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If it means, "you can reach the city from here", well of course you can! I can reach anywhere from anywhere There must be some context that the sentence is taken from that implies there has been some previous obstacle to reaching the city.

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One might say, you can reach the city from here by public bus that is, the person has been outside the city limits where public transport doesn't run, and I have given them a lift in my car to a bus stop where they can now catch a bus to town. Hope that helps. Teachers: We supply a list of EFL job vacancies.

Thanks Terry!

Come This Way

It's amazing how non-native speakers have a sense that something is not right with "Please, from this way" because it was never heard before. It's also amazing how many mistakes non-native speakers do using expressions and grammar that was never heard or read but probably motivated by first langauge interference. Thanks again Terry!

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It's also amazing how many mistakes non-native speakers do make using expressions and grammar that was never heard or read but probably motivated by first langauge interference. This is an astute observation. Quite true!

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Not a creature has died, not a wagon tire loosened, and no bad luck attended us. The country is becoming very hilly; the streams rapid, more clear, and assuming the character of mountain streams. The air is very dry and clear, and our path is lined with wild sage and artemisia. We had a fine celebration today, with an address by Mr.

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Sexton, which was very good; an excellent dinner, good enough for any hotel; and the boys drank toasts and cheered till they are now going in all sorts around the camp. I often think of home and all the dear objects of affection there: of George; dear Mother, who was sick; and of yourself and poor little Sister.

If it were consistent, I should long for the time to come when I shall turn my footsteps homeward, but such thoughts will not answer now, for I have a long journey yet to complete and then the object of the journey to accomplish. I am hearty and well, far more so than when I left home.

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  • That failing of short breath which troubled me at home has entirely left me. I am also more fleshy.

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