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Virginia was not so lucky.

hunting ground

She saw some trophy-sized animals, but could not get within range. Even so, she said it was one of the best trips she had had. Both Pete and Virginia took home with them something much more precious than a trophy.

Being part of a different culture is always a pleasure for seasoned world travellers, but more important was their contribution to a community desperately in need of development assistance. Pete and Virginia became involved more directly than the purchase of hunting licences might suggest.

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When Virginia visited a local vocational sewing school, she was so impressed that she promised to make a donation. Pete indicated a willingness to send assistance for teacher training in the area where he had hunted. Both the visitors understood the purpose of the programme and said they would gladly patronise it again.

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Perhaps one day Virginia will return for her prize. The great virtue of the programme is that, as well as satisfying the basic human instinct to hunt, it appeals to the more sophisticated instinct of people to help others.

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If such efforts can be used to promote a change in perception among conservationists and among hunters, then they will help to bring change to communities willing to manage their natural resources. That will ensure the resources are sustainable for the future.

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Toggle navigation. Language English. Happy hunting grounds. Ordinary pebbles, like those found in the surrounding Giardini, are squeezed into the grid.

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One immediately recognizes this kind of flooring, normally used in an industrial context or within public space, for example between railroad tracks or for coverage of subway venting shafts or sewerage systems. Interlaced with the grating and the pebbles, there are additional sculptural elements, a series of paintings and a video.

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  5. A number of wooden sticks are fixed into the floor structure, each balancing a painting on cloth draped over the upper tip, like a group of ghosts or a small forest of signs, torches or totems. The support of the paintings is a black-and- white striped cotton fabric, ordinary bed sheets, but each of the black stripes has been carefully erased with white paint.

    Stones in various sizes are wrapped with the lace and therewith become part of the larger overall structure, giving it a sculptural volume and weight. There is also a video: a one angle shot onto a tiled roof, which is gradually being dismantled from the inside by men, creating an opening big enough for them to climb onto the roof and take off. In the piece, made together with filmmaker Tiago Mata Machado, the bright-coloured uniforms suggest that the men climbing the brick roof are prisoners, working on their escape or preparing for protest, remembering decades of prison uprisings all around the world, from Bangkok, Glasgow, Milan, Sri Lanka and Sydney, all the way to the horrific massacres in Brazilian penitentiaries in the past months.