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It inspired a generation of scientists to actually achieve it, and 70 years later we actually landed on the Moon.

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As for the device, AMF has put together a small team including Stephen Wolfram to look into what may have happened to it on impact. So this thing was going faster than a bullet and was considerably less durable. The wreckage is likely strewn over kilometers of the lunar surface. But taking the construction of the Lunar Library into account, we believe it has a high chance of being intact.

But the top four layers are essentially a form of high-durability microfiche, etched with tiny letters that could be read with a basic microscope.

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The Murdstones treat David cruelly, and David bites Mr. The Murdstones send David away to school.

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Gummidge, the widowed wife of Mr. After this visit, David attends school at Salem House, which is run by a man named Mr. David befriends and idolizes an egotistical young man named James Steerforth.

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David also befriends Tommy Traddles, an unfortunate, fat young boy who is beaten more than the others. He works at Mr. Micawber, who mismanages his finances. When Mr.

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Miss Betsey sends David to a school run by a man named Doctor Strong. David moves in with Mr. Wickfield and his daughter, Agnes, while he attends school. Agnes and David become best friends. David graduates and goes to Yarmouth to visit Peggotty, who is now married to Mr. Barkis, the carrier.

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David reflects on what profession he should pursue. They arrive in Yarmouth, where Steerforth and the Peggottys become fond of one another. When they return from Yarmouth, Miss Betsey persuades David to pursue a career as a proctor, a kind of lawyer.

David apprentices himself at the London firm of Spenlow and Jorkins and takes up lodgings with a woman named Mrs. Spenlow invites David to his house for a weekend. Word reaches David, through Steerforth, that Mr. Barkis is terminally ill.

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David journeys to Yarmouth to visit Peggotty in her hour of need. Miss Betsey visits London to inform David that her financial security has been ruined because Mr. Wickfield has joined into a partnership with Uriah Heep.