumatised by the killing of film producer Theo van Gogh by an Islamist gunman 10 years ago outspoken antiIslam campaigner Geert Wilders is topping public opinion polls.

Within minutes of the Paris events Wilders who has lived under police protection for a decade repeated calls to close Dutch borders to Muslim immigrants and said in a statement: The West is at war and should deIslamise. In the Nordic countries where farright antiimmigrant parties are gaining ground Muslim leaders said their communities faced a wave of violence.

Omar Mustafa chairman of the Islamic Association of Sweden said many mosques had set up night patrols after recent arson and racist attacks on Muslim communities.

TR3NTAN9VE - La Casa de Papel (My Life Is Going On - Italian Version)

Times are tough now Mustafa told Reuters. The forces of hate antidemocratic forces are trying to set the agenda both the extremists on the right and those who are religious. No records kept of investigations over alleged violence by detention services officers Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela has told parliament that no records were ever kept over cases of alleged violence against irregular migrants by detention services officers.

Replying to a series of questions raised by backbencher Anthony Agius Decelis Abela confirmed that no records were found of investigations over alleged violence by detention services officers. Moreover no records were ever kept of any disciplinary action that may have been taken in the past. The lack of records means that there is no recorded information of the allegations made the investigations that may have been carried out and the outcome of the same investigations.

The information requested referred to the period between and According to the minister no records were ever kept of attempted escapes from the detention centres which resulted in disciplinary steps being taken against members of the Armed Forces of Malta or detention services officers. However Abela did reveal that disciplinary steps were taken against 44 detention service officers between and most commonly for absenteeism leaving the workplace and insubordination.

Responding to further parliamentary questions Abela said that irregular immigrant escapes from detention centres were recorded between and the greatest being on 19 September when 40 immigrants escaped at the same time. No records were found on how many of those immigrants were caught. A further 22 irregular immigrant escapes were attempted in that same time period. Supporters of antiimmigration movement Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West Pegida hold flags during a demonstration in Dresden Germany yesterday. Photo: Reuters German Chancellor Angela Merkel said yesterday Islam belongs to Germany in a clear repudiation of antiimmigration protesters gathering in Dresden and other cities in Germany.

A day after walking arminarm with French President Francois Hollande at the front of a massive march in Paris to honour the victims of killings by Islamic militants Merkel received the Turkish Prime Minister and urged dialogue among religions. The conservative Chancellor pointed to comments made by former German president Christian Wulff who said in that Islam was part of Germany triggering a fierce debate. Former president Wulff said Islam belongs to Germany. That is true. I also hold this opinion Merkel said at a news conference with Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu who also took part with other world leaders in the Paris march on Sunday.

The German Chancellor was speaking yesterday some hours before marches by a movement dubbed Pegida or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West were due to begin in several German cities. Such demonstrations launched in Dresden have been dwarfed by counterprotests. German Chancellor insists her government is doing everything it can to ensure migrants are being successfully integrated into German society Merkel said her government was doing everything it could to ensure migrants were being successfully integrated into German society regardless of their religion.

Nearly two in three of the four million Muslims in Germany are of Turkish origin. Roughly half are German citizens. But Merkel acknowledged the need for better dialogue between religions praising Muslims for publicly rejecting the use of violence after the Paris killings and calling Turkey an ally in the fight against terrorism. Merkel and other German politicians are due to take part in a solemn vigil at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin today. Davutoglu said it was important to fight all forms of Islamophobia in Germany.

Speaking later in Berlin Davutoglu said that if Turkey was accepted in future as a European Union member it would send a powerful message of how Muslims and Christians could live together in Europe in peace. This took place after my meeting with Mr Depetris: but it gives an indication of the sheer scale at which things are developing on the international front. And as the intended target was not just a French magazine but also an underlying principle that lies at the very heart of postEnlightenment Europe: the freedom to express opinions even when these are offensive to others… that includes all people around the world who cherish human rights.

Yet it bears mentioning that France and indeed all of Europe in was a far more homogenous society than it is today. The changing demographics since the days of the Enlightenment also imply that France has meanwhile assimilated people from different cultures where such concepts are perhaps alien or mistrusted. So it is my unpleasant duty to open fire with an uncomfortable question. Does it indicate in brief that the main aims of the revolution may have failed?

On the contrary I think the reaction and expression of solidarity in Europe and around the world is the living image of this belief in such values as freedom of speech and expression. And these were also among the aims of the revolution. I would say it signifies the success of such ideas since the 18th century. As you mentioned these values are very intimately linked with the emergence of the French Republic… it goes back to Voltaire who said he would die for your right to speak even if he disagrees with what you say.

