The Shift Age Generations (Entering the Shift Age, eBook 4)

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Summary: Good to Great by Jim Collins.

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    Has the Library Outlived Its Usefulness in the Age of the Internet? You’d Be Surprised

    Annette Kalbhenn. Building Effective Work Groups. Richard Watson. Changing Jobs. Mike Quigley. Guide to Clayton M. David Salmon. Daniel Franklin. Andrew Walker. Paul Cornish. Changing Habits. Daniel Wells. For the 60 largest U. Today, students access information digitally. The Google app on their smartphones allows students to look up information they once would have found only in analog, library-owned reference sources. And as for that old reference warhorse, the printed encyclopedia — Britannica churned out its final set in Further contributing to the decline of in-person reference service is the fact that students are increasingly able to consult with academic librarians via the Internet.

    By , 77 percent of U. Given only the above numbers, the hasty conclusion would seem to be that everything is online and nobody uses academic libraries any more. Even while circulation and reference transaction numbers were tanking, the data show a steady increase in the number of people actually setting foot in academic libraries.

    The cumulative weekly gate count for the 60 largest U. Library gate count data for all U. So if students are not going to the academic library to access print collections or ask reference questions, why are they going at all? Academic library square footage is increasingly being converted from space to house printed books to space for students to study, collaborate, learn and, yes, socialize. Among a number of specialized spaces, the library offers rooms devoted to media preparation, digital collaboration, and presentation practice.

    The libraries of North Carolina State University NCSU offer Makerspace areas where students get hands-on practice with electronics, 3D printing and scanning, cutting and milling, creating wearables, and connecting objects to the Internet of Things. In addition, NCSU students can visit campus libraries to make use of digital media labs, media production studios, music practice rooms, visualization spaces and presentation rooms, among other specialized spaces.

    The Ohio State University Library Research Commons offers not only a Writing Center but also consultation services for copyright, data management plans, funding opportunities and human subjects research. Specialized spaces in the library include conference and project rooms, digital visualization and brainstorming rooms, and colloquia and classroom spaces. By thinking beyond the book as they reimagine libraries, academic librarians are adding onto and broadening a long learning tradition rather than turning their backs on it. In the words of Sam Demas, college librarian emeritus of Carleton College :.

    For several generations, academic librarians were primarily preoccupied with the role of their library buildings as portals to information, print and later digital. In recent years, we have reawakened to the fact that libraries are fundamentally about people — how they learn, how they use information and how they participate in the life of a learning community.

    Any library, public or academic, able to live up to so important a role will never outlive its usefulness. The author of this article is Donald A. Read the original article here.

    Futurist David Houle Explains What the Shift Age Means

    Are you a librarian and want to stay current? These free digital volumes were developed to support and encourage learning and development in Library Sciences. Each title includes content excerpts focused on a central theme to give the reader an introduction to new ideas and information on that topic. Chandos Publishing is a leading publisher in library and information science books combining theory and practice into high-value resources.

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    3 Ways FAST AFTER 50 Can Help You Defy Aging

    Social Sciences Join our comunity:. Barclay , Posted on: May 19, Library space is changing. But has it? The numbers tell a very different story. Some upward trends In the last two decades, the total number of U. Chart created by Donald A.