AND GOD WAS WATCHING: A Modern-day tale of JOB

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The Waterfords greet her stiffly and formally. As June catches her breath she reminds Serena that "as long as my baby is safe, so is yours. June hides the letters behind the tub. Aunt Lydia is still around and forces June to drink a specially prepared vitamin shake, which she spits up.

At the party, Serena opens up a bunch of handmade presents from the other Wives. Serena retreats to the yard with a cigarette. Lydia tells Serena that everything that happens now must be for the good of the child, and thus she should stop smoking cigarettes. When some fellow handmaids arrive to the party, Alma briefly informs June that Mayday has gone silent and is "done helping handmaids". She adds that Ofglen 2 had her tongue cut out, which is the part that is not June's fault, pointing on her scarred wrist.

Aunt Lydia takes June to the river, where men are hanging on The Wall. Lydia identifies one as Omar, the van driver who harbored June. Lydia informs June that his wife became a handmaid and the son was given away. That evening, June begs for forgiveness in front of all the members of the Waterford household and to be again Offred. Serena later crawls into bed with Offred and caresses her stomach. My fault. At night, Offred starts burning the letters from Rachel 's package in the kitchen sink and is interrupted by Nick , who takes the remaining letters to himself.

She weighs her, measures the size of the baby, considers her mental state. She even gets to take notes with a pencil, in a case of "special dispensation" for aunts, as she explains to an astonished Serena , who encourages Aunt Lydia to leave and takes clear offense when Lydia says one of her jobs is to observe the "mood" of the home in which Offred is carrying the baby. Naomi thinks that teething is a way for God to "test" her. The Waterfords head to a Prayvaganza chaired by Commander Pryce in which the handmaids and wives sit in rows while a ceremony takes place down below.

Nick , among other Guardians , is escorted out to the main floor. When Offred retreats to her chamber, she struggles up the stairs, still evidently bleeding. She moves around her room. She goes to get the doctor. I will not let you grow up in this place. Do you hear me? They do not own you. And they do not own what you will become.

I promise you. That night, Nick and Eden have dinner at their apartment, where she tells him that her mother taught her "about everything" that would be expected of her as a wife. Nick steps outside to smoke. Meanwhile, Serena sits by the couch while Offred gets ready to go to sleep and lets Serena put her hands on her belly.

The next day, Eden tells Offred about Nick's permanent aloofness. She fears he is a gender traitor. Offred reassures her he will be "a great father for her children". Serena invites four handmaids Alma , Ofglen 2 , Oferic , and Ofsamuel for a surprise lunch with Offred. When Offred asks to see Hannah, Serena angrily refuses and orders her to get her things out from downstairs to go back to her old room.

When Nick runs into Offred soon after, she insists he has to deflower his wife. That night, Nick and his new bride have sex for the first time. Offred thanks him and cries as she stares at the photo, which the commander takes as an invitation to start pawing at her belly, then her breast, telling her he missed her. He backs off quickly, leaving the photo with her. To the opening of the new Rachel and Leah Center, Commanders from all of the districts are there. The women start to run.

Ofglen then runs into the assembly, holds up her hand once more and presses the buttom. As the red-clad women run for safety, a huge explosion rocks the center. In the aftermath of the Red Center attack, the handmaids , all in black coats, gather in a funeral garb. Aunts are lining the path to the red caskets waiting for them to mourn. Aunt Lydia reads the patronymic names of the 31 deceased handmaids. In the vehicle on the way home, the handmaids talk about those they lost.

Homes all over town are marked with bodies hanging in front of homes, showing the wrath of the Republic. Offred stores her mourning outfit away into a little suitcase. Shortly afterward, Rita announces that there is a visitor for Offred. Commander Cushing is at the house for Offred, and orders Rita to leave him alone with the handmaid.

Instead of asking about her walking partner Ofglen, Cushing wants to know who helped her try to leave Gilead. He doesn't believe her story was of a kidnapping and asks if Commander Waterford assisted her in running away instead. Offred sticks to her story, which makes him highly unpleasant. Outside the front door, a Martha is shot in the street.

Offred gets to the hospital. Serena Joy is happy to see her and to show Fred his baby is safe. Offred leaves the room and sees Nick. She cries on his shoulder saying the Martha was just reaching for her pass when she was shot, and that Cushing wants to know who helped Offred when she ran.

