Dead Famous

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Why the USA?

If I had tried to do it here, I would have been arrested! I clocked up some serious mileage, burned tanker loads of cheap gas and met some truly fascinating people — dead and alive.

Dead Famous - S01E07 ''Return to Thunderbird Lodge''

My mission was to track down body parts of some of the most iconic, influential, famous and infamous characters from history. Napoleon, Einstein and JFK were all on the list. So were Elvis and John Lennon.

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How cool would it be to then compare, for each icon, their biology with their biography? We wanted to provoke discussion and debate. We succeeded. As for the results, a mixed bag. We were pretty sure we had Elvis in the bag — quite literally. His hair had been collected in a bread bag by his barbour.

The genome we sequenced from it was the best that had ever been achieved from a historic hair sample.

Dead Famous

And, there was a sting in the tale. In it was a hair brush and some hair. I present TV programmes. It sort of happened by accident.

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I am annoyingly curious but have a short attention span. I struggle with reading — much prefer watching — and I have picked up most of what I now know from observing other people far more gifted than me.

We respect your email privacy. Issue 4 Playing local bars and events since , many of us in Windsor Esses can remember the local band Drop Dead Famous for their covers […]. Their new album — now available for purchase on iTunes includes tracks: Find Myself, Back on You, […].

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Drop Dead Famous came to life in as a cover band willing to play anything and everything, anywhere and at anytime. Hailing from Windsor, Ontario, Canada the band quickly gained fans and popularity which landed them a gig opening for "Theory of a Deadman". The following day a local music critic questioned why a cover band was "allowed" to open for a hugely successful original act, and the next, the say, is history Drawing from influences such as U2, the Killers and Kings of Leon, Drop Dead Famous began to forge and polish their own original sound: edgy guitars, bass and drums fused with inspiring, melodic vocals and never-before heard synth sounds.

The lyrics reveal stories of real-life experiences and emotions while the music blends a variety of pop-rock and Top 40 styles to form a new, refreshing sound.