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Emphasis is needed on quality of care to reduce barriers related to social, economic, and cultural factors and to improve social protection for health, particularly among vulnerable populations. In order to face these challenges, PAHO's action plan considers that prevention and management of chronic diseases requires integration through strengthened referrals and relationships among primary, secondary, and tertiary levels of care. The entire spectrum of disease management from prevention to screening and early detection, diagnosis, treatment, self-care, rehabilitation, and palliative care is necessary.

The constructs of the Chronic Care Model 1 shown above are incorporated into the objective for the management of chronic diseases and risk factors, and are aimed at improving outcomes in five main areas :. This plan also considers technical assistance for chronic disease programs, the reorientation of health services towards chronic diseases, and improved access to essential medicines and technologies.

PAHO's strategy recognizes the call for a renewed approach to primary health care and the highest attainable level of health for everyone as emphasized in the Regional Declaration on the New Orientations for Primary Health Care promulgated at the 46 th Directing Council. Also reflected in this plan is Resolution CD R7: Access to Medicines , which prioritizes access to medicine and other health supplies. Health Technology Manual. A method of predicting arrhythmogenic potential of antihistamines in humans. Drug Safety.

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PAHO/WHO | Integrated Disease Management

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Circulation, 96 , pp. Chronic rapid atrial pacing.

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Structural, functional and electrophysiological characteristics of a new model of sustained atrial fibrillation.. Circulation, 91 , pp.

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