Nick promises he won't "let anything happen" to her. At home, Serena Joy talks about Ray Cushing with Offred and says that he's always been a blowhard even when they vacationed in Antigua together with his wife Sonia. She wants her to be very careful about what she says to Cushing. Offred reminds "Serena" that Commander Deeds ' entire house was slaughtered, and if Cushing came to believe she has a connection to the underground, he won't hesitate, nor would he ever let a baby grow up in that house.

In the grocery store, Janine greets a surprised Offred. She says God has a plan for both of them, pointing in the direction of Emily.

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Offred greets Emily then reveals that her name is June , acknowledging that she never got a chance to tell her. Feeling driven, Offred introduces herself as June to Oferic who reveals her name to be Brianna. Spurred on by confidence, the handmaids in the grocery store begin to exchange their real names to each other. Serena Joy asks June to accompany her to the office where she has already put together new security policies, explaining she'd like things to start getting back to normal.

Reminding her of her former profession as editor, she asks June to read over the policy drafts. June grabs a pen. June and Serena work together to do Commander Fred's work while he's in the hospital. The Commander returns to the house after being hospitalized and is welcomed back by Serena and the staff. Serena goes over the work she did for him while he was away. He's grateful but ushers her out of the office so that he can look over it. Upstairs, June finds a music box and a rose on her bed, supposedly a gift from Serena. Eden asks Nick if she can spruce up their home and he tells her to do whatever she wants.

Serena tells June that baby Angela isn't well. She leaves to go offer Naomi support. June walks to the store where she runs into Janine and Emily. Janine calls her new posting a "blessing from God" since it is "only the Ceremony ", to which Emily replies being raped is not a blessing and anyone helping Gilead deserves to be blown apart.

An ambulance drives by causing everyone to kneel and pray for the baby. Brianna tells Janine she heard it's Angela. As Janine panics, June promises her she'll find out more about what's going on. Later, Serena tells June that the baby isn't doing well and that they don't know what's wrong with her. June asks if there is something they can do and Serena says that they could ask one of the top female doctors but that would mean bending the law.

June says that if it was her baby that she'd do whatever she could. Serena asks Fred if he can allow the female doctor , who is now a Martha , check on the baby. Fred says no because they can't question the will of God. Serena tells June that Fred said no. June tells Serena about Janine and how she knows about the baby. June asks if Janine could see the baby but Serena tells her to not be stupid. In the hospital, Serena Joy asks Naomi if Janine, who is brought by Aunt Lydia , could see the baby, after June suggests it as a way to save an already unstable Janine after hearing the bad news about her daughter.

Her husband does not mind, but Naomi is more than apprehensive about allowing their estranged handmaid to see Angela. June takes an emotional Janine to see the ailing baby in the ICU. A former famed neonatologist named Dr. Epstein , who is very happy to see Dr. She runs several tests on the baby, but is still unable to pinpoint exactly what is wrong with Angela.

Naomi and Warren recieve the bad news from Epstein as Janine helplessly watches. Serena is greatly upset at Dr. Hodgson, but the doctor explains that there is not much more she can do and suggests that Angela should be made to feel comfortable and warm. Serena and June arrive home and are told by Nick that they are wanted in the Commander's office. Fred tells them that he knows that Serena forged his signature so that the Martha could see the baby.

He asks June if that's her handwriting on one of the papers and she says yes. As punishment, Fred whips Serena with his belt and forces June to watch as he does. Serena is in her room crying as she looks at the scars on her buttocks. June asks her if there is anything she can do but Serena only sends her back to her room. Instead, June goes downstairs and apologizes to Fred for what she did.

She asks if he'll forgive her and he says to go to bed. Rita comes to June 's room and tells her that they've been summoned. They are told by Commander Fred that he and Serena are going to Canada , introducing a new Guardian, Isaac , to watch over the house during his absence. Serena tells Fred that he doesn't need her to go but Fred says that they need to show Canada that women aren't oppressed in Gilead.

Nick loads up the car with their luggage when Eden shows up and gives him some cookies to take with him. She tells him that she's going to miss him but he says he's only going to be gone a couple of days. Serena goes to see June before she leaves. She tells June that she'll be leaving the house as soon as the baby is born. Back in Gilead, Isaac is escorting June and Janine on a shopping trip.

