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It was eventually found, but on departure back home, the airline charged them a baggage fee due to their luggage being overweight.

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Jewel immediately made a call. He also refunded the bag fee that was charged and gave both passengers an upgrade.

The passengers left the Airside happier than when they came. Jewel is part of a team that often travel around the country to help TSA when it needs supervisors or extra officers in other airports.

Trevor McNaughton

She treats her officers and the stakeholders as if they were her family. She worked for several years with Tower Air, which is how she got interested in the aviation industry. After her parents moved to Florida more than a two decades ago, Jewel her husband and two children moved to Florida as well to be close to them.

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Five years ago, Jewel was diagnosed with a life threatening illness. She continued working light duty, mostly doing clerical work, for a year as she underwent chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

George McNaughton & Son

Continue to click Click on PayPal. I had a vision of a family gathered around an American flag.

Shane McNaughton: Antrim hurler to Broadway hopeful

Not just any flag, but that of a fallen serviceman, a father, a son, a daughter; the kind of flag that would be laid over a casket with great reverence. But upon examining the flag, one can see that it is in horrible condition.

Ian George Armour McNaughton - The Canadian Virtual War Memorial - Veterans Affairs Canada

Its colors are faded, the edges are torn and there are many holes. It has been trampled and has not been treated with the honor and respect, which it deserves.

Today, our nation is in disarray.