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Well the bullfrog let out a belly croak Like I'd told him some kind of a joke And he said I think you're jivin' me my man what me? I said I know it sounds kinda mystifyin' But the truth of the matter is I ain't lyin' I mean I ain't talkin' no bullfrog, You understand? He said now don't get upset I'm not Agin' you You just go ahead, go ahead and continue And I'll be quiet and try to understand He said I know about trees and leaves And plants And milk and silk and the farmer's Romance But what's this thing the call supply And demand?

I said well I grow cotton and you grow corn And you find your dungarees are all worn And me well I got to have somethin' to eat You see? So I make you some brand New threads And now you bake me some fresh Corn bread Pretty soon we'll have shops across The street. Well this didn't work, or so we've been told And at that time they didn't know About gold So they all agreed they'd measure their Goods in salt Well that idea had an early endin' 'cause they were eatin' more than they Were spendin' And besides, whoever heard of keepin' Salt in a vault.

Brenda Strauss I am a fan of Bobby Darin I remember his secretary Harriet Wasser Bobby was an entertainer So talented The best by far in the business. I have an autographed picture of him I love him Bobby Darin is on the top of entertainers He is the best I truly adore him I could feel him I could hear him I love him and miss his singing today I have all his records and play them all the time. Joannie A. Ten Hoeve Bobby Darin has always been and always will be one of my favorite singers. I enjoy all of his music and his many, many talents.

Today I was remembering how sad I was and how I cried when my mother woke me up to tell me that he passed away, when I was getting ready for school. She and I enjoyed watching him on his summer variety show while my dad worked nights. My husband purchased me two of his books a few Christmas' ago and I still pick them up and read them over and over again.

I wish I would have had the opportunity to see him perform in person, but I'm glad I am able to still watch him in old video clips and DVDS - what a wonderful person he was!! He was able to beat the odds for a while and he always seemed to enjoy what he loved the most - performing!! I can't believe he is gone 33 years - I'm so glad that people still want to listen to his music - and why not - it's wonderful as he was. He was taken from us much to early but he will forever live in my heart and soul. Bobby Darin forever!! Devin I am 16 years old and I like oldies music over modern music because it has a lot of values and the lyrics are so timeless.

I never lived in the s or s but I love the music from this period. And Bobby Darin really showed that extra push that music has to have. And even though he's sadly gone his music will live on forever. Bobby is gone, but definitely not forgotten! Sincerely, Devin Charles Bigelow. I was a young boy when Bobby Darin was at the top of his career.

He had perfect stage presence and would most always snap his fingers, while he sang his song to the audience. I can truly say, I loved him being 16 years younger than his age was, and he absolutely is my most favorite singer of my entire lifetime, as well.

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My all time favorite song of Bobby's is entitled, "About a Quarter to Nine. He has pure showmanship and talent, far greater than any of his peers, in my estimation. He shared a glimpse of absolute stardom to me, for an entire lifetime, that I'll always treasure. He truly was one of a kind type of guy. Whenever I sing in clubs I feel that Bobby is there with me helping me through the show.

My guardian angel. But he's so much more than a great teacher, he's my inspiration. When you think all the trials and tribulations this man has gone through, and to be able to achieve all that he has against all the odds in such a short amount of time is incredible. I feel that I owe him so much for not only helping me with my craft but also all the pleasure he has given me. I truly love this man. God bless you Bobby.

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Jonathan Jackson I had always known of Bobby Darin but never really listened to his music, then it hit me all at once, I watched the new Kevin Spacey movie Beyond the Sea and I was like wow! Bobby Darin has impacted my life in so many ways. I love his style of songs and the way he sang them is even greater. I would have never been able to meet such a great man perform but if I could turn the clock back just once he would be first on my list.

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I have become such a fan that I have bought and watched many movies, programs and arrangements that I listen to every day of my life. This man has touched my life so much that I could be asleep and still here him singing. I plan to collect so many more of his pieces and hopefully some of the books that have been written about him as well. I will now close this with Darin would have been proud to know all the fans that he has obtained over the years even after his death and that he will keep on swinging.

The three biggest musical influences in my life are, and always will be till the day I die, Elvis Presley, The Beatles, and of course the one and only Bobby Darin. I was only 10 years old when Bobby passed away, but I can remember watching his television show shortly before his death. My mother was a fan and my father, believe it or not, resembled his looks in his early years About ten years ago, I was reintroduced to his music through an older co-worker of mine.

He let me borrow his cassette of "Two of a Kind" with Johnny Mercer and the more I listened, the more I needed and wanted to learn about this great talent. I then proceeded to collect hundreds of CD's, cassettes, VHS, books, magazines, and DVD's which included his music, performances, documentaries, specials, and films. To me, he epitomizes a true, all-around entertainer.

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There were many great performers of his day, but his life story particularly remains an inspiration to me. I could visualize a young Darin, working out the chords and vocals -- what a feeling! Today, his music sounds just as fresh and exciting to me as ever!!! Thanks for the music Bobby, your legacy has touched me. My day job was with a remodeling company. In one old abandoned house that we were restoring I found a box of albums and I took them home. One of them was Bobby Darin's That's All. I fell in love with it. Who is this guy? I played it over and over.