When Janine starts talking loudly, Issac orders her to be quiet and refers to her as " unwoman ," referring to her prior status as a prisoner in the Colonies. When Janine replies that she and June are having a conversation and tells Isaac to "suck [her] dick", Isaac hits her in the mouth with his gun, knocking her to the ground.

He then roughly escorts June home. When June and Isaac return home without any shopping, Rita questions Isaac about what she is supposed to make that night. When he curtly tells her that the shopping trip was cut short, Rita backs away and begins to prepare whatever is still in the house. He then sends June upstairs for a nap and begins talking to Eden about the strawberry jam she is making. Upstairs, June talks to Rita about how Serena wants her to leave the house once the baby is born. She asks Rita to watch out for her daughter while she's gone because she wants her child to know only kindness, and Rita says she'll do what she can.

At the protest, Luke confronts Commander Fred. He's taken away by the police but not before Serena and Nick realize that he's June's husband. Serena and Fred head up to their room where Fred says that they've made progress with the Canadian government. Nick goes looking for Luke and finds him in a bar. He tells Luke that June is alright but Luke says that she isn't fine. Nick tells her that June is pregnant.

This upsets Luke and he tells Nick to get out but then changes his mind and goes after him. He asks about Hannah but Nick doesn't know if she's okay. Nick gives Luke the stack of letters June gave him and tells him to get them out somehow. Luke asks Nick to tell June that Moira got out. Aunt Lydia visits June. June tells her about how Serena wants her to leave right after the baby is born.

Aunt Lydia tells her that it is Serena's prerogative. June tells Aunt Lydia that the baby needs protection. Aunt Lydia promises that she will let nothing happen to the child. As she leaves, she sadly tells June that she was once the godmother of her sister's child in the time before, which died at four days old.

Nick visits June and tells her about how the letters were leaked to the public, how he met Luke, and how Moira got out. She starts to cry and he says that he loves her before he heads back to Eden. Emily is forced to have sex with Commander Roy in the Ceremony with his wife. He collapses afterwards. While his wife goes to get help, Emily kicks him in the balls. At the grocery the next day, Alma and Brianna talk about the incident. June runs into Eden who is being escorted by Isaac. June tells Emily that Moira made it to Canada and assures her she's going to see her son again when she suddenly starts to get contractions.

She is taken home by ambulance where Nick helps her into the house. While he is escorting her up the stairs, Eden watches. Serena comes out and greets June before she is taken to Serena and the Commander's room. Aunt Lydia and other handmaids arrive. They begin to set up the room for the birth of the child.

Downstairs, the Marthas are setting up the kitchen with snacks and delicacies. Also, Commander Fred is handing out cigars. Serena is in another room surrounded by wives as she pretends to have a baby. Aunt Lydia interrupts the ceremony and tells her that June was only having false contractions. They call a doctor to come inspect her and learn that she isn't even close to giving birth. This upsets Serena who tells June that after the birth she is to be transferred to another district.

The main character: Offred

June approaches Commander Fred about what Serena wants and asks for his help. She asks to be moved to her daughter 's district. This upsets the Commander who asks her to get out. Before she leaves, June tells him that he'll never know what it's like to have a child of his own. Commander Fred and Serena talk about the baby. Serena says that the best way for the baby to come is the most natural way. Rita tells June that Serena wants to see her. As she leaves, Rita tells June that she'll tell the baby about her.

Serena forces June onto the bed as Fred forces himself into her. He sexually assaults her in order to get the baby to come early. After, Serena and Fred both leave the room leaving June alone as she cries. Eden takes out the trash and runs into Isaac. They share a kiss as Nick watches from the balcony. Eden realizes this and runs up to the house to apologize. He says not to worry about it and Eden asks why he doesn't care that he just caught her cheating on him. He doesn't say anything and Eden realizes that he likes June.

Nick tells her that he'd never get involved with a handmaid. She realizes that he just doesn't love her and starts to cry. June is laying in bed when Fred comes into her room. He tells her that he's planned a surprise for her. He puts her in a car and instructs Nick to bring her back in 3 hours.

On the drive to where they're going, Nick asks her what happened but she doesn't respond. They arrive at a house where inside Hannah is waiting. She rushes towards her but Hannah gets scared and hides behind a Martha. June asks if she remembers her and Hannah nods, the Martha telling June that Hannah's name has been changed to Agnes.

