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Practice your Spanish with the vendors and try your hand at bartering. When haggling, keep in mind that a few extra soles may not make a difference to you, but it can make a substantial difference for local residents and their families. Keep an eye on your personal belongings.

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Located next to the Archeological complex of Sacsayhuaman , the Cristo Blanco is set on a hilltop and offers fantastic views over the city. It was donated in by a group of Christian Palestinians living in Cusco. In the evening, head to the Planetarium for the best views of the night sky.

A relatively newer attraction, this facility offers insight into how the Inca interpreted the stars, as well as the opportunity to do some of your own stargazing. High up in the mountains only make the experience that much more memorable.

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The rich waters surrounding San Blas, put our municipality one step forward in fish production throughout the state of Nayarit, where shrimp and oyster are some of the most representative species. Are you a bird lover and you really care for nature preservation? The summer heat feels better when you stay well hydrated and, in San Blas, you will find a variety of exotic drinks that you may have never heard of, but certainly will fulfill their purpose of cooling you off.

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When you come to San Blas, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit our neighboring municipality of Santiago Ixcuintla, a small town but with a great personality. We invite you to discover it! One special instrument is the string marimacho mandolin-type instrument.


He hand makes all of these instruments in his home and happily invites people in to listen and to also learn. He might even let you play his guitar made from an armadillo!

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The Mendivil family are a famous family that live in the San Blas barrio. They are mostly famous for their sculptures of religious icons. There is a small gallery in this area with this religious art on show and also a shop selling Mendivil style work. San Blas offers many hostels and hotels for different types of budgets.

Secrets of San Blas by Charles Farley

But do be weary, the further you go up the sketchier it gets! Mon-Sat 9am-1pm and pm Entrance is free.

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