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I had to keep tossing it around, and nobody was tossing me anything back.

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They were just answering my questions. JD: And you got to square off against Jackie Chiles as well.

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JD: What can you tell us about your role in that production and what it says about the jury system in America? It says a lot about where television and movies have gone since then. That was sort of the first major legal drama in the American theater. Reginald Rose, the playwright, really honed his craft very well with that play. That made for an interesting challenge for all of us. And memorable — we still get together for reunions, and we still talk about the seven months we worked together, and it was particularly relevant and meaningful to me in my life as an actor.

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I refer back again to the time when I was on a jury, and I ended up being the foreman which, you know, is just a matter of chance. But there certainly was — going back and forth and trying to lay out the facts in a way that enabled us to come up with what we thought was a just verdict. Do the acting and legal professions require similar skill sets, do you think? JR: I think certainly a litigator and an actor — I think they have to have — they certainly have to feel comfortable with words and pitching them in front of a live audience. So I think to that extent, there is a lot of similarity.

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Why do people act that way? Why do people say those things? So to that extent, I think the analytical process is probably also very similar to what lawyers go through. JR: Well, I supposed in terms of the overall experience, playing the lawyer, the prosecutor Alvin Hooks, in Snow Falling on Cedars would probably be at the top of the list, although all of them have been great fun and great challenges. JR: Well, only that as an actor, it was kind of a brutal experience.

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It was a tough job, because they had never done an hour show before, and it was their last show, and of course, they all wanted to make it TV history. You tape these things in front of a live audience, and we would start in the early evening, and everybody in Hollywood was there, so there was a tremendous amount of pressure to do the job right. Those are the memories I have of the show, but they were all very gracious folks, and they were certainly a lot of fun to work with.

JR: They were terrific. When things move smoothly so that you can go ahead and explore and do what you have to do to get your job done. Did he rely on that at all while shooting the film? And certainly in his case, he brought to the set who he was. But I have a lot of lawyers that stop me and say. JD: As you may know, lawyers are required to do continuing legal education every year and you cannot go to a continuing legal education seminar without seeing at least one clip from the movie.

JD: It really is, quite frankly. He probably would have been thrown in jail a little bit earlier. JR: I would bet. He just pursues the flaws in it. And he does it with great skill.

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Looking back, do you have any other thoughts on the film or its place in film or legal history? It continues to have resonance. To see a full index of our My Cousin Vinny twentieth anniversary coverage, please see here. Great interview, My Cousin Vinny is the film that made me go to law school. He remembers summer days on the farm, the acre homestead where Dean, Marcus Jr.

He also remembers the family crowding around the TV to watch his famous cousin and he remembers that last trip home, when Dean returned with Life photographer Dennis Stock for a week in February But as a young boy, it was almost impossible for Winslow to realize what was to come for his elder cousin and the notoriety that was in store for the entire family.

By the early s, interest in Dean had ebbed, and by the time Marcus Sr. Winslow keeps a garage where he stores his impressive collection of classic cars.

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He also travels, going in February to California for the Warner Bros. Sometimes, the cars slow down, and a quick picture is snapped.

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He is not as open as his parents were, and is reluctant to let stranger inside the farmhouse. But he remains patient with the fans that have traveled, sometimes from other countries for a taste of the Dean legacy. By Sean F.