Hannah asks if it hurt when they hit her on the head and if she tried to find her. June says yes but Hannah asks why she didn't try harder. Hannah tells her that it's okay because she has new parents now. Hannah notices that June's pregnant and tells her that she doesn't get to keep it. The guard says that it's time to go so June tells Hannah that she'll always love her and that she should enjoy her life. The guard separates them but Hannah runs back to June. June tells her that she has to go and that she loves her. Hannah leaves leaving June kneeling in the snow as she cries. Suddenly, Nick hears other cars approaching so he puts June into the house.

He tells her to go inside and hide while he waits outside to see who it is. Two men appear and attack Nick, taking him hostage and leaving June alone. She's left alone in the middle of nowhere. June has been left behind at the abandoned mansion. She is standing outside in the cold, staring at the drive to the road. As she turns around, she sees a detached garage. She tries to open the side door, but can't. She looks in the garage door windows, and sees a car hidden inside. She tries to open the garage door, but can't. She looks up, and sees a wolf watching her.

As she returns to the house, she apologizes in her narration for the broken structure of this story, "like a body caught in crossfire or pulled apart by force. She discovers an office. There are hunting trophies taxidermy on the walls. Behind the desk, where there is a photo of Hannah and her placement mother with a caught fish, and on the desk there is a picture drawn by a child, presumably Hannah. It is of the house, a dark child, in the middle, a woman in green on the right her placement mother?

She remembers a day she left Hannah at school and how Hannah didn't want to let her go after "last hugs. In the office, she finds keys to the garage. She goes to the garage and finds a preserved Chevrolet Camaro. She starts the car, tunes the radio and hears Radio Free America that news that US Capital in Anchorage has received economic aid from India and China; that more sanctions against Gilead have been received from the UK, and that the UK is planning to raise the limit on American refugees relocating from Canada.

The announcer then says, "the next tune is to remind everyone who is listening, American patriot or Gilead traitor, we are still here. Stars and Stripes forever, baby. Bruce Springsteen's Hungry Heart begins to play. I went out for a ride, and never went back. Like a river that doesn't know where it's flowing, I took a wrong turn, and just kept going. Bruce continues "Everybody's got a hungry heart. June gets out of the car and goes back into the house. She gathers up an escape bag of food, first aid, and blankets.

She puts that in the car and goes back upstairs and grabs the Commander's heavy coat. In front of his armoir, she looks at her pregnant profile in the full length mirror. She remembers when she was very pregnant with Hannah, and was getting ready for a book release party with Luke, with many sweet interactions between the expectant parents.

Her memory ends as she hears a vehicle approaching. Serena Joy and Commander Fred arrive looking for June. When they enter, Fred calls out to Commander MacKenzie and his wife. Serena runs upstairs, and notices the clothing armoirs have been uncovered. She sees June's cloak and head cover, and runs downstairs show it to Fred. Serena and Fred argue over June.

Serena blames him for them running off together.

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He says Nick would not be that disloyal, and that he let June see her daughter, which he believes would have made her grateful. Serena tells him he is stupid and that they hate him, which is why June keeps running away from him. Fred blames Serena constant cruelty to June for her escape attempts. She tells him he raped June last night, he points out that was her idea, and says this was "to fix her mess. She asks Fred if he expected to June to return after this visit and thank him.

She calls him an idiot and he calls her a bitch. Serena says they can't explain it away or even report it. Especially to have a handmaid run away twice, and how they will think that they are part of the Resistance. She says they will hang them on the wall, and he comments it would be his bad luck to be next to her. She chastises him for making jokes. In an upper level of the home, June spies a open box of ammunition on a storage chest. Inside, she finds a shotgun and loads it. Downstairs, Serena quietly confesses she gave up everything for "the cause," and all she wanted in return was a baby.

Fred pins her against the wall telling her she demanded a baby. She cries that he has left her with nothing. At the same time, June has quietly opened a window in the breezeway, and has aimed the gun at them. Serena cries that she will never hold her baby, and Fred consoles her. June hears the entire conversation. Serena pushes Fred away, and June gasps as her target moves out of her sight.

