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And even higher for Pink: For her concert at New Jersey's Izod Center, at least 77 percent of tickets of tickets were reserved for those special groups. The rest of the public had to fight for what was left. But the most dramatic example is Justin Bieber. At his concert in Fresno, Calif. That means that of 12, seats, only were set aside for the official sale date. They do not want us to know that artists are themselves holding back tickets, that venues are holding back tickets.

None of the artists would comment for our story. But a major tour company, Live Nation, told us presales are "open to the public" and "fans can participate in easily accessible ways. But critics say they're not being open with fans. Bill Pascrell.

Pascrell says this industry is out of control. Now he's drafted legislation for government oversight.

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But tour promoters are fighting it, saying being more open would only help the scalpers. The congressman is trying to stop them too, making it illegal for professional scalpers to use high-tech computer programs to scoop up tons of tickets.

Give us some protection, that's what I'm talking about," Pascrell said. So how do you get those tickets? There is no guarantee that you will. But, good news: We do have some tips to increase your odds. Here's the takeaway: If you want to see an artist in concert, join their fan club.

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It's usually free to sign up online. That gives you access to some of those tickets. Here's another tip: Be flexible. Wait until the day before the show to buy seats. Two reasons why: Some of those held-back tickets that aren't used may end up back at the box office for sale at the last minute. And if you're looking online, the prices often drop close to the show, as brokers try to unload tickets. These were available through various onsales.

The One Direction ticket sales -- as is typical -- were open, public, advertised in a variety of ways and included on the One Direction Facebook page. Here are the 10 biggest roadblocks to achieving success, according to Smith's book, and what you can do to combat them.

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Smith writes that the first thing people fear is not being skilled enough. But there's a solution: "Once you admit that you are experiencing the fear of inadequacy, understanding is on its way. The second fear is being afraid of the unknown. But there's a fix to this holding you back as well, Smith writes.

Why you can't get tickets to the hottest concerts

He adds: "And vision is what will keep you moving forward regardless of your fears. In whatever you do, anticipation and vision are both necessary ingredients to fight the fear of uncertainty. This fear marks another reason why some fail to succeed. You can try to predict it all you want, but there are just some things outside of your control. He adds, "That said, it's a great practice to identify the things you can control in your bravery journey and to focus on them.

This will allow you to stop focusing on the life happenings you have no control over.

Fear of rejection is another common issue people face in life. Missing out, popularized online as "FOMO," is another fear Smith pinpoints as crippling to a person's success. The author's solution: "Instead of letting your fear of missing out put your focus on every other place in the world besides where you are right now, you can fight this fear by slowing down and focusing on the people you come in contact with every single day. Fear of change is common, but Smith writes we must learn to be content with life's shifts "if we are to find inner peace and passion even when everything else is changing.

He adds, "Worrying about change ahead does nothing but rob us of the present joy we could and should be experiencing. Yes, life is ever-evolving, so we do need to prepare for the future, but this should also remind us of the need to take life as it comes, one day at a time. This fear is a little more complicated, according to Smith. It can be helpful, but only in moderation.

In the office, it's common to grow weary of the feeling of judgement from peers or managers. They're open, because people in a real community aren't out to attack others in their community, but to support them.

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Instead of being afraid about what others think, Smith says to "embrace your personal story, because that is what makes you unique, and share it within your community. Another fear outside of a person's control, Smith writes: "Yes, tragedy comes, and nothing I say will ever diminish its magnitude, but even more powerful is the experience of restoration — the mountaintop after the experience of tragedy. He adds, "If you are in the midst of tragedy, remember that restoration will eventually come. The anxiety that comes from worry doesn't bring success into your life any faster.