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Decorating With the Five Elements of Feng Shui

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Feng Shui Modern – Transform the Space Around You

Prosperity Chest Featuring Maneki Neko. Anti Illness Garuda Amulet Keychain. Prosperity Victory Amulet. Flying Windhorse Amulet Keychain. Annual Amulet for Wealth Activation Amulet Keychain. Ratnasambhava Buddha Keychain. In reviewing this book, I feel that it is important to explain that I know very little about the subject of Feng Shui.

A couple of decades ago, I was caught up in the explosion of interest in the subject and ended up placing mirrors, crystals and plants in judicious locations around the home. They seemed to have a positive impact on the life and well-being of my family but I largely remained unconvinced.

This is not to say that this is a publication based upon pure Feng Shui theory for the author has done a good job explaining the practical application of the principles involved. I would love to have tested these ideas and techniques out for myself and to have woven my conclusions regarding their effectiveness into this review. Sadly, I am unable to do so as I currently live in a most unorthodox house imaginable—one that fails to conform to any orthodox Feng Shui practices!

Consequently, I am unable to comment on the efficacy of the advice offered in this publication. Instead, I am left assessing this book on its merits, or otherwise, of the information that it contains and I have to say that, on this level, it is faultless. Whatever you feel about Feng Shui, this is clearly a book that can only have been spawned from the pen of someone who has lived, worked, modified and honed down Feng Shui principles to a fine art. Although many of the principles are complex, and sometimes rather dissonant to a Western mindset, the author has done a superb job of presenting her insights in clear, engaging and easily digestible ways.

The inclusion of many tables and diagrams add greatly to the reader's understanding of the information on offer. Despite the introductory insights offered at the start of this book, this is not a publication that is aimed at me or anyone else who has not had a fairly solid grounding in the fundamental aspects of Feng Shui.

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To get the best from it, I suggest you read a more introductory publication on the subject first. If you have practiced some form of Feng Shui, I am sure that this will be an indispensable book of true insight into many Feng Shui techniques and how they specifically relate, but are not limited to, the world of relationships and personal fortune.

Books on Feng Shui

As a book in its own right, it is a very impressive achievement. Melissa Michaels not only offers ideas and motivations for straightening up, decorating, and organizing, but also finds decluttering essential to spiritual well-being. Dennis says getting the chi energy flowing into our lives enables us to connect in healthier ways with everyone from co-workers to soul mates. Rizzo illustrates how lists can aid in streamlining and organizing to get centered and reduce stress.

Feng Shui Friday: Traditional Feng Shui vs. Modern Application

Grandmaster Stephen Skinner. Given that much has been popularised about other Taoist health arts, it is about time that the application of feng shui to health should also be recognised and given its proper place amongst these arts, and Denise Liotta Dennis has done a great job of clearly expressing it, going into great detail.

10-Minute Feng-Shui: Easy Tips for Every Room

In fact this book also makes a good general introduction to feng shui. She also correctly identifies the roots of feng shui in Taoism rather than the New Age Tantric Buddhist mixture commonly promoted in the US. Before launching into the use of feng shui in health, Denise acquaints the reader with a wide range of mainstream and alternative modalities.

Apart from feng shui influences on health Denise explains at length the hazards of EMF and other forms of radiation prevalent these days. Master Denise Liotta Dennis delves deep into the theory and practice of feng shui and helps the reader understand its core concepts. Classical feng shui is distinct from some of the westernized versions, and she makes it clear how to tell the difference. When I saw this book available on Netgalley, I hoped that this would be my gateway to understanding more about Feng Shui and I wasn't disappointed.

The information on this book is very well organized and in-depth, with information not only on how natural formations can impact your life, but also the objects in your home. While I was aware that the direction your front door faces can have an impact on your life, I had no idea that where my stove or toilets were placed could have an impact as well.

Using the two types of Feng Shui Eight Mansions and Flying Stars and how to determine y I can apply the guidance to my house and hopefully make it more harmonious.