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Brought to you by Curio , an Aeon partner. Edited by Brigid Hains. I make a dejected approach to shake hands with my supercilious nemesis on the occasion of another easy victory. I never read books that purport to help those who read them to help themselves. Pardon my ivory tower accent, but with a psychology PhD and classes full of admittedly, glazed-over undergraduates to teach, there is no way I am going to read a self-help book; those books are, well, ahem… slightly beneath me.

It was after my fourth consecutive loss that I drove directly to a used bookstore and went native. My name is Dr Gabriel, and I used self-help. H ow does a person assess that something is not working in his or her life? And how does that person decide on the best way to fix it? In our secular age, there is a plethora of choices, from ancient wisdom religious traditions and New Age wish-fulfilment brochures to scientific popular psychology books by bona fide psychologists.

On the surface, these three avenues seem very different, but are they all just forms of magical thinking? When brain scientists and analytical philosophers retreat from the public sphere into their complex and mostly incomprehensible journal literature, there is a danger that the role of wise man falls to the charlatan and the demagogue, in other words, authors of self-help books.

The contrasting knowledge industries offer differing visions of control: academic psychology is Promethean, seeking to explain the human condition by the virtues of rational and empirical truth-seeking, while popular psychology has Narcissus as its model, providing superstitious rituals that depend upon the purportedly limitless power of the self.

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I turned to tennis self-help because I was anxious about the efficiency of my game. I knew there was something wrong with the way I played duh! Looking back, I think I achieved some control over my game by believing in its controllability. Perhaps this is the clue.


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They deliver principles that — with the requisite hope, practice and belief — promise to deliver control over our minds, which in turn helps us to achieve our aspirations. The self-help movement is, in many ways, a continuation of — and maybe a contemporary substitute for — ancient traditional wisdom. These books inspire and educate millions of people with personal anecdotes that read like profound moral fables.

In our post-Gladwell age of publishing, they increasingly include smatterings of statistics to keep the narrative grounded. If one were to make a blanket statement based on consulting the bestsellers list, our aspirations constellate around becoming more efficient, falling in love, and making tons of dough. Whether critiques of this genre are delivered by scientific psychologists such as me, or jaded adolescent ironists, the usual criticisms of self-help have consistently been that it lacks external validation and casually disregards the importance of individual differences in the application of said panacea strategies.

The exploitation of ignorance and hope within the medical and diet end of self-help is a particularly egregious example. We should take it seriously.

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These books provide not only ethical prescriptions but also metaphysical descriptions of the origin and fate of life; in effect, ancient wisdom served as portable moral universes, in book form. Their messages speak to the human condition: our existential, psychological and emotional needs for hope and a sense of purpose and control.

It is no wonder then that popular psychology gained prominence in the US in the midth century.

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Self-help shadows the concerns of the people by matching appropriate rituals to prevalent anxieties. In Part One, the author explains the Way, Tao, in simple terms for western minds.

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In Part Two, Te, or Virtue, he gives readers the advice, stories, and skills they need for the journey. How to give up negativity, perceive reality, practice self-forgiveness and self love. Plus advice about celibacy and sexuality, and more. Weiser Books. The Criterion Collection Anime. Leonard Willoughby Weiser Books Descarga inmediata En la app Kobo by Orbile. Editorial Weiser Books.

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Formatos ePub. Sinopsis Filled with hard-won personal observations and practical, tested exercises for following The Way, Every Day Tao lives somewhere between the Tao of this and that, so popular lately good advice, maybe, but is it Taoism? Leonard Willoughby comes to the Tao as a Western seeker, looking for both a spiritual practice and a method of living.

In this In this book, he frankly recounts his own struggles--with life and with the Tao.