He sings with such real emotion that you really can get wrapped up in the mood. I said, "You're going to turn into a finger snapping hipster aren't you?

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Being great is timeless. I'm happy to have found this site. Jan-Jaap Been. Click here for a Recording Sessions listing he compiled. I was struck by lightning by the way he sang. Now 30 years later, I'm 43 now, nothing of that feeling has faded.

It's only too sad that he passed away too soon. In my country Bobby is an unknown person, also with rock and jazz fans. It certainly has no effect on me: Bobby forever!! George Arleo. Many of the fans have already expressed more than I can say about the wonderful feeling shared by listening to Bobby Darin songs. I'm wearing the DVD out playing it over and over. Thank you, Bobby, so much. Ward Lamb. My name is Ward Lamb. I have been a fan of Bobby Darin for a long time. I loved his versatility. Bobby was equally at home singing pop, rock, blues and folk.

His version of "Beyond the Sea" is so free and open, it speaks volumes of his spirit. My old friend Samuel Katz science was a teacher of Bobby's in the Bronx. He said he was a great kid, and he loved him. Too bad Bobby had a short life Yes his legacy lives on. Thanks for the music, Bobby! Robert Sledz. Why do I love Bobby Darin? That is when he began to come alive in my heart. I only heard vaguely who he was by the stories people would tell or by the music I would listen to. It was the movie that brought Bobby Darin full circle to me. I am very happy to send this short but fantastic witness of my accolade in honor of him.

I lived in Chicago and went to school as a little boy in the early "70's so I never really got into Bobby Darin's life until now. I really believe that there is nothing "ordinarily good" about this man, instead simply and profoundly great. Nobody is "just" good. He loved the music and the people and he got them always involved.

He never came out from behind, but from "beyond" the enormous distinguished faith in finding people where they were. That's the mystery of being great. It isn't in the fame, although that's good It isn't in advancement, although he had that and more, and maybe not even the talent, of which he had it all.

But it was in his heart. His faith that made him the love of millions today. Bobby Darin, thank you for the music. I know that today, for you and your adored wife, "Heaven is a place called Home! There are more reasons why I love Bobby than there are stars in the sky. I grew up with his music. Watched him on American Bandstand many times. And then, he was gone. I never did have one particular entertainer I liked when I was younger. I liked their songs. But Bobby was different. Thanks to Kevin Spacey, Bobby is back and bigger than ever. Now, that I am older, I can and do appreciate this multi-talented man.

I've read all the books about him dozens of times, I have all his CDs. He and his music have helped me more than any doctor could. He has given me back my life. I wish I could give him back his. I listen to his music everyday no matter what I am doing. I am an artist and Bobby and his music have inspired me to do several paintings related to some of his songs.

The strength and courage Bobby had during his lifetime, the dedication to his art, the will to go on, is where I draw my strength from. I have a wall, almost two walls now, in my studio with photos of Bobby. He is my motivation, my strength, my inspiration. Bobby is back for a reason, my fellow fans. Only time will tell us what that reason is. Is it to help we who love him to continue on in these days of turmoil? It took Mr. Spacey ten years I think to get Bobby's biopic on the big screen, but he did it and by doing it he resurrected Bobby.

I am back to being me and it's good. Thank you, Kevin. Thank you Bobby I love you. Suellen Zimet. I am a contemporary of Bobby Darin's , about 5 years younger. At the time, I was a busy young mother raising a large family and although I appreciated his talent, I never swooned like I did over Sinatra - so what happens? The cutest part of this story is that my 3 year old granddaughter has become a big Bobby Darin fan. Every time she gets in my car, she asks to hear "Splish Splash" and she knows every word by heart!

Elise Cormier. After reading so many of the fan letters, I realize how lucky I am to have grown up listening to Bobby Darin. He was and is still my favorite. Bobby really hits those high notes. He was such a talented person and not truly appreciated, in my opinion. I know he is still swinging in Rock 'n Roll Heaven and I look forward to seeing him there.

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Larry Stoller. The way I see it and hear it is "he just didn't sing the songs, he lived the songs I mean he made them come alive. Beth Radtke. It's so hard to put into words what it is about Bobby that is so very special. There's no one like him. At all. Personally, professionally, he stands above everyone. Being a fan for a few years, it's only recently that I've dived in completely and can't seem to get enough of him. I've read that people who knew him personally had the same feeling of never getting enough of him either.

Having been 6 when Bobby passed on, I feel like I missed so much. I often wonder if when I was in Las Vegas when I was 5, was he in the town too? I don't know why it matters, because he is still very much in my life now. And I'm sorry to say that I'm a. You bein' human, well you'd know where. He said I read where this old world's.

And all on account of a thing called gold. And that's somethin' hard for us frogs. Now you're lookin' at me like I'm. But where I live we don't have no money. So we want to be hip to the happ'nin's. Now I thought I was stoned so I. I mean whoever heard of a bullfrog talkin'. But then I realized I hadn't been grazin'. So I figured I'd tell him just what I thought. And he'd understand our world when. I explained. I said it all started a long time ago. When the people first learned to reap. They got all the things they needed right.

Like how many leaves and how many trees. Would it take to cover up the anatomies. And that's how you figured how much a suit. Well then man he learned how to milk a cow.

And how to till the soil with a stone.