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I could feel him. One night. I have come to understand one more thing about dreams. Life is a broken-winged bird, but wings can heal. Life is a barren field frozen with snow, but snow can melt. And people can learn to dream again. Focus on things that you want to happen that you believe can happen. Envision them as best you can, feel them in your heart. And someday, hopefully soon, you may just feel like that wing is all better and you can fly again. Last week I was told by a psychic that my spirit animal for right now because it can change is a hawk.

That feels right. What are the two main characteristics of hawks? They fly high in the sky — beautifully, gracefully, effortlessly — and they see extremely well. They fly to some high vantage point, look down and see the Big Picture. My year-old mother died while I was writing this blog, and my friend Amy told me that she saw two hawks flying together in the sky. It made her think of me and my mother. What are your dreams, for yourself or your children?

Are they alive with possibility or frozen under the snow? And what steps are you taking to achieve them? And, lastly, since I see helping others to find their best selves as one of the core functions of TMR, what are you doing to help those around you to fly? Professor, Glorious piece. Thank you for sharing your dreams and your recent loss with us. I love the image of you and your mother, sharing a sweet wisdom, one generation to the next.

As a son-rise parent, this is an essential piece of working with my son and an enormous component in our work to recover him. Our dreams function to motivate us to keep moving forward and to see the best possible parts of our son, even in the present moment. And in the back of my mind is another goal, someday using all that I have learned in our recovery journey to help treat other children and families I am a trained physician but not yet working with autism.

So for the moment, after reading your beautiful piece, my dreams are at the forefront of my consciousness, shining brightly, and guiding me toward the next step. With deep gratitude, Sylvia. Thank you, Sylvia! What a lovely comment. I am imagining you going out with your physician knowledge making the world a better place. Professor, this touched me so very deeply.

It brought to mind a line in one of my favorite songs. I hear an innocent voice. I hear kindness, beauty, truth. But other people have noticed. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

“Hold Fast To Your Dreams…”

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The Thinking Moms' Revolution. Skip to content. Blogs by Author B. FREE Webinar! A long, long time ago, when I was in second grade — the age my son is now — I came across a poem that touched me to my core: Dreams Hold fast to dreams, For if dreams die Life is a broken-winged bird That cannot fly. Bookmark the permalink. December 21, at am. Sylvia says:. October 18, at am. Feb 27, AM. Ann 2 books view quotes. Feb 01, AM. Suzanne books view quotes. Jan 14, PM. Michelle 1, books view quotes. Jan 14, AM. Methilda books view quotes. Jan 12, AM.

Hold Fast to Dreams

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