Fred continues to console her, telling her they can't have gotten far and he will call local security. He urges her to leave, and they move outside. June relaxes as they drive away. June continues to decompress from event, and has an intense contraction. She flashes back to when she went to visit the birthing center that her mom worked at. June wants to have her baby in a hospital with "doctors, nurses, and lots of drugs. She returns to the garage where she tries to open the garage door with the electronic controls which have no power and then manually, but can't.

She climbs into the car and tries to drive through the door but it doesn't budge. She goes outside and tries to dig out but slips and falls. As she lays there she realizes that her water has just broke, and weeps. She looks up to see a black wolf watching her, which focuses her attention.

She gets up, goes back inside the house, and prepares a birthing area in front of a lit fire. She lays in front of it and thinks of when she gave birth to Hannah. June is progressing through labor with Luke and Moira. She asks Moira if her mom has called and Moira says she'll text her again. When June wakes up, she sees a puddle of blood has formed beneath her. She sits up, and reassures her baby and herself , that it is going to be okay. June goes back outside with the shotgun and has another intense labor pain, falling to her knees.

The hears a sound, and the wolf again watches her. She fires two shots into the air hoping to catch anyone's attention. She looks the direction of the animal, and it is gone. She reloads and shoots again. She goes back inside, removes her clothes, and starts the delivery process on her knees in front of the fire.

She remembers her birthing process with Luke and Moira, and then Lydia's coaching when Janine gave birth to baby Angela , She finally gives birth to her baby. As she talks to her new baby, she remembers holding newborn Hannah, when her mother arrives. She introduces Hannah to her grandmother, Holly. In the present time, she whispers to the new baby that her name is Holly.

She tells her about that she has a big sister that she will one day meet. In June's narration, she tells Holly that that she wants her to hear this her story, and that she will hear Holly's if she ever gets the chance, whether meet or she escapes, be it in the future or in heaven. She tells Holly she believes in her and her future. She commends June on her surviving and giving birth on her own. One of the Aunts mentions that June's milk is less than yesterday.

Aunt Lydia says she knows this already. Apparently, Mrs. Waterford wants the milk. Aunt Lydia tells June that other families have made offers for her to be in their households. June refuses to see the baby but Aunt Lydia tells her that it'll help her produce more milk. It's true because no sooner does she say this that her breasts start to leak.

Fred turns to leave by June offers to nurse Nicole.

Slaves of Dubai

Fred says no but Aunt Lydia convinces him to take June back to the house so that she can pump there. June returns with Fred but this upsets Serena. She says that June can't touch the baby and that she pumps in the room. June is using the breast pump when she hears Nicole gurgling. She walks downstairs with the milk and runs into Eden in the kitchen. Eden asks her if she agrees that a baby should be raised by two people who love each other. June tells her that she thinks they should grab love wherever they can. The next day, Nick is looking for Eden but can't find her.

Nick tells her that their baby is so beautiful and that he wishes he could hold her. June says her too. June tells him that she wants to name her Holly after her Mom. Nick tells her it sounds right. June is in the kitchen helping clean the kitchen when Rita is called by Serena.

June takes the chance to smell some of Nicole's clothes. Commander Fred walks in and asks her why Eden would runaway. June says she doesn't know and he asks where she was hiding when they went searching for her in the house. She says the attic and he says that she was avoiding going home with him. June tells him that she wanted to spend more time with Hannah and he asks how was her reunion. June says she was surprised to see her. Fred says that he was glad he made it happen for her.

She thanks him and he asks if that's all the thanks he gets. She offers to play scrabble with him. Rita wakes up June and tells her that they brought Isaac and Eden back. Nick tries to convince Eden to lie on the stand but she won't. She asks him to forgive her but he asks her to forgive him because he wasn't kind to her. Eden and Isaac are lead to a swimming pool. They are both chained.

They ask them to renounce their sins and plead for His mercy but the two of them refuse, and Eden instead recites 1 Corinthians They are pushed into the pool, and both of them drown and die as a result. June goes downstairs and finds Nick sitting at the table. She tries to offer comfort but he just gets up and walks away.

As she's going back upstairs, she spots Serena in the baby's room. She asks Serena if she's okay. The baby starts to cry and Serena surprisingly offers the baby to June. June sits and holds Nicole. She begins to breastfeed her as Serena watches. June and Rita are doing the laundry. Rita confesses that she treated Eden badly. June reveals that she slept with Nick. Rita says that she should've tried harder.