It is one of our core values as French President Francois Hollande reaffirmed yesterday. And we will keep on fighting for it. It was one of the slogans… we will keep saying what we think we will defend our freedom of speech and of the press. These are the same values that were epitomised by these cartoonists who were killed. In this respect at least the attempt to stifle freedom of speech not only failed but also backfired. Depetris tells me that the printrun of the next issue of Charlie Hebdo will run into a million copies: far more than its usual circulation.

It is very encouraging also to see all these spontaneous gatherings in France but also around the world outside the French embassies… even here in Malta. What this suggests is that we are all in the same boat. Our values were attacked but we will defend them. I would like to thank again the Maltese government for its strong message of solidarity.

At the same time there is an uncomfortable reality underpinning all that has occurred. We must acknowledge that random acts of terrorism are not the only thing to worry about now. There are indications of a spread of violence and even by Friday there had already been retaliatory attacks aimed at Muslim targets. There are also political movements throughout Europe that will no doubt exploit the fear and outrage provoked by this attack to foster a culture of hatred and intolerance. The French President was very clear on this issue: we are and we should remain united one people.

Among us of course we are different. Different religions different provenance different social levels. But we are all French citizens. We should all live together under Republican rules. It is important to reaffirm that the values of the Republic of France as a nation and a democracy is to respect any kind of religion any kind of free way of thinking and that people are supposed to live together under these common rules.

Depetris also reasons that the antiMuslim sentiment while expressed by many loud voices is not necessarily as widespread as it is sometimes portrayed. I was pleased to note that it was not just politicians but also French citizens interviewed in the streets who were in favour of reaffirming this unity. They were very committed to avoid any kind of racist comments or hate speech against Muslims. Because these extremists are ultimately a threat for the Muslim community in France. There are an estimated 56 million Muslims living in France today and by all accounts the vast majority are either indifferent or opposed to the sort of extremist violence we saw on Wednesday.

It has in fact been argued that the purpose behind the attack on Charlie Hebdo was specifically to change all this: to provoke retaliation against moderate Muslims in the hope of precipitating more violence and facilitating the recruitment of more volunteers. Nor is it just Islamist terror cells who stand to benefit: in times of open racial hostility the radical right also has a field day when it comes to recruiting and convincing. Does the government of France expect a dramatic escalation of violence… such as for instance when the race riots of a Parisian suburb spread throughout the country and precipitated a state of emergency?

We should certainly be aware of this danger and avoid such retaliations. That is why it is really important that speeches or public comments by the authorities impart the same message. I think it will be the case. This Sunday there will be a big demonstration in Paris and in major cities across the world which will be attended by all political parties committed to defend the Republican values.

At the same time part of the consequence of a terror attack like this is that fears normally associated with extreme factions may be given far wider credence. One such fear concerns the fact that European demographics suggest Islam is a fastgrowing religion in Europe. This may also be in part due to a falling birthrate in most European countries; either way the argument goes — and I must stress that it is made by others — that in time Europe will be forced to cede more and more of its principles as immigrant communities make more demands.

Are Europeans justified in worrying that the values we cherish so much may be threatened by the longterm implications of demographics change? France has one of the highest birthrates in Europe… Well the country does have a certain reputation to defend… Perhaps he replies with a laugh. But when we look at the birthrate the statistics show that migrants have higher birthrates when they arrive but by the next generation it drops to the same level as the national average. Things can change and the migration flows are not the same as 20 years before or 30 years before. Most migrants to France used to come from Italy and Portugal.

Immigration to us is an also an added value. But we may have difficulties thinking this way in the light of the economic crisis… Meanwhile speaking of efforts to ignite intercultural hostilities in France: it must be pointed out that there may also be grievances beyond the immediate goals of terrorism. Racial tension has often been felt in France before as the aforementioned riots confirm. More recently the ban of the Burqa likewise sparked a controversy over minority rights. Like it or not this also points towards a subtext of discontent underpinning race relations in France and no doubt all over the rest of Europe too.

Regardless of Islam there seems to be many within the Muslim community who feel they are a downtrodden or sidelined minority. Could it be then that the emergence of radical Islamic groups such as Al Qaeda and ISIS is the tip of the iceberg of a much deeper malaise? I hope not. You mentioned the burqa issue: but it was only an extreme minority of Muslims who were concerned with this law. The overwhelming majority of Muslims is perfectly integrated in the French community.

