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Share This Article. Roof tiles: Not only do roof tiles play an important role protecting your home from the intrusion of rain, the selected colour and finish should also compliment the fascia, gutter and brick work used on the home. Eave: The eave is the section of the roof that overhangs the external walls of the home, providing shade and protection from the elements.

Despite the settings explained previously, we can edit the position of each grid individually. When selecting a grid in a curtain wall it will appear pinned, what means that the position of the grid is set by the Layout options in the type properties. If we unpin it, we will be able to change its position by moving or aligning to other elements.

This tool allows adding grids to all segments, that will go from end to end of the wall, or grids in one segment, from grid to grid. When selecting a grid, appears an option that allows adding and removing segments. This tool allows adding or removing segments of the selected grid. Mullions are elements that are always placed on curtain grids.

The tool allows us to place the mullion on a full grid line, on a single segment, or on all grids of the selected curtain wall. If a mullion is added to an interior grid, it will place at the center of the grid.

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If the mullion is added to a border grid, it will be placed with its outer face aligned with the outer face of the wall. When we select a mullion that has been placed automatically with the grid, it will appear pinned. If we want to edit the mullion, we have to unpin it. We can change its type, delete it, or edit its continuity in an intersection with the symbols that appear at both sides of the segment.

There is a special type of mullions that solve the meetings of two curtain walls, these are the corner mullions. We can select the corner mullion type in the border mullions on the type properties of the curtain wall, or we can select the border mullion in the model and change its type.

Revit will show us a warning telling us that the corner mullion overlaps the mullion placed on the other curtain wall, and we will select delete element in order to have a single mullion solving the corner. Mullion type properties present a serie of parameters common to all types of mullions, and other parameters that depend on the type of profile:. We can create new mullion types by creating mullion profiles. Mullions are based in profiles, in some cases they are parametric.

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To create those profiles we use the family "Metric Profile-Mullion". The curtain panel will go until the profile intersects with this axis. In order to avoid too complicated profiles trying to increase accuracy, we can load detail items and configure their visibility so they appear only when the detail level is set in fine, for example. These detail items will only appear when the cut plane of the view cuts the mullion.


After creating the profile, we will load it in the project. Within the project we can select any of the existing mullions or select a mullion type in the project browser. By duplicating a mullion type we can create a new mullion and then assign to it the profile we have created.

Curtain panels can be changed by any type of wall.

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To do so, we select the curtain panel, and choose the type of wall or curtain panel in the type selector. When we place a wall as curtain panel, maintains some of its properties.

For example, it is still "host" for doors, windows or openings. But, when curtain grids change its position, the panel in this case the wall will follow the movement of the grids, but the hosted element will not change its position and will not follow it host. Having a wall as a curtain panel offers the advantage that walls can have a curve as location line, and they will adapt it shape, but curtain panels will not adapt and will maintain its shape from grid to grid in a straight line. To select several curtain panels quickly, we can rightclick in the panel when it is selected, and will appear the option "Select Panels".

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With this tool we can select all the curtain panels along the horizontal grid, along the vertical grid, or all the panels of the wall. Curtain panels are a loadable family. To create new curtain panels we will use the family "Metric Curtain Wall Panel". Once in the family, being in the exterior elevation, we will see the reference planes that mark the limits of the curtain panel.

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These plans will be adapted to the position of the panel in the curtain wall. Curtain panel families offer great flexibility to create different shapes.

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