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  • June continues to go through Eden's things. She finds a Holy Bible. June goes to see Serena and shows her the bible and how Eden wrote notes all over it. Serena says that Eden has been hiding a multitude of sins. This upsets June who asks Serena how she's gonna raise Nicole. Serena Joy says that she'll be raised properly and understand the Word of God.

    June says that she won't be able to read it, and leaves, upset. Nick gets visited by Eden's father who apologize for Eden. Commander Fred asks if he has another daughter and he says yes. Commander Fred tells him to make sure that their other daughter is raised better. Eden's father tells them how he was the one who turned in Eden to the authorities. This shocks June who asks Commander Fred what he'll do when they come for his daughter. He closes the door and slaps her.

    She slaps him back. He grabs her by the face and shoves her down. Later, Rita helps June by giving her an ice pack. Nick arrives so Rita leaves to give them some alone time. June tells him that it's okay. They hear the baby downstairs so both of them go to check on her. Rita is holding her but gives her to June. June in turn gives her to Nick. She tells him to look at what they made and that she loves him. The next day, the handmaid's go for a walk and come to the place where Eden and Isaac are hanging from.

    She tells the handmaids about the Bible she found among Eden's things. Emily tells them about how tonight is her first night doing the ceremony with her new family. Emily also mentions that next week is her son's birthday. June says that they should celebrate. Emily says that she's glad she got to see June again.

    The Top 10 Things Pharisees Say Today

    June opens the front door and lets Serena and Fred inside the house. Serena can barely walk so Fred guides her to their room. He tells June that they had a difficult day but that from now on everything will be better. June waits until he leaves before she asks Serena what happened. Serena begins to unwrap her hand and shows her that they took one of her fingers.

    'American Horror Story' Seasons Ranked, From Campy to Creepy (Photos)

    She says that she tried and June sits on the bed and holds her hand. June goes downstairs into the kitchen where Fred is calling for Rita. She tells him that she can't believe he let them do that to Serena. He says that they all have roles to play and that Serena needed to be reminded of hers. Fred tells her that maybe June could stay in the house with her baby and that they could try again but for a boy this time.

    She tells him to go fuck himself. He then brings up Hannah and how if she agreed she'd be able to see her more. He tells her to think about it as he goes back upstairs. June is feeding Nicole when she hears a commotion outside. Rita comes in and tells her that they can get her out but that she needs to leave now. Rita tells her where to go so June hugs her and then leaves. Inside, Fred watches what's going on from his office. He goes and asks Rita what's going on but she says she doesn't know. Realizing something is up, he runs upstairs to check on Nicole.

    Nick follows him up and when Fred tells him to put together a search party Nick tells him to stay inside. Serena spots June with Nicole and tries to stop them. June tries to convince Serena to let them go. Serena asks to hold the baby one last time, and June lets her. Serena hands the baby back and watches as they leave. June goes from Martha to Martha as they guide her out of Gilead. They lead her to the train tracks where she waits. She remembers when she sang to Hannah.

    She shows the picture of Hannah to Holly and tells her that maybe she'll meet her one day. That she is going to meet her one day. A car pulls up and Emily gets out. They embrace but Emily asks what is happening. June tells her that she's getting out. She leads Emily to the car but doesn't get in. Instead she gives her the baby and stays behind. The episode opens right where season 2 ended with a shot of the vehicle that is smuggling baby Nichole and Emily while a voice over of June praying to God to protect Nichole and addresses Nichole saying, "I'm sorry, baby girl.

    Mom's got work. After a moment of panic, his car comes back into view as he picks up June. He is shocked that June didn't get in the truck and tells her to get in the car, so they can meet up with the truck before it crosses the Canadian border. June refuses and asks to be taken to Commander McKenzie 's to get her daughter Hannah Agnes in Gilead before heading north. With great conviction, June states that she can't, and won't, leave without her. She walks into the house and startles the Martha asking "Where is she? Offred goes upstairs despite the pleas of the Martha.

    She looks in to see Hannah sleeping, while at the same time she hears the sirens of the Guardians pulling up to the house with guns. All that she can do is go into Hannah's room, cry, and tell her sleeping daughter that she loves her and will never leave her. June quickly ties a piece of red string around Hannah's wrist next to friendship bracelets and kisses her on the forehead.