These few exist; but they are first of all criminals not Muslims. They are criminals and they try to invoke some kind of ideological background to justify their acts; but we cannot confuse the Muslim community with the behaviour of such criminals. Of course what is happening around the world… the Syria crisis Al Qaeda and ISIS networks and attitudes… they are all part of the background.

The French government is well aware that this is an issue that has global ramifications. Yet the emergence of ISIS at least is widely associated with the aftermath of the Iraq war: which in turn suggests that the conditions for the same unrest which we all agree now threatens Western core values were in fact created by western military involvement in the Middle East. There are of course limits to this argument: it is impossible to say what would have happened had Saddam Hussein not been toppled in … especially in view of the Arab spring.

But many argued against the Iraq war at the time precisely on these grounds: that it would result in global destabilisation. Is this a case of reaping what one sows? Depetris acknowledges that the situation in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East is connected to the causes of the terrorist attack in France… but only because the terrorists want the two issues to be linked. In that way yes there is a connection. But the issue of radicalism in Europe and what is happening in the Middle East are very different. As Depetris earlier mentioned the values under attack are not cherished only in France but also in the rest of Europe.

The entire EU may well be considering whether or not to step up antiterror efforts… which may also imply expanding government control in sensitive intelligence gathering and security areas. Are there any plans to respond to this threat level by strengthening antiterror legislation in France? And does he expect there will be any talk in this direction by other European governments? But there is and it still exists a link between European countries. We do have very regular meetings in Brussels and there is the means to exchange information for intelligence services to cooperate and to establish networks.

In the field of the fight against terrorism of jihadists this kind of European network already exists and it works quite well. These kinds of attacks occur and we must be vigilant; but we have avoided many others and I hope we will continue to do so. Everyone seems to have their own definition of the word How would he define laiciete? It was the occasion to reaffirm our Republican consensus on laiciete.

What does it mean? That the French Republic does not recognise one specific religion since all religions are recognised equally. You can worship you can practice your religion… of course we all agree to that… provided you make it a private issue not a public one. Public spaces in France are not supposed to be part of religious discourse or used for religious propaganda. But obviously — and this is respected everywhere — you are free to believe whatever you wish. France has one of the highest birthrates in Europe…Well the country does have a certain reputation to defend…Perhaps he replies with a laugh.

But we may have difficulties thinking this way in the light of the economic crisis…Meanwhile speaking of efforts to ignite intercultural hostilities in France: it must be pointed out that there may also be grievances beyond the immediate goals of terrorism. National Doctors term hospital activity report 'partial' an World At least two people dead after coastal cycleway co World New virus outbreak in Australia can cause brain da Music Legendary artist Prince dead at 57The shadow home affairs minister Beppe Fenech Adami has called for better human resources to deal with applications for the renewal of eresidence cards for nonEU nationals like migrants who are seeking a work permit.

The citizenship and expatriates department only sees a limited number of migrants on a Friday forcing them to wait outside as early as Thursday night braving the cold weather outside the office so that they can be first in line on Friday morning to access the service.

Fenech Adami said the situation was totally unacceptable. Government is to ensure that the proper infrastructure setup and human resources are in place to ensure that unnecessary hardship no longer persists. In March Nationalist MP Jason Azzopardi had told the House in a PQ of the disorganisation at the citizenship and expatriates department at the Evans Building with queues lasting five entire hours.

Then home affairs minister Manuel Mallia had told the House that the disorganisation stemmed from the previous administration when in January no new human resources were passed on to the citizenship department when it started issuing eresidence and identity cards to foreign residents. Mallia had said that the ministry had provided modern offices for the department engaged new personnel and was considering hiving off certain services outside the department so that it can be more efficient and reduce queues.

Once migrants qualify for protection the first thing they have to do is to apply for an eresidence card. Without it they cannot access public services such as benefits work permits or even open a bank account. But migrants are only being granted access to the service on Friday morning. I have to renew my ID card and I only have one day to do that which is Friday and there are a lot of people here. Without it you cannot re new your working permit" Stephen Morphy a Liberian migrant who has been in Malta since told MaltaToday.

It is not fair. Once we are working paying taxes we should be able to renew our document free and fair like the others. I have come and sleep in this weather just to be able to work to support my family. Carmelo Abela has dubbed the situation inhumane after having assessed the matter personally. The decision to allow migrants to apply on a particular day of the week was taken long before Identity Malta was established.

