Can God Bless America?

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I also believe atheist have a right not to believe in God if they so chose, but they do not have a right to deny those of us who do believe nor does their vote count more concerning issues of law. I am disappointed in those believers who are trolls and haters of atheist.

Will God Still Bless America?

Even when they don't believe in God, he still believes in them. In discussions I have engaged with atheist, many had expressed belief in God at one time. Disappointment turns to anger, anger to bitterness, bitterness to hate. Huge difference between hate and unbelief. Bottom line; freedom belongs to all of us including the idea God bless us. Nobody wants to stop you or anybody else from saying "God bless America.

Public schools are for everybody, including those who do not believe in God. The claim asserts very specific opinions of God which we could not possibly know or claim to know even if we believed in him in the first place. It is a religious claim, made every single school day to the entire school by the administration. That is what we object to. It may not be obvious to many people why these things matter.

For Christians, who are used to hearing such things at least once a week anyway, they pass without notice. But for people of other religions or of no religion, they stand out and reinforce the notion that the school and in this case, all of America is Christian first and multicultural second. That it's OK to believe what you like, as long as you recognize Christian beliefs hold higher station.

And this is not just theoretical--in Flordia as throughout the South, Christianity is regularly treated as the de facto standard, with people presumed Christian until proved otherwise. Non-Christians, especially atheists, are constant targets of ridicule and disdain by their peers and their teachers. And this double standard is justified by such official pronouncements. But most of all, I find your Yoda-esque analysis of anger and hatred disturbing.

You claim that when atheists try to exercise their rights, they are doing it out of anger, and then immediately insist on exercising your own out of love, presumably. Excellent response sir. If I'm ever engaged by my closed-minded neighbor for example , I'll be ready. This was well said. I think even the most hard-headed believers will read this and understand.

I hope. My neighbor doesn't read though. Separation of church and state exists to prevent theological ideology from permeating state law. America has the highest rate of pornography, murder,single parent families and drug offenders. Hardly God's blessed nation! The problem, Bob, is that this kind of sentimentality does not support other people who choose not to believe.

It is a position of arrogance and condescension. Your trite response excludes the facts. There is no god. There is no evidence of god. Adults, many of them, grow up and become well and realize that codependency such as the relationship that humans have to imaginary beings is in fact oppressive and entirely useless.

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Freedom does not belong to all of us, not when that freedom is filtered through the lens of belief in god. That freedom becomes imprisonment to the belief. Keep god out of education, politics, health care, and any public serving body.

Can God Bless America (Again) ?

I will continue to pray for all non-believers. As for you, will you say. I just watched a twenty one month old toddler die of a torn anus, perforated small intestine, two broken limbs, cellulitis of the foot, a broken nose and a punctured eardrum! Unfortunately there was no sky god to prevent that child from being systematically tortured for most of his brief life! On the other hand his murderous parents can turn to Jesus for redemption and they will be forgiven! Oh of course they were tempted by the devil who dwells in hell!

Your comment is horrifying and unforgivable. God nor Jesus would never forgive such behavior, there is no forgiveness for such people.

How Can God Bless America?

The all forgiving God, does not exist in the pure environment of Heaven for no reason He can shake his heed and say no! So you believe in gods. One god is as good as another. To be sure they are all fallacies and preposterous, detrimental hoaxes perpetrated on mankind for many centuries. And you sir, want and need to continue this, very likely because you are too lazy to seek out the truth of reality. Just so you feel comfortable believing in your fantasies, to proverbial "hell" with mankind.

Just go hide under your bed and live in fear of this bogey man. You are a little child. Christians are so used to having their hands on the steering wheel that any challenge to their privilege is seen as discrimination. It isn't. It's the formerly quiet minorities standing up for their rights as equal citizens in our non-theocratic state.

Say it all you want privately, but do not spit on the founding fathers, who knew the dangers of theocracy, by demanding that our public institutions say it with you. In God We Trust as the motto and Under God in the pledge were added in the 's probably as a reaction to Communism.

It was never used to end a Presidential Speech until a Nixon speech in None of it had anything to do with the founding of this country as is popularly believed. I can't help but wonder, in this 'anything goes' society, what is left for our youth to fear but God? I'm not objecting the article, freedom unto anyone to believe whatever he or she wants - I'm just posing a question.

