The All Cows Strike

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You need to know you're in control for the cows to know you're in control, Dunn says. The CDC study includes the story of a year-old Nebraska farmer who had a syringe full of Micotil, a bovine antibiotic, in his pocket when a cow knocked him down. The medicine was accidentally injected into his body and killed him.

Cow Attack Survival Guide: How to Steer Clear of an Angry Bovine

A speeding car plus a massive critter does not equal a pretty picture. There isn't much data on how often these collisions are fatal, but they are often enough that Sanderson is researching them to determine the frequency.

More Than 300 Reindeer Are Killed By Single Lightning Strike

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21 cows killed by lightning strike in McCook County

He says in his 39 years on the job, he's never seen anything like this and that this is a very rare occurrence. Stiefvater said he talked to farmers in the area and said they've only heard of two or three ever being struck by lightning at a time, never this many.

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He said this a good reminder about the power of lightning. I mean that's a significant death loss," said Dr. Larry Goelz, veterinarian and rancher from Pipestone, Minnesota. Goelz is around animals and cattle everyday. In his clinic, he's seen the aftermath of lightning-struck cattle but only when one has been involved. And it was unique; they were all eating at the metal feeder," said Dr.

Goelz hopes it opens the eyes of people everywhere to show that no one is immune to lightning and the threat is very real. We gotta protect the people first and animals second. And I think that's a great takeaway message," said Dr.

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With the weather being very unpredictable in our region, Dr.