Catholic Priests Falsely Accused: The Facts, The Fraud, The Stories

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Data collected from The Center for Applied Research in the Apostolate CARA indicates allegations of abuse of minors to be on average less than 10 per year since nationwide. The most troublesome accusations are those leveled against dead priests. How can the dead defend themselves?

The simple solution in many cases for a diocese is to simply pay out. The intangible losses in doing this far exceed the monetary costs. This has caused a decline in clergy morale and vocations to the priesthood. Large monetary settlements have hindered Catholic evangelization and charitable work and have led to the bankruptcy of some dioceses. But, worst of all, it has also caused a loss of confidence by many Catholics in the institutional Church. A sure way to ameliorate the injustices perpetrated against priests and to rehabilitate the reputation of the Church would be to re-examine the cases of those priests found guilty due to false or dubious abuse claims filed against them.

The widely reported case of Fr.

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Pierre outlines it in his book. It is quite obvious that Fr. MacRae did not receive a fair trial according to the facts cited in a piece published in The Wall Street Journal. Now he is serving a 67 year sentence. His own, now retired, bishop believes him to be innocent. She reports being severely abused by nuns and having been raped by a priest.

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Nevertheless, this book continues to secure five star reviews in Amazon. Previous Next. Michael P. But first, I want to convey to you just how vulnerable all priests are right now, and just how oblivious most of them are to the danger lurking at the other end of the telephone line.

Catholic Priests Falsely Accused: book review

It is dangerous. She wrote that if five people accuse a priest and four of them are lying, the Church should settle with all five just to be certain the real victim is compensated. Then came the scariest notion of all. But I welcome the media pursuit of the truth. Despite all the efforts by SNAP leaders to drag the Catholic Church into the Penn State story — and thereby assure some on-going headlines for themselves — the effort is failing under the sheer weight of sexual abuse in the American education system.

If this lid is peeled back fully, what just might be exposed is the extent to which the Catholic Church and priesthood have been wrongfully scapegoated and vilified as some sort of special locus of sexual abuse. Only time will tell whether the news media has the courage to expose and air out all the dust of this full story. I have my doubts. What links the Penn State story with the priesthood scandal is the reality that people with social agendas have already latched onto it to exploit it for their own ends. In an article by William M. So now, for Marci Hamilton, the bar for child sexual abuse has been recast to include claims for damages in even the most innocent and inadvertent brush-up between any adult and any child.

Under such a standard, no priest is safe from decades-old and money driven abuse claims. No teacher is safe. No coach is safe. No doctor or nurse is safe. No parent, grandparent, step-parent or foster parent is safe. For Marci Hamilton, every child should now live in a world in which even the merest human contact from any adult, and especially men, could be seen as a criminal act — decades later — but for the sole purpose of lining the pockets of contingency lawyers — like Marci Hamilton, for example!

David Pierre profiled Marci Hamilton in his new book:. This is an important point. The Supreme Court has already ruled that statutes of limitations for criminal prosecutions cannot be extended and then applied retroactively.

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No, this entire agenda is about civil statutes of limitations so that — as Marci Hamilton now proposes — even an innocent touch can later be re-framed as abuse if a deep pocket like the Catholic Church is in the background of the accused. This is all about money.

Catholic Priests Falsely Accused - The Facts, the Fraud, the Stories (Electronic book text)

Just money. People who set out to serve both God and money usually end up not believing in God. I consider myself to be a liberal civil libertarian, but I would not recognize a world run by people like Hamilton, nor would I want to live in such a world. So many readers have asked me what they can do to stop such evil from proliferating.

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The most effective way you can help is to arm yourself with the truth and then use it as a compass to point others in the same direction. Too many priests contribute to the presumption of guilt when their brothers are accused. Too many gain their distance from the accused, ostracize them, and blindly convince themselves that the same fate cannot befall them. It can, and it is the responsibility of those of us who know this to tell them of the danger. You might remember David F. Pierre, Jr. These two books together should be on the shelf of every priest and bishop. It takes a giant step in conveying to the Church the human dimension of what happens to priests when their priesthood is for sale to anyone who points a finger.

Having these facts and stories in the open in a compelling book format is a great service to the Church and priesthood.

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It is a great service to the people of God who have suffered a decade under the millstone of scandal. My call to action is as simple as that. Help us spread news of this book.

Consider giving it to the priests you know. Consider reading it yourself. Above all, encourage the priests you know and make them a part of your daily prayer.