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When the next generation of performers and entertainers are born, I'm afraid they'll have nothing left to do but to take off those skimpy bikinis they sing in anyway. This society is coming to a point where there is nothing left to explore and nothing left to defend anymore. Anything goes.

I find your question incredibly interesting. Isn't it possible to learn proper, moral and socially-accepted ways to behave without an undue amount of fear? I always find that it's much harder for me to focus on doing something well when I know that the failure state is frightening - I focus more on avoiding failure than doing well on success. And on the other coin, I fear disappointing and hurting my friends and family. I fear the crushed look on my boyfriend's face if I were to lie to him or steal from him. I fear disdain from my fellow human beings, I fear being cast out and laughed at and talked about behind my back.

I fear any number of social consequences for poor behavior that have nothing to do with whether or not there's a god. You were raised to believe morality came from God, as were many of us. Is that enough to make such a foundation true? The historical fact is that the golden rule was a bedrock of civilization from the beginning. No civilization would have survived without an inherent sense of right and wrong toward others and toward the environment. Billions of people lived and died in civilizations before Christianity, and billions more live today without it.

Good people are good without threat of punishment or promise of reward, and bad people are bad in spite of those. Do you, Bob, really need the threat of hell NOT to kill your neighbor or cheat your boss? I'm guessing not. It's just the hammer used on you since you were born. Teaching young people to value themselves and others is being done every day without religion.


Most young kids are good kids, just as they were in your day. Every generation has thought the next was going to hell in a hand basket, yet we go on doing good things and loving life. I hope you will look for evidence of that instead of worrying about bikinis. I find it interesting how religionists can claim to be so patriotic when their give their loyalty to a god from the Middle East.

If "Jesus" told them to destroy this country they would attempt it in a heartbeat. It seems to me religious people are really traitors to America. A more pertinent problem with the statement is just how elastic "God bless America" can be: It can range in meaning from "God bless America--and no other country. There is a major league baseball team, whose games I occasionally attend when money permits , that still insists on playing "God Bless America" during the 7th inning stretch.

If I've had a drink or two which would usually require someone of greater means to be there with me , I find myself joining in, and altering the words What I find interesting is that these so called "atheist" present themselves as all knowing, where they have an answer for everything and are offended by everything. Atheist have no sense of humility in their bone. They lack the willingness to know who God is before making a judgement call on why people believe in God. It is even more interesting that this country USA was built with the belief in God. God Bless America because America was built for religious freedom and free from religious persecution.

A lot of people died for our freedom, those people believed in God, which brought them here. This article lacks the understanding that patriotism is knowing God as our founders knew God. This country was not built on atheism. So, if you know who God is, then you know Jesus came from God - no matter what region as he is the Son of God.

Some of the comments written lack intelligence excluding mine. Get a Bible, read and study.

'God Bless America' Trailer HD

Learn something before writing nonsense. I think you better go learn what the null position is before you spout off with any more of this nonsense. Then go study quantum mechanics and learn what existence is. You obviously do not understand the word existence. All you understand is your little fantasy world of your god,and I doubt you even know who that is. You are the one claiming to know everything regarding atheism! Atheists, humanists, people using reason instead of religion Most are very educated people who use critical thinking skills to ask questions and research things they don't understand or don't accept as facts.

Religion requires faith which is the abandonment of reason. Our Founding Fathers hated religion and more importantly knew that nothing would kill their new nation faster than interference from the Church - one of the primary things they ran to the colonies to escape. You are right on one point The United States is a secular republic The United States is not a theocracy!!!

And just an FYI I have plenty of "humility in my bones"!!

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  8. I am a human being with plenty of faults but I truly resent your religious beliefs Christianity being forced into "public" institutions in this country! And here's a fun fact The writer of this article has problem with nationalism. ISIS has problem with nationalism. Communism has problem with nationalism. Both of them are ideology that are aiming for world domination.

    Therefore in order to create space for your ideology you have to destroy the culture,tradition,architecture and nationalism. Divested with identity they will be remote in your hand.

    God Bless America?

    That's why both radical Islam and radical communism desist any other form of unity. Both of them lack moral compass and had been raping women in mass as a state policy. I am an anti-theist, and of course know that any and all belief in gods is detrimental. The article seems to tolerate people that believe the god myth as if it is alright and we can just let it slide. When one understands the nature of reality, and that gods cannot exist within reality this foolishness and ignorance of "god blessing America" goes away. Grace-to-You Grace-to-You. Play Audio. Play via Sermon App.

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