Since then the number of migrants applying at AWAS decreased significantly and eventually the service stopped being offered from their office. The service offered from the Refugee Commission is still ongoing he said. Lately for a number of reasons there was an increase in the applications at the Department for Citizenship and Expatriate Affairs in Valletta Abela said since expired documents were all being issued on the same date and therefore had to be renewed on the same date.

I was on my way to work 10 years ago to date when I got a phone call to alert me that detained migrants at Safi were holding a protest. I recall an asylum seeker telling me: Why are the soldiers holding sticks? Little did they know that their action would pave the way for a human rights crime committed by men who are meant to uphold the law. An hour or so later the soldiers marched towards them beating their shields with their truncheons in rhythm and within minutes it was a painful cacophony of screams protests and confusion.

At a point up to six soldiers stood over a single floored protester while one beat him with a truncheon. Many of the detainees clutched their heads and wriggled on the ground in an attempt to protect themselves. Dozens of migrants were hospitalised. But what was really shocking was the reaction and the aftermath.

Many Maltese let their prejudices get the better of them and justified the force used refusing to even acknowledge the shocking pictures taken by our photographer. If a Maltese man is holding down a black guy with a truncheon then he must be right. Within days we witnessed a series of arson attacks and threats against NGOs and journalists who denounced the heavyhandedness. It was not over. The subsequent inquiry into the Safi incidents was a major whitewash as it concluded that the force used to control the migrants during their protest was justified in the circumstances even if it took note of the fact the force used by several soldiers was exaggerated.

When I was grilled by the judge tasked with carrying out the inquiry I recall feeling as though I was in the dock. The judge appeared to be more concerned with knowing the identity of who tipped me off about the protest rather than what I had witnessed. But then again should we be surprised? For the last 14 years we have been told by governments that the detention system is a must even if it criminalises asylum seekers in the eyes of many. In the last 10 years we have seen deaths suicides and more riots inside detention.

We still see NGOs and journalists who analyse migration issues being threatened for doing their job. Because many of us still cannot differentiate between the terrorists that caused bloodshed in the streets of Paris last week and the asylum seekers fleeing the terror in their country. Ten years on none of us should turn a blind eye to the horrible actions portrayed in the picture above. Comodini Cachia calls for better coordination of actions by Member States against human smuggling During a debate on the recent human smuggling incidents in the Mediterranean held during a Plenary Session at the European Parliament in Strasbourg MEP for Malta Therese Comodini Cachia said: Human smuggling attacks the dignity of those who fall victim to it and threatens Member States.

We have a duty to stand up against this illicit and immoral business. Comodini Cachia said that the EU had so far steered a strategy for the Mediterranean which involved border management. However this strategy did not reduce the number of smuggling incidents enough; hence proving to be insufficient. Comodini Cachia said that sporadic action is ineffective and called for a better coordination amongst Member States. This will require a mechanism that brings together representatives from the policy law enforcement intelligence and diplomatic areas ensuring a common approach to address the problem.

In his conclusive statement Commissioner for Migration Dimitris Avramopoulos supported these views and said: If decisive and coordinated EU action is not taken the flow [of migrants] will continue. The European Commission is determined to take action. Avrampoulos joined Comodini Cachia in calling for more coordination and solidarity from EU member states. He also stressed the need for more cooperation with Turkey and African countries and urged Member States to step up their efforts to enforce EU asylum rules and resettle refugees.

During this debate MEPs also discussed the new routes used by smugglers the role of the EU border agency Frontex legal channels of migration to the EU and a comprehensive approach to migration. Spanish police say they have arrested two Cameroonian migrants on suspicion of killing up to 10 other migrants by pushing them from a boat into stormy waters in a fight over a prayer session. The two were arrested after several of the 29 survivors of the African migrant boat crossing to Spain from Morocco told how a fight broke out when a Nigerian religious minister began praying that the boat would not sink police said.

The Cameroonians blamed the worsening weather on the pastor police said. The pastor and other Nigerians praying were among those allegedly pushed over board. Police say there were some 50 people on the boat but that around 10 other migrants also died when they fell into the sea on December 3. President MarieLouise Coleiro Preca focused on poverty migration and international terrorism when she greeted ambassadors accredited to Malta for the exchange of New Year Greetings today.

She said the economic situation continued to show signs of cautious recovery last year. A solution must be sought urgently to this social scourge that is affecting the wellbeing of one in four Europeans and 1. Turning to terrorism she regretted that during bloodshed continued to spill in Libya Syria and Iraq with conflicts in the latter two giving rise to the emergence of the Islamic State.

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