    Then June kneels outside Hannah's door with hands on her head, waiting for the Guardians to come and detain her. As June is escorted out of the house, Mrs. McKenzie stops the Guardian and then asks to speak to her. McKenzie tells June that "this has to stop," because of how damaging the interactions between Hannah and June have been. She reveals that Hannah had nightmares for weeks after the secret visit at the summer house. In response to the look on June's face, Mrs. McKenzie says, "Of course she told me. I'm her mother. The two women share a moment of motherhood and love for Hannah.

    McKenzie asks one more time for June to stop, saying it will only end with June getting shot in front of her daughter. June gets in the last word stating that she is Hannah's mother, creating tensions as she is forcibly dragged out the door. June is brought back the Waterford house and is called in to speak to Serena and Fred alone. Where Fred yells at June telling her that they will all end up on the Wall, but June only speaks to Serena telling her that the baby is safe.

    Serena gets very upset knowing that Nichole was handed over to Ofjoseph 1 Emily , grabs Offred and tells her that she killed her baby by giving her to a "murderer. June steps out of her room and sees wisps of smoke, she senses something is wrong. Going downstairs, she notices light coming from Serena and Fred's bedroom, so she opens the door and sees Serena facing her burning bed.

    Sensing that the whole house is about to burn down, she beckons to Serena and reaches out her hand to her. Serena takes it and June leads them out of the room, on the way Serena asks Rita to leave quickly. As June leaves the house, it continues to go up in flames. Back in Gilead after the fire at the Waterford house, June is taken back to the Red Center where the Aunts request penance.

    She is taken into a room to accept her punishment. June is punished by scrubbing floors in the Red Center, the soles of her feet battered. A Handmaid with a bucket lets her know that Emily and Nichole made it safely to Canada, giving her some hope. While in the dormitory, Aunt Elizabeth tells June to get her things and is driven to a new house - Commander Lawrence's. June promises him that she won't be any trouble. June meets her new walking partner Ofmatthew and learns the Gileadean army is about to violently seize Chicago , IL, before answering Ofmatthew's question to "Ofjoseph's" whereabouts by "I am Ofjoseph".

    When she returns home, June finds Aunt Lydia sitting in the parlor with the Lawrences. The Commander describes to her the recent Ceremony as "aces" before escorting Eleanor out. When she stumbles as they start to go upstairs to June's room, June offers to help her only to be tased by her cattle prod. A suddenly infuriated Aunt Lydia points out that unlike Aunt Elizabeth, she would have sent June to "the Wall" rather than to a new household, adding "Ofjoseph" was seen unacceptedly "gossiping" at Loaves and Fishes. She leaves the house in her wheelchair. In the Lawrence kitchen, June runs into Beth and Cora who are about to harbor the runaway Martha Alison planning to help her escape.

    A suspicious Commander Lawrence wants to call a Guardian to send her home but June convinces him to "let her have a chance for something better". Along with June dressed as a Martha, Beth and Alison head into town to drop the latter at a relay point in a mass laundromat. After the successful drop, June learns from Beth that Alison, a former chemistry teacher, is actually not fleeing from Gilead but getting "deeper in" the resistance to "make bombs. At the Lawrence home, Alison suddenly shows up with an injured Martha and they hide her in the basement, but the Guardians that shot her are close behind.

    An incensed Commander Lawrence calls Cora a "liar" as she excuses the noise in the basement by the sighting of a rat. He orders June to fix things. The bible communicates to us that this is how we are to most deeply identify ourselves. That we are more wicked and flawed in our identity than we ever dared image, but we are more loved and accepted by his love and through his identity that we could have ever dreamed. Does this presupposition of biblical identity seem to you to be a presupposition of the author or this article?

    Dear Katie. Bless your heart Dear Katie. Bless your heart for your wonderful words. No child of God is an abomination. Katie- Katie- Thank you so, so very much for this article. I am a teenager that is extremely confused on their Gender, and has been struggling with depression and anxiety because of this. This site and others like it helped me realize that God put me here for a purpose and that I am not sick or delusioned and that I am so much more than the gender stuck on me at birth.

    God bless you, and keep doing great things. Dear Katie: Dear Katie: Thank you so much for writing this. My son is a Christian who is currently experiencing gender and sexual identity confusion. God bless you! I am trying so hard to I am trying so hard to understand. Im just not getting there. I am NOT judging. I really really am trying to understand how this is not blatantly stating that God made a mistake when you were created. Those things are like apples and oranges….

