Maori Blues

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All Sisco wants is a quiet little business at the other end of the earth Maori Blues. Read an excerpt. Add to cart. Buy the whole series. Publisher's summary Europe Comics Once again, Sisco has made his way out of one hole only to find himself deep in another one—a particularly black one. Read the album Add to cart. Almost all of Europe is under the Nazis' heel. Great Britain continues to hold out, but the situation worsens with every passing day. And in North Africa, gateway to the Middle East and its immense oil reserves, Rommel now threatens Egypt, keystone of the British defenses.

In those desperate times, three men David Stirling, Blair Mayne and "Jock" Lewes , three unconventional officers, band together to create a small, elite unit that will become a military legend: the SAS.

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Treat yourself! Suggest a new theme for this album. It was a rough last few months for me. For some werid reasons I wasn't able to build deck that could stand against heavy tag meta. And if you want infinitive amounts of money, Magnum Opus is the key. This isn't tournament winning deck. All I did was finding the perfect deck for me after more than hundred games.

This is control build, it works great against slower corps, most asset spam decks, some kill decks if you find NACH or Film Critic fast and net dmg decks.

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Maori Blues

Thanks to Rumormill there is not much Caprice Nisei decks anymore, so most remote servers are yours to break in. The whole point is to have answers to almost everything and adapt to corp game plan. Which is not ideal, but if I wanted the easy way, I would just play Anarch. The main reason why Magnum Opus is good is that once it hits the table you don't need to draw for more economy cards anymore, you look for your breakers and support cards. Magnum Opus is slow, but reliable, and with Beth Kilrain-Chang it can turn into monster.

Paricia is good support card, because it is clickless economy against asset spam. This deck has some moving parts and tech slots so if you think you don't have much tags or net damage in your meta you could easily fit two copies. It is that good now. Diesel is bread and butter.

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Daily Casts don't require you to run. Quality Time combos great with Modded.

Symmetrical Visage could be Quality Time number three, but the main reason I like it in this deck is that when you have Magnum Opus you don't want to waste time drawing cards, you need credits! Visage gives you a cred while you find for your programs and is not as expensive to install as Professional Contacts. Beth Kilrain-Chang is a star, but you don't want three copies of her to clutter your deck. She can help win, but is not essenstial to the game plan. The main reason why Magnum Opus is bad is that once it hits the table you don't have MU for your other programs.

Shaper has two cheap 2 MU sources in Maya and Mirror , but they don't have much to offer in terms of making this deck better.

This is why I fell in love with The Gauntlet. It is more expensive, yes, but you are still playing Kate with three copies of Modded , so installing it for one cred is not a rare sight.

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It works great as MU source and HQ pressure. Now you could easily replace it for the same install and influence cost with Sifr, it should be good economy option and you could combo it with Atman, but why bother without Parasite?

This is something I'm planning for my new build. Akamatsu Mem Chip is a flex slot. Paperclip is the best fracter in the game, at three influence it is a steal.

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But I'd be careful now with leaving it in the heap for too long. I think Ark Lockdown is gonna be used more and more, so don't get yourself locked out. Gordian Blade is love. One of the reasons I was playing so badly in the early stages of this cycle, I was trying to make Study Guide work. The late game dream of breaking everything for cheap must be replaced with sweet vision of actually stealing some damn agendas. But you know which new console works great with Study Guide? Yup, Sifr.

GS Shrike M2 is solid killer that will break almost everything for the same price and will help against some random Komainu or Tour Guide. Atman is my fail safe which I rarely use but sometimes it's good to install it with four power tokens or even 10 if you want to make Blue Sun players cry. If you want to free up influence try Interdiction , it works great against some prison style decks.

Sadly, Net Celebrity is not very good current, and we don't play Indexing to really benefit from "Freedom Through Equality". Kate is great in setting up, but after getting her discount triggered times it is usually not useful anymore. Deus X is in my every shaper deck.

It was tech slot that earned more value just because there were some new corp cards! It seriously win games and make people stop playing Jinteki.