    Tiffy: It is hard for someone Tiffy: It is hard for someone who is not transgender to understand. My wife has known about my gender dysphoria since before we got married 21 years ago. And since it has resurfaced, we are having to deal with it all over again. It is VERY difficult for her to understand what is going on, even though I do my best to try and explain it.

    The easiest way to explain it is this way: When the egg and the sperm come together and out lives begin, we are either XX or XY basic human anatomy, right? But we are neither male nor female for the next two months, although we are more female during that time because only the original X chromosome is active. Somewhere around the week mark the second chromosome gets turned on and our bodies start forming male or female or sometimes both genitalia.

    But along with everything else, other chemicals get fired off to tell our brains what is between our legs. There is a study I recently learned about that says that some of the chemicals that tell us our gender not our anatomical sex get reduced for various reasons, mainly due to outside influencers. For example, if a pregnant woman has hypothyroidism, the chances for the baby to have a birth defect are raised exponentially. Then you have chemicals, the vast amount of soy products, as well as other phytoestrogen compounds that make their way into the food supply.

    Just like some people have allergic reaction to strawberries, others may have a reaction to soy…but only on a level that would cause issues with a fetus. I believe it all deals with temption from the devil. Katie, pretty good insights Katie, pretty good insights which many people should read. Regardless, Love them as individuals. Plastics, preservatives, drugs, and toxins not intended for human consumption may be cause for many of these mutations or aberrations. FDA approval means nothing. My prayers to all those frustrated with their identity. Thank you for this article.

    I Thank you for this article. I am a trans man, I however look at this differently. With that said, whether God intentionally makes a mistake or not, it is up to him to say so. I believe however God does make mistakes, from the way I learned about God, we were one of his greatest mistakes but he forgave us through his son. I believe God did make some kind of mistake but when one door closes, he opens another.

    Scientists and doctors who are working to understand us and fix us were not placed here as chopped liver. If God intended you to be one way, why do so many fight against it ro fix it? Because God does some how makes mistakes but not intentionally. What did I do wrong if he saw what he was making of me in my mothers womb? I would like to meet him and confront him but not to fight to talk and shed light on this.

    I want to tell him I forgive him. I am gender dysphoric and I am gender dysphoric and transgendered to the point of where I accept it as fact. I have been married for over 35 years to a wonderfull woman and have two great adult children. This is my thorn in the flesh! I believe he uses our weakness and our imperfections to bring glory to himself. I choose to bask in his love and grace and not try to merit his approval!

    Gods peace and love which is his gift of grace to all who struggle with sexual idenity. What if…Jesus came to reveal the true nature of God because he essentially is God which is love, light, and healing? Why are we, then, attributing anything in this category to God? Folks, the Bible was inspired by the Holy Spirit. That means that many human authors of this book injected their own interpretations into the nature of God.

    Does that make the Bible fallible? But it does mean that we must not read the Bible without asking the Holy Spirit to help us discern what we are reading. God does not make mistakes. He created human beings who have the power to perpetuate life via reproduction. During that process, genes combine in myriad of ways and, as such, we have humans who present as one gender while being another gender entirely. Did this happen because of sin in the world? Loving people mean caring, helping, befriending, showing affection and acceptance. God is vast enough, big enough, great enough, to convict people of whatever he deems necessary right?

    Do not do that which to your neighbor which you would not want done to you. That is our job. I just wanted to commment and let you know you are not alone. You may feel that you were just ranting, but I have and still am working through the things you are thinking about. When i feel God is disapointed. As cliche as it sounds rest in the fact God loves you, and its okay not to know the awnsers.

    You will find away, you will find peace. If it gives you joy, peace, amd produces good fruit go for it. Also, pray!!!! Either your god got it right when She assigned you whatever gender you were at birth, or YOU got it right when you decided to transition. One of you is plainly wrong. Why would any deity put you in the wrong body? Far more likely, one of you simply does not exist. You are here; you exist.

    Supernatural beings do not. Contorting your arguments into nonsensical pretzels is not going to change that. If there was actually a god, She would have gotten it right with your gender, and you would not have required medical transition. Resources Where to begin Find a church Find an event Find an organization. LGBT and faith-related events near you. LGBT justice and inclusion advocates in the U.

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